King's Wharf Helmet Dive Excursion Reviews

King's Wharf Helmet Dive cruise excursion
Overall Rating
Walk along King Wharf’s sea floor on a unique helmet dive -- you’ll be able to breath normally, and won’t even get your hair wet!
Member Image Travelfun54
1 review
Jul 2017
Captain Hartley was very knowledgeable about sea life and was quite a character. He took a lot of cool pictures of us and ensured that we all had a good time.
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Provider: Hartley's Helmet Dive
Member Image mommapajamma
1 review
Oct 2016
I WOULD DO THIS AGAIN IN A HEARTBEAT!!!!! SOOO COOOLLLL! The whole trip was worth it! Reasonable also. The guy is a little odd, but who isn't? I really liked him.
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Provider: Hartley's Helmet Diving.
Member Image Mommadalo
1 review
Sep 2016
The Helmet Dive experience was just amazing!!
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Provider: Greg Hartley, owner
Member Image cruzrbachoua
2 reviews
Aug 2016
We booked directly with Hartley and it was amazing. We were on his first tour of the day and the 2nd dive on that tour. he takes 7-8 people down, takes pics and videos if you want (extra cost but worth it). He gets you up close and personal with the live coral reefs and the fish...they just float there and let you hold and pet them...awesome!
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Provider: booked directly with Hartley's helmet dive
Member Image lovable70
1 review
Jul 2016
I LOVED this! It was fantastic! Would so do it again!! Booked it through Viator (Hartley's Helmet Dive) and enjoyed every minute of it! Definitely worth doing if you want to be underwater to see all the beauty!
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Provider: Viator
Member Image EndersMom2
1 review
Sep 2013

EXCURSIONS  Are you still with me? I tend to go a little crazy with details. We only did one excursion in Bermuda as a group of 16: Hartleys Dive Tour. It took what seemed like all day, but it was incredible. Greg Hartley grew up with the business started by his father. He took us to a protected reef where the fish all know him and perform for him in hopes of getting a free meal. LeRoy photo bombed us constantly. That fish was hysterical! One sister had a water camera and we all took turns shooting pictures. It was an experience Ill never forget. The actual dive lasted about 40 minutes per group of six. When not diving, we could lounge on the boat or swim in the water while hanging on to the dive platform. It was a perfect day. Words cant describe how amazing it was to have all these huge fish swimming all around us. Fabulous!

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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image grobma
3 reviews
Aug 2013

One of the best things we have ever done on any vacation! Gregg takes personal care of everyone, provides an unforgettable experience, and teaches you about sea life in a way that will stay with you forever, aided by optional underwater photos and video.

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Provider: Hartley
Member Image gemini0660
2 reviews
Jun 2012
Best underwater experience EVER! Very hands-on...up-close & personal with sea life! Great for ALL ages & abilities!
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Provider: Hartley's Underwater Walk

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