Izmir Terrace Houses Excursion Reviews

Izmir Terrace Houses cruise excursion
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Catch a glimpse of antiquity wandering the halls of the remarkable Terrace Houses of Ephesus.
Member Image barrymx5
2 reviews
Nov 2012
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Provider: P&O Cruises
Member Image Townie47
2 reviews
Aug 2012
We booked a private tour of Ephesus fro Ephesus Tours. There was again the Mercedes Van but we had a driver and a guide who stayed with us throughout the tour. If you think you have seen ruins in Rome or Pompeii, you haven't seen ruins until you have seen Ephesus. They are not to be missed. The terrace house is also worth the added ticket. The 25,000 seat amphitheater is spectacular along with everything else and to think this was 1500 years before Christ. A must see. I did not hear of any shipmates who went to Izmir so I can not comment on that. But Ephesus needs to be seen.
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Provider: Ephesus Tours
Member Image Crui$erCT
2 reviews
Jul 2012
Along with all of Ephesus, the Terrace Houses were one of the highlights of our trip! We had the place almost completely to ourselves, and got to see some unbelievable ongoing excavations and unearthed mosaics. Our tour guide was exceptional, as she told us about the physical layouts and life in Roman times. You MUST spend the small amount of extra admission to enter it. Why the thousands of tourists outside didn't do so is beyond me. We just felt in awe to have the place to ourselves with such a fascinating tour guide.
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Provider: ephesustours.biz
Member Image World Gallery
12 reviews
Jun 2012
Very impressive and our kids ages 11-18 enjoyed them also.
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image Still Dreaming
4 reviews
May 2012
Amazing!!! The guide did an amazing job and he had a mic in the car so we could hear what he was saying!!!!! We had Ali and he Is worth asking for when you reserve.
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Provider: Ephesus shuttle

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