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Izmir Celsus Library  cruise excursion
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Ephesus' Celsus Library was built to honor Roman Senator Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus, former consul, governor of Asia, and a man of remarkable power and influence despite his Greek heritage. An impressive building full of history, the library makes for a great excursion.
Member Image Seaoates
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Nov 2013

We took an excursion to Ephesus. The tour guide Petra, was very help and enthusiastic about the information she provided for us. I was impressed and plan to give the guide a big tip but all the goodwill was destroyed when we were hijacked to a ‘carpet factory’ where we were exposed to the sales pitch for rugs. I did not come on holiday to go shopping for rugs and if I did want to make £5,000 or even a £500 investment I would have come prepared with colour samples and swatches. When we did not buy anything the salesmen condescendingly said, “Your house is not big enough”! When we tried to leave we were forced through a maze jewellery and trinket counters. It took us so long to get out I thought we would be the last back on the bus instead of which we were one of the first back on (our bus buddies were not so lucky in navigating their escape!). We sat captive on the bus thinking of the lunch and that glass of wine on the deck that we were missing on ship! We did not pay for an excursion to waste our time incarcerated and exposed to the sales pitch for merchandise we did not want! There was no mention of this detour on the information regarding this excursion. Hence the large tip I was planning was diminished to nothing!

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Provider: Costa Cruises
Member Image barrymx5
3 reviews
Nov 2012

Outstanding - do not miss! Highlight of the cruise!

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Provider: P&O Cruises
Member Image Anne C
Jun 2012
Wow! Amazing ! This is s must.
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