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Barbados Cave Tour cruise excursion
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Discover what lies within Barbados' deep, dark caves. Flowing streams and deep pools of clear water are among many sights you will see.
Member Image josecamuy
1 review
Jul 2017
This was the best tour of our trip. The driver take us to a couple of places before we hit the caves. That was an experience to be remind for ever. The caves are excellent, very educative tour.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image BeginningSteps
7 reviews
Dec 2016
My favorite tour ever... such an invigorating tour. The caves were absolutely outstanding... unbelievable!!
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image Fishe21
1 review
Dec 2016
Fascinating place to go to. The guide was very informative. Barbados is completely different from all the other islands.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image cruiserzoid
1 review
Not Rated
Apr 2013
Harrison Cave is something to see. This is a terrific tour.
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Provider: Holland America Line
Member Image sfpen66
2 reviews
Feb 2013
The cave tour was neat. The tram was comfortable to ride through the cave.
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image SueRocks
1 review
Feb 2013

The Harrison's Cave tour was really great. Took a long time to get there and back, but the caves were very interesting and an amazing feat of Mother Nature. The roads seemed very poor, but the vistas were lovely. People friendly.

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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image grandmaR
16 reviews
Jan 2013
The excursion today was Harrison's cave. we went to Barbados and stayed there on land in 1996, but since then when we've been there the cave has been closed. We went down to the tour about a hour early. Normally there is a shuttle from where the boats dock to the port building where we had to take the excursion. But not this time. Silversea is parked across from us and THEY have a shuttle, but we don't. I guess the Maasdam was too cheap to pay for it. Their excuse was that we were the first boat next to the terminal. Had I known that I could have used the scooter and they would keep it at the terminal for me while I went on the tour, it would have made my life a lot easier. We walked and I had to stop to get my breath about four times - twice while we were next to the ship as they let us off forward and the forward end was the farthermost away from the port building. It also was sprinkling, so when we stopped, we stopped under the old sugar loading silos. I got up to the port building and one of the guards there suggested that I ask the HAL excursion lady for a wheelchair back to the ship after the excursion. But she said absolutely NOT, that the Maasdam had no wheelchairs for any such thing. She was very dismissive of our concerns. I asked the girl who was herding the buses (from Barbados) if I could get in first. And she said yes. A man came up with one of those walkers that you can sit on - he was complaining because the front desk had said that there was a shuttle. A guy came with a scooter and they had a scooter-enabled bus there for him. When I got on the bus, it was the second bus and I sat in front but the seat was right over the wheel and there was no foot room whatever. The man with the walker sat on the other side and he made his wife sit on the short leg room side. When we were all loaded, the driver/guide Peter came on with the walker and put it in front of the door. The bus went very fast so I was glad to take photos out the front. The guide talked very fast too. When we got to Harrison's Cave, we had to walk in and wait for our tickets. Then we went down in an outside glass elevator and we saw a movie about Barbados. Then we were loaded into a white electric tram. When we were here in 1996, there were none of the buildings that there are now and no outside elevator. We had blue electric train/trams and we had to wear hard hats. No hard hats this time. My camera lens and my glasses immediately fogged up. I had to keep wiping them off. Also the camera had a hard time focusing as the caves were basically dark. I did get some good photos though. The caves themselves were much as I remembered. I asked the driver if he had been there long and he said since 1995. He remembered the hard hats. When we got back on the bus, Bob took the seat by the side of the bus leaving me the aisle. The man with the walker went to sleep -he had the advantage of an 'arm' on the aisle because there was a jump seat in the aisle. I had a really hard time staying in my seat as the driver swung the bus around curves and I think it would have been better if I had put the jump seat down. But the man was asleep on it and I couldn't put it down without waking him. We got back to the ship, and I sat in the shop area while Bob went back to the ship and got my scooter. As he was coming to get me with it, the skies opened up and rained. He sheltered under the sugar silos. Inside the building the rain was deafening - almost as loud as gunfire - I think they had a tin roof. One of the shop girls said that she would have gotten me a wheelchair if I needed one. Everyone was helpful except the HAL excursion lady. I looked at the Best of Barbados shop for a shirt for Bob but the only ones they had were flowery. When he arrived with the scooter, we started back for the ship and suddenly I saw a man's shop with some batik shirts, so I went in and bought one. Then we went back to the ship. The ramp was quite slippery with rain - even for me to walk up. I knew the scooter would not be able to get me up the ramp, so I walked and one of the HAL guys brought the scooter up.
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Provider: Holland America Line
Member Image BenjiRodney
13 reviews
Nov 2012
This was out least favorite port from last year and really had no plans other than to visit the shops in the Cruise Terminal. We did decided to book Harrison's Caves Tour through Carnival, glad we did, but we did not go downtown this year, last year was enough. Cave tour was amazing, lasts about 40 minutes and that is after a 10 minute movie on how the island was formed. Very informative. The drive back showed us some of the countryside.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image HonkyTonkAngel
2 reviews
Oct 2012
I know the people of Barbados are proud of this cave but honestly, it was dark and cool inside and we fell asleep on the tram. It was boring. I can appreciate it and how it was discovered, but it did nothing for us.
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Member Image mimi&poppy
Apr 2012
Were transported to the cave by van. After see a short video we boarded a tram a rode through the Harrison's Cave. It was quite a sight. Well worth the investment.
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Member Image ilovecruisingsoomuch
1 review
Apr 2012
We went to Harrison's Cave and it was so beautiful, truely amazing to see the cave formations and just to be so far underground. The beaches were also so lovely the water was crystal clear and turquoise blue. AMAZING!!!!!!!
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image debkaysmith
8 reviews
Feb 2012
This tour was fantastic and the cave was a wonder to behold. Our bus driver was full of interesting information and the docent at the cave was interesting and knowledgeable. We stopped at the pier for some snacks, shopping, Banks' Beer and Mt. Gay Rum. Really wonderful people, friendly and very hospitable here in Barbados.
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Member Image canoeyacht
1 review
Feb 2012
We toured the island by bus then went to the caves. It was a rainy day, but that didn't matter in the caves! The caves are spectacular and well worth the trip. There is a modern interpretive center, and some beautiful gardens. This is one tour that is worth booking in advance. We talked to a couple who just took a taxi to the caves. They were told there was a two hour wait and they didn't have time. We went straight in with the pre-booked tour.
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Member Image cruzin_ga_gal
14 reviews
Jan 2012
Harrisons caves was interesting, but if you are expecting to see magnificent caves such as those in TN or in other parts of US, you will be disappointed. It was a nice drive to the caves and the guide was very informative.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International

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