Sorrento Herculaneum Excursion Reviews

Sorrento Herculaneum cruise excursion
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Smaller than Pompeii but equally devastated by the disastrous eruption of Mount Vesuvius, the preserved town of Herculaneum offers a fascinating glimpse into a different layer of ancient Roman life.
Member Image chirk
4 reviews
May 2017
First we’re taken by small bus up a very steep narrow road to a bus depot and transferred to our tour bus for Herculaneum and Pompeii. The drive is so pretty with many views (though too fast) of the famed Amalfi coast. And then we’re at the astoundingly preserved Herculaneum! Wow! The Mt Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD destroyed the coastline and covered the area under 13-20 feet of ash and pumice, basically preserving everything due to lack of air and moisture. Herculaneum was a smaller village, with 4000 people on 49 acres. Only a quarter is open. Pompeii was a prosperous port town with 11,000 people on 163 acres, most of which has been excavated. The structures, mosaics, sense of life frozen in place, the casts of bodies and skeletons are astonishing. We went quickly through most of Herculaneum but only had time to do a portion of two sections of Pompeii. Loved seeing both in the shadow of Mt Vesuvius still.
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Member Image CorgiNole
1 review
Apr 2016
Excellent guide! While the bus ride out was long, the walking tour of Herculaneum was well worth it. We've seen Pompeii before, and our guide gave several comparisons between the site that enhanced the history / knowledge of both sites.
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Member Image travelagain25
2 reviews
Sep 2015
What an interesting place! If you thought Pompeii was fascinating then Herculaneum is even better. The remains are still intact, paintings, structures, and artifacts are in their original spots. The lava mud preserved more than Pompeii's ash. Bit of ride from the ship, especially in traffic but glad we didn't miss this.
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Member Image wannaberetired
4 reviews
Aug 2014

Site itself is worth visiting - just take a private tour. The guide on the ship's tour was awful! He was an older gentleman and he seemed to have trouble walking. He barely spoke and I think he didn't take us to the lower level because he couldn't walk well.

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Member Image CruisinPashmina
3 reviews
Aug 2012
Fascinating excavation! We had a super guide who gave us, only nine of us, a wonderful, informative tour.
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