Tunis (La Goulette) City Tour Excursion Reviews

Tunis (La Goulette) City Tour cruise excursion
Overall Rating
Pass through the Arab Souk (main market) as well as the well-preserved Medina (old city) to learn more about the fascinating city of Tunis.
Member Image romanno1949
2 reviews
Feb 2017
The cruise line took us out into Tunis by bus and we walked through the central gov't square and the small market but it was not 'free' time as the atmosphere was tense. Not a tour we enjoyed.
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Provider: Viking Ocean Cruises
Member Image Tom5153
1 review
Feb 2017
Enjoyed the city tour and especially the quick drive-by of Carthage. We saw more of Carthage than we expected, especially Hadrian's Aquaduct.
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Member Image mistertoaster
11 reviews
Mar 2015
Our tour included a tour of Carthage, the Roman Baths and Sidi Bou Said. A very comprehensive tour with a knowledgable guide. Despite the chaos caused by the Bardo incident, the driver returned us to port with plenty of time prior to scheduled departure.
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Member Image J-T-Travellers
1 review
Not Rated
Dec 2013

This tour was called the Romantic tour of Tunisia. Not sure what was romantic about it but it was a really good tour and I'd highly recommend it. Our tour guide Sami (pronounced Sammy) was a delight.

The hagglers in the medina are scary. Think Raiders of the Lost Ark type bad guys. I'm sure they are very nice at home, but I would think twice about picking up anything sparkly anywhere near them in future.

On the other hand we now have an incredibly beautiful mosaic and some lovely tiles and a collection of gorgeous jewellery from North Africa to brag about ;-)

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Provider: MSC Cruises
Member Image Saligo
7 reviews
Oct 2012
This all-day tour combines visits to Tunis, Carthage and Sid Bou Said, with lunch provided. First we travelled to Tunis, where we were given a guided tour of the medina with some free time. Then we went to a restaurant in Carthage for an excellent four course meal with Tunisian specialities and wine. We then visited two of the main archaeological sites in Carthage and viewed a third from the coach. Our final visit was to the picturesque seaside town of Sidi Bou Said where our guide took us to a traditional villa and then gave us free time for shopping. This was a very well-paced tour with an excellent guide, possibly the best ship's tour we have ever taken.
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Member Image euroman1995
1 review
Jul 2012
Sidi Bou Said: Some nice views, many shops & spots to stop & have a drink or something to eat. Those who have issues walking steep inclines, may want to avoid the walk up the hill. Avoid paying asking price from vendors, you should be able to talk them down to 1/2 the asking price in most cases. Bardo Museum: Worth checking out, very informative guided tour of the mosaics found within the museum. We learned a lot and found out that mosaics tell guests all about the home's owner. Carthage History/Walking Tour: Very unique and awe-inspiring and worth the visit. Guide explained the history & walked us through the ruins. Great photo opportunity. The Souks & Medina are worth going through. Some of the walking street vendors are very persistent trying to sell you there knock off jewelry, sunglasses, etc. Some in our group where followed for almost the entire walking tour, pressured to buy. Just say "NO". Visiting the rug shop is a must for those who are interested in a one of a kind handmade rug. You can bargain somewhat on the prices, they will package them for you to take onto the ship or deliver to the ship or your home via FedEx. The rugs are made with double knots, by hand, the design from memory. Each one is unique and beautiful. The rooftop offers a panoramic view of Tunis as well as some colorful mosaic staircases and arches. Overall I enjoyed it. The reason I am giving it a three out of five, is the garbage strewn along the highways,and graffiti(could be because of the recent revolution) & the VERY persistent street vendors trying to sell you items wherever we went. I am used to it from visiting places like Mexico & Jamaica, but it was still a turn off.
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Provider: MSC Cruises
Member Image Buckeye90
1 review
Jul 2012
This tour was in English and German, so everything had to he repeated. This confused the kids, we had trouble following along at times. The Carthage ruins are ok. They are not as well preserved as at Pompeii. The market interesting, rugs were gorgeous however too much time was spent in the single rug shop, I would have preferred to see other areas of the market. Salespeople here are obnoxious, following you and showing different things to buy, even placing them in bags when you are saying no. The kids were completely freaked out by their aggression. We visited a museum specializing in ancient roman mosaics. They were gorgeous, very interesting. Lunch was a buffet, gave a taste of local dishes. We went to second market, this one was disappointing, mostly tourist junk. The haggling is ridiculous, after 15 minutes of this we were ready to leave. I would recommend the excursion again, I would not feel comfortable on my own in Tunis- too different from Europe, but it is fine with a guide.
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Member Image wgb7428
12 reviews
Jun 2012
Most of the Philippines is cleaner than Tunis. Could have spent more time at Roman and Phoenician sites. This was the only tour that stopped at the WWII American Cemetery. For what we saw and did it wasn't worth just for the stop at the cemetery.
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Member Image Stan Clarke
Jun 2012
We visited 40 years ago and very little is changed . Graffiti and litter is everywhere . Not pretty . The War Memorial grave site was impressive.
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Member Image Jen and Joe Traveler
1 review
Apr 2012
Tour guide was very knowledgeable and you could tell that he was proud of his heritage. We visited many ancient sites that I would have likely never visited had I not taken the tour. My only dislike about this tour was that he kept taking us to his "friends" shop in which we were bombarded by salesmen trying to sell EVERYTHING to us. I felt a little intimidated and was only assured having my husband right by my side at all times.
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Member Image Berke
1 review
Apr 2012
Dirty bus but very good guide.
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