Grand Cayman Sea Trek Excursion Reviews

Grand Cayman Sea Trek cruise excursion
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This is diving made easy for everyone. A helmet dive gets you beneath the water's surface for a tour of Grand Cayman's underwater world.
Member Image Guille2228
1 review
Aug 2016
The staff there are awesome. They made our excursion a blast for our family. Oh, city bus is the way to travel. They are like a taxi. We would say this is were we are going to they dropped us of in front of the place. Taxi charge a lot for the same service.
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Provider: MSC Cruises
Member Image Ty9091
1 review
Apr 2016
Although initially felt somewhat unorganized at the gathering tent, we thoroughly enjoyed this excursion. My wife doesn't know how to swim, and yet the crew made her feel extremely comfortable going down 30 feet. Was a lot of fun.
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Member Image Gfilkins
1 review
May 2015
Most amazing thing I have done. Like suba diving meets snorkel. The guides were very good and the experience was like you are in a huge aquarium thqt your walking through. The fish and creatures were amazing. I would highly recommend
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Member Image sogy
2 reviews
Not Rated
Nov 2014

This excursion begins a on the ship and ended in the grand cayman.

on Day 1, I signed up for the PADI SCUBA diver certification. Since it was quiet cruise, I was the only student. So I spent all night reading the manual. I didn't mind reading because it was raining outside, the ship was rocking, so I had nothing else better to do.

On Day 2, I took the classroom portion. Since it was just me, i just wanted 3 videos and took 3 tests. I was in at 1 pm , and left at 4:30 pm. Maybe it was 3 hours of my vacation gone, but since it was raining, i didn't miss much.

On day 4, I did the pool exercise at 7am.. Oh gosh the Pool was cold and I couldn't breathe correctly. After switching wet suits and warming up a bit, I was able to do the exercise. but I ended early cause i was cold. I finished up the exercises later on, around 6pm. water was much warmer. Thanks Laura for sticking with me

on day 5, we were the first people off the Ship being tendered to shore. We went in Don Fosters dive shop to do the open water dive. The water was perfect and the sights under water was amazing. bright fishes and so close to shore. We also another student that did the tests course and pool dives before coming on board, but needed to do the open water dives to get the certificate. so i have another dive buddy

Overall. the best experience learning to dive. Everything you needed was all aboard. and the dive was just a tender away. You might spend 6 -9 hours of your vacation, but it was time well spent. you might want to do the course before coming, to save a time. overall great experience

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Member Image thenewcruise2014
1 review
Not Rated
Nov 2014

Amazing. No other words.

I do wish it were longer. The guy driving the boat out to the dive sit (Chris) was pretty cool. Hell, if we stayed longer I would have payed the guy to take me out and show me around the island that night. He was pretty awesome.Very safety oriented. The guide that was down there showing us around was awesome and didn't even get to speak because he had a helmet on. He was very animated and interactive. I'll do this one again for sure and see if this company has any other excursions. I WANTED to tip after this one.

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Member Image CyFan99
1 review
Not Rated
Mar 2013
This was the most amazing thing I have ever done. You must do this!!!
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Member Image ReverendVW
2 reviews
Feb 2013
My wife tred snuba last trip, and never made i past 4feet. this was perfect for her. She came back beaming with delight at all the antics of the diver's. I would recommend this for any non-scuba type people.
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Member Image tnndcruiser
6 reviews
Sep 2012
Oh my goodness, this was one of the highlights of our vacacation at the ports. You put on a helmet (much like a diver's helmet) and you get to walk under water. There is no way to describe how wonderful this is but it needs to be longer.
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Member Image jayscore
1 review
Apr 2012
Once in a lifetime thing. Spendy, but nice.
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