Montego Bay Sunset Beach Resort Excursion Reviews

Montego Bay Sunset Beach Resort cruise excursion
Overall Rating
Enjoy a relaxing day and experience the very best of Montego Bay at the famous Sunset Beach Resort.
Member Image sewut
2 reviews
Jan 2017
Sunscape Splash Resort was a good experience for a newbie cruiser who had never seen the ocean. It has pools, lazy river, slides, beach with shade, and food and drinks.
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Provider: Resort for a Day
Member Image betsy56
1 review
Mar 2016
Lovely area relaxing and clean
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Provider: Marella Cruises (formerly Thomson Cruises)
Member Image 4rkdz
1 review
Apr 2015
Plenty of things to do for a nice relaxing family day at the beach. Just 10 minutes from the dock. Nice pool with 2 water slides and a lazy river. They had paddle boats, kayaks, and sailboats. The staff will take you for a ride on the sailboat if you don't know how to sail (like us). Everything was included, even lunch which was OK. Buffet style lunch. Nothing great but not bad either. Everyone found something they liked. I would recommend this excursion.
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Provider: Resorts for a day
Member Image cadsev
1 review
Feb 2014

Was nice for a one day encounter but would not stay here for an extended stay. The water slides and lazy river were nice. The beach was small but still very nice. The food was average and the drinks were decent but provided an enjoyable time for us.

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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image mt234
4 reviews
Dec 2013

ok beach, nice pools, horrible food, and bar service. Food was never replenished, and bars were understaffed. drinks served in small 6oz cups which resulted in people ordering multiple drinks, and thus taking the one bartender a very long time to prepare the drinks. Horrible frozen drinks

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Member Image merib1
1 review
Feb 2013
Perfect. Great value. Reliable transportation. Beach was lovely. Music was lively. Food was excellent. Drinks were good. Facilities were clean. Towels provided. No shortage of food, drink, pools, entertainment or beach access. Would do it again.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image Kenwill65
1 review
Nov 2012
On arrival we were supposed to look for someone holding the sign for our resort. They were nowhere to be seen. As it turned out they were outside across the bus/taxi loading zone. Impossible to see them. Thank goodness someone knew where they were. Bus ride over did not go well. A handicapped person had booked and needed her wheel chair. The bus does not accommodate this at all. It delayed our trip by half an hour as we waited for them to figure out what to do with her. Driver was accommodating to us as passengers but he just did not have the authority to fix the problem. Once we arrived at the resort you go to an area to be checked in. You have to pay at this time for the balance you owe. Credit card machine was not communicating well and again we were delayed getting on with our day as they tried to get multiple peoples credit cards to run. The beaches were a little on the trashy side to me. Found lots of trash in the water. Overall the resort area itself was clean. Just not the beaches. The drinks were included in our cost the bar tenders did their job. The food for the lunch was good. I would try somewhere else if I was to go back to Jamaica.
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Provider: Jamaica for a day
Member Image bluemoon12
1 review
Sep 2012
Great beach and all inclusive was wonderful. The resort is nice and we had a blast!
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Provider: Island Marketing
Member Image 2Okies
2 reviews
Sep 2012
This was my second time at this resort, and my husband's first. I knew the resort was safe, a short distance from the ship's port, and all inclusive, which meant we had to carry little money with us on shore. We did our own transport, and caught a taxi at the pier for $6pp round trip (which is cheaper than the transportation through the website). It was actually a small bus, and they filled it with more people going to Sunset. It takes about 5 minutes to get to the resort from the pier. The resort is manicured and landscaped nicely. The pools are clean (though they could use a little maintenance (painting, tile work, etc). The slides are a lot of fun, and the walk-in pool is nice to sit and cool off. We found floats for the lazy river easily and made our way around once. The buffet of jerked chicken, hot sides, fruit, salad & sandwiches were served at noon. There was also a grill with hamburgers, nachos, etc. The food was very good. The bar is open when you arrive. The cups they serve the drinks in are only about 6 oz, but you can order more than one at a time if desired. The drinks were good. The beach had a lot of seaweed, so I would suggest watershoes if you walk in it. There wasn't very good snorkeling unless you went around the rocks that defined the beach area. I give this excursion a 3 mostly because of the beach. It's okay, but the water is not as clear and pretty as you think it should be. Maybe its because its so close to where the ships come in. We haven't seen the water in other parts of Jamaica, so we don't know. We took out a kayak (free) and also took a quick sailboat ride (also free - but tips are encouraged for the driver). We enjoyed laying on the beach, listening to the sea and relaxing after lunch. We had arranged for the cab to pick us back up at 3PM, and he was promptly there. Plenty of taxis are coming and going, so you could leave anytime you wanted - if you didn't pay the round trip price that morning. We went back to the pier and shopped around a bit, and was back on the ship way ahead of schedule. We enjoyed Sunset, but next time we might try a resort further away from where the ships dock, or maybe something different altogether. However, its a safe excursion, great for couples or families. We were NEVER hassled by anyone going to the resort, at the resort or when we were shopping at the pier. The security is pretty tight at the pier. No one gets in or out without their S&S card, and they only let in the JUTA cabs. We had a nice day in Jamaica. It wasn't our favorite excursion of the cruise - but it was nice.
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Provider: Jamaica for a Day
1 review
Not Rated
Apr 2012
Great resort with lots to do. Drinks and food were very good. Be careful if you go in ocean due to very spiney creatures on sea floor that will stick in your feet. I would stick to the pools here.
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Member Image Westbank is bestbank
3 reviews
Apr 2012
Sunset Beach in Jamaica is all inclusive. Had a great time there but I must say that the drinks were watered down considerably. After 10 cocktails I wondered if there was any alcohol in the drinks at all. Normally, after 2 cocktails I'm done! The pools and slides were very nice; however, the lazy river only has about 6 tubes to float on, REALLY!!!
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image pensgrl
Dec 2011
Sunset Beach was just ok in my opinion. The waterpark was nice and the lazy river was neat but I really didn't like the beach area too much. Snorkeling was hard because the reefs were very close to the top of the water. My friend cut her leg pretty bad on the coral reefs. The people at the resort were not very friendly either. This was our last port so maybe if it had of been our first port I would have felt different. However, the shopping was fun. Don't spend all of your money inside the shops, wait until you go outside in the market area. It's right after you get off the ship and right before you go inside the port.
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Member Image ladywraith24
1 review
Jul 2010
Downtown Montego Bay kind of scary. Not impressed with shops and you have to be careful what taxis you take, Cruise ship will advise. Sunset Beach Resort Awesome! all inclusive, nice pool with swim up bar, where we spent many a hour meeting new friends and watching the many pool activities going on. Food very good, Jerk Chicken delish. Drinks NOT weak so watch out lol.,Would go again and was very affordable.
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Provider: Holland America Line

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