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Carnival Triumph - Western Caribbean

Sail Date: January 2005
Destination: Western Caribbean
Embarkation: Miami
Triumph Review Jan. 21 to 29, 2005

We (Margaret689 and StreRan) decided to get to Miami a day early, arrived @ the Miami airport roughly 11:30am....Got our luggage, called the hotel/motel for the shuttle... Arrived @ Days Inn Airport around 1:30pm...checked in...found our room and changed into some summer clothes.... We decided to take a walk around, found a small restaurant, got a bite to eat...Went back to the motel.. Too late to go to Parrot Jungle, as we were planning... Talking w/a few people on our roll call thread we had set up a mini meet and greet @ Bubba Gumps Shrimp Factory... So shortly after 4pm..we took a cab to Bay Side Market... Walking around checking out the various shops, restaurants, U name it they have it (just about)... Charter boats for some deep sea fishing, evening cruises, a Pirate ship.... All sorts of things that U could do!!!!.. Got a couple of drinks @ Just Daiquiri's (sp)... and an outdoor concert was going on... the guy was playing a lot of More reggae, and even some American songs... After the concert we took another walk around and got a phone call from Mindy (CruiseKazy63) and her DH (Dennis)... Marg and I met Mindy and Dennis, and also Maggie (moosincnaz) and her DH (Dennis)... @ the entrance of Bubba Gumps... Maggie went and made reservations for all that maybe coming...Sitting outside, having a drink, we decide on checking on the reservations and come to find out a couple of people r @ our table... So we all go to our table and we meet Bruce (Bar Service), his DW, Sue (Yellowbird), and Bruce's children.....Jessica, Nicole, and Jeff.. Also @ the table we meet Marla (Imagine757) and her mother, Olga...I think we all had a great time meeting everyone...and the food was real good also... it was getting late so unfortunately we all had to leave to go to our respective hotels/motels...Marla and Olga was staying @ the same place as Marg and myself.. So we shared a cab ride back to the hotel...

Embarkation ..... Marg and I signed up for the 10am shuttle to the port..... Got to the port around 10:30am...a porter met us, since we had a guarantee stateroom...He gave us a list to find our assigned cabin...the porter gave us new tags for our luggage, after tipping the porter we head to the terminal, once inside we see Bruce and his family, also Mindy and her group.. We sort of cut in line and join Mindy, Maggie, and the Dennis's....the line moved fairly quick and w/out any major challenges we made it onboard the ship shortly after noon....Maggie had left her purse @ the scanner section.. and her and Dennis disappeared for awhile....They came back w/ her purse and everything was fine...... Everyone went there separate we were given some papers that said we couldn't get to our cabins until after 1:30 pm....Marg and I explored the ship for awhile.. got some food on the Lido deck ( forgot how good the hamburgs and hot dogs were)...After we ate we found our cabin and dropped off our carry on...then went back to exploring the ship...... Had a couple of the Funships (the drink of the day)... Got to be close to Myssie's (Mao) favorite activity the Life Boat Drill.. Went back to our cabin...and awaited for the fun...(just kidding)...Went to the muster drill no big deal except u can't have any drinks w/U...Back to the drop off those smelling life jackets... and to put on our lei's, headed towards the Spa Deck to meet everyone else we were talking to on our roll call thread...

Got to the Spa Deck, saw Dennis (Mindy's DH), dressed as a Pirate, and Mindy, in a few minutes Bob and Jackie (Love-to-Travel)..arrived.. Eventually just about everyone we had talked w/on the tread showed up....Bar Service, Yellowbird, and his family, Maggie and Dennis, Myssie, LindaJh , Imagine757, the laylows35, and the polsons. Had a group picture taken by Carnival.. Our little get together started to break up, as a lot of them had early dining and had to get ready for Dinner.. Marg and I stayed around took some pics of the ship leaving Miami, and of the ship itself... Walked around the ship for awhile...then headed back to our cabin...

Majority of our luggage had arrived so, we did some unpacking... and met our room Stewart, Joni... The first time on any of our cruises that the room steward actually introduced him/her self to us......Did some talking to him, more him talking seeing what we needed and wanted..., the rest of our luggage arrive.... Got ready for Dinner, Off to the London Dining room for Dinner, the food was very good as usual.. No complaints....a couple of our tablemates weren't all that friendly...but we had already planned to switch over to the Paris Dining room... After Dinner , we got our dining selection changed,.... Checked out the Promenade deck, b4 we went to the Welcome Aboard Show... the show was very good... Marg and I checked out some of the lounges on the Promenade deck, and then decide to gamble for awhile in the casino, Marg went to the one armed bandits and I decided to play some Black Jack.... We both went back to our cabin w/ no chips and no quarters...

Day 2 Fun Day At Sea (Sunday, Jan. 23rd)

I awoke around 7am, went to the Lido deck and got us a couple of cups of coffee, Around 9am, we went to the Lido deck for Breakfast.. Agree w/Bob about the omelets makers. Walked around the Lido deck, say Bruce, Sue and the family...Shared a bucket w/Bruce..B4 I went to the Blackjack tournament....Not exactly sure what Margaret did!!!...didn't have any luck @ the Blackjack tournament!!!... Around 2pm went back to the cabin... Marg was there so we went back to the Lido deck for Lunch...While standing in line @ the NY Deli, I was talking to another guy, named Randy... He was trying to get a Texas hold'em game set for Tuesday am...Exchanged names and cabin # (told him I knew a few people who may be interested).. Bob and Jackie was also in line and we (Marg and I) had lunch w/Bob and Jackie... Marg I and walking around saw Mindy and Dennis, mentioned to him about the Texas Hold'em game.... Very windy outside, so Marg and I go to the Promenade deck..... Have a couple of drinks as we checked out the lounges.. Tonite the first formal nite and also the Captain's Cocktail Party... Went back to our cabin shortly b4 5pm to get ready... Shortly after 7pm we leave for the Captain's Party....Got there and didn't recognize anyone so we sat at this little table for 2...Listening to the music, indulging in the free drinks, and hors d'oeuvres... Made our way to the Paris Dining room to find our new table.... They sat us in the corner by the window...a table for 2.... No way we could complain about our tablemates....hehe.... We were about 4 tables away from Bruce and Sue...Dinner was very good, shrimp cocktails, lobsters, and prime rib... After Dinner...we went to the Rome lounge for the show....The show (Wonderful World) was ok...Checked out some of the lounges and then went back to the cabin...Filled out the room service card for coffee and fruit.. To arrive @ 6am....

Day 3 Cozumel (Monday, Jan. 24th)

Room Service arrives right @ 6am… Planned on spending the day @ Paradise Beach… Marg and I went to breakfast on the Lido deck, then back to our cabin to get our back packs and stuff…. Got off the ship fairly quick… Walk around the shopping area, bought a few souvenirs … Review Day 3 (continued)

Hailed a cab to Paradise Beach… ($12.00 for both of us plus tip of course)…. Very windy and a bit overcast decide not to get the $5.00 @ this time for all the water toys…..Roughly 10am… looked around, a few people @ the beach…. See Mindy and Maggie…(the Dennis's r golfing) they relaxing on the lounges and both have one of PB's Toms famous Pineapples… Start to move a couple of the lounges over towards Mindy and Maggie.. And one of the Beach waiters (Sorry forgot his first name but he was a great waiter).. moved the lounges over for us……we both ordered the Pineapples, mine had Long Island Iced tea in and I forgot what Marg had ordered!!!…Mindy and Maggie had brought a few back packs and other stuff for PB's Tom kids (the local school children), Marg and I also brought a few items.. too.. Weather clears up , the polson's arrive… I talk to Dewey and Rick… and asked them about the Texas hold'em game… Had a great Day @ the beach…..PB Tom finally arrived, we gave him all the items for his kids…(he really appreciated all the items) It was too windy to go parasailing like Marg and I wanted to do, Mindy and Maggie wanted to rent some jet ski's but the water was too rough…. Myssie, Linda, Maddy (Maddog47), and Kate…arrived @ the beach… Spent the rest of the afternoon just laying around on the beach talking w/everyone (and of course a few more drinks)….The Dennis's get back from their golfing excursion!!… Checked out the water a few times but it was very cold!!!.. Around 4pm… Myssie and Linda came over and said they were leaving…Marg and I decided to leave also, figuring it would cost about $4.00 for the cab ride back…. No Vans were available @ the time…so Marg and I got a cab by ourselves again….We get on the main road and pass Myssie and her group like they were standing still!!!!….Marg asked the cab driver if there's a speed limit….he turns around and says "Not for Cabbies"…. Had a very enjoyable and quick ride back to the pier area…… We did a bit more shopping and decided to stop @ Fat Tuesdays for a drink…. Decided to sit @ a table outside by the beach area… shortly after our drinks arrived…a big wave hit the sea walls and got Marg and myself all wet…… Moved to another table… A few minutes later I see a young lady that looks very familiar… It's Jessica…Bruce's oldest daughter… we joined Bruce and his family for awhile…(no buckets this time)!!!…. Went back to the ship…got cleaned up for Dinner…Totally open seating in the Paris Dining room…. 8 of us were @ the table… 2 couples had just joined the ship.. Mechanically problems w/the plane… plus their luggage was lost!!!!..and this was their First cruise!!!! (bummer)… ..had a very enjoyable dinner w/all the tablemates… After Dinner , Marg and I went off the ship .. Did a little bit more shopping… Stopped @ Fat Tuesday for another drink… the place was packed and people partying!!! .Got back onboard around 11:00pm… went to the Casino and donated more money to them… Around 1am went back to our stateroom… chip less and quarter less!!!!!

Day 4 Fun Day at Sea (Tuesday, Jan. 25th)

I slept in until roughly 8am (Forgot to mention, when we got back to our cabin from Cozumel there was a note under the door about the Texas hold'em game)… Went and got some coffee from the Lido Deck, saw Rick (Jennifer's dad, {polson's})… Mentioned to him about the card game, 10:30am in the library… also saw Bruce.. Told him about the game…. Marg and I went to breakfast shortly after 9am… Got back to our cabin around 10am… I got ready to go play some cards, Margaret wasn't sure what she was going to do… there were 8 guys (including Rick and Dewey, {polson's})… Around noon we decided to take a break… I lost about $75.00 dollars…. Had 3 $1.00 chips left gave them to Dewey…and I called it quits… Haven't had any luck playing cards on this cruise at all!!!!… Went back to the cabin, no one around…grabbed a beer and took a walk to find my better half (Marg)… Finally found her, on the Lido deck getting some sun w/Jennifer and Connie, Marg and I ordered the drink of the day (Riviera Delight)…Mainly talked w/Connie as Jennifer was taking care of her kids (Connie was too!!!) … The "Survivor" game was about ready start, so Marg and I moved to a better location to watch the game…After "Survivor"… we got a bite to eat…., Checked out the photo gallery …. Went back to our cabin to drop off a few things… ordered our tickets for the Seaquarium and transfer to the airport on Sat., thru the TV… Shortly after 3pm… went to the Rome lounge for the Newlywed not so Newlywed game, we decided to sit in the balcony (actually didn't want to participate in the game)… The game was very funny and quite enjoyable!!!…. Took another walk around, Marg wanted an airbrushed tattoo… We get there, Marg picks out the one she wants…but they r out of it…won't have it back in stock until Friday!!!!….. We go back to our cabin to get ready for Dinner, plus there's a 50's, 60's & Motown Party @ 7pm , at the Hollywood Dance Club…. Got to the Motown party….the place was fairly packed!!!!….found a couple of seats , ordered our drinks… Bob and Jackie arrived…. The music was very good.. And the same w/the conversation w/Bob and Jackie… 8pm…Dinner time…Marg and I sit at our little table… actually it was very nice….Dinner as usual was very good… After Dinner made our way to the Rome Lounge for the "New Wave Magic Show"… Starring Kevin and Caruso…the show was very good… After the show Marg was tired and went to bed… Figured I'd checked out the casino again…Playing Blackjack @ one of the outside tables…Jeff, Bruce's son stops by and chats for awhile….. After donating a little more money to the casino…I decide to go to bed!!!.. Filled out the room service slip for coffee and fruit @ 6am…

Day 5 Grand Cayman (Wednesday, Jan. 26th)

Awoke shortly b4 room service arrived w/the coffee and fruit….. Got ready for our Excursion thru Native Way (swimming w/the sting rays and then snorkeling @ Coral Gardens)… Got to the Rome lounge shortly b4 8am…. We got tender ticket #3... Saw Mindy, Maggie and the Dennis's…they had tender #1...they said they got there around 7am… Also saw the Polson's…chatted w/them a bit b4 we were called to leave the ship….Caught the tender off the ship…. Shortly after 9am.. Looking around for some one w/ a Native Way sign…. Saw just about everybody but Native Way… No one at the info counter…. Walked across the street.. Talked to a couple that was trying to arrange a city tour (they being the tour guides)… She pointed out where the Native Way person was…. Our Excursion began…(first time that we booked an excursion, not thru the ship)…On our way to stingray city… Can't believe all the destruction that the hurricane did!!!!!!…. Saw pictures b4 we cruised…but to really understand the total destruction u have to see it yourself…..Grand Cayman still going thru the process of rebuilding everything… Saw all the devastation.. Along our way to the drop off point for our stingray tour….. Big pieces of cement pillars weighing over a ton were totally uprooted and deposited over 100 yards away… Boarded the boat , there were roughly 20 people onboard…. Marg and I were the only ones from the Triumph.. Everyone else was from a Royal Caribbean ship (not sure which one)…Got to stingray city….b4 going in the water the boat captain, plus his assistant and of course a lady taking Video's … gave us some basic info.. Which we never got the last time thru the ship….Especially Y u can't wear your aqua shoes or fins.. Something to do w/the sting rays skin… other than bare human skin will hurt the rays… Into the water we go… There wasn't a lot of boats around maybe 4 plus us... all small ones too!!.. They showed us how to feed the rays w/shrimp…they just come up and suck it right out of your hand….both Marg and I held one of the rays….mine must not of like how I was holding it.. as it swam away… Marg actually kissed one the rays…. I tried to take some pics but I sorta screwed up the camera… Marg took over control of the camera… and the captain (sorry forgot his name)… Got a hold of a ray and pulled her out of the water…showing everyone it's mouth… ( Marg got a very good pic if anyone wants one) … The bigger rays r all females, and the smaller ones r males….. Off to Coral Gardens…….snorkeling in roughly 8 to 10 ft of water…. It was totally amazing (almost like snorkeling in a fish bowel)… Couldn't believe how many fish were there, saw eels, U could almost reach out and touch the coral (but don't)….I've never seen so many different kinds of fish in one place……. Got back onboard our boat… and back to the shore we go….. The captain letting anyone who wanted to take over the control of the boat…went into some little inlets to show us some of the damage that the hurricane did to the multi million dollars houses!!!.. We get back to dry land… awaiting for our transportation back to the ship……. Mindy, Maggie, and the Dennis's arrive from their portion of the excursion….Exchanged a few words w/them ….until they have to leave and our shuttle arrives… On the way back to town…. The driver stopped @ 7 mile beach…to let anyone off that wanted to …..majority of the people got off…Marg and I decided to do some shopping in town… We get to town…it's shortly afternoon (12pm)…shopping and sight seeing….decide to go into Breezes for a drink… Marg gets a strawberry Daiquiri… I decided upon a Category 5 Hurricane… personally I think it's the strongest drink I ever had… Not having anything to eat except the fruit onboard ship… and roughly 7 shots of liquor (including 2 shots of Bacardi 151 rum… I was feeling very happy… We explored the area…bought a few items….and around 3pm caught a tender back to the ship…. Dropped off our stuff we bought in our cabin… Under the door were our excursion tickets for Sat., a time change notice on our excursion for Ocho Rios, and out past guest party invitation . Then went to the Lido deck to get something to eat….. Went back to our cabin to get cleaned up!!!.. Right around sunset we went up to the Lido deck and took some nice pics of the sunset…as we were sailing away from Grand Cayman!!!!…

Back to the cabin to get ready for Dinner….. After Dinner… went to the guest talent show.. It was one of the best of all of our cruises, actually it was the best!!!!…. Decided to call it an evening and went to our cabin.. Put out the room service card for coffee and fruit @ 6am…. Off to Dream land….

Day 6 Ocho Rios (Thursday, Jan. 27th)

The coffee and fruit arrived @ 6am….Our Excursion on Cool Running.. Was changed from 10am to 10:30am…. So we had plenty of time to get ready… Watching us dock, noticed that it was raining… No big deal…as we will get wet on the Excursion to Dunns Rivers Falls…any ways… Took our time getting ready…. Went to breakfast on the Lido deck….Back to our cabin then off the ship by 9:30am… Went to the shops area… saw Bob and Jackie, and the drug dealer!!!!…also saw the little kids begging for money…a dollar, please give us a dollar!!!…. Did a little looking around…ran into Mindy , Maggie and the Dennis’s… Knew the 3 of us (Love-toTravel, Cruisecrazy63, and StreRan ) were going on the same excursion…. Make our way back to the boarding area…as we noticed our boat ( ool Runnings, the C was missing… ) boarded w/no problems…and was glad to see that Marla (Imagine757) and her mother Olga also joined us on this excursion!!!…got underway.. Listening to reggae music….Dennis (Mindy’s DH) and went to get a drink…but the lady @ the bar said we couldn’t until the way back!!!…Had to settle for some funky tasting punch!!!.. We get a short distance away from the ship and it stops raining??? Sailing (actually motoring towards our destination)….we saw Myssie and Linda… Wave at them, as we leave them in our wake… Dock @ Dunns River Falls….No rain, a bit overcast… but very nice weather…. Lining up to get ready to climb the falls, they have U hold hands and follow everyone….in our line was Mindy and Dennis, Maggie and Dennis, Marg and myself, followed by Jackie and Bob…(Marla and Olga never climbed the falls) this was the 2nd time Marg and I climbed the falls…… Climbing the falls is a riot…. At times it’s a piece of cake, then.. U run into some very quick moving rapids, and not sure how uneven the rocks r under the water where u plan on stepping…. We get to an area that’s good for photo ops … If u have an underwater camera , they guides will gladly take your pic…. Back up the 600 ft…waterfall… A member of the guide team is taking Videos.. (which U can purchase) Making our way up the falls on the rocky bottom…. Getting wet…..having a great time…we get to a few different spots for photo ops…plus sliding down into deep water (Jackie chickened out) sorry Jackie…. U have to go under a low bridge that is maybe 4 ½ ft high for about may 25 ft.. After a stop for a water fight… we finally make it to the top…Dennis, (Maggie’s DH)… Steps off and does a nose dive into the water!!!!…Luckily he never got hurt… Made our way back down to the beach…Saw Marla and Olga.. Marla stating that she went on a jet ski. Waiting for the rest of our group to arrive…When they finally should up.. We had a couple of people take a few pics… Waiting for our boat to come back… see Linda and Myssie… they said they had a great time…. They take off on their boat, A short time later our boat arrives… We all get onboard, have no idea where Bob and Jackie r, The rum and coke, and the rum punch is flowing freely as we head back to the ship….People dancing and partying….as we closer to the ship…. Guess what… it starts raining, the front must have been hovering over the ship… Get back to the pier… everybody sorta went there separate ways, Marg and I headed for Margaritaville…. Walking in the rain… Marg does have an umbrella…. Get to the entrance of the shopping area, a local is passing out coupons for a free shooter @ Margaritaville…. Sitting at a table out of the rain… we have a drink, Notice Bob and Jackie, think they r sitting w/their tablemates,.. Marg and decide to do some something…. Picked up some small Cuban cigars, and a couple of hand rolled Jamaican cigars for Bruce and myself, Still raining… we continue shopping.. Found the hot sauce I was looking for pick up 4 bottles…

It’s shortly b4 3pm… Marg and I head back towards the ship… We also get asked by a couple of shady characters, if we wanted any pot, coke, u name it… Kept on walking didn’t even answer… Saw the 2 little kids again still asking for dollars, they were totally drenched!!!…. Get back onboard … drop of a few things, plus get cleaned up a bit…mainly getting into some dry clothes… Went to the Lido deck to get some lunch.. After lunch, saw a lady on a scooter.. Stopped her and asked if she was Kathi, sure enough it was Dkathi… We chatted w/ them for awhile, apologized about having our meet and greet on the Spa deck… where no elevators go… it was really nice meeting them…. Tonite is the last Formal nite…so we head back to the cabin to start to get cleaned up!!!.. After we get ready… Go to the Promenade deck.. Get some pics taken… At Dinner, we decide to sit a table next to Bruce’s family that has been empty all week… Dinner was excellent as it has been all week!!!.. After Dinner.. We go and check out a couple of the lounges, have a drink…then off to the Rome Lounge for the show…. The show “Show Time” was good… back to the lounges to see what was going on… Majority of the lounges were packed… So We decided to try the casino again…. It didn’t take Marg long to lose her money, she said she was tired and headed back to the cabin… Saw Jeff, Bruce’s son again, we chatted for awhile b4 they made him leave… Taking a break from the tables I see Myssie and Linda… Chat w/them for awhile and then join them @ a table for a strange game of Blackjack (sorry don’t remember the name) .. They leave,…I go back to the other blackjack tables… if they changed the name of the game to 13 I’d be a winner…almost every hand I had, I Must have had 13 at one point or the other… lost some more money… decided to call it an evening and went back to my cabin!!!!!!!

Day 7 Fun Day at Sea ( Friday, Jan. 28th)

We slept in.. nothing planned for once.. I went and got some coffee around 8am… the Marg and I went to breakfast, on the Lido deck…I had prior talked w/Rick and Dewey (polson’s)… they had mentioned another Texas Hold’em game today…. Since my luck w/cards all week has been terrible…I decided to pass on the game…. After breakfast went back to the cabin and started to do some packing (unfortunately).. Shortly b4 11am…we went to the Rome lounge for the Debarkation Talk… We went to the Lido deck…saw just about everyone…. Marg (if u remember) wanted a tattoo,.. She got one and so did I!!!!… Killing time… on the Lido deck, heard that the synchronized swimming thing was starting… decided to go and watch that, Saw.. Jennifer (polson’s).. she was a participant, in fact her team won…(Hooray)!!!!!!.. Good job Jennifer!!!!.. After that Marg and I went and got some lunch….

Back to our cabin for a little more packing (bummer)… Shortly before 4pm.. We decide to check out the Family and Friends Feud… Sat w/Mindy and Dennis, we all participated in the game except Marg… It was fun.. After that Marg and I went to the casino one more time….Played nothing but the slots for awhile…shortly after 6 pm…went back to our cabin for some packing and also get ready for Dinner, and a couple of shows….Went to the 7pm comedy show W/Percy Crews…. He was very very good!!!!!… Went to Dinner…sat at our little table again…. Then went to the farewell show, a salute to Motown… again a good show!!!… afterwards we ran into Marla.. And watched some Karaoke for awhile… until we had to go back to the cabin to finish packing…. And get our luggage out b4 midnite… We got our luggage out… Had a cigar that I wanted to smoke b4 we left the ship, so Marg and went up to the Lido deck , Saw Marla, she sat w/us for awhile, Rick (polson’s) also joined us, think Angela (laylow35) was there too…but I could be mistaken… It got to be late so we all called it an evening and headed back to our cabins,.. Filled out the room service card one last time… for 7am…

Day 8 Debarkation (Saturday, Jan. 29th)

Our coffee and fruit arrived @ 7am, we have an excursion to the Seaquarium w/transfer to the Miami airport…, Listening to the news while we r getting ready hear something about an ice storm in Atlanta, but really don’t pay it any mind… Listening to the announcements, about getting off the ship…. I realized I packed away our birth certificates (had put them in our Doc’s envelope), I went to the Purser’s desk.. Told them what I did, they said I shouldn’t have any major challenges getting off the ship…. Think we had to meet in the Oxford lounge.. To get off the ship and onto our excursion…. Ran into Mindy, Maggie, and the Dennis’s…talked w/them for awhile b4 it was time to debark…. We said what we thought was our final goodbyes!!! Getting off the ship w/out our birth certificates, went fairly smooth the person just asked us questions from our Driver’s License, he asked Marg, her date of birth, and asked me what my middle name was… Got our luggage….and went to the bus to take us to the Seaquarium… Maddy (Maddog47) and Kate joined us to the Seaquarium…. The tour was very good.. Would recommend, taking this excursion….. Made it to the airport shortly b4 2pm….This is where I’ll stop… As I already posted about the fun we had in the Miami airport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I forgot a few things, chatted w/a lot of U people here on our thread, Forgot about the past guest party, must have been Thursday… We sat w/Mindy, Maggie and the Dennis’s… Anything else I forgot…or did …maybe someone else can fill in the blanks!!!!.. Marg and I had a very good time on the cruise…and it was a pleasure to meet all of U’s.. and will definitely cruise w/any of U’s at another time!!!!! Less

Published 07/22/05

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