Adelaide Cleland Wildlife Park Excursion Reviews

Adelaide Cleland Wildlife Park cruise excursion
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Cleland Wildlife Park contains 35 hectares of bushland where you can get close to many of Australia's wild inhabitants.
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Mar 2015
We spent time touring Adelaide which was a waste. There was nothing to see. We had only 2 hours to tour the wild life park which wasn't enough time. We had to choose what we wanted to see the most and miss the rest. Don't see why we had to hurry back to the ship since it wasn't leaving for about 5 hours. Since it was through the cruise line it was expensive. As long as we paid the admission fee we should have stayed as long as we could. It was a nice park.
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Member Image boyroy
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Jan 2013

Adelaide, Australia ----- We took the Adelaide and Wildlife Park ships tour 5 hours. We were driven through the city up to Mt. Lofty for great photos. We then went to the Cleland Wildlife Park. They have many of the animals you would expect to see in Australia. My wife was able, for a fee, to hold a Koala and have her photo taken. We were also able to walk in an open field and feed kangaroos by hand.

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Member Image Hershey's Mom
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Mar 2012
Cleland Wildlife Park was recommended by an Australian and was fabulous. You are in large (10+ acre) enclosures with the kangaroos and wallabees. They will eat out of your hand and you can pet them and really observe them. You can also pet and feed a koala and see Tasmanian Devils up close. After three weeks in Australia, this was the first time we'd seen any of these animals. Australians were surprised to hear us say that as they consider kangaroos to be pests that eat their gardens and populate their golf courses.
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