Ensenada Kayaking Excursion Reviews

Ensenada Kayaking cruise excursion
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Take it to the sea with an exciting kayaking expedition in Ensenada.
Member Image SandyToes1978
2 reviews
Oct 2015
Awesome way to see the Bufadora. Perfect day, excellent guides.
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Member Image MayneCJ
1 review
May 2015
Exceptional kayak ride on the coast. We spotted two sea lions, and a 'Belelas' (spelling is most likely awful), which was kind of like a jellyfish. The "Blowhole" was exciting to see, and ride up next to. It did get a little tiring after the first half hour or so, but it wasn't anything we weren't up for. On our way back, we stopped to get the best tacos I have ever eaten in my life, as well as some homemade churros. Overall - excellent experience.
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Member Image sogy
2 reviews
Not Rated
Jan 2015

This excursion was better than expected. The guides were excellent, and views were spectacular.
We drove 45 mins to La Bufadora with a tour guide explaining things on the way. So we have a quick city tour. When we arrived on the top of the, we changed, put on our optional wet suit (that wet suit was much bigger than 3mm), and got fitted into our personal floatation devices.

We walked down a few minutes to the coast, and got launched off. There were no single kayaks available, so they always paired you up. Now if you’ve been kayaking, before, you realized how difficult it is to leave the coast and to come in. The guides were so good than we didn’t’ fall down getting in and out of the kayak.

I believe we were out on the ocean for an hour or so. Bring water if you can. It was a cloudy but the sun still beats down on you. We rowed past the blow hole first, to see the local cliff and wild life. Paddling so close to the cliffs was so awesome. It felt like being in pirate of the Caribbean. And we saw birds on the rocks, and some people saw whales too. I wasn’t so lucky, but it’s like a bonus.

Then we kayaked backed to the blow hole. I paddled very close, maybe about 15-20 ft away. I almost feel sorry for the people on top of the cliff looking down on the blowhole because the view from the sea level was way more spectacular. I believe we hung out at the base of the blow hole for about 10 minutes. And the blow hole was cooperating. Keep in mind that you can only see the blow hole at low tide, otherwise it doesn’t blow. Also you can tell if it’s going to blow and how big it’s going to blow because the water level recedes. And you can feel the water recedes too. This was definitely the highlight of the trip.

Afterwards we were hungry so we got tacos next to the launch site. It was fresh, hot, fast, and delicious. If you never had real tacos before, definitely get it. We got the tacos and ate on the way back.

If you love water activities and nature, this is definitely the excursion not to miss

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Member Image Bubba6878
1 review
May 2012
We decided to do the Kayak trip to the blow hole, great view of the blowhole for sure! This is a very intense, physically demanding excursion. We had fun but were so tired for the rest of the day and did nothing else while in Ensenada, which was fine. Not the most exciting city ever, but for a first cruise good enough. Think twice about this excursion.
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