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Izmir Sirince Village cruise excursion
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A visit to Sirince Village provides a glimpse into the lifestyle of Turkish villagers. The houses line the hillsides of vineyards and are made from stone and stucco with a red tile roof. Shop for local handicrafts or have a cup of Turkish coffee or tea in a traditional Turkish coffee house.
Member Image Lady Anna & Sir Troy
Mar 2013
Izmir -- Pre-arranged a tour and went to Ephesus and Sirince with Semyeli. Absolutely excellent tour -- we loved the Terrace Houses seeing vivid fescoes and mosaics and complete houses from many years ago still intact, and Sirince was so charming with the old streets, shopping, and food made right in front of you in brick ovens. Do be firm about not going to Leather and Carpet shops, they will say it is a stop for lunch and it isn't.
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Provider: Semyeli

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