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Newport City Tour cruise excursion
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Newport, the sailing capital of the world, is replete with historic cobblestone streets, shops, scenic overlooks and award-winning clam chowder.
Member Image Nicn81
1 review
Jun 2017
Tour guide was the best. Really enjoyed the views and still had time to walk around the town.
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Provider: Trolley Tours
Member Image NorthernCACruiser
3 reviews
Oct 2016
Tour guide (man) was not having a good day. The tour should have been called "Newport Restaurant Tour". He talked about every single eating establishment along the way. Once we were out of town - his demeanor did not change. After a brief description of each of the Mansions we were passing he said "It is Condominium , now" If he said it once, he said it 20 times. I got the impression he was having a off day and was resentful. However, the area is so beautiful and the tour a perfect length.
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Provider: Newport Viking Trolley
Member Image Alaskacrusin
1 review
Oct 2016
The tour was nice, as we went by several mansions ans stopped at an old Fort. Only lasted an 1.5 hours, which was good.
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image LakeErieLive
4 reviews
Sep 2014

Easily walked to the visitor center and booked a city tour that did the ocean drive and provided a ticket to the Breakers Mansion at a cost far below the NCL tour. We had a good driver/guide who narrated the city and the ocean drive area with tidbits and stories of residents in the past. He dropped us off at the Breakers and said he would be back in an hour and a half.......and he was. the Breakers is magnificent oppulence.....better said an example of conspicuous consumption. Worth a visit/

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Provider: Viking Trolleys
Member Image tlcalldritt
1 review
Sep 2013

Newport - Town Tour/Drive and Estate Tour was way overpriced and we only saw 1 home and the rest from the road and only a few blocks of the town. In addition, the tour guide talked SUPER slow and was VERY boring! Don't bother booking a tour - You can see many homes from the ship and tender coming into town and you can walk much of the town and see things for yourself.

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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image lovetocruisenow
20 reviews
Sep 2012
This was a nice look at Newport and a good follow up on the Mansions Tour we did previously.
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image lovethe24car
11 reviews
Aug 2012
We took an Access tour and ended up being in a car by ourselves. The tour was good, but the narrator shouted his information so I would not rave about this. Seeing the mansions is a must!
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image knittinggirl
22 reviews
Aug 2012
Newport - The Best of Newport - C Really comfortable bus, like the one in Boston. Got to see a lot of Newport, and stopped for lunch at the Elms and a self-guided tour of the mansion. But unfortunately, we missed a lot of the ocean side drive since the police had it blocked off. We had a good meal, yet slow service for lunch. I think the bread was homemade, and I saw a bread machine on the shelf. The sandwiches and soft drinks were in a fridge only accessible by the clerk. We had a choice of cookie, drink, sandwich and chips instead of the fruit mentioned in the cruise description. The guide was slow getting us our Elms Mansion tickets, so we didn't have enough time to see all the mansion. We were handed radios to listen to in the various rooms. We were told to return to the bus at a certain time. In the rush to get finished with the tour, we hurried through the last several rooms, not listening to the radio commentary, and my husband fell on the landing of the last flight of stairs hurrying to meet the deadline. Fortunately, he was not injured. Both Elms Personnel and our tour guide took his name down, but we haven't heard from anyone. As it turned out, our bus was late, because they returned to the ship to pick up another batch of passengers for the second tour of the day. So, we really had more time than the tour guide led us to believe.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image cfcsarg
5 reviews
May 2012
Awed by all the different mansions in one location. Driver was very informative, courteous, and polite. Since we were the last tour of the day he even gave some of the elderly a ride to the tender dock for free.
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Provider: Trolly at Visitors center

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