Cozumel Snuba Excursion Reviews

Cozumel Snuba cruise excursion
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Cozumel is known as one of the best snuba diving locations in the world. Dive deep into the island's clear waters and experience it for yourself.
Member Image DSCockrum
1 review
Dec 2017
Fun - though annoying that we had to pay $2 for a locker for our shoes after paying for the excursion.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image Traveling Rich
1 review
Dec 2017
We were among the first six excursion members and were sent ahead of the rest of the group. We were whisked to the site, within view of the ship, were given training, though we have done this activity before and then provided the necessary equipment. Our particular guide, did an amazing job watching out for us and making sure that we were okay throughout the dive. Upon completion, he offered the members of our group the opportunity to take a second Snuba or do an actual scuba dive. We did not take him up on it, but the offer was made and reasonably priced. Rather than waiting for a cab, we chose the short walk back to the ship. All in all, a very worthwhile experience.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image gdangelo
1 review
Aug 2017
This was an incredible experience. I had never scuba dived before, so this is great for beginners or anyone who is interested in underwater life. Our guide Didi was great. My group had 6 people in it, and he made sure we were all comfortable with breathing underwater before we swam out to 20 feet deep. I would definitely book this excursion again.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image MaggiJW
1 review
Nov 2016
The experience of going walking under water sounds brilliant, but it was just an expensive 40 minute under water photo (more expense) shoot. The helmets are very heavy even underwater, it gets very cold whilst you're waiting for them to get everyone into the water and then waiting whilst everyone gets their photo taken with not much to see. I had bruises on my shoulders from the weight of the helmet,
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image koss78b2
4 reviews
Oct 2015
SNUBA - cozumel I did this excursion as booked through cruiseline of Carnival. I booked the Snuba trip. It was my first time doing a Snuba. After gaining more confidence as finding out I was the only person on this one timeslot. I still went with the guide. Guide was amazing and getting one to one guidance with the equipment was very good. Was able to have lots of time to practice with the mask and goggles in the water before going on actual dive. Doing the snuba has the highlight of my whole cruise. It is one hour but what you get to see is so amazing, like going on another planet. Had lots of confidence in the dive and would love to do it again. Guides were very very professional. Outfit uses very brand new equipment and very clean. There is no question on the safety. As it is very safe outfit to use. They really watched and take care of you on this trip and company. I highly recommend everyone to use them for a dive, either it being a snuba or a scuba dive. I hope to make it back to Cozumel again in future and I would utilize this tour and company again. Thanks again.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image cruisersaf
2 reviews
Sep 2015
This was our first cruise and port & we were always told it was cheaper to book excursions off the ship. So, we did. We booked a snuba excursion with the same operator that Royal Caribbean contracts. It did not save us much money. The excursion was AWESOME! We tried to do it in the next port, but it was booked by the time we got back on the ship. We plan to do it again when we go back also. I just wish we had a little more time under water.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image msladybuggg
2 reviews
Aug 2015
Loved this so so much fun! Highly recommend this adventure and you can walk back to the port and go to Senor Frogs and swim.
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image Jasonwipf
1 review
Jun 2015
Did with family on this Disney cruise. Compared to another company I did this with last time I was here I did not like experience. They put 3 pairs of us together and we got all tangled up with our air hoses. They kept us moving so much we were constantly swimming tired and not enough time to enjoy looking at fish. Last time on Royal Caribbean cruise we were one pair and got to explore on our own time.
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Member Image Cruisebro0509
1 review
Feb 2015
$30 more per person than through Shore Excursioneer. The pressure made my face hurt, but there were a lot of fish and reefs. Others I went with enjoyed it though.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image CharmaT
1 review
Dec 2014

This was a fun excursion but could have been so much more. After our Snuba lesson, we were only in the water 15-20 minutes. We did see a few tropical fish, a couple lobster, an small octopus and a small sting ray.

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Member Image austin_rindy
1 review
Nov 2014

Great excursion, was really fun. They spend a little time going over equipment, safety, etc in a small classroom environment. Then you go with your guide (4-6 people to one guide) right off the beach into shallow water were you can test equipment and review everything to make sure you are comfortable. Then you gradually work you way off beach to max depth of 15-20 feet. This is a great family excursion we had a group of 10 with kids ranging from 9-13 - everyone loved it.

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Member Image optiman32
4 reviews
Feb 2014

Excursion itself was good but our enjoyment was limited becuase five of the seven people in our group chickend out and only rode the raft- this forced our diver to tow those folks around which limited where we could dive

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Member Image Victor bravo
1 review
Jan 2013

It was a little chaotic and confusing finding the place, room, instructor and I'm fluent in Spanish. Once suited up, u listen to a 15 minute talk about mask and ropes and weights and I was more terrified by that point. Unless you're an adventurer or real comfortable with your swimming abilities, u might be a little overwhelmed with the details. My sister couldn't get past the weight belt and water in her mask so spent the whole $150 trip getting seasick on the little float 20 feet above.. The guide moves quickly and confidentially and u will be left behind if u don't get over it. Better bet- hop a $7 cab to Margaritaville where u can drink and eat guacamole on their Caribbean deck overlooking caribbean lagoon and SWIM, float, bounce & snorkel, using their equipment for FREE

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Member Image hyker1
9 reviews
Nov 2012
I did this excursion with my sister-in-law. I always love Cozumel, but this particular location had very poor sea-life. The reef was badly damaged and the sea-life disappointing. I did get to see a lobster, but there was very little living coral. Most was dead. :( Also, we had to wait nearly and hour before even getting into the water. One lady in our group was freezing. It was actually warmer in the water than out of it! Temps were in the low 70's that day with breezy conditions. Anyway, the snuba only lasted 30 minutes max. It's truly enjoyable, but awfully short. They take your photo underwater, so my sister in law and I got a cute photo souvenir shot of us holding hands underwater with a tropical fish swimming by. Cute. If you've never done Snuba, definitely go, but I don't advise going at this particular location. I went in Roaton another time, and the reef was spectacular!
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image bead_dazzled
5 reviews
Jul 2012
I am giving this excursion a 3 because my party's equipment had to be changed out several times before they could begin the tour. While my family said it was OK, they said being tethered to the group air tank float limited their swimming range and speed and it was not as fun as they expected it to be. Despite some of the pictures that show an underwater scooter, this excursion is a swimming only excursion. My family will do a scuba excursion next time. I chickened out and did not swim with the the instructor said "nose breather...not so good with this". I enjoyed an adult beverage and snack at the restaurant. The guacamole was very good. Kids ate nachos and fries after the excursion and enjoyed them. Prices were fair; service was good. Massages and henna tattoos are also available from a vendor at the location. Extras...lockers cost $3 each and pictures are $10 each. Transportation back to the cruise terminal is included in the excursion price.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line

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