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Curacao Museum cruise excursion
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A visit to the Curacao museum offers glimpses at geological history, Indian artifacts, paintings by local artists and more. Don't forget, museum gift shops are perfect for last-minute trinkets and souvenirs.
Member Image triumph boy
2 reviews
Jan 2017
Very interesting. Love the furniture and items in the museum.
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Member Image JWYBLF
3 reviews
Nov 2013

guide was very informative. learned a lot about the island

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Member Image rhonda819
2 reviews
Feb 2013
Took the discover curacao excursion: First stop was full of history, and unfortunately vendors trying to sell you junk from China, very annoying, but just say NO, Hato Caves were interesting, but very steep stairs to climb, and hot in the caves. It was all in all a good tour. I would recommend.
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Member Image grandmaR
16 reviews
Jan 2013
We've been in Curacao before and had taken most of the tours already. We arrived at the port early (it was only 40 miles) but we couldn't go up to have breakfast in the dining room until 8. We are docked in town rather than out at the 'new' dock where we were in 2006. Much better place to be. A German ship (a former Celebrity ship) was out at the 'new dock> We talked to the guy who was dispatching taxis and he said it would be $80 each way to see the one lighthouse that we could get to by road, and $40 an hour while we stayed there. He brought us a driver, but I don't really think the taxi driver ever quite understood what we were doing. We were out and about going to locations that I had mapped that I wanted to go to and he charged us $150 total. When we came back to the ship, I was a little bit sunburned judging by the white part of my nose under where my glasses are. We had lunch in the Lido and for the first time I had one of the ship people help me get lunch. I had Kung Pao chicken but it had no peanuts in it. We had a night tour that started at 5:30. We drove around down and then went to the Naval Museum which was very interesting. Then there was what was called a brass band concert, but it was all percussion - no other instruments at all. The 'band' all wore t-shirts with a lime green logo on it. They started with just a few players and the various types of drums arrived as the concert went along. We got back after 8 pm. There was an internet Happy Hour which was to be from 7 to 9 with half your minutes re credited, so I went and logged on and Bob went up to the Lido to eat but the Lido was closed so he went to the dining room which was still open. Apparently the computer time is still Florida time because it said I logged on at 7:15 instead of 8:15 so I got more time back than I expected.
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Member Image sunshine221
8 reviews
Mar 2012
The main sites I wanted to see were the Kura Hulanda museum and the synagogue. It wasn't easy but we did find a walking tour map prior to the cruise. We did decide to take the Curacao Highlight tour first. We went to the Curacao museum which was interesting, then we stopped at a liquor factory -- if you want to buy this liquor, but it here, it was half the price of other places on the island and then we drove to an overlook which was pretty but our tour guide really didn't tell us much about it. We did have plenty of time when we got back to town to see the museums and they were both worth it!!. We also saw the pontoon bridge open and close -- that was a unique site. I believe that there were books with the walking tour available when you first get off the ship.
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