Grand Cayman Scuba - Beginner Excursion Reviews

Grand Cayman Scuba - Beginner cruise excursion
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Visit the world renowned dive site at Cayman Wall or the famous shipwreck in Grand Cayman—two ideal sites for beginner scuba divers.
Member Image ginaserene1
1 review
Aug 2017
My friend is a certified scuba diver but I just wanted to snorkel, and the ship did not provide this type of tour. We walked from port to Diver Down, took us on a semi-private 2-tank dive off of seven mile beach over a ship wreck and a couple of reefs. JC the captain was knowledgeable, fun and helpful. We saw lobster, stingray, lots of fish. Very reasonable $110 for 2 tank dive, $40 for snorkeling 2 hours, 2 locations. Afterwards, ate next door at Rackam's which offers 10% off to Divers Down clients. Has a large oceanside dining terrace. Food and drinks were very good but pricey. Lots of iguanas come begging for food (they are vegetarian, don't bite) and huge tarpon fish swimming nearby waiting for their dinner at 7:30pm feeding.
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Provider: Divers Down
Member Image Kelley70130
1 review
Apr 2017
Awesome experience--something I have always wanted to do-Glad I did it.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image imabeliever27
1 review
Apr 2017
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! This was by far our favorite day of our week-long cruise! Our family of four (mom, dad, girl 15 and boy 11) arrived at the Divers Down dive shop (which was only a 5 minute walk from the pier) earlier than expected and asked if we could dive sooner than scheduled. They were able to move us up a little, so while we waited, we played in the little cove that was adjacent to the shop. After we dove, we had an amazing lunch just across the cove, where we got a discount referral from Divers Down. Try the curry cheese fries, conch fritters and locally brewed ale! The dive itself was five stars all the way. Our dive master, a handsome, friendly British chap, gave confident, adequate instruction as he got the four of us ready for our dive. It was so nice to have this experience all to ourselves as a family, with no one else in the group! I was concerned about my kids, since this was their first diving experience, but I am a diver from way back, and I wanted my husband and the kids to love it, too. THEY DO, and we can't wait to take a week-long dive trip to the Caymans! We entered the water easily off the pier and immediately swam out to the floating dock, where we submerged for the first time. The five of us sank to the bottom where we did a few final drills (mask clearing, etc), and then we were off. We explored some reefs, a wreck and the ocean floor at a maximum depth of 35 feet, and we saw all kinds of colorful fish, urchins and more. My kids did GREAT! THUMBS UP ALL THE WAY! After lunch, instead of exploring the island, we borrowed snorkels and masks so that we could continue playing in our own little "private" cove next to the dive shop until time to re-board the ship. It was a relaxed, memorable, super fun day for my family, which was a welcome change from the sometimes crowded boat and other excursions.
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Provider: Shore Excursioneer
Member Image wmarsh9280
3 reviews
May 2016
It was a good excursion. It was just strange that they were so unprepared to host cruise passengers. There were no lockers, photo opportunities, showers, anything at all.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image marissatee
1 review
Aug 2015
Scuba people were friendly and professional. Port is modern and industrialized. People speak English, but not all placees take US dollars.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image jdelta
3 reviews
Apr 2015
Discover SCUBA with LobsterPot Diving. Great dive team of one instructor per four students. They took care to ensure everyone learned the basic skills and only when evertyone was confidant and ready did we go on an amazing dive aorund huge coral heads. Many many fish and sea life everywhere.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image Chappy3
1 review
Jun 2013

Great instructors....loved the dive and we rented a underwater camera for $40 that included the dik

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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image ReverendVW
2 reviews
Feb 2013
Great instruction by Reid. The dive was fun, but our time was cut short by 2 members of the class, not speaking english. the time and energy spent in dealing with those two, cut our dive short. I had approx 2k psi before blowing my BCD at surface to get out, and that included the 20+ minutes of air wasted in the pool while they tried to understand what he was telling them. It's tough to be negative, because Reid is a nice guy, and good enough instructor to get though a serious language barrier to teach two people to scuba. My opinion, he should have cut them from the class.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image deetravel
2 reviews
Nov 2012
Grand Cayman was our favorite Port; we booked an excursion to try Scuba Diving which didn't really work out; however that didn't detract from a good experience in Grand Cayman. The tender from the ship to the Island went fast and we did not have to wait in line at all! Once ashore we easily located the shore excursion desk for the third party agency we had booked with. They gave us a map and sent us off on a 5 min walk along the water front to the Dive site. Once there we were checked in, and started the safety briefing and were told all about the scuba equipment etc. From there things went down hill, the guide only had the 2 of us but didn't seem to be prepared for complete beginners even though the excursion was billed as for beginners. I had done a lot of research, and called the excursion company to confirm that the Beginners Dive offered was a shore dive, and suitable for someone who had never dived before. Instead of the shallow water I was expecting that we would walk/swim out to deeper water, we were close to the Pier and pretty much jumped off a ladder in to 30ft of open water. Not ideal for 2 beginners who have never been in a scenario like this. Once in the water we found the current to be really strong, with big waves crashing against the rocks, my husband was given to many weights, and pretty much sank as soon as he was in the water...this caused some panic and resulted in us not finishing the dive. I think we will try diving again but in calmer waters! Even though this was not the best experience, we still had a great time. After recovering a little we walked around George Town, did some shopping, and visited their national museum. Which was really interesting. We asked a local for a lunch recommendation, and they recommended Coritas Copper Kettle. Coritas is a tiny little cafe slightly off the main shopping streets and serves cheap authentic Cayman food. It was full of locals and we loved it. Coritta recommended that we take a bus around the ISland, and pointed us in the direction of the bus stop. After going around the ISland we headed back to the ship.
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