Palma de Mallorca Calderers & Drach Caves Excursion Reviews

Palma de Mallorca Calderers & Drach Caves cruise excursion
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The magnificent Coves del Drach are just one part of these feature-filled tour of Palma de Mallorca.
Member Image Sillywonker
1 review
Jul 2015
Won't give details, better to be surprised. Went in with a "seen one cave seen them all attitude" but was pleasantly surprised. Unique and would do it again.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image hoytlakes
1 review
Mar 2013
Liked this tour. The musicians in the cave were very enjoyable. Glad we went.We enjoyed getting into the boats to row out of the cave!
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Member Image weatherguy
12 reviews
May 2012
B.) Palma de Mallorca, Spain Here I REALLY thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Drach caves!! The tour chosen here was entitled Calderers and Drach Caves, an 8-hour tour that visited your Porto Cristo marina village, a demonstration of pearl making, and pearl factory, with opportunity for shopping, a lunch with wine was served, and finally the grand stop for me was the Drach caves, where they performed a violin concerto on 3 lighted wood boats in the lakes of the caves, in darkness. The intricate, delicate cave structure was awesome to see and I got some good pictures of the stalactites & stalagmites, with the natural lighting provided in the caves. Really great caves are hard to find, but these caverns delivered and were very expansive and elaborate. The tour was conducted all in Spanish and our tour guide wasn't allowed to translate nor allowed inside the cave either. If you're into the geosciences, I can highly recommend visiting the Drach caves in Palma de Mallorca! It's truly a memorable moment for those who can appreciate the beauty of caverns and the lakes inside. After our tour, we enjoyed sampling some of the local "Tapas" fare in a typical Spanish tapas tasting outfit called, "Tast". I tried the potatoes brava, spanish sausage, chorizzo, and a tiny fillet of pork with garlic mayonnaise. We also had time to browse shops after the tour.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International

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