Grand Turk Golf Cart Rental Excursion Reviews

Grand Turk Golf Cart Rental cruise excursion
Overall Rating
Get around the island of Grand Turk easily with your own rented golf cart.
Member Image spidertex
2 reviews
Jun 2017
Golf cart was a bit slow but was able to go to all parts of the island. Had fun. Saw the lighthouse.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image farmermd
3 reviews
Jan 2017
A fun and memorable day. Stop at Salty Dawg Grill for the fried chicken!
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Provider: Karib
Member Image
1 review
Aug 2016
vast reliable cart..great day
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image makomecrazee
1 review
Jan 2016
Loved ability to explore on own, beautiful beaches, swam, visited lighthouse, found small bar on beach and had Grand Turk beer which was rather good.
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Provider: Holland America Line
Member Image tigercat
4 reviews
Jan 2016
Getting the golf cart was a little hard because it was out of the security of the port. A long walk when you are using a walker and can't walk very far. Also, I had put a deposit down and asked about the total price and was told the last amount I needed. Then when we got there the told my husband we had to pay $6.00 for gas. I didn't know that until after he had paid it. I was upset so the 2nd week we again had arranged to rent the cart I told them that they should have told me there were more charges. I feel that they were taking advantage of us and they didn't charge my husband the 2nd week. Just be careful when renting from them.
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Provider: Karib
Member Image beachy dani
1 review
May 2015
Emails were promptly answered and payment processed ahead of time. The golf cart was new and in great working order. It was full of gas and we were given instructions on how and where to fill up with gas upon return. I do recommend filling up somewhere else as the place close to the port charges non-locals an astronomical amount. Renting was a great idea and we had fun toodling around. I do recommend getting a good map and directions on exactly where you want to go...we took some wrong turns and got lost.
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Provider: Karib Auto Rentals
Member Image barrycruiser
1 review
Dec 2014

Another familiar port, Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos was a lot of fun. We arranged beforehand to rent a golf cart so the four of us could tool around the island at our leisure. Being a relatively small island, and having visited there before, we were easily able to navigate and find our way around. Even driving on the left-hand side of the road was much easier in a golf cart! In fact, I would recommend taking a golf cart rather than a regular tour if you’ve been to the island before, as it truly does have a good bit of charm when you view the historic spots up close and in person rather than from a bus window.
We visited the lighthouse on the northern point, the History Museum which was a kick because the lady working there was an ex-pat from the States. Also the John Glenn Friendship 7 memorial and the Grand Turk Inn were all charming. The architecture and street design reminded me a lot of some of the Florida Gulf Coastal communities that I’ve visited (accounting for a difference in income levels).
The Grand Turk cruise port was built specifically by and for Carnival, and includes a giant Margaritaville restaurant that features a pool and swim-up bar as well as large outdoor dining area. We relaxed, grabbed a couple Cheeseburgers in Paradise and swam in the beach area near the ship before returning onboard.

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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image mazeke
1 review
Feb 2013
We had reserved 2 carts, and another family had resered 1.There were only 2 carts available. We used the 2 carts and 1 cart would hardly run. We had to push it to get it started again. We had to cut our day short because we were worried about getting back to the port.I would not recommend using Nathan's Golf Cart Rental.
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Provider: Nathan's
Member Image jvteach77
4 reviews
Jun 2012
We rented 2 gold carts from Nathan on Grand Turk. We motored all over the island and had a great time. My cart had a little problem with the choke, but it ran fast when adjusted correctly. The other cart we had was in good mechanical and cosmetic shape and worked well. We went to the Lighthouse and walked down the path at the back to near the beach. we found several conch shells that were empty, plus the views of the reef and beach were awesome. We then went to the Island Museum, which was small, but packed with good artifacts and interesting maps, pictures, and information. I forgot my camera in the museum as we were leaving and one lady working there ran a quarter mile to get our attention to give it back to us. Now THAT is honest. We had to replace the gas we used in the carts and returned to the port. While there my wife shopped while I ate some onion rings at Margaritaville. The sauces they served were different from anything I've ever had and were very tasty.
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Provider: Nathan
Member Image skooter35
3 reviews
Mar 2012
Day 3:Grand Turk 8:00 am-2:30 pm We rented a golf cart from Nathans, right outside of the cruise center. All 4 of us adults fit nicely and had a blast! We had a little map that was provided but it really didn't help. We had more fun turning on a road and exploring where it went. Our main goal was to see the Lighthouse. This was a fun drive and the free roaming animals were at hoot! When do you ever see a huge cow walking out of the front yard of a residential house? The roads were pothole ridden but that didn't stop us. I would rent again the next time we visit. $80 was worth it and you really cant get lost on this tiny island.
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Provider: Holland America Line
Member Image StevieEd
1 review
Dec 2011
Rented two golf carts from Nathan to tour the island. A long walk from the ship to just outside the main gate, but we had a lot of fun.
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Provider: Nathan

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