Dominica Scuba - Certified Excursion Reviews

Dominica Scuba - Certified cruise excursion
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Specifically for certified scuba divers, this expedition will explore deep into Dominica's underwater world in pursuit of the island's most exotic fish and coral formations.
Member Image polandjc
2 reviews
Dec 2016
Didn't see much in the way of interesting sea life.
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Provider: ALDive
Member Image plittle210
2 reviews
Apr 2015
This was awesome!!!!!!!! Tour bus was comfortable the tour guide was totally awesome and very informant. Would recommend this on a scale of 1to 10. I give it a 10
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image Kryssa
1 review
Mar 2013
My brother and I dove with Nature Island Divers and it was a great day. It was maybe a 15-20 minute dive from the cruise ship to the dive shop and then we did 2 amazing dives. Of all the ports, this was the one for diving! In between dives we were back on land and walked down the small main street of Soufrier and had a homemade fried dough snack and a couple of sodas. Again, the downside was that there was no camera bucket on the boat. The rest of my family did the Roseau Valley Treasures tour with Bumpiing Tour. They had a great time, but it was definitely pushing the limits for my Mom. She is in good shape but wasn't expecting having to climb a rock wall and jump into the water from a cliff at Titou Gorge. Only AFTER she did it was it explained that it was optional, so just know that if you go.
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Provider: Nature Island Dive
Member Image Blue_waters
2 reviews
Dec 2012
If scuba certified for open water, be sure to do a dive on Dominica. We did a wall dive at L'Abym and a reef dive at Champagne Reef nearby. Despite some trouble with getting down and tooth squeeze, I was able to enjoy the amazing array of fish including spotted eel and seahorses and a rainbow of coral. Pain drove me out of the water on the reef dive but I was able to snorkel through the "champagne" bubbles venting from old lava flows and see more amazing fish. The dive masters were knowledgeable and very helpful in dealing with my dive issues. Bottled water was provided and most equipment included but a $10 fee was charged to rent a "shorty". Luckily we had brought extra cash as this was not mentioned in tour description. Stunning vistas on the boat ride out and back of Dominica's towering volcanic mountain peaks. Of all the islands we stopped at, Dominica was the most majestic.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International

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