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The Unbiased Truth

Sail Date: April 2011
Destination: Bahamas
Embarkation: Port Canaveral (Orlando)
The Unbiased Truth

Hello everyone,

I've just returned from 2 back to back cruises on the Disney Dream with my wife and 6 year old daughter and I thought I would share my impressions...

But first, a little about us...Before sailing with Disney, we had sailed 16 times for a total of 130 days at sea, everywhere from Hawaii to Europe. We've sailed with Carnival (7 times), Royal Caribbean (4 times), Princess (3 times) and Celebrity (2 times). We've been in every cabin type (inside, oceanview and balcony) and tried all dining options on every cruise. We consider ourselves very cruise savy and have excellent knowledge about food and wine. I therefore think we're in a good position to give you an unbiased view of the Disney Dream ship and cruise. So here goes...


We arrived at 11:00 am. We didn't follow the arrival time assigned by Disney, which was 1:30. But who does really? We got to the port and there was already quite a line up, More which is normal. We got throught all the formalities relativelly quickly. No better, no worse then any other cruise we've been on. What was off though is once you got all your things, you did not board. They didn't start boarding untill 12:00 noon. This is a first for me. Most cruiselines start boarding by 11:00, if not earlier in most cases...Since they boarded by card number (we had lucky #13), we actually didn't end up getting on this ship until around 1:15-1:30. The waiting room was packed with very little room to move that whole time...They should really look into improving the embarcation process...Probably the worst I've had.

Once on the ship...

Let me start by saying that if you're only goal when deciding on your next cruise/cruise ship is making your kinds happy, I doubt you will find any better then the Disney Dream:

It has the most extensive child care facilities and program I've seen at sea ever. There are multiple choices of activities at any time in the day for any age group. Multiple rooms with multiple Disney themes....I was really impressed and so was my daughter. They are also very well organised with 'Mickey bands' for children to sign in and out of the facilities. They work a bit like the credit card 'paypass' system where you just put the band in front of the reader and it's all done. Their hand washing basins are also pretty cool (they work with sprayers that wash their hands for them) and definatelly make it fun for the kids to use. The staff are welcoming and friendly. They also text you on your cell phone (provided in all cabins) if you're child wants to leave so you never have to worry. Characters also go on occasion to say hello or for activities...

The teens and tweens also have their own spaces, disco & pool...We visited the first day and found them pretty cool too...

There are also plenty of activities around the ship for kinds such as parties, character meet & greets, etc...Lots to keep them busy and happy

All in all, you cannot go wrong with this ship if only looking to please your kids...

If however you do not ONLY want to please your kids but also expect value for dollar, excellent food and impecable service, this may not be your best option, for many reasons which I will elaborate on bellow...

Ship itself:

We found it to be a beautiful ship. Both classic and modern at the same time. Our second favorite after the Solstice class ships of Celebrity. Most impressive is the Atrium, large, well lit & decorated. The adult disco is ultra modern and well set up. Sports bar is as you would find on other ships. Pink, the champagne bar and the Skyline bar were a little dissapointing. Both seemed really beautiful on the pictures we saw but when arriving in those bars, although they were pretty, we found them to have a stuffy/small feel. Not somewhere we would spend an hour or two talking and drinking. The D lounge (for families) was really nice and more airy...

Also great to see all the activities of the day on a large screen beside the room. The adult area (pool, bar, coffee shop type place, etc...) were nice and well set-up. Lots of intimacy away from the crowds just steps away. There was also a pretty nicely designed mini-golf course and a sports court area. The 3 main dining rooms were in the Disney spirit (a palace, an enchanted garden and an animators work area) and added some magic for the kinds...Service staff also had costumes to match the rooms which was a nice touch.

Cabanas, the lido buffet area was also one of the nicest I've seen...I was a bit worried about the set up when I arrived (the old buffet line style) but I was pleasantly surprised that the lines were rarely (if ever) long...People seemed to move about pretty quickly, which was surprising given the number of people on the boat...But the table clean-ups were slow, which did annoy us at times, but I'll talk about service later...

The 2 main pools are however too small given the number of passengers (especially kids) on this ship. Some days, you couldn't move a foot in either pool without hitting someone. This is no exageration...Even when in port, they were full...I'm thinking they thought the teen pool would eleviate some stress on the two main ones but the reality is that it doesn't. So if you are an adult having to look after your kid at one of the two main pools, don't expect to swim too much...You can look forward to standing still in the water...And getting splashed.

All and all though, I think the positives outweigh the negatives here...Very well done overall


Very little to offer, but that is to be expected since there's only one real stop (Nassau). The other being their private Island. I don't think they offered more or less then other cruiselines offer for the same port. What I did find suprising is that they don't offer any excursions on debarcation day for those who have late flights. All other cruise lines I've been on, even out of port canaveral offered the kenedy space center, etc...On debarcation day. With Disney, nada...Seems to be there's money to make and clients to please so their should look into this...

By the way, the private Island is great. Water is cristal clear aqua colored. Sand is white and pretty much free of debri. If you have kids and no sandals to walk with in the water, I would recommend the first beach, or the far end of the second. The begining of the second beach has lots of rocks & sea shells in the water which make it uncompfortable to walk in...If you have no kids, by all means go to the adults only beach. Beautiful, secluded, empty for the most part. Very relaxing!


We had cabin 9148, a balcony cabin. Probably the best laid out cabin I've ever had. Split bath/toilet is an excellent idea, especially with kids. Don't know why other cruiselines haven't gotten on board with this yet! Decoration was nice, as well as the bathroom amenities. Only dissapointment was the shower soap bar...You think they could provide shower gel instead...Even Carnival has shower gel...The balcony was standard size, but only had regular chairs. I like to sit and read on the balcony so without needing a full chairbed, I do appreciate a reclining back. I asked for one (as I could see the suites bellow me had them) and although I was told at first it would not be possible, one was delivered to my balcony the next day. Good work!

On a special note, when we received our bagage, our travel Iron had been removed from our luggage. Now we know you are not allowed to bring one onboard but we've always done it in the past without issue. With Disney, expect it to be removed. You'll ge it back once having exited the ship at the end of your cruise. That's unless you are on back to back cruises and the person having removed it forgot to verify your departure date (as it happened in our case). If that happens, we'll, you'll leave the ship, and the won't find it, and you'll get a phone number to call so they can send it to you...Before the end our our first leg, we even went to the pursers desk to enquire as to if our back to back cruise would be an issue and they said not to worry, that they have everything under control for such situations. Which was obviously not the case. BAD!

On the other hand, you can board Disney ships with your own alcohol trouble free. Which we did, and saved a good deal of money with our ready made bottles of Margaritas and Cosmopolitains kept ready in our cabin refrigerator all week long...GOOD!


When you think Disney, you think magic, innovation, etc...The dream has plenty of it...There's the 'Mid-ship detective agency', where your child gets to search picture frames around the ship for clues to who kidnapped missing puppies...The frames, when you place a detective card in front of them, come to life and provide information on the culprit...My daughter loved this activity...She did it twice as there are two different cases to solve, the other being missing art work. Great idea Disney! Also, no more swiping of your card when you leave the ship or to get into your cabin. Your new key card works like the 'paypass' credit pards. You pass them in front of a reader instead...This resolves the issue of demagnatised cards and long waits at the pursers desk for a new one...With the many character photo ops, there will be pictures for same, but instead of having to look though walls and walls of pictures for your own, you simply pass your card in front of a reader and you get a shelf name and book number, in which you will find all your pictures...You can also view them on the screen. A very smart use of space, reducing the annoyance of having to look all the time. Another cool thing is that when they take pictures on the beach, they have some kind of face recognition technology that figures out who you are and posts the pictures to your account without having to get your key card...Also very cool...The Aqua Duck was a bit of a bust though...We waited in line 30 minutes for a 2 minute ride, the first 60 seconds of which is pretty fun and fast. But the second 60 seconds is like floating down a very slow river...not worth the wait. Maybe add some water to increase the speed...I duno...As of now, it's a fun thing to try once to say 'I did the Aqua Duck' when you get back home but to anyone who's ever been on it, I woudn't brag about having done it over and over again...In the Animators palate dining room, large TV screens characters interact with people at the tables which is funny at times and surprise the kids. Fun, but more of a novelty for me then true cool factor. All and all, some really fun innovations, but for some reason, to be honest, we expected more on that front...


We found the ship to have many activities for all age groups...Movies played in the cinema, on the 'funnel vision'near the pool and in cabin all day...We got to see African Cats, Disney's latest nature movie, the day it came out in the cinema...It was very good. There were also various Disney movies (both in 3D and regular format) playing regularly. The Disney Production shows were very good overall...Disney's 'Believe' was the best of all of them...The Golden Mickeys was pretty good. Vilains tonight was ok...Since I was on a 4 day the first leg, we got a vantrilaquist for one night...He was the greatest...Both kids and adults laughed out loud throughout the show...The best laugh I've had in a long time...One thing I was really dissapointed in was the theater sales area...They offer various candy, drinks and popcorn, which is a nice touch. But the popcorn offered was the bag kind you'd find at the corner 7/11...You'd think they courd 'splerge' for a popcorn machine...Even Carnival has them for their movies under the stars...Very cheap!

The live entertainment/music was however dissapointing...There was very little of it in fact. No live band anywhere to be seen...My wife and I (as well as my daughter) like to dance a little before and after diner, salsa, merengue, etc...There was no venue with that offering on this ship. Even the production shows had pre taped music. This got to us a bit...Considering the price of the cruise, I would have expected much more on live music front...

The fireworks at sea also dissapointed us. Having been to disney, we expected them to be longer, to be bigger, with more colors and music theme to match the shapes, etc...Was very short and pretty much the same fireworks over and over again, departing from either side of the ship...really, nothing to write home about. You've likely seen better on independance day...But we're on a ship so maybe it's just us who's expectations were too high...


To make a long story short, dining in all 'no-additional cost' venues was a big dissapointment. And this is were we really get into value for dollar analysis...I tend to evaluate what I get based on what I paid...If for example, you chose to go to a 500$ per week all inclusive resort including airfaire and the food is bad, you should kind of expected it...You get nothing for nothing in life. Good quality food products/ingredients are expensive. Cooking them appropriatelly and presenting them on a plate in an appetizing manner is also expensive...Basically, you get what you pay for. I rarelly complain about food on it's own, it's always in perspective to what I paid...When I cruise with Carnival, as I have many times, my expectations are lower. I know I got the cruise at a very decent price and I'm able to see that based on that price, I'm eating pretty well, even though Carnival would be at the lower end of the food quality spectrum...If however I'm on Celebrity and paying much more for my cruise, my expectations are higher...And my satisfaction with what I've eaten will be tainted by that expectation...

So from my perspective, to evaluate the food on Disney, you have to start with the price of the cruise, which was very high...The most I've ever paid for a 7 night cruise to be exact. Our balcony cabin for 7 nights cost us 5600$ US, cruise only. In comparison, I spent a week in a similar balcony cabin almost exactly one week earlier on the Celebrity Solstice for 3000$ US...So we are talking a BIG difference...But, Disney only has 3 ships, and there's only one Disney Dream so the laws of offer and demand dictate that's it's somewhat normal that Disney can get away with charging that kind of money for their cabins. But I however as a consumer do have some expectations that come with that willingness to fork over 5600$ of my hard earned cash...And unfortunatelly Disney didn't meet them...

Disney's main Dining room offerings, I would say in all honestly, vary in quality from high end cafeteria food to low end catering food...If I were to compare to other cruise lines, overall, the food would be at the Carnival Cruise Line level. Which is the lowest on my totem pole...But I haven't cruised with NCL,MSC, or Costa so I can't say if they are really the worst of the mainstream cruiselines...Offerings on Pirate night (if you are on a 4 night cruise) are the worst...There was absolutelly nothing appetizing on that menu...It was more of a barbecue buffet offering then anything else. Next at the botton would be Animators Palate...This one had a few interesting items based on the menu buzzwords & description but when you actually got the plate, it was very dissapoiting in terms of taste...The other two restaurants were OK...At the Royal palace, we managed to find a few interesting items. Same for the Enchanted Garden...But still, nothing specific I would bother mentioning to anyone...

I found Cabanas didn't offer much either in terms of quality, nor diversity to be honest...Breakfast was no better or worse then say Carnival or RCCL...But bellow say Pricess or Celebrity. Same goes for lunch...Again, nothing bad, but nothing noteworthy..Except maybe for the smotthy type bowls they offerered in which there was a mixture of mango, granola and yogurt and blended together...That was actually quite good and I haven't seen that on any other cruise line...Deserts everywhere were ok.

We ate at Palo one night...Now if you want value for dollar, here's the best place to go...I would have eaten at Palo (and pay the 20$ cover charge) every night if I would have been allowed to bring my daughter (it's adults only) ...The 20$ cover charge is a steal, literally, considering the food this place offers...Everything on the menu made our mouthes water and was as good on the plate as it was on the menu...It was also all cooked to perfection, which is definatelly not the case in the main dining rooms. No dissapointments here...Definatelly the best deal at sea as other cruise lines are now charging 25$-45$ for their high end restaurants...I would recommend this place to everyone..

We also ate at Remi one night...Now this may not be the best value for dollar overall, but it is definatelly worth every penny and definatelly the best meal you will ever have at sea, if not in your lifetime if you are not aquainted with Michelin star Chef restaurants. Before having eaten here, my best cruise restaurant was Murano on Celebrity. Which has a cover charge of 45$ for their tasting menu. The cover charge here is 70$ for a tasting menu, but you get a Champagne cocktail at the beginning, which if you factor in, your meal is actually costing you around 55$, only 10$ more per person then Murano...So in the 'ultra high-end' category of cover charge restaurants, I feel it compares favorably and would have the edge between the two if I had to chose. There are basically two menu options: The 2 michelin star french chef menu or the american chef menu to state things simple. We both opted for the French Chef menu...I would recommend it to everyone, The menu was well balanced, portion sizes were what you would expect in this type of restaurant on shore. At the end, we were not stuffed to the point of needing Pepto-Bismal to get through the night but rather gleeming with content...And we still had the energy and readyness to end the evening with other more intimate activities. The wine pairing is not cheap at 99$ per person. I tried to get around this by asking them to split one wine tasting into two glasses...On land, I've done this countless times at high end restaurants. What generally results is us getting almost two pairings for the price of one, the somelier not being able to accuratelly calculate the division between two glasses or not being compfortable putting the little a half glass actually looks like into each and adding a little to make it look better...But that didn't work this time...They are too smart for that...They said they were not allowed so instead, I took the pairing (which we still shared but in one glass) and my wife ordered her own glass of wine for the main course. The wine pairing was excellent. They were not cheap wines so I felt the price was fair. But thinking back, I'd probably skip the wine all together and eat there twice for the same price as the food was outstanding from start to end...I think a problem I had with the wine service (and which others may also encounter) also impacts my thoughts on that...Which leads me to my next subject...


I found the service on the ship uneven...Some steps in the process, from the point of arrival at the port to the point of leaving the ship had excellent, helpful, smiling cheerfull staff, and others seemed indifferent...Never mean or anything, just that some didn't seem to smile, care or even bother to look you in the eye more then a second or two. The check in staff and check out staff for the most part fell into that category...Considering these are the first and last people you encounter on your cruise, I think Disney would be more carefull as these impressions can have a lasting effect...It wouldn't be too hard to have some fake cruisers through the process to test things out once in a while to see who likes their job and whoe doesn't...I would do it in a flash if I were running the show...Service is key as you can sometimes give a cruise line a second chance based on service alone when other things, which would normally turn you off for good, happen. My cabin stewart would also fall into this category...Again, not bad or anything...But we saw her many times but never a smile, and she was often looking elsewhere when we spoke to her...On the second day, my cabin wasn't made up at 2 in the afternoon...This to me is totally unaceptable...I never walked into any cabin on other cruises past noon with my room not made up...I asked her if this was normal when I saw her and got a 'I start at one end of the hallway and finish at the other end so it gets done when I reach your cabin, which can be later'. She then said she could do it earlier if we liked. Which we said yes too. But throught that hole conversation, she made our bed, not showing much interest...the room was however made earlier the folowing days, but still not as early as we're used to.

The pursers desk staff were very nice. I went there a few times asking questions and they were very helpful. Except for one issue I had. Disney charges your credit card for some reason everytime your shipboard account hits 300$. This is the only cruiseline I've ever seen do this, but it's fine. It's in the contract (if you actually read it ) so I can't really complain. Except that Disney has no internet cafe. If you want to use internet, you bring your own laptop of borrow one of their from the pursers desk, with a 400$ deposit. When I got mine, I specifically asked if it would be charged to my credit card or simply added to my account. This is important to me as I'm canadian and my credit card charges 2.5% coversion fee for all charges is US$. The person at the desk said, no, it will only go onto your account but not the credit card as it's just a deposit, which is removed from your account when you bring it back. So I took the laptop. But the person was wrong and I was charged to my credit card, and then reimbursed. But I still had to pay the 2.5% to my credit card company. For both the payment, and reimbursement. So basically 5% of the amount. I went to the pursers desk to complain and at first, all I got was a 'we're deaply sorry but there's nothing I can do'...After making it very clear it was the purser who misinformed me and I should not have to pay for his mistake, they gave me a phone number to call in accounts at the head office when I left the ship to be reimbursed. They could not credit me for the loss themselves...Not ideal...It wasn't really that much money. In my case, since I spent some money after the initial credit card charge, it only ended up being about 10$ lost. But it's the principle. You screw up, you don't ask the client to go through a hasle to get reimbursed, you figure out a way to do it for them. Which they didn't...

The dining room staff was better in terms of attitude...We found everyone (Head waiter, waiter and assistant waiter) very attentive, greating us, talking to us, smiling, looking at us in the eyes...All that you would expect...But the service itself was not exactly perfect...I felt they lacked training..Not the head waiter but the other two...Service is about the little things...When you got it, you got it...And they didn't always have it...For example: a mean course being brought to us before the other course is finished...It's not like if it's never happened on other cruise lines I've been on but it's not the mark of a well trained staff member...Some courses arrived cold...That can happen once on occasion...Bad timing, etc...But it happened to us several times...Which is more a sign of organizational flaws...Each time, they brought is back a new, hot course. Utensils with dried on food...When setting the tables, they should be looking out for these things as disnwashers are not perfect...Wine glasses with the same problem...Happened twice...And I'm not talking dishwasher stains here...I'm talking lipstick smear, and wine residue...Not good...Again, they replaced the glass (and the wine in it) no questions asked...Another odd thing, taking the orders based on who is sitting where...I am used to the waiters always taking the womens orders first, then the mens. Our waiter didn't do that. That seems again to point to a waiter who is not trained correctly or who has difficulty organising the table courses correctly...Not good...

At Remi, the service was almost perfect...Very attentive, intestested, happy, etc...I had one issue with the service being too fast. In fact, I received one course at the table when I hadn't finished the last...Unforgivable with french staff working this type of restaurant...I was told later that the restaurant had received feedback from cruisers that the service was too slow, so they had adjusted and and were doing things faster...But this is a high end french restaurant that is offering you not only a meal but an experience. You are not only savoring the meal, you are savoring the moment. Both literally and figurativelly. Now if most cruisers can't get that and are complaining things are too slow and what to eat faster, and Remi's management is willing to oblige, knowing fair well that that's now how it's intented to be, that's fine. But don't put everyone in the same basket. Ask your clients when they arive 'Would you like the meal courses to be seperated by pauses or would you like one course after the other'. That's a fair question. And it alows everyone to know what to expect and be happy and content with what they get. The other faux pas I found was with the wine service. As I said before, we took the wine pairings...The first few wines (white) were all perfect in every sense. But when we got to the red one, I realised the somellier (if he is actually a sommelier) was not well trained, or at least not well trained on serving wine on a moving ship...Good wines have deposits which form as the wine ages...If you have a wine cellar in your home, the wine is stored lying down...The deposit will therefore be on the 'side' of the bottle. The bottles are kept motionless as to not upset this deposit, which would cloud the wine, make it age faster and, if dissipated in the bottle, make the wine 'not so tasty' to make things simple...Basically, a ship moves...not good for good wines as the deposit will move, but not the end of thw world..As you would do at home, all you need to so is put the bottle upright a few days (at least 24 hours) before serving it. The deposit will then fall to the bottom. When you serve it, you would ideally carafe it for an hour but at a minimum, you would pour it from the bottle ever so gently & slowly as to not disturb the deposit at the bottom. That way, it doesn't end up in the glass, and eventually in your mouth..That's how it's supposed to be done. In our case, the sediment (deposit) was dissipated in the bottle and ended up in our glass that way...One or both of two things happened. The wine was poured from the bottle hastly, as if one were pouring from a milk bottle. This was definatelly the case as I saw it being served. And possibly, the bottle was not put upright for at least 1 day (can't confirm if this was the case or not). Which just made things worse...I immediatelly saw the sediment dissipated in my glass...I told the somelier, who seemed anoyed and looked at the bottom of the glass...This would be the correct thing to do if he had poured be the end of the bottle as I would have had some lumps...But he didn't seem to catch that it was everywhere in the wine and by tilting the glass to the light and looking that the top, he would see small spekles of black everywhere...He exchanged the wine, but then did the same thing again, pouring the milk from the milk bottle...The waiter then came to see if it was ok and I told him it was the same thing...that the bottle was like that now so it could not be fixed really...That it was ok...the Maitre-D or head waiter then came and insisted on changing it again for me...He was extremelly nice and said he wanted to be sure I left having been happy with the service and wine...He opened a new bottle and poured it himself (gently). He even toped up my wifes main course glass of wine to be nice...This time, my wine was perfect...This last change was done without the sommeliers knowledge and he did not look happy after the fact. He did not look at us the rest of the evening...I've made a long story over a glass of wine (bigger then it should be really) but I think it illustrates very well the type of service issues that occur...If I had been eating in the main dining room (with no real sommelier), I'd have expected that...But not at Remy. Despite this, I would still go again...And again...And again...All the service staff (except for maybe the sommelier), and in obvious manner, wanted to make our evening the most memorable one possible and would have done anything to accomplish that...

At Palo, the service was impecable...I told them from the getgo I had nowehere to go and wanted slow and steady service. They performed perfectly from start to finish.

We spoke to the head waiter about some of the issues with the regular dining room service without getting into details as to avoid causing our waiter and assistant waiter predudice...They were nice and attentive so that made us want to cut them some slack...The head waiter told us they had a lot of new staff that were still in training, that Disney was overwelmed a bit since it's a new boat, first in over 10 years, etc...Yada yada yada...They need some work...I got the same kind of message from the chef at Palo who also asked us for feedback...I can understand the argument, but as a paying customer, I cannot accept it. I paid top dollar for my cruise. I don't care if it's the first sailing or the one humdred and first. I expect excellent service, everytime. And it's up to Disney to make it work .They knew years ahead of time this ship would be sailing...Years...That's plenty of time to get organised...Usually, table staff, from what I heard, are trained, then serve the crew (captain, etc...). It is through these diners that the staff get proper feedback and additional training if required. And they get regular guests once they've past the test with the crew...I think that's a great way to do things...Makes perfect sense to me...Because they are all working for Disney...I on the other hand am a paying customer...One who paid good money for a cruise...One who doesn't expect to be training staff during his vacation. Sure, they were all very responsive to criticism, feedback, etc...But the fact of the matter is, who wants to spend their vacation telling their waiter, assistant waiter or cabin stewart all the things they could do better? Not me. I don't need that stress. I just want to be pampered...That's what I'm paying for...So Disney's got to find a way to make that happen. If it means delaying the opening a week or two, sending staff on to other ships to shadow their best staff (those who've received the most accolades from clients), etc...Then that's what they need to do...I know this is not the best for their short term bottom line (which is unfortunatelly all that seems to matter to shareholders these days) but in the end, it pays off...Because I don't mind paying top dollar for great service...But I do mind paying for amateurish service. Mickey Mouse alone won't cover for that...In the kids eyes, definatelly, but not in mine...And not in those of the majority of paying adults (I hope)

I think that last point (along with the quality of the food) basically covers my dissapointments with the cruise and my final assessment. The rest, I could deal with. No ship is perfect. If you go on a cruise expecting perfection, you'll always be dissapointed. They all have their pros and cons. But with this ship, the bottom line is I paid top dollar and didn't get the value expected. Generally speaking, food and service were far from even meeting expectations. The rest was good to great. But other ships have done just as good, if not better in some cases, for much less of my hard earned cash. Great for Kids, definatelly. The best, probably. But really, my daughter has never complained about not having fun on a cruise. She's always like the kids clubs on other ships, the activities, the shows, etc...It's not like it's this ship or nothing for her. She's be happy elsewhere too and go home with us asking when the next cruise is. So would I pay that kind of money for what I got again. No...Its just one of those things. Happy I did it once, but I'm ready to move on. And that, my friends, is the unbiased truth!

Michael Less

Published 05/11/11
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Cabin review: 5C9148

Cabin was good. Slight overhang 2 floors above and suites 2 floors down. Not noisy. Would however recommend one on the other side of the ship, probably a deck or 2 down (deck 7 or 8)to be able to enjoy the fireworks show from your balcony...

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