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Celebrity Eclipse - 16 Nights West. Med. Cruise - A+

Sail Date: September 2011
Destination: Europe - Western Mediterranean
Embarkation: Southampton
Ship: Celebrity Eclipse
Cabin: Aqua Class 1552
Sailing: September 28, 2011 - 16 Night Western Mediterranean
CruiseCritic Reviewer: Mermen

scorpgc@gmail.com - Gary

(Note: While on our cruise, we developed four substantial "newsletters" complete with photographs and details on the =X= Eclipse which we e-mailed out to family and friends. I was unable to upload these "live" newsletters because they are in .pdf format. If you have Adobe Reader and would like to read and view our newsletter broadcasts from the Eclipse, please e-mail me with your name and e-mail address and will be happy to forward to you these 4 newsletters with pictures and port reviews).

It always seems like a whirlwind before we secure our best friend, "Bear", double check the note we leave for the house and pet-sitter, lock up the house, and drive down the freeway to the SFO airport parking garage. Such was the case the week of September 19 with medical appointments, More family get-togethers, and last-minute crisis at work...whew! We made it to the airport and waited for our first leg from SFO to Chicago. Second leg was Chicago to London. We were fortunate to have enough air miles to upgrade our trip to 1st and Biz Class there and returning home. (By the way, if possible, select BC seats on the upper deck as it is less noisy and a more relaxed, attentive service). There were hit and miss points to United's service, but this review is not about the airline...If you are interested in our airline review, feel free to drop me an e-mail and I will reply.

My partner and I elected a 4-night pre-cruise in London at the Grosvenor House, by Marriott. Our second time staying here and it was an excellent choice - as it is in the Mayfair District, directly across the street from Hyde Park and walking distance to Harrod's, all bus (double-decker and HOHO), Buckingham Palace, and a huge assortment of pubs, restaurants and other tourist options. This area is unbelievable sleepy at night, so there is not an abundance of loudness and city-noises. If you are interested in our hotel and pre-cruise review, feel free to drop me an e-mail and I will reply.

A Celebrity Coach picked us up in the mid-morning, directly in front of our hotel. There were only about 20 pax on our coach. It was a leisurely 1 ½ hour drive into Southampton with a 15-minute rest stop along the way. We boarded the Eclipse around 1:30 pm, after a 2-hour wait. There was a hold-up at the terminal because of a mild norovirus outbreak on the cruise which has just disembarked, so the staff was working diligently to rid the ship of unwanted germs. There were some crabby people waiting, huffing and puffing, but the longer they took to disinfect the ship actually made us feel a whole LOT BETTER!

After boarding we bypassed the multitudes which were grazing at the "Welcome aboard Buffet" and headed straight for Bistro on 5. What a great deal. For $5, this specialty restaurant serves up some amazing and filling crepes - savory and sweet. They also serve fresh salads, soups and desserts. We ended up eating at Bistro on 5 three times on our cruise and never once had a disappointing meal or service. By the way, I highly recommend the Cowboy Crepe, yum!

A Little about the Celebrity Eclipse:

We have only been cruising for about 12-years, so we do not quite have our Masters in the High Seas, but we have sailed many times with 95% of our cruises on Celebrity. The other two were on Princess (a dreadful experience for us, as noted in another review - staying on the banks of the Amazon would have been better) and Carnival (which was fine for a first cruise to get my feet wet).

Our Aqua Class cabin was 1552. This was our first time on a Solstice-Class ship. For years we have been sailing on the Millennium Class and enjoy Concierge Class, forward. Our AC cabin was approximately in the same position and deck, relatively speaking, as our former cabins, on M-Class. This is the deck just below the Aqua Spa and Solarium, close by the stairs. Our cabin was very nice and provides sort of a "bump-out" veranda, which is close to two times the size of an average veranda. The views forward and aft are amazing - as well as directly out to sea. We also like being directly below the Spa.
Our impression of the Eclipse as we were making our way to our cabin was that she was so much larger than the M-Class ships (by close to 1,000 in occupancy more) but it seemed very familiar and intuitive too, the deck plans were very similar. We found our way easily and were enjoying cocktails at the Sunset Bar, meeting fellow board cruisers, of course stopping at the Lawn Club to actually step onto the grass to make sure it was real! Sure enough. Although we didn't spend any more time on the grass, it was fun knowing it was there and providing a comfortable spot for others to picnic, listen to music or play bocce ball. The glass-blowing studio was cool to step into as well and observe their hand blown works of art.

While at the Sunset Bar having cocktails after embarkation, we met another cruiser who was griping and complaining about Blu. He said that he and his wife couldn't be PAID to eat there again...He said that Blu served Couscous with everything. In fact, he said the food was bland, flavorless and "dreadful with all the couscous they serve..." Actually, he seemed to be running his mouth negatively ("insights" as he called it) for the entire cocktail hour. Nothing positive was in his vocabulary, what a way to start the cruise! He also stated that the times they did eat in Blu, he had to "stop over at the buffet" to fill up afterwards. Really?

Blu: Because we stayed in Aqua Class, our dining room was Blu, which is considered a "specialty restaurant". Suite guests are permitted to eat there for $5 pp / per meal, although friends of ours who were in a Celebrity Suite ate there many nights and they claimed they were not charged. We had listened to a lot of feedback regarding Blu prior to our cruise and were anticipating a quieter, healthier option for our evening meal. To say we were not disappointed is a great understatement! We actually were blown away by the level of service from our waiter to the restaurant manager and Maitre'd. The menu was simply delicious and amazing every night we were there. There were a couple of standard entrees which were always present, but we enjoyed other options such as: Squab, pasta (every night our waiter brought a small bowl of hot and savory pasta to sample), lobster, scallops, fresh and salt-water fish, pork cutlets, lamb, filet mignon, rabbit, frog legs and chicken. Blu does not serve rich sauces over everything, but instead a lighter reduction. The portions seem a bit smaller and you do not feel obligated to have 4-courses. Many nights we skipped a course or two. The food is plated beautifully and the flavors were very good. We had a table for 2 every night, with a gorgeous view of the sea, and most every night enjoyed light conversation with neighbors dining around us. Oh, and would you believe, we did not see couscous on the menu one night? How very strange (LOL!). Not only, but we didn't see anyone walking away food-deprived. We could not think about food after eating dinner in Blu. Somehow, I think that those who complain about the quantity of food in Blu, would complain anywhere - even in the MDR.

Aqua Spa Cafe: was probably our favorite for breakfast as they serve lighter options. Simply enjoyed grabbing a yogurt and granola or fresh fruit and juice most mornings. Of course they also prepare low fat / low sodium hot dishes as well. For lunch they serve wonderful light salads and fresh grilled chicken or salmon - sometimes cold soups. Throughout the afternoon the cafe runs a self-serve soft frozen yogurt machine with cones or small bowls. The only two flavors we found were vanilla and chocolate, alternating.

Bistro on 5: See above.

Tuscan Grille: This was our favorite specialty option for dinner. Again the staff was amazingly attentive. The courses were plentiful and gastronomically prepared! We ate here twice and rolled out each time, LOL! Your server will place a fresh plate of Antipasti in front of you before you begin anything: cured meats, olives, roasted garlic, pepperoncini, mushrooms, artichoke hearts and cheeses. This is all served along side freshly prepared and warm Ciabatta, French bread or dinner roles / bread sticks, with a very fruity olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the side. Truly an unforgettable Italian meal, with warm and friendly service! The thick cut pork chops were amazing, as was the seafood pasta dish. Everything we sampled and grazed upon was fabulous.

Qsine: Our least-favorite dining spot...Drat! We were really looking forward to trying this specialty restaurant as we had heard so many good things, and read a lot of reviews. I think this theme restaurant was a hit with the Brits on board, they seemed to really be enjoying their time. We ate here once, and probably won't return, although our experience wasn't dreadful, just sort of over-the-top, in an unsatisfied way. We're both Californians and fortunate that living in the Bay Area offers us an amazing opportunity to enjoy some fine fusion and cultural cuisines. We're not big foodie snobs, and sometimes enjoy a restaurant's "theme" but Qsine was a little far-reaching, IMHO. Many guests were dumbfounded with the menu being on an iPad. We both own one, so no novelty there. Ordering from the non-descript menu was interesting. I wish they provided real, live pictures. We sampled the Chinese and Mexican options and were left thinking, "that's it?" Really not a lot of flavor or authenticity. We both felt Qsine was over-rated. The theme was fun, but the food was mediocre in our opinion. The food servers, while really pleasant, seemed over-board and gimmicky with their, "Let's travel around the world tonight, for your first course...." They did this with each option, and the food just did not resemble the cuisine we have had in these parts of the world, or even in California for that matter!

Moonlight Sonata Dining Room: Unfortunately, we did not dine in here during this sailing. We've enjoyed the improvement the MDR on the =X= ships has made over the past couple of years. We enjoy the string quartet when they play in here as well, but as Blu was our MDR, we missed out on this voyage. We did pass by to look at the posted menu a few times and it looked scrumptious!

Mast Grill: Yum! Grilled cheeseburgers, veggie and chicken burgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, nachos, tacos, grilled cheese, onion rings and fries? Sometimes...you just have to have it. We ate here for one or two lunches and loved it. Their freshly baked cookies were amazing!

Oceanview Cafe: Probably our favorite for lunch. Every day was a different theme: Italian, seafood, Mexican, Tex-Mex, American, Indian and Asian (Japanese, Dim Sum, Chinese and some Thai), sandwich bar, soup and salad bar, pizza and calzones, pasta bar...wow, you name it, and the Oceanview Cafe had it! There are several stations set up for easy access, and hardly ever a wait. Tables were easy to find. We always found something to eat or try and enjoyed the flavors for the most part. The food was not bland at all. We ate here for dinner once or twice as well and enjoyed a very quiet and peaceful (much-needed) dinner. I think my only negative with respect to food at the Oceanview was, 1) their pizza and calzone station. Calzones would have interesting ingredient combinations such as: BBQ chicken, zucchini and Garbanzos with Feta...strange things like that. Good ol' Italian meats / cheeses were rare to find. Same with the pizza. Small negative 2) was that the Fish n Chips were not the best I thought. Granted we had some good F n C while in London, but the ship's seemed overly greasy and not a lot of taste. Since the ship contained 95% British passengers, this seemed odd to us.

Cafe Al Baco: This is the "coffee house" which is known as "Cova" on former M-class ships. The coffee was good. The service awful. The pastries, desserts and croissants were very good. The service was horrid. We gave them a couple of tries, and found we were not the only pax who decided not to try them again. Too bad...

Murano: We did not try Murano, but wished we would have. The dining area for this specialty restaurant seemed very intimate and quiet. We checked out the menu and it seemed that it largely held what was on the M-class specialty restaurant's menu (Oceanliners, Normandie, the Olympic, etc.). We purchased a 3-night Specialty dinner pass and was able to use it twice in the Tuscan Grille and once in Qsine. Maybe we'll try Murano next time!

Room Service: There is something to be said about coffee and a leisurely made-to-order breakfast while sitting on your veranda watching the waves and world go by. The room service menu in AC and Concierge Class is enhanced, greater than a typical state room's menu: breakfast, lunch or dinner offers a good variety of hot and cold options. We ate dinner once in our room and a couple of late night snacks (French fries or apple pie ala mode calls at a certain time, LOL!). We enjoyed breakfast on our veranda a couple of times and enjoyed the morning immensely.

I think food is largely a subjective thing, but with an individually unique experience. We all have different tastes and desires, and hopefully everyone can find something on this large ship to enjoy. For a floating hotel, Celebrity does it right on the Eclipse. As you can see, there is no shortage of culinary options on the Eclipse. We enjoyed all of our meals, and found something good in every venue! Celebrity knows how to treat their guests, and their guest's palate!

Our stateroom was nicely appointed, with ample storage (including over the bed!). The bathroom was perfect with more drawers and cabinets than we've ever seen on a ship. The shower head and shower panel with the glass sliding door took it up a several notches for us. The cabin came with the typical up-scale items which Concierge Class has, with a few more things. There was an electric kettle with a full array of teas. A nice spa pack (lip balm, facial mist, designer creams and eye products, etc.). Nice (LARGE) spa robes and slippers and fresh bottled water delivered twice daily! There was a reed and oil room diffuser as well, which we really liked - not strong at all. Because the Eclipse is mostly positioned out of the Southampton, UK port, its clientele is largely British, and we had a delightful time meeting them.

While in Venice, a woman who sat in front of us noticed our "accent" and asked if we were American. When we confirmed we were, she was relieved and said, "Finally!" She stated there was going to be a "party" on board because there were only about 38 Americans on the cruise. I couldn't believe it. A party? For what, because we're Americans? My partner and I just thought the whole idea was lame, giving further credence to the adage of the "Ugly American". Why not enjoy who you're with, and where you are? Had we wanted to surround ourselves with Americans, would have stayed at home and done something "American". We actually enjoyed getting away from our customs, ways of speaking and thinking, and meeting the Brits, and other nationalities. I guess we find solace in experiencing new things, places and people.

Sadly the Aqua Spa does not have a Thalassotherapy pool like the M-class ships. Still, the solarium was large and could accommodate a lot of people. At both ends of the indoor pool (which was not super-warm more warm / tepid) were beautiful prints of flowers: tulips, and lilies I think. There was a fun-to-watch water feature too at one end of the pool. With the relaxing new-age music playing, it was easy to get mesmerized by watching colored ropes of water dance around. There were plenty of chaise lounges! I think this was the first cruise we have been on, where we didn't feel the need to rise at the crack of dawn to grab a chaise before the chaise hogs claimed them all, and left unoccupied for the day! We always found a place to lie down and read, rest or nap. Security was prevalent in this area, and we actually saw them removing a few passengers' belongings, from a "saved" but unoccupied chaise. Go Security!! There were two or three smaller hot tubs in the Solarium as well.

I cannot speak for the women's facility, but the men's was a huge disappointment. On M-class ships, there are abundant lockers, and freedom to dress, shower, etc. Not the case on the S-class ships. In the actual locker / changing area, there were only 3 tiny square ottomans. Without thinking, a guy would sit down to dress / undress, and lay a towel or gym bag, etc. on the other small ottoman. This area is super-cramped and it is not easy to get into the little alcove of lockers. Forget bending over to pull your socks on, unless you want to do the "butt bump" with your neighbor. There are no real options on where to dress either, besides your cabin or in a stall. There were three very large and private showers with small benches enclosed therein. This was a nice feature. The dry sauna (no fee) inside the men's changing room was nice and it was HOT at all times. No cold-plunge showers next door, as on the M-class ships. The sauna could hold about 6 men comfortably. Again, much smaller than the M-class ship. I don't understand why the S-class (who totes the "Spa" cabin and package) would downsize this area? I was not impressed with this layout and thought it was definitely several steps down from M-class. Again, a big disappointment.

The caveat with staying in Aqua Class, besides dining in Blu every day, is having unlimited access to the Persian Garden. The PG on S-class is again, very different from M-class. Not bad, just lighter - brighter and different. You must use a key card to swipe to gain access to the PG, so we never saw anyone "sneaking in". It was never loud either. You swipe your access card and as you walk in, directly in front of you are about 9 warm-tiled chaises, overlooking the sea. Floor to ceiling windows are throughout the co-ed PG. To the left of the tiled loungers is the steam room, which was very nice. To the right of the tiled loungers was a dry sauna. Not as hot as the men's cedar-sauna, but it did the trick. There were ample towels and ice water with sliced fresh fruit. There were also two "experience" showers in this room. It was nice to come in with the iPad, and lounge for a few minutes. I liked that there were no "squatters" hanging out here, LOL! I've noticed on M-class where some couples come into the Persian Garden and just hang out all day (with food, drinks, books, iPod, nail clippers, etc.) Not so here. I have a feeling that if anyone were to complain, they would be all over it. Again, a very good experience, although I prefer M-class, the PG was enjoyable.

All the way forward on deck 11 (on the same deck as the AC cabins) is the "Relaxation Lounge". Cushioned loungers and whicker chairs with ottomans fill this area, along with quiet new-age music and ice water with fresh fruit added. This room was seldom full, and another nice place for the AC passengers to pass the time away. Many were napping, peacefully away. There is a spiral staircase which takes you from this lounge to the Persian Garden, locker rooms and Spa area. Nice touch! Michael was the Spa Manager on the Eclipse. In our opinion, not as dialed-in as Charmaine (Spa and Training Manager). Kind of awkward and got the feeling he never really "fit in" there.

The entertainment did not seem as rewarding as on our last cruise. I guess it's "hit or miss" with the ship and group of entertainers...at least in our experience. We walked out of a couple of shows, but also enjoyed some others. Nothing really amazing stood out this time, which was sort of a disappointment. Maybe we've seen all that there is to see?

I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed sailing on a ship which held mostly British passengers. It was truly a lovely experience sailing with pax who were respectful and kind! Usually we have to fight to get off an elevator before those waiting get on (why is that even an issue?). We noticed when we got on an elevator (or "lift") everyone would say, "Hello". Likewise, when a pax departed the lift, those remaining in the car would say, "goodbye". Simple things like manners and greetings were a breath of fresh air. It seemed they were all interested in who we were, where we were from and what we had to say. Polite, cordial, just a wonderful experience traveling with our Brit friends, from across the Pond.

We found Celebrity to have continued on with the same format in games (newlywed / oldywed game, Bingo, Celebrity vs. Pax water sports and basketball). Nothing new there. I wish =X= would kick that up a notch or two, but I know so many cruisers love these things. Maybe some day we will too. Of course there were a lot of cooking demonstrations, wine pairings and excursion / port reviews. Have to give Princess the nod with port and tours education though. =X= has some lectures, but nothing really reached out and grabbed us. For example, on a Mediterranean cruise, it would be worthwhile to have something daily related to the ports of call...not just the "shopping in your port" lecture. Something like "wines from Italy", "History of Sicily and the Mediterranean", "The Roman Empire in Spain", maybe some travel videos thrown in with the lectures. Make the itinerary a celebration and saturate the cruiser with where they will be spending their time, and money!

On this 16-night cruise we enjoyed 8-days at sea (Aaaaahhhhh) and 8 amazing ports:

Southampton: Our embarkation and disembarkation point. We waffled back and forth on whether we wanted to do our pre-cruise in London our Southampton and London won out again on this cruise. We are looking forward to experiencing more of this fine city, some other time. On our post-cruise, we enjoyed a tour through Windsor Castle. That was a fun experience! Our guide got us right up to the opening gate so we were one of the first in line.

Seville (Cadiz), Spain: The last time we were at this port, we did a ½ day tour in Seville, which was remarkable. On this cruise, we wanted to hang out in Cadiz itself, to see what this sleepy town was like. Got on a HOHO bus and toured around the city a couple of times, getting off to walk along the embarcadero back to the cruise ship. It was a lovely walk as we strolled through a beautiful botanical garden, saw many wild parrots and enjoyed marveling at the architecture of this old city. The weather was amazing and the view was spectacular. Cadiz is a great "do-it-yourself" port, if you just want to hang around town for the day.

Cagliari (Sardinia), Italy: Cagliari is the capital of the island of Sardinia. We got off of the ship and since we had a couple of hours before the green open-top bus picked us up, strolled along the city square. We found a cozy little cafe where we were able to sample some local Lemoncello and top it off with fantastic Gelato! Cagliari (the "G" is silent) reminded us a little of San Francisco, or Lisbon, as the city is built on hills. Great for walking! The open-top bus ride was a waste of time and money, in our opinion. They promised us sightings of Pink Flamingos (not that it was the reason we took the tour) but we did drive by them. Actually, it was a fish hatchery where the Flamingos camp out to eat the krill, or fish. So....kind of a big let down. I didn't think there were a lot of interesting sights to see at this port, but the town-square / shopping area was hopping! However, once off the 2-hour bus ride, found some local merchants who let us sample delicious hard cheeses, crackers and freshly pressed olive oil. The shop keepers were so friendly. We walked away with purchasing several pounds of pasta, a few bottles of Lemoncello (Ssshhh!) and a few containers of olive oil. Abbondanza!

Palermo (Sicily), Italy: The Eclipse docked in Palermo, on the island of Sicily...steeped with heavy former influences of the MAFIA (which means "Death to the French is Italy's Cry"). As soon as we stepped off the ship, we stepped on to a Coach. Looking back, I wonder if it would have been smarter to just walk around the city? Palermo has got to be one of the most frenetic cities we have experienced. New York or California' traffic and crazy-driver mentality does not hold a candle to Sicily's Palermo. Grid lock could last an hour, without a budge. Cars come at every and any angle, jockeying for position. Think, "Bumper Cars" at a circus, with no rules. Seriously! Well worth the cost, our tour comprised of the Cathedral of Palermo and the Monreale. Photography was allowed in both places. We saw the most beautiful mosaics...and most were in solid gold, just amazing! We didn't have to travel far, but because of the severe congestion, it took ½ a day. Our first option was to take the HOHO and we are so glad we didn't. Taking the ship-guided tour meant that we would be guaranteed to be back in time before the ship set sail. Last but certainly not the least, we enjoyed the most flavorful cannelloni we have experienced. Perfecto!

Venice, Italy: The city of 117 islands, and bridges to connect most of them. Nothing prepared me for this city. I think I woke up around 5 AM just as the Eclipse was being quietly tugged (pulled) into Venice, along the canals. As the sun threatened to break over the water, we began to make out the churches, shops and homes along the water in the canal passage ways. Well, I'm not too much of an emotional traveler, but felt this overwhelming, "This is it!" overtake me. It was surreal and magical. We finally made it to Venice! After the Eclipse docked, we boarded a water taxi (Vaparetto) to take us to the city square. We purchased a 4-hour Venice tour from =X= and were glad we did. It included the Vaparetto to the city square, a 90-minute Gondola ride (amazing!) and a visit to St. Mark's Square and the Doges Palace with the Bridge of Sighs. We broke away from our tour group later, as we didn't want to see a card making / paper shop, and enjoyed lunch at a canal-side cafe and just enjoyed shopping. Hit the jackpot on this tour. We're not huge shoppers, but will save our dollars for the right purchase and we found it here: stunning hand-blown Murano fused wine glasses, in rich colors, Murano jewelry and figurines for family were included in the treasure hunt. I'll tell you what; we have never seen so many women's shops with such beautiful fashion, and the most interesting bounty of high heels one could imagine. It was fun just to walk around and look in the shop windows. Leaving Venice was sad, and we vowed to come back to stay for longer than a day.

Kotor Montenegro: Kotor is just a little south of Croatia, in the Adriatic Sea. Sailing into the cove was awesome. We sailed through a beautiful serene fjord to tender in a turquoise cove. Two movies which were partially filmed in this lovely cove were, "Casino Royale" and "Master and Commander". We really enjoyed this port on foot, walking around the medieval town encased in it's very-high stone walls. Time looks like it never passed by in some places of this town. There was a spirit of camaraderie with the locals we met. We had fun getting lost in the many alley-ways within the fortressed old city, people-watching and enjoying the sites. It reminded us somewhat of Tallinn, Estonia.

Cartagena, Spain: This was a fabulous port, and really a big surprise for us. The city and port were beyond clean and presentable. You can see the pride the city takes in their heritage and location on the Mediterranean Sea. Cartagena is a Spanish Mediterranean city and naval station along the Southeast Iberian Peninsula. We toured this great city on foot as well. The highlight was the Roman Amphitheater built in 300 AD, but only discovered a couple of decades ago. This is a great port to just get off the ship and putz around at your leisure. But do try to visit the amphitheater. It was well worth the time and entrance fee, so amazing!

La Coruna, Spain: We felt right at home as we sailed into port. We San Franciscans can tell you all about our fog in the City and how it can be thick as split-pea soup! Some days the fog will sit heavy all day, and visibility is good for only a few feet. This is how it was sailing into La Coruna. We took the liberty to get off the ship and walk, and walk, and walk (about 2.5 miles) to the Tower of Hercules. The walk was fun because it was along the embarcadero the entire way, so we were able to enjoy views of the beach and water. The fog slowly lifted and we were rewarded with a very pleasing, sunny day. After touring the outside of Hercules, we took a local bus to the downtown area, got off and walked about the city. It was a holiday, so many of the shops were closed. We found a city garden to walk through, and did some last minute port-shopping for small bottles of booze to smuggle on board (Ssshhh!) and other little chotskies. Our last port, but a fun stop!

Our cabin attendant on the Eclipse was good. He was not exceptional, as we've had in the past. I think he had a couple of "off" days. His behavior was always respectful and courteous, and he would generally give us anything we needed. I don't think we ever met or really spoke with our assistant cabin attendant. These guys did their job, and they did it well. We were happy to provide them with a well-deserved gratuity.

So in short (although this was a little lengthy!) we enjoyed another fine Celebrity cruise, and will be looking forward to sailing with her in the near future. Currently we are booked for a B2B on the Millie this coming October (15-nights E to W Panama followed up by a 7-night Hawaii cruise). Looking forward to getting away from it all, and meeting new friends and making new experiences.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write us at: scorpgc@gmail.com. We both enjoy international travel and cruising immensely. While it's not possible to list the entirety of our experience, happy to share with you answers to any specific questions, or forward to you our electronic newsletters from this cruise.

Happy and safe travels to all! Less

Published 02/07/12

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Please note, I did not see a drop-down selection for Cartagena, Spain, only Cartagena Columbia. My port rating above is for Cartagena, Spain.

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