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Alexandria Egypt Over Night cruise excursion
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Experience Egypt in a different way with this amazing excursion. The overnight trip to Cairo and Giza is a great way to maximize your time and allow you to see the diversity of this deep-rooted country.
Member Image LilRoo
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Oct 2014

Our overnight shore excursion to Cairo with Samir Abbass of Real Egypt Tours included the Pyramids at Giza and the Great Sphinx. These iconic structures are truly impressive and are a must-see. If you plan to go inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops (a steep extra charge) be aware that it is usually very crowded, hot, and stuffy. If you are the least bit claustrophobic, don't do it. When we went you could only access the Great Gallery and the King's Chamber. It was actually a bit of a letdown. If you have the time, you may want to go inside the Red Pyramid at Dashur instead. The Red Pyramid was built by the father of Cheops and is almost as big and is very similar to the Great Pyramid. It also has a Great Gallery that goes downward instead of upward and is absolutely free of charge with no crowds or hustlers anywhere in sight.

We stayed overnight at the Mena House Hotel, a wonderful old hotel/hunting lodge right next to the Pyramids. We also experienced a falluca ride on the Nile and places such as the City of the Dead, The Citadel/Mosque of Mohammed Ali, The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, the Bazaar, Old/Islamic Cairo, and many parts of the city that few westerners see. Experiencing the back streets of the city and the fabulous works of art in the Museum of Antiquities was fascinating. Walking the Bazaar, and the streets of Old/Islamic Cairo after dark was a wonderful experience. Stopping in various mosques and taking the time to talk with locals was a highlight. Egyptians are a warm and friendly people. Get to know them, their culture, and their language a little better and you will be rewarded tenfold.

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Member Image Cruise4Sunshine
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Oct 2012
For less than 1/3 the price of HAL's overnight excursion, (which stayed at the same hotel in Giza)our Ramses Tours took us to all the same sights, in a smaller van than HAL's big bus. Loved Egypt, the pyramids were astounding, the crupts with painting on the walls were amazing. The Muhammed Aly mosque in Cairo was beautiful, and learning about the people in the cemetery (which some tour operators refuse to talk about)was very interesting. Tahrir Square is just as it was after the Arab Spring revolution, burned out buildings, Antiquities in the museum intact. I only wish the shop at the museum had been open. The stop at Memphis was short, but another amazing site. We had a lovely grilled lunch with entertainers near Giza. Made it to Port Said with no time to spare before sailing.
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Provider: Ramses Tours
Member Image shermang100
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Jul 2012
We booked through tours by Locals We engaged a local tour guide by the name of Ereen Yousef. We were a group of six people we were transported in a 15 passenger Air conditioned van. We left from the port of Alexandria we were picked up by our driver Aboud We met our guide Ereen in Giza drove to the the pyramids, The sphinx and some of the oldest churches in Egypt including the Ben Ezra synagogue. We then proceeded to the Cairo Marriott and Omar KHAIAM Casino, for some rest and a nice Egyptian meal at the Garden Restaurant. Next morning we were picked up and proceeded to old Cairo to continue with our tour including The Egyptian Museum. We were made very comfortable And at ease with our surroundings by a caring, knowledgeable,and sincere individual we never felt Anxious the people we met were warm ,gentle and trying to please. If I were to be going back to The area i would engage Ereen Yousef again.after our tour was over we were returned to our ship At port Said by 6:00 pm
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Provider: Tours by Locals
Member Image baillie
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May 2012
Egypt was awesome we purchased the overnight package and really enjoyed ourselves. I would only wish they would have skipped the Sound and Light Show of the Pyramids as it has never been updated since it was started...what in the 60's? Had lunch at the food ever. Set the bar for all other resturants we ate at. After coming back for Cairo...discovered I had been bitten by sand fleas...would recommended taking bounce dryer sheets with you and carry in pockets and rub on feet and legs. Saw the Dr. on the ship and told I was about the 11th person to come to him. Issued me cortisone and a antihistamine. Thanks doctor the bites are almost cleared up.
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Provider: Princess Cruises

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