Montego Bay City Tour Excursion Reviews

Montego Bay City Tour cruise excursion
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Enjoy a scenic and informative journey through some of Montego Bay's most historic areas and popular attractions with a tour of the city.
Member Image ohaycruiser
1 review
Dec 2016
Not much to see and not much to shop for there was more to buy at the shopping area at new dock, and more places to eat
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image theladyexec
1 review
Oct 2016
Great tour bus guide. I was just disappointed with the amount of litter. The island is not well groomed and the upkeep is questionable. Had a good time at Margaretville.
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Member Image Hopjones
1 review
Sep 2016
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Member Image
1 review
Jan 2015

Was not up to taking a long bus ride to the other side of island so we settled on the city tour. It was fun and interesinting. They take you to a famous place for jerk chicken. If you a vegetarian make sure you ask the bus tour guide to order you the fish. She did not mention that option and I was stuck eating only Festival (bread) for lunch.

You may want to avoid the stop at the craft shops altogether. Not worth it. The vendors are like vultures and they surround you coming in for the kill. It is very uncomfortable. They do not allow you to browse leisurely and they choose what they think you should buy, placing jewelry on you without your permission and shoving things into your hands for you to buy. If you decline they give lots of attitude!

If you do decided to go to the craft shops make sure you take someone with you! Also NEVER SETTLE on their prices. If they say $25 you say $15 and I guarantee they will take your offer! Good luck!

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Member Image smbarth
2 reviews
Jan 2014

Once we reached port in Montego Bay, Jamaica, you'd never know we had been in such awful weather. It was about 86 degrees, and humid! Last trip, we left the kids in Camp Carnival and ventured out to shop right there at the terminal. This time, we felt better about taking the kids out, as long as we were on a ship-sponsored excursion, so we decided to get out and see the island. The folks at the shore excursion desk were very helpful, as we waited until the last possible minute to go ask for recommendations for a kid-friendly, close-to-port, brief excursion. We bought tickets for one excursion, but decided we couldn't get everyone fed and ready in time... So even though the tickets were non-refundable, the shore excursion desk was so gracious to exchange our tickets for a later excursion, which was the "Montego Bay Highlights and Shopping" tour at noon. We made three stops - One at a craft market, one at the Rose Hall Shoppes, and finally a stop at Margaritaville. Hubby bought a Tissot watch in one of the shops at the Rose Hall Shoppes, and got a really good price. I was pleasantly surprised when talking to the shop owner, who kept swooning over my twins. It turns out that she also has six year old twin grandchildren, so we bonded and had a lot to talk about while Steve was shopping. At first I was kind of nervous when she was offering them cookies and bottled water, but she was really very, very nice. The tour was just enough of the island to get a taste and see some things. When arriving back at the ship, we were greeted by a marching band, which the kids enjoyed while waiting in line to board.

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Member Image joanss
2 reviews
Not Rated
Dec 2013

Great day in Montego Bay. Seen some of the most beautiful scenery starting when our ship was approaching the island. DH and I booked a Rose Hall Great House and Highlights tour with Trevor Hudlin. There were just four of us on the tour and we had Trevor himself as a guide. We got to see the normal tourist stuff plus off the beaten path sights. Kudos to Trevor for the great tour. We weren’t big on shopping so he changed it up and showed us more sights instead. Our guide at Rose Hall Great House was wonderful. I can’t recommend highly enough to book a private tour but as always do your due diligent when selecting one. The cruise line offered the same tour and some of our CC friends took it. The cruise line tour arrived after we did at the Great House. Their tour passed us during our tour and they were gone before we were even near the end of our tour. One of our CC friends told my DH as his tour was passing ours he wished they had went with us on the tour. As with anything with a cruise this port is what you make of it. You can’t really walk off the ship and spend the day like some of the other Caribbean ports but definitely not a port that you want to stay on the ship.

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Member Image Gulf Coast Fanatic
3 reviews
Sep 2012
Ported at what looked to be an industrial park. Waited forever for their "hop on hop off" bus. Then we got PACKED into the bus like sardines. Ugh. Jamaica is a poor country (1 US dollar = 88 Jamaican dollars), and I constantly was asked "Taxi cab?" (no thank you), followed by "weed?" (no thank you). Everyone offers you weed there lol. I will say though, that everyone in Jamaica (that we encountered) was EXTREMELY friendly. Doc's cavern beach was beautiful! I think next time we'll just book a better excursion, and actually do it through Carnival instead of "winging it" like we did this time.
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Member Image pjmosborne
1 review
Mar 2012
We have done this one in the past; the driver and tour guide this time were not as talkative or informative. Although we have done it before, it would have been nice to hear someone else's perspective. Also their were a lot of first-timers that did not get the experiences we did when we were there the first time. The vendors were not nearly as aggressive as they have been in the past; that was a relief! Overall a good time, just could have been a LOT better!
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Member Image San70
1 review
Aug 2011
Very interesting.. we enjoyed ourselves. Montego Bay is an interesting place.
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