Cozumel Scuba - Beginner Excursion Reviews

Cozumel Scuba - Beginner cruise excursion
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Beginner scuba divers can view underwater gardens of coral and visit with schools of unique marine life during their first lesson in Cozumel.
Member Image Waynejr
1 review
Dec 2017
My son and I had a great time, it was an experience of a lifetime. Really made us want to continue on and get certified.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image Johns mom
1 review
Nov 2017
Great instructor, but the booking company didn't let him know he had a beginner class scheduled for that day. So, we went out on the boat for the cave dive he already had scheduled, then did our class after. We were expecting to start in the pool, but that didn't happen.
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Provider: Cozumel Diving and Parasailing - Island Marketing
Member Image stevensuddarth
1 review
Sep 2017
Scuba diving in Cozumel was a blast! Clear water with lots of fish. When we were done scuba diving they let us snorkel. They also had a restaurant where we finally had some good food! Great massages available on this excursion as well.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image jamaya2001
1 review
Jul 2017
We took a beginning scuba diving excursion through Cozumel Diving and Parasailing. Porfirio was our instructor and dive master, and he was great. We had a wonderful experience and would go back to him anytime we visit Cozumel.
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Provider: Cozumel Diving and Parasailing
Member Image paris8747
2 reviews
May 2017
I am a certified diver but my friend wanted to try a beginners class. they were wonderful and the cruise did not offer beginners scuba so I found them on my own and would highly recommend.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image Matt195
1 review
Mar 2017
Was easy to access and very enjoyable. Great experience.
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image projectcruiseplan
1 review
Feb 2017
Great excursion and very convenient location close to the port but I think many other locations would have been even better for scuba diving in Cozumel
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Provider: Celebrity Cruises
Member Image isitmayyet
1 review
Nov 2016
Good shore dive. Some communication issues and difficulty meeting up with our dive master, but once we connected he did great and the dive was very nice.
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Provider: Dive Bros
Member Image nurseshawnna
1 review
Aug 2016
Very fun scuba! Didn't last very long but was amazing! One of my favorite excursions thus far with Carnival!
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image lisastorey
3 reviews
Jul 2016
only saying very good because my son had a very good time. he had done this on a prev cruise and booked it through the cruise ship. they took a cab to a construction site and had to take another cab to a different site and it was all very shady. given very little instruction and the guy even offered to take them out a lot farter to dive in the deeper part of the ocean for an additional 80 per person, even though they were both beginners and not trained to dive that deep. *always book with the cruise ship, they prescreen these people* this could have turned out to be deadly.
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Provider: MSC Cruises
Member Image CruiseKat611
1 review
Jan 2016
This is a 2 hour excursion and starts a few hours after the ship docks in port. This gave us plenty of time to eat breakfast and shop in Cozumel before meeting the excursion at the end of the pier. From the pier, you are provided taxis to take you to Sand Dollar Sports at Sunset Beach (not much of a beach). Here you are given a brief description of the scuba gear and basic scuba maneuvers. Next you are taken upstairs where you can rent a locker for $2.00 to store your belongings. Towels are not provided so be sure and bring them from the ship. Once you put away your belongings, you are taken down to the beach to get scuba fins and your tanks. There are 4 divers assigned to each guide and once you have on your gear, you are taken into shallow water to practice the necessary scuba maneuvers. I had a bit of a hard time but my husband and the rest of our group seemed to catch on pretty quickly. Once I was able to calm down underwater, I really enjoyed it. This is advertised for ages 10+ but I would not recommend it for anyone under about 15. When you are finished with the dive (about 35 mins), there are showers and bathrooms you can use. You can also purchase photos (2 for $25 USD) and they arrange a taxi back for you (included in the excursion price).
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image jssn2014
2 reviews
Jul 2015
Did a private Scuba dive in Cozumel. Got a cab and then went to the Landmark Money Bar for lunch. Great spot. Cabbed back.
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Provider: Blue Magic
Member Image Rusty0977
1 review
Jun 2015
2nd time with ScubaTony's Discover Scuba. ScubaTony is an outstanding company. They are professional and safety comes first with them. They ensure you'll get back to the ship on time and you'll have no worries.
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Provider: Scuba Tony
Member Image Worstof
1 review
Jun 2015
BMS was awesome. Highly recommend!
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Provider: Blue Magic Scuba
Member Image ScottMc101
1 review
Apr 2015
Cozumel is one of my favorite places and we decided to book a dive trip for myself and my son. Although we didn't use the ship to book it, we did book directly with "Blue Magic Scuba". Here is my review from When we booked a trip for my 14 year old son (who had never dived) and myself (not certified but dived a few times previously) with Blue Magic a few weeks ago, I have to admit I wasn't 100% sure because we were coming in from a cruise (Celebrity) and I couldn't really find any info about the particulars with this dive shop (i.e. getting to/from port) on their website. They were also MUCH CHEAPER than booking directly with the cruise ship, but I was a bit cautious because of all the "scare tactics" the cruise lines use. I emailed them and got a reply from Yuval (the owner) who answered all my questions, and gave me the particulars about getting to/from the shop as a cruiser. I easily booked online and gave him a deposit via PayPal (which helped me feel comfortable since I didn't have to give them my cc over the phone or anything) First of all, let me just say that they exceeded my expectations - above and beyond! Once you get off and leave the port, it is easy to get a taxi, but ask them to take you to downtown "4th ave" because they don't necessarily know the dive shop by name. Cab fare was $8 for four people. Once you get there, the dive shop is right on the street, however it is not the tourist district. We checked in with Yuval (who by the way is VERY AMERICAN and speaks perfect English). We met Mario (our dive master, who I highly recommend) and he helped us get our gear. We did the DISCOVER SCUBA PLUS dive, which I highly recommend if you are thinking about the discover program. Once we got the equipment, we waited for the rest of our class, then they called a taxi service and took us back to the first dive spot. This was a little restaurant on the beach right next to the cruise ships (about 1000 feet away). It was at this location that Mario gave us a short "class" (about 45 min) at the picnic tables and went over the basics of diving, equipment, etc. After that we were taken into the water (about 4 feet) where Mario showed us basic skills like breathing under water, clearing a mask, etc. From there we slowly moved into somewhat deeper water (maybe 15' or 20') and started our first dive. Mario was very helpful during this intro dive and made sure that each of us was not only enjoying ourselves but understood what we were doing, adjusted weights and BCDs, etc. This area was very pretty and we were able to see many species of fish, although there is not much coral there as it is not really a "dive" spot. After this dive (about 45 min worth), we exited the water, got back into taxis to the boats - basically on the other side of the cruise ships (about 3 miles). We left the dock and went about 15 minutes out to the dive spot. From here, we dove off the boat (they taught us how to properly enter the water and provided a rope to easily descend). Once we were all down (about 30' deep), we started our main dive which was absolutely beautiful! If you've never seen Cozumel, the water color is the most brilliant color of blue you could imagine and the reefs are so full of life. As we were diving Mario and his assistant helped all of us and kept making sure we were ok. They also pointed out many forms of sealife such as various fish, corals, and a lobster hiding under a rock! At one point, my son freaked out a bit because he got some salt-water in his mouth. When he did, he took out his regulator and swam straight to the surface. They handled this situation beautifully! Mario took about 10 minutes with him making sure he was calm and helped him get his mask and regulator back on, then he stayed with him while they descended again so we could finish our dive. Once the dive was over, they helped each of us back onto the boat and took us back to the "docks". They then provided a taxi back to the dive shop, but we elected to pay for the taxi to take us directly to the cruise port as it saved us about $10. All-in-all Blue Magic Scuba, and Mario and his team well exceeded our expectations and did an excellent job insuring that my son now LOVES SCUBA! My only complaint was that it takes a while (15-30 min) moving between places simply because we had to wait for Mario to load and unload all our equipment at each place. I wish they had a way to have someone already their and "waiting" for us rather that the other way around. Regardless, we will be back to do our certification and check-out dives with Blue Magic and we will recommend them to all our friends and family who visit Cozumel! One other recommendation - take something to snack on for lunch or plan to grab something quick at the restaurant where you do the first training. Otherwise you will be starving as it is a long day with no food provided. We left the cruise ship at about 8:30 am and returned around 4:30 pm.
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Provider: Blue Magic Scuba
Member Image sjraver
1 review
Mar 2015
Wonderful experience. We had 1 PADI certified diver with us that has gone on dives all around the world. He thoroughly enjoyed this dive with us beginners! We saw a lot of fish and sea creatures. We spent most of the time in the water. The class was very short, but thorough. Great instructor and employees!
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Provider: Celebrity Cruises
Member Image Indy_Cindy
2 reviews
Mar 2015
A short cab ride and we were ready to begin our classroom instruction. Brief, yet thorough ... then outside again to get suited up. The tanks were a wee bit heavy but not unmanageable. Learning to breathe underwater with the mask & regulator was simple enough. Lots of fish to see and the water was clear enough to make the experience pleasant enough. Plenty of free time afterwards to enjoy snorkeling as well (with equipment they provided> As we got ready to head back to the ship, there were photos to peruse and purchase. It was a pleasantly memorable experience.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image Elizarae
1 review
Jan 2015

Scuba for Beginners is truly for beginners. Not the ones that have been scuba diving several times, but never got certified. The scenery was less to be desired. However, the location was very convenient.

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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image TStowell
1 review
Not Rated
Apr 2014

Awesome beginning diver experience. Book these guys and save some cash

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Provider: Blue Magic Divers
Member Image KansasEMT
1 review
Not Rated
Mar 2014

We LOVED this! There were five in our group - two couples and a single guy. The instruction didn't take too long, just a quickie safety demo of maybe 10 minutes. We "dove" right from the beach and our dive master gave each of us a quick safety test in shallow water before diving. One of the people in our group didn't want to SCUBA after the shallow water, so she was allowed to float on the surface along with us (she basically snorkeled while we SCUBA'ed). All four of us who did the activity came up all smiles at the end. The area had showers, lockers, an outdoor bar & grill and a cantina cabana. The food was amazing - fresh mahi-mahi for me and a big ole beefy, beanie burrito for him. We were offered massages at pretty reasonable prices, but turned that down since DH isn't really a massage person. We all were given credit for the dive towards PADI certification if we wanted to do that. We were allowed to take our sweet time at the "club" and cab fare was provided to take us back to the pier at our leisure. Our dive master, Enrique, did a fantastic job making sure we were all safe and had a good time. He seemed to enjoy our post-excursion enthusiasm. If you're interested in SCUBA, but not certified, go do this.

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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image bookworm54
2 reviews
Jan 2013

Sons had a fabulous experience with the beginner scuba excursion. Neither had any prior experience and now want to become certified.

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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image melanierose327
1 review
Aug 2012
Cozumel - The port area in Cozumel is very nice with lots of shops. Be aware that the prices will be lower if you cross the street for souvenir type things. Also, be sure to bargain because they will lower their prices. The food is great. We went on the Beginner's Scuba Excursion. We waited quite a while to get all of the people gathered and then for taxis. This excursion does not use their own bus. They put you in taxis that are included in the price. You sit in a short class about the basics of scuba and then you dive for about 25 minutes from the shore. The dive was great. It was a fake reef I guess you'd say but there were lots of beautiful fish. When you're finished you can stay as long as you like and snorkel. When you're finished they will pay for a taxi to take you back. We had some food there and it was delicious. Also, they have lockers for your bags that are $2.00 to use.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image SusieQ4U
6 reviews
Apr 2012
This particular excursion was priced the same on ship as through third party vendors (per my research, anyway) and included transportation. I give it 5 stars even though I kind of hated scuba diving! It's just not for me. However, the excursion was handled fantastically. The insructors were thorough, patient, and did their best to make me comfortable (like I said, it just wasn't for me). They didn't let my discomfort ruin the excursion for the others in my group, either. It's a nice introduction to scuba and is managed very well by friendly people.
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Member Image heathawho
1 review
Mar 2012
Great staff and equipment.
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line

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