Langkawi Pregnant Maiden Island Excursion Reviews

Langkawi Pregnant Maiden Island cruise excursion
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Visit Pregnant Maiden Island -- named for the physical appearance of the island, resembling the belly of a pregnant woman -- to learn about the legends and myths of Langkawi Lake.
Member Image kimberleyjane
1 review
Nov 2014

Arrival at Langkawi was much better, was just a big jetty but was neat and tidy, the islands surrounding us were awesome. Getting of the ship was better this day. Our tour guide though was useless, he didn't say much at all we just had to follow him. We arrived first at some island, we walked for maybe half an hour maybe less to a lake that was an old volcano crater, once we arrived there we just stood around on the pontoons looking at the beautiful scenery, but that took all of a minute or so.....some 10 minutes later one of the passengers asked what was happening next, as it appeared that the guide was waiting for a pick up or something as he just kept playing with his phone...we thought he was trying to contact somone...he obviously was but it had nothing to do with us, as when he was approached by the passenger he just waived his hand at the view and said you take pictures, have a swim if you wish i will meet you back at the start of walk in 30 minutes, and proceeded to walk back. Well none of us was going to jump into that deep lake so we all started to walk back also, which was a very hot and humid walk up and down big steps ( we were warned however when booking that moderate exertion would be needed) i decided to get changed into bathers when we reached the toilets as i was wringing wet with sweat...left my hat there, hubby went back to retrieve it but it had already been taken. We then proceeded to wait at the pier to be picked up again for the next island, we had to wait until all the other boats had arrived before they would let us back on, maybe 20 more boats arrived in the meantime. We saw the eagles then went to a swimming beach..rice island i think it was called, he said we had 45 minutes to have a swim, but in actual fact we could of had amother hour on top of that as the tour was supposed to be 4 hours..we had 3, and we also waited another half an hour at that spot to get back on the boat. The scenery though is lovely.

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Member Image Gordon Donaldson
Mar 2012
The boat rides out to the islands were an adrenalin rush. For the faint hearted, sit at the rear. If you are not good on your feet be careful. Steps are an issue and proved dangerous, something not well explained in the brochure or ship summary. Still a good experience and a very beautiful area.
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