Barbados Zip-lining Excursion Reviews

Barbados Zip-lining cruise excursion
Overall Rating
Enjoy the adrenaline rush as you zip from platform to platform over the jungle canopy. Knowledgeable guides provide information throughout the zip-line tour about the trees and formation of the gully.
Member Image croozin' nut
1 review
Mar 2013
This is a fun and exciting excursion. You zip-line for a total of 7 platforms in the trees. The first platform is connected to a walkway at ground level, but when you look down, it's like 200' to the forest floor! The guys running the operation are very professional, and funny at the same time, but at no time do you feel that safety is being compromised. Highly recommend this.
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Provider: Celebrity Cruises
Member Image Duddy
1 review
Mar 2013
The zip line tour was great. Actually I was hoping for a little more hiking deeper into the forest. Instead we were right there and did not waste any time getting started. The staff was great and extremely helpful and patient with those of us that had never done it before. Would not do it again there, but was very enjoyable.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image Nipigongirl
1 review
Dec 2012
Aerial Trek & Zip Line Adventure (BB09) I found this tour to be an overall disappointment. We met the crew at the front entrance to the pier shopping building. Guess the shuttle driver didn't get paid any extra for pointing out any of the local attractions etc. After about 1/2 boring drive we arrived at the zip lining place. We were given a short safety talk and our belongings were locked up in a secure storage cabinet they have. For safety reasons, you are not allowed to bring anything with you when you go zip lining but I did see one person in our group with a small camera. After the safety talk we waited...and waited...and waited. After about 45 minutes we finally put on our safety equipment and then we waited again. They told us they were waiting for a large group to finish up. After waiting for 1.5 hours we were finally taken to the zip line course and waited again. There were WAY too many people in each of the groups...we had 30 in total which is just too many for this at one time. I had never been zip lining before and once we got started really didn't find it that amazing...probably all the waiting took the adventure out of it. Once they got people started on the zip line then it seemed to move along fairly well. My daughter and I were at the end of our group so we were the last to finish up and I had just enough time to gather our belongings and the bus driver was beeping the horn for us. Didn't even have enough time to check out the pictures the crew took of us on the zip line. Very disappointing and wouldn't waste my money on this tour again.
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Provider: Celebrity Cruises
Member Image lawyerrose
2 reviews
Mar 2012
So much fun! They were very safety conscious.
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