Cozumel Parasailing Excursion Reviews

Cozumel Parasailing cruise excursion
Overall Rating
Experience the adrenaline rush of flying 600 feet above Cozumel's crystal clear waters.
Member Image Donjuls1
1 review
Apr 2017
What a great experience! The guys on the boat were friendly and great to work with. Price was reasonable and you fly for about 12 minutes.
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Provider: Hakuna Matata Parasail.
Member Image TigerPaw985
1 review
Apr 2017
Met our operator right on time at predetermined location aqua safari pier. We had a great time. Felt very safe and the ride was amazing, very peaceful and smooth. We had great weather that day and could see across much of the island from 450 ft in the air. Very enjoyable and worth the price.
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Provider: Island Marketing Cozumel Parasailing
Member Image Blackfish083
1 review
Not Rated
Dec 2014

Best price for parasailing is when you book independently, you can negotiate the price. All five of my family members paid $200 TOTAL.

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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image KansasEMT
1 review
Mar 2014

We were instructed to meet at Aqua Safari Pier, which was a little tricky to find. The complete instructions said it was across from McDonald's - should be easy, right? The McDonald's had since been shut down. Our boat was 20 minutes late, which would not have been a problem except that when it did arrive, a large group of parasailers was also on board. We had 90 minutes to get back to the ship and if each person was going to parasail, we weren't going to make it. Fortunately, only two groups did the parasailing and everybody's experience was cut a little short. Great for time, not so great for getting our money's worth out of the experience. We sailed for about ten to fifteen minutes per group. It was exhilarating. I would have liked to have the opportunity to have pictures, but it's rather difficult to do that high in the air. Other operators always wanted their extra money for pics, but these guys were basically three dudes, a boat, and a parasail. We did make it back to the ship in time, just would have preferred more parasailing time. The other issue is the weight limit: 350 pounds per group. DH and I had to lose a total of 70 pounds just to do the excursion. Other operators don't have such restrictive weight limits.

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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image u4icmusic
Not Rated
Mar 2013
Great time for our first time parasailing. Don't do the ship tour. It's too expensive and too short. Several places offer parasailing in Cozumel and the views are gorgeous.
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Member Image WooPigCruiser
1 review
Jan 2013
Excellent experience, but these excursions were all cash only.
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Provider: Punta Lacoste
Member Image laxwest
1 review
Jan 2013
Awesome. Parasailing guide were great and understood English. Gave us more time up in the air then stated on Web site. Depending on which private company you get, if it is the same one's our group had then I would recommend.
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Provider: Island Marketing Ltd.
Member Image Guywhotris
1 review
Aug 2012
Cozumel was what I expected from a Mexican cruise port. The people were friendly and not overly aggressive. I enjoyed parasailing. The water was different than I expected, but that's because I'd only been to the Carribean before.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line

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