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Carnival Sensation >> BLAST!!!

Sail Date: November 2011
Destination: Bahamas
Embarkation: Port Canaveral (Orlando)
So day one port canerval... used park and Cruise rather than port parking... arrived at parking at 1030 am. Very smooth parking waited like 5 minutes for a shuttle it cost $37.05 for the whole time of the trip. We arrived at port about 11am and were assigned zone 10 and our Sail-n-Sign cards. When we sat down they were on zone 1, 2, 3 and the lady that was calling out the zones was pretty funny... she kept us talking and all during the very short wait, after about 15 minutes of waiting our zone was called. As you walk into the doors to go up to the boat there are 3 people standing there with backdrops trying to take your pictures, a simple no thanks and a smile is enough for them to move on to the next person, they ask you like 1000 times during that 1 minute your there to take your pictures but there just doing a job, I've seen a lot of people complain about this but they obviously didn't walk past and say no thanks. So we went up to the boat door and they took a picture of us for More the Sail and Sign account and we made our way up to the lido deck. The line to the Hamburgers and hotdogs were kind of long (10 people or so) but the buffet line wasn't long at all... we were sitting down eating by 1130. Took a tour of the boat, lounges, casino and all but we did not do the spa tour. Figured since we weren't going to use the service we wouldn't do the tour. Our room was ready at 130 exactly like we were told. The only thing about the room that was bad... there was dust all over the window ledge and the bathroom toilet seat is Had a few free things in the bathroom pack that was free and there were sodas and a bottle of water with a price list of these items. You are not charged with them unless you open them.
We signed up for anytime dining which is from 5:45pm to 9:30pm. Went to eat around 8 pm. And Chin from china was our server... very sweet woman, very quite spoken and friendly. The food was awesome. My bf had the Lasagna bolognaise and Caesar salad, I had a steak and Caesar salad. Both were absolutely awesome. Sorry I was going to take pics of the food but I kept forgetting and there are tons of pics on here that you can see of the food. We had all of our food including desert and was finished eating in about an hour. The only thing I can say that I do not like about the dining is that the people come up to your table while you are eating and try to take your picture. Again, a simple no thanks and smile will push them off, there are several other people that come up to you the first night but after a few times of telling them no thanks they eventually leave you alone. The servers will remember you, or at least ours did, they even spoke to us when they passed us up in the halls or on the decks.

We did several events the first night on the boat.
@ 5:15pm my bf and I did the Laser Tag. This was really cool. Its one of those blow up moon walk bouncy things. And its really huge. It cost $5 for 5 minutes and it was well worth it. IT felt like we were in there for 30 minutes. When we got there there wasnt alot of people there. We were the only two people there. So Myself and my bf played against two of the employees. rated 10

@ 7:00pm we went to Karaoke Craziness. There wasnt alot of people there but as soon as my bf and the host started singing songs, more people started coming in. rate 10

@ 7:30pm we attended the free liquor tasting that was in-between all the little fun shops. They were those little cups that you use to swish in when you was in grade school. Literally a quarter could not fit in these cups. But you were allowed to go through the line as many times as you wanted to in a hour. This is 100% free. There were like 6 choices of liquor to choose from, but it was mainly the ones that were on sale.

@ 8:00pm we ate lunch. Rated 10 see above for comments about lunch

@9:00pm we pretty much was chilling around on the boat. Went to the casino and looked around. took pics and hung around the different clubs and the bf danced

@10:00pm we went to the Kaleidoscope club where we hung out till 11:30. the club music was that of up to date hip hop but there were other clubs that you could go to that played different music. The servers are very pushy in every part of the boat, but again after you say not a few times they stop coming by you.

@11:30pm we went to the plaze lounge to watch the Adult only comedy show. Now I have read several post about this show that stated its lame and the same old stuff. Well I dont like comedy but we saw Percy Crews 2 in this show and it was very good. he kept the crowd laughing and he was always picking on people in the crowd. Word of advice if you do not want to be picked on or made fun of do not sit in the front. He also sells his cd's for $5.00 It is very ADULT ORIENTED

@Midnight we were pretty much in the Kaleidoscope club again until 1:30am where the bf was dancing his butt off. I would say that this was the favorite club on the boat considering he listens to hip hop and rap.

Around 1:45am we made our way to our room to find this on the bed.

with the sheets folded back for us to crawl into bed...

Day Two Freeport,
We arrived in Freeport on Monday morning of the 28th at 8am the process for getting off the boat was very very easy and fast, we got in the debark line around 9am and was standing by our excursion sign at 905. Breakfast was ok. We ate breakfast on the lido deck and the scrambled eggs is the only thing that is not worth eating. As you walk through the gate off of the dock there are buildings to the left that state different events, companies and the taxis are lined up there. We signed up to do the Deserted Island Tour which was 4 hours long through Pat and Diane's tours. However, after waiting about 15 minutes for our transportation we were told that it was canceled due to severe weather on that side of the island. But the original driver (jerry) offered us to go to paradise cover also known as deadman's reef for a lot cheaper. We paid $15 each for a snorkel set which included fins, mask and snorkel, and $3 for a beach chair. So for two people it was $33. I paid with my MasterCard, you have two options you can leave a $40 deposit that will be refunded when you bring the stuff back or you can tell them to hold your credit card for you. I let them hold my Credit card, because the hold will take forever to release. We snorkeled for about 2 hours straight, the water was very choppy but it was still clear. We saw several fish and reefs

It started to sprinkle just a little bit but cleared up. The taxi driver (jerry) gave us a short tour of the 8 mile stretch where all the Haitians come to live for $20 a week. The houses in this area are horribly disgusting. She showed us the churches, answered any questions for us and then we made it back to the port around 230pm. She charged us $20 PER PERSON for the taxi ride round trip. Wasn't what we agreed on for the first excursion but we messed up and failed to agree to a price before we left. (Which I read several places that we should do) I didn't really complain that much about paying that because she was very nice and gave us lots of info about the island.

We made it back onto the boat to shower and eat lunch then we got off the boat again at 345pm to walk around the straw market to take pics and to shop around. We were back on the boat at 410pm because there was about 10 stores to look in and they were very high priced. Example, the snorkel set you can buy on carnival boat for $5 is $25 in the straw market. We did buy a Harley Davidson Bahamas hat; it was $23 which was actually a good price. There is no tax or credit card fees, the price marked on the sticker is what you pay.

That Night there wasnt really alot going on but we did do the following:

@ 4:30pm the bf did laser tag again. Same rating as before.

We ended up going back to the room around 6pm and taking a nap till 11:45pm

@ 11:45pm we went to the adult only comedy show again.

it was still very good. It wasnt the same show over and over again but it was the same topics. race, drunks, etc. We really enjoyed myself

@ 12:15pm we went again to the Kaleidoscope club to dance and hang out. where the bf danced pretty much until 130am.

then about 130 we headed to the room to find this on the bed

Around 9pm we went to dinner, this night was elegant night so we had to dress us, I personally don't see why we have to do this but I didn't complain. We both ordered Caesar salads and lobster tail with tiger shrimp. There wasn't a lot of food on this dish; it came with a piece of lobster that was about 4 inches long and 3 shrimp and veggies. We both ended up ordering a second entire. I got the prime rib medium rare and bf got shrimp cocktail which came with 5 tiger shrimp. Both were excellent. Had desert and an after dinner drink. Service was a little slower this night but that's because they started the shows. It took us about 1 hour and 15 minutes to eat completely and get out, no long times waiting for food we just took our time eating and chatting. I had a birthday cake delivered to our table for him, they sang happy birthday to him and then delivered the cake to your stateroom for us. The cake was absolutely wonderful, all homemade. And was ordered from the Bon Voyage dept and only cost $8
Day Three Nassau...

We arrived in Nassau at 7am, again like we were told. We made our way up to the lido deck to eat breakfast, the breakfast food is good but the scrambled eggs are horrible. The omelets are very good. Fruits, cakes, coffee, and all are good as well. So we left the boat around 8am, walked into the building that said entrance to city, I thought was a little cheesy but that's my opinions. As soon as we walked in there were people holding signs for different locations, the guy that was holding Atlantis paradise island sign was also saying $4 taxi ride to Atlantis. We clarified that the price was $4 each one way and he agreed. We were asked to wait a few minutes so that they could get some more people up. We walked about 3 blocks to the taxi and were on our way to Atlantis. We did not book through the boat nor did we buy day passes at Atlantis. I booked a hotel room through comfort suites there in Nassau, which is in the same parking lot as Atlantis. The total cost of the room was $212.90 with all taxes and electric charges for two people. No money was due at the time of booking, just a CC number to hold the room with. Upon arriving at comfort suites, we left our carry on bag with a change of clothes and bathroom stuff in it there with security until we were able to check in at 3pm. They went ahead and let us pay for the room and gave us our "no charging privilege" passes to Atlantis. We made our way over to the customer service desk in the coral towers of Atlantis and obtained our aqua venture day bracelets. There are several checkpoints throughout the hotel as to where they make sure you have access to that part of the building. We had no problems at all with this; we flashed the pink card and were on our way. After obtaining our bracelets for the water park we walked around the dig and the casino to look around because the water park was not open yet. We still had like 20 minutes to kill before the park opened at 10am. We rented a locker to store our shirts, shoes, credit cards and SS card in, it was $7.00 for a small locker which is big enough to place about 10 pair of shoes in. That price is for 10am to 5pm. They give you a key that has a little flex rope on it to put around your wrist so that you don't have to worry about losing it. The water slides and the rivers in the park are the best. I hate water parks but went here because it was the bf's birthday but I even had a wonderful time. The staff was very friendly and always striking random conversations up with one of us. There are 8 slides all together and two rivers to float down. Not counting the predator's lagoon or the dig and the beach. We ended up eating two cheese burger combos with chips and a 20oz soda for $16 it was well worth it. The food was great. Later on the bf got loaded nachos and it was $9.00, I thought that was a lot for that but after getting it the price was adequate for the amount of food that was on it. Towels ARE PROVIDED to you at the Atlantis. There are stands everywhere in the resort, all you do is walk up and ask for a towel, they give you one. When you're done drop it in the bin and grab another one whenever you need it. There is no limit on how many times you can get a towel. I will say that this $212 was very well spent and I would easily do this event again when we go back. I will say though booking in advance will assure you save money with comfort suites. I booked 3 months in advance to get my rate. Some couples were paying like $400 for 4 people and booked at the last minute. But even that price is worth it when you got that many people. Through the boat it cost you $175 each to do what we did. You do the so after chilling at the park and doing our thing there we made it back towards the comfort suites again which is about a football field away from Atlantis and it was around 530pm We changed clothes showered and laid for about 10 minutes. Got up walked back to Atlantis where we gambled for about 30 minutes just to say we did it. The staff btw at comfort suites is very friendly as well the rooms are 5 stars in my opinions it even had a couch and a balcony. When you walk out of the exit at Atlantis there are some shops to the right by the yachts, we looked around and stopped in the shop called "my Atlantis photos" because we had forgotten to look at your pics prior to leaving Atlantis and didnt want to walk back. The two ladys in this shop were very nice and sweet. They talked to us about where we were from and our plans and told us a little about the city. Our pictures did not turn out so they offered to take pics for us. We went over by the yachts and took a couple of pics and she gave me 2 pics and a Atlantis picture frame for $30. It is a very nice picture frame and well worth it. I think its made of stone because it is very heavy. But we didn't win anything at the casino in fact we lost $40 in about 5 minutes, after the shops we made our way back to comfort suites to take a taxi back to the boat for dinner. By this time it was around 8pm. We paid $11 for the taxi total to come back because there were only two of us. I was fine with that because it was late in the evening. We arrived back to the ship and went straight to dinner around 910pm. My bf and I both had chicken penne pasta and fried shrimp. Both very good. Our dinning lasted about an hour this night as well. Again nothing really changed about the dining experience, it was still great. We had Chin again and she is so sweet. Our food was hot and tasted great.
We then headed to the room to rest since we had been out all day. We ended up laying down around 1030 and falling asleep.

Day 4 Sea Day

So we leave nassua at 6am the following morning, I was sleeping so I didnt watch the boat leave the port. We woke up around 9am and went to the dining room for breakfast this morning. We both ordered omelets and Danishes along with hash browns. It was all very good. Service for breakfast took about 30 minutes to eat and get out. The host and servers all remembered us from night time. This day we did the following:

@ noon we watched the ice carving contest, it takes forever and it was starting to get cool. People was standing around everywhere so you couldnt really see much that was going on. So we left there and

@ 12:30 we went up to the sports deck to play golf. It was very windy but it was also fun. There were about set of people infront of us so it took about 45 minutes to play.Again, it was fun.

@1:00pm we went to the mirage bar to do the Genius test, basically all it is, is they give you a paper with about 25 questions on it that you have to figure out. like 7=d m a w meaning 7 equals the days in a week that kinda stuff. I didnt find it fun but the bf they give the winners 24 ct plastic ship on a stick.

@1:30pm we stayed in the mirage bar for the mind game trivia. That was cool. The host asked several different riddles and we had to write down the answers that we thought it was. It was fun as well.
@245 we went to the Love and marriage show... THIS is a must see. The host takes 3 couples, one married around 48 years, one at 23 years and one that is like 4 days or so. They put them back to back and ask questions about their life. Some questions are adult oriented and very funny. They record the show so you can buy the dvds but you are not allowed to record it or take pictures of the show. They calm it is because copyright laws, but I believe its because you wont buy their dvds if you record your own stuff. Again, this show was awesome. Must see.

We ate burgers for lunch on the boat rather than goin to the dining room. They were really good.

@8pm we went to eat dinner, I got meatloaf with mash potatoes and salad and crab cakes and the bf got crab cakes, salad, and a seafood pasta with tomato sauce. I did get pics of this food and will post with the rest of the pics later. The food service again was very good. We had a different server this time, I didnt even get his name, but he was still very freindly and actually remembered them bring the cake to our table the night before.

After dinner we went to the room and laid down for a bit. Ate some cake and watched tv.

@ 10:45pm we went to the Adult comedy show again, it was different from the other two shows as well but around the same topics. it was very funny and again it is ADULT only. We both enjoyed the show again.

@11:45pm We stayed for the next Adult Comedy show by jim bricks (i think thats his name) he was an older white guy that was funny but he wasnt as good as Percy cruise which was the other 3 shows we saw. I still laughed my a** off at him. The servers are very pushy during shows, there is about 15 of them in one area and they walk by you every 5 minutes. It does get aggravating but its there job.
after that we headed to the room to go to bed.

Final Morning, Disembarkation

Disembarkation was very easy. We were giving our tags on the prior day with our zone numbers on them along with the disembarkation form. If you choose to carry your own stuff then they start from the highest cabin decks first and end with the Rivera deck. We choose to let them carry our bags for us. And were given zone 17. According to the sheet of paper that stated times that we would leave the ship by zone numbers, it stated 845-9am we were called to go off at 854am. The line was not long at all. They swiped out SS card and we made our way to luggage. Our luggage was laying there very easily seen in numbered rows. We made our way through customs lines where they walked a drug dog by everyone, which to be honest was a beetle about the size of my suitcase..Lol The customs lady was very nice, we gave her our us customs form and showed our Birth certificates and ID and was told to have a nice day. We made it out to the lot and was in a taxi back to our car which was only like 6 miles from the port. And we were on the road home at 9:23am.

Following are rated by scale 1 to 10. 10 being the highest, 1 the lowest
Boat layout and colors: 8 was a little dated with the colors but there wasn't any major defects
Customer service reps: 10 very friendly always willing to help
Bar tenders: 10 they don't make weak drinks
Dining room attendants: 10 very friendly and fast and they remember you
Food: 10 given the fact that the scrambled eggs are crappy.
Cost: 8 the cost of the ship is reasonable. Bar prices are like club prices.
Excursions: 10 GREAT... don't book through cruise line though do lots of research outside of carnival
Room Steward: 1 we did not meet or see our room steward the entire time. Can't tell you if it's a guy or girl. Bed stayed made but never seen him, I did adjust HIS tips ONLY.
Room and Bathroom: 9 only reason is because the toilet seat was hard plastic and it was hard to crap cuz the toilet is against the
Overall experience: 10 great time no disappointments at all.
Casino: 5 all casinos are rated this to me. It is a very nice casino lots of game choices to choose from there are about 7 tables as well with your common games in them. I played the quarter slots for the most part. I won $140 but ended up putting it back in the machine on night three and lost it all. LOL it was fun but I guess all casinos are made to take your money as well.
Shows: Shows were fun the curves show is a little age rated. It should only be seen by adults in my opinion and only because the dancing girls wear thongs and the guys actually strip. (Not nude though)

hope you all enjoyed and I hope I covered everything. Less

Published 12/06/11

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