Dominica Middleham Falls Excursion Reviews

Dominica Middleham Falls cruise excursion
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Take a scenic tour through the rainforest to come across the beautiful Middleham falls. Experience this spot as well as many others waiting to be discovered within the jungles of Dominica.
Member Image tdrenth
1 review
Mar 2016
***This is a VERY, VERY strenuous excursion.*** We hiked to the Middleham Falls. If you are not in really good physical condition, please do not try this hike. I'm not being mean. I'm trying to keep you from injuring yourself in an area where there is NO close emergency services. The climbing is arduous and slippery, being that you're in the middle of a rain forest. My husband and I do a lengthy cardiovascular workout 4-5x a week and this was extremely challenging for us. There were members of our group that could not complete the 4 mile roundtrip hike to the falls and back. At times we were climbing rocks, traversing large streams and at all times we were walking on small logs, requiring the muscles in the pads and arches of our feet to grip constantly. The falls were absolutely gorgeous and it was a relief to finally arrive because it allowed us to finally take our eyes off the path we were climbing and the feet of the person climbing ahead of us. We would totally recommend this excursion if, and only if, you are in very good health and physical condition. Be sure to bring water. It is not provided during the hike.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image 2springers2
2 reviews
Feb 2016
Nice place, lots of easy steps
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Member Image Wareaglex5
1 review
Mar 2015
Great small hike that is not that difficult if you have the right non slip shoes. It was a beautiful rainforest path with lots of vegetation and a bit rocky in places. The falls are beautiful and they have a covered deck that you can stand on and have your picture made with your camera. It was a great hike and well worth the money.
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Member Image abroadabroad
1 review
Jan 2013

Not for the un-fit. Great hike for a beautiful view. Awesome Ti Tou Gorge. Guide Alvin was nice but hard to hear him over the road noise. Would do this again for sure

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Member Image ayrhead
3 reviews
Jan 2013
Used Bumpling tours. Kevin is a star who knows and loves his island home. Great day, great locations.
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Member Image ireview
1 review
Mar 2012
Although it rained on and off, it was a terrific day with a great tour guide and wonderful scenery both on the way and walking up the trail. This is not for those who have difficulty walking or hiking, it's not difficult at all but you need to be agile enough to walk about an hour in a slippery jungle.
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