St. Martin City Tour Excursion Reviews

St. Martin City Tour cruise excursion
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Visit the beautiful tropical paradise of St. Martin and go on an unforgettable guided city tour!
Member Image Laurabelle530
1 review
Mar 2014

Again we had a motor coach that transported us all and we need to transfer to a regular bus seat. But the bus was equipped with a lift. And again a truck to our wheelchair to each individual spot and was ready for us when we arrived. St. Martin was probably my favorite destination. Lots of history and culture. Definitely not commercialized like St. Thomas. Which I prefer to be engulfed in the culture when I am on vacation to a tropical Caribbean island. St. Martin downtown area is not wheelchair friendly cobblestone streets and no curb cuts and no traffic lights so made crossing extremely difficult. I recommend if traveling downtown. Take someone with you who walks and can kind stop traffic.

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Provider: Accessible Adventures
Member Image cruise4msjg
1 review
Dec 2012
First, stop and get a coconut smoothie and a coconut and brown sugar cookie! They give out samples at the port, I waited a whole year to come back they are delicious! Than take a water taxi downtown and walk around, barefoot bar and restaurant is great local food. Coconut rice and coconut curry chicken.
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Member Image mdubose
1 review
May 2012
The shopping break was only 45 minutes. Not enough time. The semi submersible boat tour was ok. They kept the boat moving too fast. When you saw a turtle or something through your window, by the time you got you camera up it would be 3 windows down.
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Member Image kumbaya99
6 reviews
May 2012
Did the city tour with shopping and beach break with Bernard's Tours. One interesting stop was to feed some iguanas. Had a great time. The only complaint is that unlike most stops, there is no one waiting for you with a sign. Instead, we had to figure out who Bernard was. Even their shirts were a little confusing because they had the name of a beach bar on them. Just a heads up.
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Member Image TnomadX
4 reviews
Mar 2012
EXCELLENT!!! We enjoyed this one very much. We got to see most of the island with an actual tour guide. She explained everything that we saw, and it was simply fantastic. I wouldn't mind going here again.
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