Aruba Sailboat Tour Excursion Reviews

Aruba Sailboat Tour cruise excursion
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A sailboat jaunt on the sea surrounding Aruba offers rest and relaxation as you tour the island’s bright and breezy coastline.
Member Image torontotraveller
4 reviews
Jan 2017
Sunset Sail with Celebrity - excellent catamaran and crew and perfect sunset.
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Provider: Celebrity Cruises
Member Image DonMillsCruiser
1 review
Feb 2013
A four hour cruise with two snorkeling spots. The maximum number of passengers for the Black Pearl is 24 which made the excursion intimate.
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Provider: Black Pearl
Member Image hlhp3
1 review
Mar 2012
We booked the Mi Dushi sail/snorkel through Princess. It is very highly rated and we were excited. It turned out awful. It was my first and only ship sponsored shore excursion - cattle call. There were two princess boats in port that day and from the two ships they had 50 people on this little sailboat - it was very crowded. We did a ton of waiting - waiting for the bus, waiting for the water taxi, waiting.... Finally we got going to our first place. Us and about 10 other boats with 50 people on them. We never once "sailed" all day - only motored. The first stop for snorkeling was the best - and that was not saying much at all! The second stop was the Antilles Ship Wreak - again, us and 500 other people. Why they all did it in the same order I have no idea. So the captains were shouting at each other, fighting for tie up spaces. The ship wreak is of course in open ocean so the waves were awful. It was scary trying to get yourself all outfitted, while fighting the waves. Once I did, I looked at the wreak but it really is overrated. THEN.. The Discovery Glass Bottom Boat arrived. Well of course they wanted to drive right over the wreak - but there were hundreds of snorkelers. More shouting, cursing between captains. In fact I almost got run over by the Glass Bottom Boat. It was scary - he was so aggressive. The last stop was TERRIBLE snorkeling - the water was FULL of floating moss stuff, very few fish, etc. It became clear that they chose this spot because it is right along a major road and the caterer brings the lunch to the road and they take their dingy out to fetch it. The food was fine. Lastly, the music they played was sometime vulgar. One song played LOUD, REPEATED use of the F word. I found it very offensive. Some music was great - beach boys, etc. But there were lots of children on the boat and the F word was absolutely inappropriate.
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image 509ers
9 reviews
Mar 2012
Over crowded trip. Did not like being forced to wear a vest while snorkeling. Had to stand in line to get equipment. Drinks after snorkeling only and had to wait until we were nearly 1/2 way back.
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Provider: Holland America Line
Member Image Ole Salt
2 reviews
Mar 2012
I took the "Sailing & Snorkeling Cruise" that lasted 3 and 1/2 hours. We made two stops, and saw an old sunken boat, and then moved in closer to shore, and swam with some colorful fish. The sailing and snorkeling were very nice, and the punch coming back in did have a generous amount of rum in it. A fun trip!
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Provider: Holland America Line

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