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Sail Date: March 2004
Considering the luxury experience and the six-star rating it advertises and considering the high prices it charges, we expected only the best from Radisson (and had enjoyed ourselves very much on two prior, one-week Radisson Mariner ... Read More
Considering the luxury experience and the six-star rating it advertises and considering the high prices it charges, we expected only the best from Radisson (and had enjoyed ourselves very much on two prior, one-week Radisson Mariner cruises). Flaws that can be accepted from mass-market cruise lines should be the rare exception on a luxury line. When measured against these standards, on the whole, Radisson and Voyager did not measure up on this cruise. While many aspects of the cruise met at least a five-star standard and some were easily six-star standard, the overall cruise did not provide a truly luxury cruise experience - I would only give it four stars overall. The overwhelming shortcomings to this cruise were the senior on-board hotel staff, the arbitrary changes to an exciting itinerary, and the inconsistent dining. Let's start with my expectations and biases. A cruise line (or anyone else) should provide the product advertised. While some "puffery" is to be expected, and while there can be quibbling over the quality of any aspect of a cruise, the product as a whole should measure up to the advertising. On a "luxury line," I expect (a) consistently excellent continental cuisine, (b) a responsive staff prepared to provide a luxury experience at all levels and to deal with problems quickly and professionally; (c) modern and clean staterooms, (c) well-appointed public areas; (d) unobtrusive service; (e) high quality lecturers, activities, and musical programs; (f) efficient boarding, cabins ready at embarkation; (g) no lining up and waiting for tenders, etc. Where I have not commented here, this ship and line met those expectations fully (e.g., cleanliness, efficient and easy boarding, etc.). The Positive about this cruise. (1) This ship. It is well-designed, new, clean, comfortable, and quite attractive. It is very much in the mold of the new cruise ships (multi-story atrium, etc.) It is clean and very well maintained. The cabins are unusually large and well designed, including a walk-in closet (maid service is excellent). Cabins below the penthouse level are larger and more comfortable than similar accommodations on other lines. The public spaces are attractive and, with a couple of minor exceptions, comfortable and functional. (2) The junior staff (waiters, room stewardesses, bar attendants, etc.) were competent, pleasant, and conversant in English (staffing changes in the last few months may have put this into question). They generally knew what they were doing and worked hard to please. The maintenance staff likewise seemed generally competent, although several requests for repairs (including a ventilation problem) went unanswered for more than 36 hours. (3) The Tour Office staff was exceptional. The three people did an outstanding job of handling ship's tours and private tour arrangements, with unfailing good humor, efficiency, and accuracy. This was particularly difficult in the face of a constantly changing itinerary (see below). (4) Single seating dining and open seating dining are big pluses. The single-seat dining provides much more relaxed, enjoyable dining. While passengers seem to settle in to an individual table after a day or two (a few of them did try to lay claim to window tables), it is nice to have the option of sitting where you want and with whom you want. Service is usually well-paced and there is no pressure to finish so that the next seating can be set up. (5) The inclusion of wine in the dining room in the cruise price is e welcome touch. It is nice not to be nickel-and-dimed and it is nice not to have to worry about signing the chit every night. (The downside, one waiter confided, is that the policy of including wine and drinks seems to consistently attract a certain type of passenger who overdoes the alcohol, especially on cruises of less than 14 days. We did see a couple of instances.) (6) The port lecturer. (7) Latitudes Restaurant. It was too small and crowded for the number of passengers they seated the one night I was able to eat there. This is an almost trivial comment because - although contrived - the theme concept was very well carried-out. The credit for that goes to the exuberant, young, and completely charming serving staff. They made us feel like they were putting on a private theme dinner party for a group of close friends, that they really cared that it be a complete success, and that they did everything possible to make it so. The food, too, was very enjoyable. This was one of the few occasions on this cruise that I felt that I was having a truly good time and that the cruise line really wanted me to have that good time. (8) The advertised itinerary for this trip, Singapore to Tokyo, segments of the 2004 world cruise (actually "Circle Pacific" Cruise), was exciting and enticing. The Negative: (1) RSSC chose to disregard that exciting itinerary. One port (Hong Kong) was extended by a day, two port days were changed altogether, two port stops were shortened (one of them by about 12 hours and one by about 5), and one stop was eliminated altogether. (One additional port was missed because of bad weather.) There were no weather problems or terrorism concerns to justify any one of those unexplained changes. While the schedule changes were bad enough, Radisson compounded the problem. Passenger questions/complaints about these changes were given short shrift by senior staff. As one senior official in the hotel department said to me when I asked what was going on, and this is a direct quote, "We can do whatever we want." While several of the changes were decided by Radisson management days in advance (including changing of two port days), none of them were announced until the last minute. As a result, several passengers missed out some on private sight-seeing that they had arranged. Personally, we missed the opportunity to see a former colleague and friend who only had one day available to see us. Passengers deserve the cruise paid for. When Radisson elected not to deliver that cruise, we deserved two things. First, we deserved prompt notification of the changes. Second, we deserved a clear and compelling explanation for divergence from the schedule or some form of restitution and/or apology. Radisson provided neither. (2) Senior staff problems and attitudes were not limited to the attitude about the schedule. Several of the senior staff on the hotel side, newly promoted to their positions, neither knew nor were prepared for their new jobs and at least one did not seem to care. Senior staff members were not respected by junior staff, although junior staff members were clearly terrified of several of them. Senior staff was generally inaccessible - no response to phone messages, not in their offices or on deck, etc.; the only time that the Hotel Manager's office door was ever open were the days that the President of the company was on board. This is also true on land - Radisson's customer relations person in Florida did not return any one of my four post-cruise telephone calls. Any request other than the most routine was frowned on (and I am not talking about Travel Spies nonsense) and, from what I saw, was not acted on. (3) The overall impression was that the ship was not being run with passenger satisfaction as the goal, but rather that it was run for the convenience of management. Note that I did not have this impression of Radisson on two prior cruises on Mariner. This is the first and only cruise on which I felt that I was merely along for the ride. (4) Dining room food quality and service were inconsistent, lurching from very good at some meals to very mediocre at others. Some nights the dining room was excellent in all respects but, on just as many other nights, it was no better than "good" overall. There were too many lapses - some main dishes were tasteless, particularly meat and poultry (tasteless grilled salmon one night). Oddly, the dining room was consistently better at lunch than at dinner. The service on several nights was painfully slow - 25 minutes wait for the order to be taken one night with no head waiter or maitre d' in sight and bickering waiters another night. While an occasional mistake or oversight is to be expected, the mistakes were too frequent for a luxury cruise (and the ship was no more than about 60 percent full during this segment). (5) Of the two nights I ate in Signatures Restaurant, one night was truly very good. The food was well-prepared and attractively and attentively presented and service was perfect. The food on the other night, unfortunately, even with the identical menu, arrived bland and overcooked. (6) There is far too much vibration on this new ship, particularly in the aft portion when the ship is trying to go fast (above about 20 knots) - unfortunately very noticeable in my cabin. It took four days of requests to be moved to a vacant cabin of the same category. Several other passengers also said that they asked to be moved because of it. Once again, when I first asked what was happening and whether the problem would be fixed or whether we could be moved, the same senior staff member simply dismissed me: "All ships vibrate." The bottom line is simple, if you go on the Voyager, do not get a cabin in the aft portion of the ship. (7) The dance floor in the Lounge is too small - you can't dance on a postage stamp regardless of whether you prefer rock or ballroom. Forget about line dancing. (8) The art auctions. The quality of the "art" was poor (aside from there being just too many mediocre prints of famous pictures) and was too "mass market." It clutters up, cheapens, and detracts from otherwise enjoyable and usable public spaces. Please, let's get rid of art auctions . . . and not just on this ship and this line. (9) Entertainment. Maddeningly inconsistent. The Broadway reviews, comedians, etc. were interchangeable with any other line. The music at the shows was always too loud. There was one very fine classical performer. (10) Passenger evaluation cards are insufficient. They are not designed to uncover deficiencies in performance but seemed designed to elicit favorable reviews. Radisson needs to ask about quality issues, including staff attitudes and responsiveness and knowledge of their jobs, not just about such things as timeliness of baggage handling and whether the bartender smiled. None of the questions on the evaluation picked up the staff problems or the itinerary problems noted above. Second, evaluation cards must be anonymous to be valid. Third, if evaluations are to be taken seriously, there should be a section not just for "comments," but there should be a meaningful attempt to elicit specific praise, complaints, and suggestions for improvement (examples, "Please tell us what you liked about the entertainment" "Please tell use how we might improve the entertainment?" "Please tell us what you disliked on this cruise?" "Please give us three suggestions for things you would like to see on our cruises or activities you would like us to add. Please tell us three things we should eliminate."). SUMMARY - The cruise overall was very mixed. Those things that were done well were exactly as one would expect from a luxury line. However, they were overshadowed by the negative - and, what is worse is that there was absolutely no need for any of the negative to have occurred. Itinerary changes where necessary because of weather or security - and when reasonably announced in advance - are a part of cruising. However, I cannot accept either the arbitrary changes on this cruise or the disdainful attitude of the senior staff and management on this and other issues. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2005
Itinerary: Monte Carlo -Livornia-Civitavecchia-Sorrento-Naxos-Rhodes-Kusadasi-Piraeus (Athens). Dates: 10/22/05-10/30/05. Our experience: me (4th cruise mostly HAL previously) wife (15th -HAL, Crystal, Carnival previously). Embarkation: ... Read More
Itinerary: Monte Carlo -Livornia-Civitavecchia-Sorrento-Naxos-Rhodes-Kusadasi-Piraeus (Athens). Dates: 10/22/05-10/30/05. Our experience: me (4th cruise mostly HAL previously) wife (15th -HAL, Crystal, Carnival previously). Embarkation: Flew into Nice, met at airport and placed on bus. Driven to a hotel. Left in a large room with complimentary drinks and treats and told to stay put for about 3 hours. Much grousing from fellow passengers. Aside from going to the bathroom, nothing to see or do. Finally bussed to ship, boarded and went to room, luggage showed up an hour later. Rating: 2/6 Cabin: Nice size, clean. Separate shower and tub. Whenever you opened the door to shower, you were met with a blast of sewer gas. Cabin attendant pleasant but not around all that much. Slow to restock no-cost minibar. Telephones do not work that well. Nothing special about cabin to kick up above rating of 4 out of 6. Food: Despite all the wondrous reviews that they insist you see every time you turn around, we found it "eh". Portions are always small and despite 4 foot long elaborate menus descriptions, very little on plate when you get it. Wine steward poor - pushing a red and white every night but can't handle a significant order well or gracefully (and insists on your room card to charge it the second you order it! Where does he think I'm going to go before drinking it???!!!) Waiters: some Filipinos great (and, significantly, trained by other lines) whereas Caucasians very mixed in quality. Many did not work well as a team e.g. one offers pepper and then another shows up 5 minutes later and offers it again.) Dessert tea does not hold a candle to the midnight one done by HAL. Only heard one other passenger think the food was "great". Most were disappointed. Would only give them a 3 out of 6. Restaurant decor: very average. Nothing stands out well nor are there clear themes. Therefore, why bother going to Signature or Latitudes restaurants? La Veranda/Mediterranean Bistro good. Compass Rose definitely blase. The menus are not all that attractive. Ship decor: clean, neat, unimaginative. Ship well-kept. Seems to be a good ship crew. Had our first ever bridge tour- no other captain has ever allowed on any of previous cruises. Captain conducts tour himself with second officer. Captain very friendly, shakes hands, pulls out charts to show you things, very nice (unlike on Crystal where Captain refused to shake hands for "health reasons".) Security: Minimal They hold your passport so you are bopping around foreign countries without significant ID. Swipe your guest card and you are on or off. Only had my purchases inspected at two stops. Metal detector turned off most of the time (my wife has pacemaker so has to ask every time- that is what she was told). Fellow passengers: this is not a cruise for anyone under 50. Lots of diamonds well-dressed and courteous. Only one formal night which seems a waste of time to pack a tux for. Families: as above, forget the kids for this one. Also, twenty-somethings will be reading a book. Shore excursions: Completely incompetent. Packaged for the 50 plus crowd. Spent 8 days on the Mediterranean and could not get IN it the whole time. No diving, no snorkeling, no beaches, no boat cruises, no whale watches, no sailboating etc. etc. Tours poorly organized and over priced. The tour people only know what the shore agents tell them and they don't try too hard to find out things for you. Personalization of tours as we did for Rome is very expensive and the people they find for you not that good or knowledgeable. zero out of 6 for this. Spa: Spa treatments good with La Carita. Gym smallish with treadmills that don't work well consistently. HAL ships much bigger gym with better quality equipment. Disembarkation: crowded with lines, confusing. Bused to Hotel Intercontinental where bus driver left our bags IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET and drove off!! Long wait to check in Radisson people running around shouting but not achieving anything. Once checked in, Hotel Intercontinental wonderful. Room service so good we ordered everything on the menu and ate like starving refugees. In the morning, we were supposed to catch a bus by Radisson to the airport but they had screwed up so bad the day before we just got a taxi and did it ourselves (had to eat the voucher) but got checked in quicker. 0 for 6 for this. Overall rating: 3 out of 6. They do NOT rate 6 stars in anything and I don't know who is giving it to them. Will cruise other lines. This ship and line don't rate a repeat and are not worth the extra money you pay. Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2006
My only other Radisson cruise was 3 years ago on the 7 Seas Voyager also a sampler cruise from Naples to Nice. So when I heard about this one i had to try it out. It did not start too well as we received no cruise tickets as there was a ... Read More
My only other Radisson cruise was 3 years ago on the 7 Seas Voyager also a sampler cruise from Naples to Nice. So when I heard about this one i had to try it out. It did not start too well as we received no cruise tickets as there was a different way of doing things, not sure if it was because of the takeover by Regent or not. no baggage labels either which was a shame as they are really nice leather ones. TRAVEL TO EMBARKATION. I stayed outside Gatwick the night as my flight on easy jet was very early, this was the 2nd time I had done this. A great idea as you get a continental breakfast and a bus to the airport. I checked in at 0545 for the 0640 flight. I got D which meant i would be last on. We left on time and i had a snack bruchettes and a Diet Coke. After 2 hour flight landed in Ciampino airport, After I collected my luggage, I travelled light this time Ii was so overweight a week ago on the Noordam. I got the bus to Roma Termini station. From here I got a train to Civetavechia which took just over an hour. I have an F.I.P card which I get 50% off as worked for the railway before retiring from it. It only cost 2euros. Then I found a couple who were also going on the ship so we shared a cab. At the port the ship was waiting, looking very nice indeed. As we had no tickets they told us to put a label the luggage with the cabin number on. then take the hand baggage through the x ray and onto the ship. Straight onboard the ship which was a nice change from my last cruise which took over an hour to board! On board we checked in and wrere given our cruise cards. No tickets here either. As the suites were not yet ready we went into the Portofino Grill for a buffet lunch. I had a salad and an entree. I was then told that they were closing at 2.30pm so I had to purchase the dessert quickly. Then I was going on deck to wait when they say the suites are now ready. STATEROOMS. Mine was a penthouse suite on deck 11 at the top apart from the Sun deck. They sound grand, but actually they are the same size as the others the only difference being they have a butler to attend to you. Mine was 1117 midships, a lovely suite it was too. Large bathroom with a full size bath, shower, toilet and sink. A king size bed very comfortable it was, a large sofa much nicer than the one on the Noordam, a not too large tv not a plasma screen as on the Noordam. This means that if you video tape off it the pictures are not still, where they are on a plasma screen. The balcony was quite small with 2 sun lounger chairs and a table. SHIP INFO. The Regent Seven Seas Navigator to give it her full name is 33,000tons not a huge ship very high because of the deck above. she was originally supposed to be a Russian ship but was converted to a cruise ship in Mariotti shipyard in Italy in 1999. I did tour the ship a few years ago and had lunch but I seemed to have lost the video of it. DINING. The main dining room at the rear of the ship was for breakfast, lunch  and dinner. Of these I only used it for dinner, as breakfast I had in my suite and lunch was usually on an excursion or in the Portofino Grill which is a buffet. Complementary wines with dinner was a nice touch. The food in the main restaurant were very good not quite as much choice as the Noordam though. There was an alternative restaurant which there is no charge for. It is quite small though as it has seating for only 90. I made a reservation for the 2nd day on boarding so I was lucky as many were not so lucky. It's called the Portofino at 7pm there is wine tasting outside of different wines plus meats and cheese too. No sitting down so it was a bit difficult queuing it for everything. At 7.30pm I went in the Portofino. I was promised a large table but was given a table just for me which I don't really like as it's a bit quiet being on my own. The dinner here took a lot longer than the other restaurant as there was a lot of music being played which was really good. "Jerry" was so funny and took off a lot of different people and gor everyone to participate. We had an aperitif, 3 small portions of pasta, then an entree of lobster tail and beef but it was quite small. By the time we had finished it was 9.45pm. ACTIVITIES. These were very little as far as i could see, bingo was extortion at 12 dollars per game but still people paid to have a go and the prizes were small i think not like on the Noordam where there was a free cruise to be won. There was a small casino but I did not really take any notice. SERVICE. This was very good mostly in the restaurants as I never bothered in the bars. as drinks in the bars were not free. In the suites was given a bottle of champagne, plus 3 bottles of spirits, plus water, coke and beer in th mini bar. ENTERTAINMENT. I saw 3 shows on this short cruise but there was only 1 group there playing different music. They were very good but it got a bit the same by the last night. I think on longer cruises there is more choice, then. SHORE EXCURSIONS. There were about 3 in each port, not a great deal of choice. I took the walking tour of Napoleon which was all walking and very tiring. The one in Sardinia I took the Nora archeological site which was a good tour with a free drink at the end. DISEMBARKATION. This was again very quick, I did not like the 11pm the night before to put your luggage out, as other lines are after midnight. had to leave the cabin by 8am. On the Noordam could stay in cabin until called. So after paying the bill I went to a bar to wait for my colour to be called. It was only 20 mins or so. Had a bit of trouble getting a taxi to take us to the station as he wanted a big fare but eventually for 9 people to make it worth his while. SUMMERY. O have a few complaints that I wrote most in the comment form. First was they fact that we never got cruise tickets or baggage labels. I really don't think there is any point having a butler. he does not seem to want to unpack or pack for you. Things I asked him to fix he never did or give me an answer either. No balcony light, no personalized stationery. I'm sure the penthouse suites were supposed to have them. When i asked at reception they said it was only for the grand suites but then did some anyway. I registered for the bridge and galley tours. The bridge tour was at 2pm after the excursion to Nora. I rushed through my lunch to get there on time. There were a few others obviously waiting for it too. After 10 mins nobody came. I asked them what was going on, nobody knew. Some had already given up without saying anything. I actually found all English passengers very unfriendly unless you make a point of talking to them. Even when I do the conversations very quickly and I leave in silence. Anyway I decided to go to my room and call reception to find our what had happened. They did not even know there was supposed to be a bridge tour. Finally someone came and took us to the bridge. The 2nd officer was there and did a great job of telling us everything about the ship. Just a shame no pictures or video allowed. The galley tour I also got but I was the only person who turned up. It was interesting to see how everything happens, The young English only seemed to be interested in drinking and swimming in the pool. Other things were the massive vibration in the show lounge when we were going full speed. Things were a lot better on the Noordam and she is not a 6 star ship unlike NAVIGATOR who is suppose to be. I don't really think she was on this occasion. Despite the problems I will give Regent another chance but not on NAVIGATOR but will try the Voyager on the transatlantic in November. Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2006
Last week we cruised on the Regent Seven Seas Mariner Vancouver to Whittier. This was a last minute trip for us  choosing a ship and booking less then a week from sailing date. Check in at Vancouver was basically painless. Ok, so they ... Read More
Last week we cruised on the Regent Seven Seas Mariner Vancouver to Whittier. This was a last minute trip for us  choosing a ship and booking less then a week from sailing date. Check in at Vancouver was basically painless. Ok, so they printed my name wrong on my security/door lock card - I was to be Davis for the trip, not David. I pointed out the error, was told I would get a new card - what I didn't understand is that I had to go and request it. So I was Davis for the trip-no big deal. Our Suite was a penthouse A category on deck 11  which includes butler service, a category and location we would have chosen even if we had booked a year out. There are plenty of reviews on the physical attributes of the ship  Ill simply add that our room was very well furnished, very nice size, closet space excellent, Balcony (well used by us) and glass sliding doors were fantastic. The person who had the final say over bathroom design should have had their head examined  with such a large space to work with finding a small-single sink-shower in tub (if youre over 6ft you might consider a stateroom with stall shower and no tub because youll hit your head). But thats what this ship has; small bathrooms - and it wouldnt stop us from sailing again on the Mariner. Our room stewardess and butler were excellent. Shore excursions were fantastic. Everything from the bear/salmon viewing on a remote river marsh  after wading in from a float plane  to a private charter on a small craft in Sitka (just the two of us with a guide and captain) where we viewed up close eagles, deer, brown bear (10ft in front of us feeding on salmon), sea otters and a pod of whales that was nothing short of magical. This was my 6th Alaskan Cruise  and the beauty increases every time I see it. Where the ship fell flat and inconsistent was in staff training and food presentation/service. This is a top end ship (cruise line), with guests paying top dollar. First the good news. Dinner at La Veranda in the evenings was excellent  both nights we tried it. Going a little later then the crowds we had wonderful tables, excellent service and very well prepared choices. Latitudes the signature French restaurant was also quite good. Service attentive if a bit slow  but whos in a rush. Presentation was very nice. Signatures  the Asian themed specialty restaurant, which requires a pre-booking. Great looking dinner service ware. After that visual, a big zero. Food took forever, tasted flat, and was borderline cold. You better nurse your glass of water for a long time, as getting it refilled seems to be a chore for an abundance of staff looking around for something to do. I want to believe that our table (6 as we sat with strangers) was the exception to the rule  served last in the room  with very little attention to the table during very long waits. I am sure that people have had good experiences here; ours just wasnt one of them. Room Service: Always-nice day or night. Sometimes the orders get a bit confused, however the effort is there to make things right. Lunch: Deck grill Good Deck buffet: Terrible Cold pizza thrown into large round holding dishes Mac and cheese  the saddest presentation Ive ever seen outside of my grade school cafeteria. Veranda buffet: Carnival would not be proud of this. Highlighted by a few staff that clearly dont want to be on this ship. Main Dining room: Lunch  our one meal trying this venue for lunch was nothing short of horrible. Stir fried turkey slopped on a plate and served room temperature. In attentive service with a who cares attitude. Dinner  two times. Ordinary with poor service, highlighted the second time we tried it with the following first impression. Headwaiter outside looking at table map: May we please have a table for 2 near a window? Headwaiter: Would you like to share a table? We would prefer a table for two tonight Looks at the map  tells the waiter  Table 72 We walked into an almost EMPTY dining room and taken to the first table by the entry door, in the center section of the dining area next to a busing station. I looked around again; the dining room was sill almost empty (and we were midway through the evening). I went back to the Headwaiter and told him as politely as I could possible say it  that this type of response would be a good reason to choose another cruise line and I walked off. I confess I said it loud enough that one of the heads of the dining room heard it  offered his assistance  seated us at a table for 2 near a window (and there was another table for 2 just behind us which would have been just as fine). An ordinary meal followed. Dining room remained half empty and I couldnt help noticing when we left that our first table  was still empty This was the 3rd time in two days where a member of the staff  heard a rather simple request and completely ignored it. Nothing improves if one remains silent. I did meet the guest relations officer about our experiences  the wonderful, the good, and the inconsistent. She did take notes and told me while she tries several times during a cruise to dine in the dining rooms  on this cruise she was too busy. Her interest was seemed to tell me that hell be off the ship soon. I also filled out the survey. Bottom line  I might sail with Regent Seven Seas again  but it would be a big depends. Back in Los Angeles, the lady I was traveling with was at her beauty salon and talking about the trip. The well-traveled lady sitting next to her said she just sailed with Seven Seas Mariner two weeks earlier, they were a party of eight in large suites. The one comment that stands out was she never knew what to expect. That pretty well sums up our experience on the Regent Seven Seas Marnier. One final item. Ive been fortunate to have started cruising when I was quite young  in the days of the Fairwind, Michelangelo, and Sagafiord. Ive traveled Windjammer to Queens Grill and just about everything in between. Now in my mid 50s  my most recent sailing this year prior to Regent was on Silversea this past May for 2 weeks (Hong Kong  Tokyo) as well as Crystal within the past 12 months. Regent doesn't hold a candle to SevenSeas in the service department IMO. This is my first major posting on this forum  and its unfortunately a buyer beware. Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2006
We arrived 2 days early for our Alaskan cruise from Vancouver and stayed at the Fairmont Waterfront. Our luggage was taken across the street by hotel staff and we next found it in our suite. Although we had the smallest ac- accommodations ... Read More
We arrived 2 days early for our Alaskan cruise from Vancouver and stayed at the Fairmont Waterfront. Our luggage was taken across the street by hotel staff and we next found it in our suite. Although we had the smallest ac- accommodations on the ship, we found our suite very comfortable and roomy with a nice balcony. The suite has a rather large bathroom with 1 sink and tub over shower and Aveda amenities. The closet is large and there is more than enough space for our belongings. Our stewardess appeared to be new but was very helpful. She did not answer the 2 pages we did but we figured she did not know how to work the system as she often had to "ask her supervisor" when we asked her for something. Each cabin is able to order 2 large bottles of liquor and we found a bottle of champagne awaiting us too. The first afternoon of our cruise we were locked out on our balcony and eventually someone came out a few cabins away and called to report it. Un-fortunately no one ever came to get us and an hour later after feeling very panicky and seeing no one, our neighbor came out and we passed our key over the partition and he let us in . Although we spent another half hour in our cabin, no one ever came. We found the food on the ship to be very good and wine was served with the dinner. We (my husband and I) were traveling alone and generally sat at tables for two. Because this was a cruise with many children most people were traveling with their families or friends so we never got to sit with any one else at meals. In addition, there were few activities for adults. We were looking forward to playing bridge, at least on the 2 sea days. Bridge preparations consisted of a basket with 4 decks of cards in a drafty corridor with a sign on it for bridge. There was no one in charge. Speakers were limited to the naturalist and the photographer. There was trivial pursuit and bingo 3 times. Unfortunately, until we went on our 4 day Denali extension, we had little opportunity to meet anyone although we are very sociable people. There was a very good library and Dvd collection on board as well as movies every day. We went to the French restaurant once and found it to be excellent as was the service. The buffet restaurant Veranda during the day became an Italian steak house at night. It was also excellent. We found the service there to be much better than the main dining room. Dining room service was spotty and often rather frantic. There are two very nice shops on board with very lovely merchandise as well as a casino. The embarking and disembarking were very smooth. We continued with the Denali extension organized by the ship. That was really outstanding. The hotels ranged from good to excellent and the tour was well organized with a great tour director and driver. Here we met some very interesting people. We realized what we had been missing on the ship as there was no way for us to interact with anyone. We found the staff to range from mostly impersonal to a few such as the maitre d in the restaurant who stood out as excellent. We have now been on 17 cruises, most of which were on Crystal. All in all, we felt disappointed that there were so few activities, there were no well-known speakers, and the service and entertainment were just mediocre aside from the ensemble dancers who were very good. We were offered a credit on another cruise due to our un-fortunate experience the first day which seemed very fair on Regent's part. However, we will probably not take advantage of it. I forgot to mention that we did take the shore excursion by catamaran to Tracy Arm and it was outstanding. Read Less
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Sail Date: March 2008
My wife and I recently returned from a 10-day Western Caribbean cruise on the Regent Seven Seas Mariner. Our observations follow. For purposes of evaluation, you should know we have taken thirty-five cruises on ten different lines, the ... Read More
My wife and I recently returned from a 10-day Western Caribbean cruise on the Regent Seven Seas Mariner. Our observations follow. For purposes of evaluation, you should know we have taken thirty-five cruises on ten different lines, the last fifteen primarily on Crystal and Silversea. The best way I can describe our reaction to the physical ship itself is "ordinary." There is nothing particularly impressive about any part of the ship. The public areas in general, and lounges in particular, appear to be standard Hyatt or Hilton fare. The fitness center is small and under-equipped (at the peak hours of the morning, there was frequently a wait for the few elliptical machines, and the assortment of equipment was disappointing). The locker rooms pale by comparison to Crystal. They are cramped with no room to do anything other than shower. For some reason, the locker room does not open until 8:00 a.m. This is particularly inconvenient for those who are in the gym at 6:30 a.m. when it opens. When I asked about this, I was told that most passengers return to their cabins after exercising. Because the steam and sauna were turned on at the time of opening, one would be (and, indeed, was) scalded for the first half-hour or so until the temperature in the steam room regulated itself. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the sauna had not reached any appreciable heat by 8:30 a.m. I cannot tell you what happened after that, as I was long gone by then. Similarly, the dining rooms are plain with nothing memorable about their physical setup or facilities. Although the staterooms are said to be larger than those on Crystal, it is not obvious that they are. I suspect the increase in size is taken up in the walk-in closet. While that is a plus, the rooms are a poor comparison to Silversea and are no less cramped than those on Crystal which are small. The service generally was quite excellent in the bars and on deck. There, the service crew could not do enough to please, and I would give it the highest marks. With two exceptions, the same can be said for the cabin service as well. For whatever reason, our room appeared to receive only the most superficial going over (I will not use the word "cleaning") before we arrived, and we found a number of items scattered about the room that ought not have been there: A memory stick and a box of Q-tips apparently belonging to the prior patron lay on the cabin floor and opened in the bathroom respectively; and an empty plastic bag resided behind the couch. Further, our room was neither made up nor turned down by the time we stopped by our cabin at 10:30 p.m. on the night of embarkation. We were not alone in this situation, however. As we made our way through the corridors, the stewardess carts were ubiquitous. I can only conclude they got a very late start for some reason. The public areas were generally well-maintained and immaculate. The service in the dining rooms was uneven. Sometimes it was quite attentive. This was particularly true in Indochine and the Italian steakhouse (the name escapes me). The service in the main dining room was haphazard and extremely rushed. Normally on Crystal or Silversea, when one enters the dining room between 8:15 and 8:30, one is finished with dinner two hours later. Here, in the main dining room, it was difficult to stretch the dinner much beyond 9:15. By way of footnote on food and beverage, one of my partners ordered a bottle of wine for our cabin which never arrived. One of the greatest disappointments in terms of service was the Maitre' d's at each of the restaurants other than Indochine. I found them at best indifferent. In addition to the excellent service staff in the cocktail lounges and on deck, the pre-boarding check-in was superb. I have never had an easier time - or a more pleasant experience - getting on a ship. Equally outstanding were the young woman who ran the computer room and the staff at the reception desk. They were accommodating, knowledgeable, polite and efficient throughout the cruise. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the staff at the travel desk. We took no excursions. It was not for lack of trying, however. We were interested in two; one was booked and we were closed out. While I do not blame the cruise line for having too much demand and insufficient capacity, one would have expected at least a call from someone to tell us that they were not going to be able to accommodate us. The second excursion in which we had interest was one about which we had some questions which were not answered by the pre-cruise literature. When I went to the travel desk to inquire, the best the attendant could do was open up the tour book and read to me what I had read myself. He was incapable of answering any of our questions and seemed indifferent both to our questions and his own lack of knowledge. As the ship's television had no information on the ports or excursions, we were left without any help whatsoever. Needless to say, we opted not to take the excursion. The food overall was quite good. We liked Indochine and the Italian Steakhouse very much. (The buffet restaurant on the pool deck is converted at night into a Mediterranean theme restaurant for the first half of the cruise and an Italian steakhouse for the second; while we found the steakhouse food excellent, our sole visit during the Mediterranean phase left us uniquely unimpressed with what we considered to be unimaginative and insipid fare). We also enjoyed the food at the "cordon bleu" restaurant, Signatures, although the wait-staff seemed to go out of its way to be overly pretentious. The food in the main dining room was average as was the food on deck. We never ate lunch in the main dining room, but the lunches in the other facilities were vastly inferior to Crystal and Silversea. (As a matter of fairness, my wife thought the special outdoor buffets were quite good; I did not share in that view). One of the things that so impresses us about Silversea is the process involving the questionnaire we receive two or three days into the cruise asking us for our thoughts and whether there was anything that could be done to improve our experience. A questionnaire appeared here as well. Whereas on Silversea we received a letter thanking us for our comments and explaining what was being done to resolve the few modest issues that we had as well as a follow-up phone call, here we received a telephone message which apparently came from a script and bore little relationship to any of the things about which we had commented. It gave us the distinct impression they were paying lip service - literally - to the process. The shops offered the poorest variety and were the least well stocked of any we have encountered. By way of example only, it would be impossible even to find an outfit to wear to dinner on an informal (much less a formal) night, and it would be pushing the definition of "casual" to suggest any of the clothing qualified on such an occasion either. While one should not fairly expect to outfit oneself on shipboard, there are occasions when one needs - or wants - to pick up a new outfit or article of clothing to replace something which has been lost, damaged, or forgotten. We did not find that option to exist on the Mariner. The entertainment was fine: the casino was adequate; some of the individual entertainers were quite good; the string group which played in the open bar outside the main dining room and on deck at lunch was terrific; and my wife enjoyed a couple of the shows. I can hardly fault the cruise line for the itinerary (which which we found uninteresting in the extreme). We knew where we were going before we got on the ship and had been to most of the ports previously. Since we intended to spend most of our time aboard ship (we prefer sea days to ports), the fact that there was little or nothing to do in any of the ports was not of concern to us. Had we been looking for an itinerary that offered interesting diversion, this would not have been it, however. I am utterly clueless as to why Belize and Santo Tomas de Castillo were chosen. I agree wholeheartedly with the individual who suggested that the best way to see Belize City is in the rearview mirror of a car, however. I guess, overall, I would say the cruise was "average." While we would not reject out-of-hand another opportunity to take Regent, it would not be our first choice, and we certainly would not compare it favorably either to Silversea or Crystal. Read Less
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Sail Date: April 2008
I suspect there will always be the Regent vs. Crystal crowd so we'll join the fray. We have sailed Crystal three times but heard such good things about the Regent series that we decided to give it a try. We tried this Caribbean cruise ... Read More
I suspect there will always be the Regent vs. Crystal crowd so we'll join the fray. We have sailed Crystal three times but heard such good things about the Regent series that we decided to give it a try. We tried this Caribbean cruise for its themed cruse. Here are our impressions. Crew: aboard Crystal the crew worked to get your name from the very first day, here aboard the Mariner it was barely a nod in the passageway. There were exceptions, of course, three staff members greeted us by name every time, Stefan, a sommelier, Elmer a main dining room waiter and Marie our room stewardess (who was terrific). But by and large neither the officers, nor crew, went out of their way to know who we were. It was more of a feeling of a hotel stay vs. comfortable cruise ship. There was virtually no welcome for first timers. They do take care of multi-cruisers, with meetings, free internet and the like; first timers with Regent are apparently left on their own to fend for themselves. Service: was spotty at best, we have numerous incidents but here are two in just the first two days: I went to the grill on the pool deck and asked for a grilled cheese sandwich. I was told "it was not on the menu" and handed a menu to choose something else. Rather than do that I went into the topside restaurant and asked the same thing and was told it would be a "special selection" and would take 45 minutes. I said OK, and waited. It was hardly what I would call a grilled cheese sandwich, but that wasn't the point, on Crystal they would have bent over backwards to prepare such a thing. By the by, the remark it is a "special selection" and would take 45 minutes must be the party line when you ask for something out of their comfort zone; we'd heard the same line at least four times during our 11 days. The second incident on our second day was at tea in the forward lounge; I asked the server for honey and was pointed to the table with pastries and told it was there. My wife and I looked at each other rather dumbfounded, and I got up to get it. We had numerous incidents like this for 11 days, taken individually they don't sound like much, but taken as a whole, it gave us a good impression of what the ship philosophy was. It's not the big things, it's the many little things that make for a positive experience. Everyone makes mistakes, but this behavior was so consistent throughout our cruise it had to be policy. Feedback: interesting how they could turn a good idea into a bad one. We were asked on the third day to provide feedback on how they could improve service or any needs we may have. We dutifully filled it out with a few comments such as the ones above and dropped it off at the front desk. We never heard anything back from anyone. Note to Regent, it is better just to not do it, rather than ask, and not do it. No sense in filling out the end-of-cruise form. But we did it anyway and included my e-mail address if they needed specifics, I haven't heard a thing. Food: generally good, a few over done entrees, but the Asian Restaurant, Latitudes, was outstanding as was the topside LaVeranda for dinner. The opening dining is a grand idea and we enjoyed the idea of selecting who we would dine with. However, in operation, this is one of the reasons I suspect we never connected with any of the servers, they changed every night. So it's a dual edge sword. Signatures, the Cordon Bleu inspired restaurant did not go well. Although the kitchen put out some good fare, the wait staff generally sabotaged the effort. I go so tired of asking for everything, I let my empty water glass sit waiting for a refill, and timed it . . . 17 minutes. This is 5-star? Ports of Call: The first stop was a very scary premonition of what was to come, they stopped at Princess Cay, a private beach for the Princess Line and exactly what one would expect, a sea of thousands of chaise lounges, a few tacky small tourist shops and the horror, a lunch that was as covered with flies like I have never seen in any third world country. We obviously elected not to eat there and went back to the ship. Another fuel saving stop was St John's, Antigua, a pitiful place on a good day, but this was Sunday and everything was closed except the usual hawking of cab drivers. The last two stops of the cruise were each only about 4 hours, why bother? Horrible scheduling. Themed Cruise: This was one of our biggest disappointments. This cruise was promoted as a Cordon Bleu (food and wine) themed trip. As members of the Chaine des Rotissuers and Mondiale du Vin, we were excited about the prospects of hearing trusted chefs and sommeliers discuss cooking, pairing and dining. I even called Regent headquarters to get this clarified. I asked why the mini-cooking course being offered (to only 20 out of 700 passengers) for $450 was so expensive and was told it included a hat, apron and book (oh boy . . .). We didn't need any of that, but I specifically asked if there were other talks and discussions and was told yes. There was but one wine tasting course for 45 minutes at 10:45am on the third day, and one chef demo for an hour on the 10th day, that was it. For anyone thinking about a themed cruise with Regent, you'd better get it clearer than we did. A final note, we were used to receiving points of information at each port of call at least the evening before the stop, delivered to the room. With Regent this is not so, at least not with us. We had to go down to the travel desk and pick up poorly photocopied sheets of tips and highlights that morning. As a result we missed many interesting points of interest we would have liked to have seen. Although this may be the standard procedure at Regent, we were never given an orientation, so our expectations were of our past experiences with Crystal. Maybe partly our fault for such high expectations. All in all, a disappointment. Regent's no tipping policy and free alcohol was truly a nice idea, but the service and overall experience was not worth it. Unfortunately, Regent will not be on our list to try again. Read Less
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Sail Date: July 2008
We flew to Anchorage several days before our cruise and thoroughly enjoyed our time spent in Anchorage and in Seward. The drive to Seward was one of the most beautiful drives we've ever taken. Seward is a delightful, quirky little ... Read More
We flew to Anchorage several days before our cruise and thoroughly enjoyed our time spent in Anchorage and in Seward. The drive to Seward was one of the most beautiful drives we've ever taken. Seward is a delightful, quirky little town in a gorgeous setting. Embarkation was extremely fast and smooth. The champagne was a nice touch, but it was awkward to deal with a glass, documents, and hand luggage in the theater for check in. Perhaps the champagne could have been served in another venue. After lunch in La Verandah, we found our suite and settled in. We found the suite to be comfortable.We were neither offered nor did we request a room liquor set up. Katherine was our outstanding stewardess. Our group of friends had more than one suite so we were able to prebook reservations for more than one night in each of the specialty restaurants. We ate in Signatures on our first evening. Other than an indifferent, rude waiter, the meal was first rate. It was a fabulous meal in terms of preparation, presentation, and the wines. Our assistant waiter, Aurelia, was delightful and efficient. Later in the cruise we eagerly anticipated our second visit to Signatures only to have a great disappointment. We ordered essentially the same meals, but the food was a pale comparison to the first evening. It wasn't poor. It just wasn't up to the standards of the first evening, and it wasn't even as good as food in Compass Rose. We were thoroughly confused and still can't understand what happened. Guests at the next table were so unhappy with their lamb that they returned it. Different chef???? We concluded that we had our best and worst meals at Signatures. The food in Compass Rose was consistently well prepared in the evening. The sommelier staff was very good and attentive. Marienella and her staff are to be commended. The remainder of the wait staff was fairly efficient and ranged from very good to indifferent. The remainder of my comments will be made in the context of our previous cruises. It is extremely difficult to avoid making comparisons with previous luxury cruises. We have only sailed with Crystal in the past. We chose Regent because Crystal did not have an Alaskan cruise. Crystal is known for its great entertainment, both during the day on sea days and on all evenings. We missed the wonderful array of lectures and programs available on Crystal during the sea days. Our Regent cruise had a husband/wife team who provided commentary regarding destinations. However, the commentary was delivered over speakers on open decks and on the television. The delivery was flat and monotonous. It had very long pauses and generally was difficult to listen to. Just having them physically present would have improved the experience. They weren't even visible on the television. We just heard their voices. Other than these destination lecturers, there was one computer class, and the "art lectures" presented by the salesman onboard. Evening entertainment was good, although not up to Crystal's high standards with mature vocalists and dancers and beautiful sets and costumes. A young energetic troupe of singers and dancers on the Mariner presented several enjoyable shows. We appreciated their youthful talent, and they were backed up by a very good group of instrumentalists. The International Ballroom Champions joined the ensemble a couple of nights. This duo was remarkable and a joy to watch. Lounges were "dead" in the evenings. Except for crew, we were sometimes the only guests in a lounge. We enjoyed the lounge pianists several evenings while having after dinner drinks, but the service in lounges was extremely poor. A waiter or waitress usually, but not always, came to take a drink order when one arrived. However, if one wanted a second drink, there were two alternatives: 1. try to catch the eye of a waiter and wave them over or 2. walk to the bar and order it yourself. Regent may be All-Inclusive, but they make it difficult to get more than one drink!! Tea time was just as lacking in service. Urns and stacks of cups were placed so that one was encouraged to do a self serve tea. Service was hard to get. The array of sandwiches and sweets was about half of what is offered on Crystal, and that was totally self service. The chocolate tea on Regent fared poorly when compared to the lovely chocolate tea Crystal provides, and the room in which it was held was far too small to accommodate the large crowd it attracted. It was a bit of a zoo, especially with lots of children crowding around the table. In contrast to Crystal, no live music was provided at teas. The lunch buffets were also a far cry from the bountiful, beautifully presented buffets on Crystal. One previous reviewer compared the Regent lunch buffets to school cafeteria food. While I wouldn't go that far, it is fair to say that the quantity and quality was inferior to the Crystal buffets, and La Verandah has decent food but neither the quantity nor quality of the Crystal Lido Cafe. The service at buffets and La Verandah was far worse. It was generally lacking. The Maitre D of La Verandah was an unhappy looking man who presided over a staff that rarely stepped forward to offer anything other than a beverage upon arrival at a table. A young man named Jack was the happy exception. He always had a smile on his face and stood ready to provide service. Service is an integral component of luxury cruising. Step aboard a Crystal ship, and the warmth of the crew abounds. They appear happy to provide service. The Crystal crews make each guest feel welcome, and they give the appearance of taking great joy in making sure each guest has everything he/she needs at all times. It is a group effort, and it is a happy ship. One is called by name, and one's preference such a fondness for mango is noted. Finish your mango, and a waiter appears asking if you'd like another. Tell him one piece, and he's likely to appear with two pieces. Crystal service is not only exceptional, but the warmth and cheer of the crew creates a group dynamic that encourages camaraderie among crew and guests. Having a set dining time and an assigned table allows Crystal guests to form strong bonds with other passengers as well as the wait staff. I mention the Crystal "culture" tin this review because it was absent on Regent. With few exceptions such as Jack and Lingyan, The Regent crew didn't seem happy, and there was a general lack of motivation. In addition, no one ever called us by name, and rarely did anyone serve us more than once so that we formed no bonds with the crew. Similarly, we found that Regent guests had fewer opportunities to meet and make friends. Cocktail parties were held in the theater. The configuration of the seats made mingling difficult. Sitting at a different table in the dining room each evening doesn't encourage friendship formation. The Regent dynamic on our cruise lacked the warmth and camaraderie we have always experienced on Crystal. It was the biggest factor in our evaluation of our cruise. Our family group is split on whether we would sail Regent again. Some say yes, and others say no. At mass market prices, poor and indifferent service might be expected, but we were paying luxury fares. Finally, we were on a "Kids Sail Free" cruise. It became a "Kids Sail Free" cruise after we paid our deposit. While the children were generally well behaved, their large numbers affected the cruise experience. After I observed one teen age boy pick up, inspect, and put back four different rolls on a buffet, I avoided anything that might be handled in such a way. The chocolate tea was overrun with children who were "playing" with the food. One family had seven children with them. I had read that only one "free" child is permitted per stateroom, but some guests reported having three children in an adjoining stateroom. We fortunately had adults for neighbors, but lots of children onboard puts a strain on the wait staff. In summary, we enjoyed the cruise and the lovely ports. We are a group that will have a good time regardless of the situation. However, our Regent experience left us feeling we didn't quite experience a luxury line. Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2008
My husband and I recently completed the 16-night cruise on the Voyager. (extended to 17 nights due to engine pod problems). While we did enjoy our Penthouse suite, the PBS at Sea and Enrichment lectures and the company we met, we were ... Read More
My husband and I recently completed the 16-night cruise on the Voyager. (extended to 17 nights due to engine pod problems). While we did enjoy our Penthouse suite, the PBS at Sea and Enrichment lectures and the company we met, we were disheartened at the distinctive change in both service and dEcor. We suspect all this is due to the recent takeover of Regent Seven Seas by Apollo Investment Corporation. As seasoned travelers on Regent, we noticed that this cruise lacked the gracious service and passenger comfort focus we enjoyed on former trips. The Cruise Director and wait staff in the Compass Rose dining room and in the Veranda dining room seemed more concerned with their own needs rather than passengers' needs. I say this because simple requests such as providing the extra microphone needed for an audience participation lecture, or having your salad served with your entrEe were met with annoyance rather than a smiling, accommodating face. In addition, the food was not quite as good as we experienced on past cruises. At least the specialty restaurant staff, bar staff, butler and stewardess staff were still part of the old regime. They were wonderful. Judging from the quality level, aesthetics and ergonomics of the newly arrived furnishings, the Voyager will no longer be the elegant ship she was when she launched. The new chairs in the Compass Rose are now so narrow, only petite women can fit into them. They are also so heavy, one cannot move forward or back without assistance. In addition, the waiters keep running into the seat backs, which now curve backwards into the aisles. New seating in the public rooms look like clunky office furniture. Leather sofas are now covered in "pleather" and club chairs are covered in brown and mustard velvet, others in hideous purple stripes. We did have the opportunity to meet several senior level managers and engineers who, as of this posting, have been replaced by new officers under the new management. As in most corporate takeovers, top management is usually the first to go; however, we suspect that much of the wait staff had already been replaced on our voyage. Although we did not air our complaints to management while on board, many passengers did, particularly those with extensive itineraries, or those who were seasoned Regent travelers. We were horrified to learn that one such passenger, a widow and a solo traveler, was thrown off the ship in Cozumel without warning or compensation, after a heated argument with Voyager's newly arrived General Manager. So much for tactful, new upper management and the customer always being right. This was our fifth Regent/Radisson cruise. Unless we learn that things improve, (and we'll keep checking postings on CruiseCritic.com), we'll just say "it's the end of an era" and will most likely explore other luxury cruise lines. Read Less
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Sail Date: June 2009
After a savvy cruiser told us one of her favorite cruise line was Regent, we decided to give it a try. Probably I overhyped myself to a level that was hard for Regent to fulfill. But upon further pondering I concluded that despite my own ... Read More
After a savvy cruiser told us one of her favorite cruise line was Regent, we decided to give it a try. Probably I overhyped myself to a level that was hard for Regent to fulfill. But upon further pondering I concluded that despite my own overblown expectations the service of the cruise was for sure way below average specially considering the price premium.  The amount of service offenses are too many to even describe them. I will mention a few of my negative observations as well as some of the positive points. Food was on the better side of my experience but I still found specifically breakfast to be the biggest letdown. I have seen food better presented on school cafeterias than on the Verandah restaurant. I hardly think of six stars when the prevailing items on the hot food section is Bacon, Eggs, Beans and Sausage presented in a straight forward boring way. THe almost 1 to 1 guest crew ration is very misleading if you include crew that have no contact with the passengers and this was evident in the terrace part of the Verandah where only two waiters saw to over 16 tables. The all too common never say no attitude at Silversea ships was not evident here. We got a bunch of no's to even common requests. Even after 20 Million refurb, some major maintenance and cosmetic faux pas were visible. It's only fair to also acknowledge my positive impressions. The space to guest ratio is outstanding to the point that the ship sailing at full capacity seems empty most of the time. The tours were expertly arranged and they made the itinerary seem full of special features. Fantastic interactive TV that displays even diner menus at all restaurants. I will not be sailing with Regent again. If service at a reasonable price is my calling I can find much better options that consistently deliver fine service like Holland America. But if I do want to splurge on an ultra luxury cruise line Regent fall far behind perennial leaders Seabourn and Silversea specially considering they are both launching bigger better brand new ships.  Read Less
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