Dominica Sari Sari Falls Excursion Reviews

Dominica Sari Sari Falls cruise excursion
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Plunging some 200 feet, Sari Sari Falls is Dominica's second tallest waterfall and offers some of the island's most beautiful scenery.
Member Image bellbus
4 reviews
Dec 2014

My children went on a land excursion of the island and to the falls. They enjoyed the time and were glad they went but wouldn't repeat it. Guides were informative.

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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image jennyprovo
4 reviews
Feb 2014

The falls are gorgeous. The hike is strenuous. NCL should have more than 3 levels of effort for excursions because this one is more like a 6 or 7 on a 10 scale.
You start with a 90 minutes bus/van ride if you are prone to car sickness either take meds or sit in the front or pick another excursion. Lots of twists and turns. Our guide shared information about the island as we went.
Once we arrived we started the hike right away. It took us over an hour to get to the falls. We crossed the river three times going and coming back. The water is cool but very refreshing as you are in a rain forest so it was warm and moist. The terrain is challenging. We went up and down the river bank many times. Once to the falls you can view them from the river bank area or go just a bit further to get in the actual pool the falls creates. If you are physically able it is worth is. Our guide was very helpful in getting us to the pool for those of us who wanted to go (half of our group went 6 out of 12 people). The hike back took a bit less maybe like 45 minutes. Just before leaving the river bank we had a vegetarian soup that was delish. Hot soup when already hot from hiking was interesting but I was so hungry by then it did not matter. Then a short hike back to the bus and another 90 minutes ride back to the port (quick stop a beach on the Atlantic to see the ocean).
I recommend bringing plenty of water none was provided at all...lemonade was available with our soup. Maybe a small snack like a protein or granola bar. There was only one bathroom stop which was on the way to the river....we were sweating so much not a big deal but we were gone for over 6 hours

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Member Image sheekar
2 reviews
Dec 2012
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Member Image mrfviews
11 reviews
Mar 2012
Unbelievable beauty in every direction. loved looking up into the falls while swimming into and under in the lagoon, wow ! Great photo stop, we must have taken 35 photos at least...
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