Izmir City Tour Excursion Reviews

Izmir City Tour cruise excursion
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Take a tour of Izmir to fully appreciate this ancient but modern metropolis.
Member Image HeinBloed
16 reviews
Not Rated
Jan 2014

We booked with Ephesus Deluxe just a guide and driver and we spoke with guide what we want to see and do not want see. Do not was simple: no dealer should take us to any stores. Do was less simple: no stars, no steep ways, scenic, yummy: and we did a great tour with a lot of great new experiences like visit in a Mosque or Seafood in a fishermen village and a great farmer's market.

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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image EQUALIZER555
3 reviews
Sep 2013

Usual bus tour

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Provider: MSC Cruises
Member Image Saligo
7 reviews
Oct 2012
The tour began with a coach ride of about an hour to the town of Seluk to visit St John's Basilica, in a scenic location with great views of the surrounding countryside. We were then taken to the House of the Virgin Mary. We understand that the queues to visit the house can be very long and you only get a couple of minutes inside the house before being moved on. We had a few minutes here to grab a light lunch (not included in the tour price) before moving on by coach to Ephesus. There is a huge amount to see at Ephesus, including the magnificent ruins of the Celsus Library and a large theatre. We were fortunate to be dropped at the top of the site so that we walked downhill and were picked up by our coach at the bottom, where there are some tourist shops. Then it took just over an hour to get back to Izmir. This was a good tour with a good guide.
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Provider: P&O Cruises
Member Image ge1shh
1 review
Not Rated
Sep 2012
This is a general review, not just Terrace Houses ...We booked a private tour to Ephesus ourselves, and did not get to visit Izmir. Worked out well. It was terribly crowded at Ephesus, but still worth it - you just got used to the volume of people. It wasn't easy underfoot as there are marble stones to walk on, which can be slippy, even in dry weather. So you must wear comfortable shoes. The Terrace Houses are very interesting and incur an extra cost of 10 Euros each. They are certainly terraced, so beware quite a few steps - not for people with weak legs. The detail of some of the wall illustrations is amazing. we said that we didn't want to visit a carpet shop afterwards, but after resting with a pleasant lunch, we didn't feel ready to go back to the ship, so we went off to the carpet place. It was interesting to see the way the carpets are made, but we felt uncomfortable - they go to a big show of giving you a drink, and laying out a huge sample of their rugs at your feet, and we knew were weren't going to buy anything. Of course I liked the most expensive one in the place. They did try a bit of sales pressure but soon gave up when they started dropping the price and noticed that the glazed look in our eyes was still there.
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image DDisaster86
1 review
Jun 2012
We went to a carpet weaving college on the way back. This was definitely a tourist trap, but was actually really fun, with no pressure to buy. They showed us how the weaving worked and then displayed a bunch of rugs to us. The lady with us had a birthday that day so they surprised her with a cake! It was delicious! We also had tea and turkish coffee. My only complaint was lunch is promised and included in the price and this did not happen because of the time our ship was porting. It wasn't a big deal, but I feel we should have gotten a discount because of it.
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Provider: Ephesus Tours
Member Image Kathy Terry
May 2012
We bypassed the ruins to see a leather fashion show/sales pitch- the most disappointing part of the cruise.
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