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Carnival Glory - Western Caribbean

Sail Date: May 2004
Destination: Western Caribbean
Embarkation: Port Canaveral (Orlando)
Carnival Glory Review.... Western Itinerary.... May 22 - 29, 2004

Our first day, we drove down to Cocoa Beach, FL from Augusta, GA. It took us a good 7 hours. A lot of road construction along the way, but it didn't seem to slow us down. Passed several bad accidents, so if you are driving please be careful. We stayed at Comfort Inn (5 minutes from pier) we paid $109.00 for a family of 4 when making the reservations we ask for the "cruise package" Which includes you to leave your vehicle parked at the hotel and they will transport you to the pier and pick you up after the cruise. If you park at Port Canaveral the charge is $10 per day. If I had to do it over again I would not have stayed there. I have stayed in older, run down but clean hotels before but this one was not only old but also nasty! Our tub looked liked it had never been cleaned. Comfort Inn did offer karaoke bar, 2 drink coupons "buy one get one free", air hockey table, pool table, volleyball, ping pong More table, swimming pool and hot tub. It is located directly next to Ron Jon's surf shop. Awesome shopping place. With your Comfort Inn key you receive 15% off your entire purchase. We ate lunch at the Tiki Bar near the pier. It was very nice. The food and service was excellent! I had bacon wrapped scallops...yummy! If you arrive a couple days early prior to sailing you can deep-sea fish. I noticed a sign ½ day fishing $500. And all day was $950. On A1A the main strip in Cocoa Beach are several liquor stores in case you need a little more. If driving fill up your gas tank before you reach FL. Gas prices are about .25 more expensive in FL.

Saturday Morning We opted to call a yellow taxicab so we could arrive early. Phone # is 636-1234. The charge is $2.10 per mile and 30-cent waiting in traffic time. Our total bill for 4 people was $22.00. Plus a $5 tip. We asked them to pick us up from the motel at 10:45. We dropped off our luggage and headed up the escalator to check in. We had already completed our fun pass and got in line. There appeared to be a lot of people ahead of us, but the lines moved very quickly. We were checked in and on the ship by 11:45. We were asked not to go to our cabins until after 1:00. Our luggage was delivered to our room by 3:00. We were in room 6284 with balcony. Our cabin steward was Julia. She did an excellent job keeping our room clean but we didn't receive many towel animals. Upon arrival we asked her to unlock and clean out the refrigerator and she did without a problem. We used it for our pineapple juice, cokes and water that we brought from home. We packed a big bottle of Crown Royal, Parrot Bay and 8 diet cokes. Of course we ran out of cokes fast we opted to get $1.50 can cokes from our cabin steward throughout the week. We were going to purchase cokes at our first port day except they wanted $5.00 for a bottle of one-liter coke. There diet coke is called...coke light. If you drink your alcohol with orange juice I would suggest taking along a couple of water bottles and filling them up at the fountain during breakfast, you can also request oj from room service througout the day.

If you are flying in...I talked with a couple that paid $50.00 per person each way for a shuttle bus to the pier.

Ship ATM is located on Promenade Deck 5. One personal check per cruise can be cashed at the Purser Info Desk up to $250.00

I didn't see a lot real young children running around, but having two 13 year old traveling with us we went to the orientation (parents must attend to sign forms) and their were a lot of children aboard. Sounded like Carnival had tons of activities to offer the little ones to keep them busy. On Thursday night for the younger ones they offered an all night slumber party to see how long the kids could stay up, and they would bring your child to your room the next morning at 8:00am. I think the charge was $25.00.

Stateroom Small shower approx size 30 X 30. Shower felt wonderful, water temperature is set for you at 38 (which is 100.2 degrees) Lever 2000 soap dispenser and shampoo dispenser in shower stall. Free disposable razors, toothpaste (not enough for all week) floss, and one package of shampoo, conditioner and gel, Rolaids, and a bar of soap. There is a clothes line in the shower so pack your clothes pins to hang your wet swim suits up to dry. One electrical outlet in the entire room, so make sure you pack an electrical strip. Two white terry cloth robes are furnished in each cabin. Hair dryer located in top drawer you will need to hold in a button for it to work, bring your own, too much trouble to use. 3 large closets doors, 2 for hanging stuff and one with shelves, a couch with 2 large drawers underneath, one chair, one foot stool, and a small oval table. Balcony was nice, we used ours a lot for pictures, sunbathing and who knows what else....hehehe

Phone Calls: You may make phone calls in your cabin. All calls made using toll free #'s, collect and calling cards are charged $6.99 a minute.

Children Camp Carnival has lots of activities for children up to the age of 15 broken down in different age groups...2 - 5 years old, 6 - 8 years old, 9 - 11 years old, 12 - 15 years old. Camp Carnival is located on deck 12 forward telephone #1140 Baby-sitting is offered from 10 pm to 3 am for $6.00 per hour Video games only takes tokens which can be purchased with cash or your s&s card. Adult limit is $50.00 per day and $20.00 per day for children. $5.00 minimum amount can be purchased. Volleyball, Basketball and Ping Pong you must rent the paddles, balls etc for the Purser's Desk on Deck 3. You will be charged $10.00 and when items are returned you will be credited back then $10.00 on your sign and sail card. Pool is only 4 foot and 6 inches deep. My son took a cheap basketball. we had heard that it was hard to get one they are always rented out. It worked out great because he made several new friends by loaning his out - then after the cruise he donated it to the ship and it gave him more space in his luggage for souvenirs.

Iron, Washing Machine and Dryers Washers and Dryers cost $2.00 per load and $1.00 for a box of soap Locations: Deck 9 portside forward in front of stateroom 9270 Deck 8 starboard side midship in front of stateroom 8351 Deck 7 starboard side midship in front of stateroom 7339 Deck 6 starboard side midship in front of stateroom 6387 Deck 2 starboard side midship in front of stateroom 2367 Deck 1 starboard side midship in front of stateroom 1359

Casino - Camel Club Is located on deck 5 midship offers a wide selection of table games and slot machines of different denominations 5 cent, 25 cent, $1 and $5. In general the casino is opened approx ½ hour after sailing from port. No cigars or pipe smoking is allowed in casino. Must be 18 and older. I'm not a fact I had to ask someone how to play the 25-cent slot machines. In two nights I (cleared) won $70.00.

Shore Excursions are now booked from your TV in the stateroom. Tickets ordered will be delivered to your stateroom under the door. Shore excursion staff is available just to answer questions. Located in the Old Glory Lobby on deck 3 port side. Cruise director will provide info on the different ports of call in the "travel talks". Check your capers for dates and times.

Dining Rooms: There are two different dining rooms. Golden and Platinum Restaurants both are located on decks 3 and 4. Four time seatings 5:45, 6:15, 8:00, and 8:30

Red Sail Restaurant.... lido deck 9 Deli.... offers overstuffed gourmet sandwiches deck 9 Pizzeria offers pizza, calzones, Caesar salads and garlic bread deck 9 Salad bar deck 9 Ice cream Parlor.... choc, vanilla or mixed ice cream cones deck 9 The Grille.... hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, steak and chicken sandwiches deck 9 Fish & Chips deck 10 Sushi Salmon deck 5 Crèmes - European coffees, cappuccinos, Lattes, and espressos and French pastries for a nominal fee deck 5 Milk shakes.... cost $4.54

Emerald Dining Room...$25.00 per person fee opened 6:00pm to 9:30 pm Jackets are required for men Live music and dancing we did not do, but we heard the food was delicious and served in huge portions.

Continental Breakfast Can be delivered to your room. You will find in your room a menu card, leave it hanging on your stateroom door before retiring at night. (before 5:00am) There is a place on the card where you can indicate what time you want your breakfast delivered. Categories are fruits, cereals, breakfast breads, yogurts, hot & cold beverages and sure to tip!

Room Service: You can order juices (orange, tomato, apple, grapefruit) Bagels, assorted Danishes, large variety of sandwiches, salads and beverages. Dial 8000 for service.... be sure to tip!

Entertainment: Amber Palace - Las Vegas style revue shows and featured entertainers perform nightly Ebony Cabaret - live music and dancing / also you pick up your tender tickets here The Colors Lobby - Pre dinner live music and after dinner cocktails White Heat - Dance to the latest hits from a DJ in the state of the art dance club Blue Bar - Live music and dancing in an intimate atmosphere The Cinn-a-Bar - request and sing along in the piano bar with Scottee Ivory Club - Enjoy live jazz and cigars nightly

Ultraviolets - Video arcade deck 5 (under 18 years old) Black and White library - Atlantic Deck 4 Internet Cafe - Atlantic Deck 4...located port side next to Ivory Bar

Tips $70.00 tips for 7 day cruise / automatically added to your s&s card on the first day.

Safe Deposit Box uses any card with a magnetic strip. They do not recommend you using your sign and sail card.... a Kroger card works perfect! Any problems with getting your card to work you can call 7777

Carnival Beach Towels Blue thick Carnival embossed beach towels will be replaced in your cabin everyday if you lose your towel the charge is $22.00 per towel. I suggest you bring one from home to mark your chair. I did not see where chair hogs were a problems.

Wake up call Lift handset, dial 37 then hour and minutes - remember enter in military time

"Fountain Fun" / Soda Cards Cost is $32.20 for children and $44.08 for adults (price includes tip) Can be purchased from any bar on the ship. Unlimited sodas. During the day if you show your card you receive a glass of soda with ice - in the dining room you will receive an opened coke can. As read in a past post we never had a problem using ours.

Debarkation: If you are willing to carry off your own luggage with out any assistance you will be able to get off the ship faster. We went to the Amber Palace - get a seat the closest to the door (back of palace) also when facing the stage you will want to sit on the left side. Arrive early! 6:45am because after 7:00am they made an announcement for no more guests on deck 3. Around 7:35 we were walking off the ship you must have your sign and sail card, photo id and birth certificate or passport and your declaration form completed. (form is delivered to you on Friday night) If you are getting a shuttle bus to a motel / you walk out of the terminal go directly across the walkway and shuttle buses are available there. Ours stated ARTS on a white van. There will be guys standing around with list of names of families they are waiting for.

If you need assistance with your luggage you must have your luggage out before 12:00pm on Friday night. Make sure you don't pack away your passport, birth certificate, photo id, sign and sail card, declaration card, and a change of clothes.

Costa Maya: Costa Maya docks at a pier. If you plan to get in the ocean water shoes are a MUST! We saw one guy get hurt pretty bad, had to be transported by ambulance back to the ship. We did not take an excursion at this stop. There are a few stores to shop in, be sure to bargain with the prices. I purchased two pair of Oakley sunglasses for $40.00... asking price was $25.00 each. Marada $1.00 each, leather fanny pack $15.00. Make sure you have a drink / eat at Mamasita's Taqueria. We had a rainbow teaser margarita made from mangos, strawberries, lime and fresh fruit.... AWESOME! $9.00 for a 2 foot tall glass! We also ate quesadillas; 3 cheeses, guacamole, sour cream and fresh salsa for $7.00. Costa Maya Nacho's were $6.00.

Belize: You will need a tender ticket to get to shore. You must pick one up in the Ebony Cabaret located on Deck 5. (entire party must go). We got there early and were told that since we were the early birds, we would be allowed to go on down to Deck 0 with out the ticket #. So go early! Before leaving home we had booked the X-Stream cave tubing 5 ½ hour tour online. Tours are limited to 14 people per tour, which is better than if you book on the ship. Carnival has about 50 people in their groups. Our tour guide was Thomas. He was very good! We saw banana trees, pineapples, huge spiders, leaf cutter ants, huge termite house, fruit and insect bats, trees from which suntan oil, insect repellent and lotion are made. When in the caves and you look up to see the bats don't open your might get bat poop..hehehe! Cave Tubing was a fun and easy 40 minutes walk thru the Belizean rainforest. We went through 2 caves (if you book with Carnival you only go through one cave) you are given a vest which is not required to wear but you must hook it on your intertube. A head light lamp Caves are dark! You will need to back stroke backwards / float through fun rapids where you will pick up some speed and end the cave tubing ride in style, bringing you right back to the starting point of your cave tubing adventure. A Belizean Restaurant is found at the cave entrance welcome center with lunch for sale. You will need to order lunch before tubing and they will have it ready when you return. Cost is $5.00 per plate. Consist of BBQ chicken, rice & beans, sweet plantains, a noodle / vegetable salad, home made muffin, and mango fruit juice to drink. Your picture will be made at the end of the journey and will be available to purchase through Carnival. If you book this excursion when a boarding the bus be sure to sit in the front of the van as it takes a while for the air conditioner to make it to the back of the van. We had about an hour to shop when we returned to shore. I purchased a t-shirt stating "You better BELIZE it" cute! At pharmacy stores no prescriptions are needed. There are cheap prices. My son got sick so I purchased a Z-pak (antibiotic) for $15. In the states I pay $59 from Eckerd's. There were signs up with prices, example: valium 50 cent a pill, viagra $4.00 per pill, Retin-A $10.00 per tube. You can also get an address for mail orders. Interesting facts: We stopped for gas and purchased $90.00 worth of gas (2.50 per gallon US $). An average 500 - 600 square foot block house cost $75,000 ($35,000. US $) They don't have lawnmowers, they cut grass with machetes we watched them doing this, school hours are 8:30 to 11:30 then back from 1:00 to 4:00...they don't serve lunch you have to go home to eat.

Cozumel: We did the Catamaran Sail and Snorkel excursion. Lots of Fun!!! Boarded a 65' catamaran at the pier. Sailed not far away from the ship and were given instructions on how to snorkel, we saw tons of brightly colored fish, snorkeled about 40 minutes. The instructors would throw out bread and the fish would just swarm around us. After snorkeling we enjoyed free beer, margaritas and sodas while we made our way to a beautiful island. Beach volleyball, sea kayaks, hammocks and beach floats are available. For a charge of $8.00 you can enjoy a "Cheeseburger in Paradise" with all the trimmings, pasta salad and potato salad all you can eat. Drinks are all free. Your pictures will be taken while snorkeling and when you board the catamaran available at end of tour for $11.00 each.... so make sure you take some money along. As leaving the catamaran they also have a jar out for tips.

We ran back to the ship, took a fast shower and headed out to shop, took a taxi into town. Price was $6.00 for your entire group. If there is only two of you find another couple and pretend you are all together. About a 12-minute ride. Tons of shopping available. For a cheap little gift they have wood pens made into Mexican people for $1.00.

Progreso: We did the Chichen-Itza Mayan Ruins (pronounced chicken pizza) excursion. We met in the Amber Palace at 7:20am and were taken first thing to a tour bus (greyhound type -comfortable buses). It is a long drive! 2 hours 15 minutes to see the engraved Mayan ruins. In your seat you will find a sack lunch consisting of a salami and cheese sandwich, bag of chips, donut, apple and a smores granola bar. I didn't eat my sandwiches when we returned to the bus; I was scared after it sat on the HOT bus all day. After the tour you can purchase water and soft drinks. On the way we made a 15 minute bathroom break. But forget using the bathroom about 10 other buses are stopped and the line is too long. There is a bathroom on the bus. But you are ask to only do #1.... well somebody on our bus didn't follow the rules.... yucky! (because our toilet didn't flush) While stopped you are at a souvenir tour trap. Shop fast you don't have much time and you can again bargain prices. I purchased a marble temple for $8.00 starting price was $15.00 and a small, hand-made embroidery wallet with a long strap to carry as a purse, just big enough to carry around your sign and sail card, lipstick and a zipper compartment for money for $5.00. Check out the locals at the back of the bus, prices are cheaper. We only had 1 hour and 45 minutes total once we got to the ruins. Your tour guide will walk around with each group and explain what all the carvings mean and then you are allowed to go on your own for the next 30 minutes. There are 91 steep steps to the top of the temple, with a rope to help you get down to the bottom. Saw several 3-foot iguanas walking around. You are asked to tip the driver and tour guide separately. When arriving back to the ship there are a few stores to walk through. I purchased a bowl filled with fruits all made from marble for $15.00 Interesting facts: Progreso has the largest pier in the world! 7 miles long. On the drive you will pass houses, a lot of block work, which were started and never completed. Stone fences represent property lines. Water bin is located on top of houses for the sun to warm. Rainwater is collected to use for cleaning and bathing purposes. This excursion was an experience of a lifetime, but if I had to do it over I would have opted to do something different that did not involve so much sitting on a bus. But as our cruise director stated, "It is an island in which you must do an excursion. If not, there is Nothing to see" He said it was like someone asking you about the city you live in and you walking out on your front porch and saying, well there's nothing here to do. You have to travel to appreciate the town.

On Sunday they had the ice carving demonstration by the lido main pool...neat to watch.

The Friday galley tour of the kitchen at 3:00pm met in the Golden Dining room. I was not all that impressed compared to the last kitchen tour I was given on the Pride. For instance they showed the wine cellar, pantry, and freezer and all you saw was a huge stainless steel door and not inside.

The Grand Gala Buffet "festivale of food" was on Thursday night. It was small compared to the others I've seen in the past. Almost all of the food was behind glass, which created a glare when taking photos. After you go through the line, which only took us about 5 minutes, they offered 3 Carnival cookbooks for sale. Carnival cocktails, The Carnival Experience, and The buffets of Carnival entertaining secrets from carnival chefs all three books for $25.00.

Sunday and Thursday nights were formal nights. On other nights I did see men in the dining room with blue jeans and shorts guy even wore flip-flops. I would not recommend doing this, it will be frowned upon by your fellow cruisers.... or envied.

The muster drill took place at 3:45. When the signal is sounded you need to go to your cabin to collect your life jackets located in the top of the 2nd closet and proceed to your muster station on Deck 4. Look on the back of your door to see what your muster station # is.

All the Comedians throughout the week were hilarious! Be sure not to miss them. The midnight shows are R-rated. After the show they sale their CD's for $15.00...wish I had purchased one, but each time I forget to take my cash down with me. L

I have a copy of all the Capers, dinner menus, camp carnival itinerary, deck plans, Carnival Glory ship prices on liquor, recommended stores to visit at each port, spa prices, Excursions offered and prices if anyone wants a copy.

Dining room: We sat at table #351 a table for just us 4. Tables consist of tables for 2, 4, 6, 8 and a few for 10. On the first night you are told what color team you will be representing: red, white or blue. Throughout the week you can win points for your team by entering the different contest. They have a big dance party one night out by the pool and you are asked to show your team spirit by wearing your team color.

When getting around on the ship always remember deck 5 you can walk the whole length of the ship. The other floors are like a jigsaw puzzle so good luck!

I did not hear of any one getting motion sickness. Did see several people with patches behind their ear. I could not feel the ship rocking at all.

Frozen drink is $5.69, daily specials (with-out the souvenir glass) is $3.39

Like other posts I read, I never experienced any problems with lines. The longest line we stood in was one day to get a hamburger by the lido deck, which was right at the peak of lunchtime, but still the line moved quickly. (About a 5-minute wait) I am a non-smoker and I never experienced any problems.

Mark Price is the cruise director...he is FANTASTIC! Humorous to listen too always keeps you laughing.

Be sure to decorate your stateroom door, it makes it easier to find your door on those late nights.

Plenty of games and contest to enter such as: karaoke, blind date game, dance party, bingo, name that tune, hairy man contest, basketball hoop free throw challenge, ping pong tournament, ship building challenge, newlywed game show, art auction, millionaire game, shipboard survivor etc. I have always collected a "ship on a stick" from my cruises, but this time I was unable to L

I paid for my son and his friend's upper and lower bunk beds on deck 1 inside cabin and they were upgraded to deck 6 outside cabin with a window. Cabin #6206 which is a handicap room. Huge corner room, beds in an L shape. Being a handicap room the bathroom was extremely large.

Big items to purchase: fine jewelry, tanzanite stones, Mexican silver, tequila, kahlua, imported Turkish and oriental rugs, Cuban cigars, leather, watches, hammocks, Del Sol items will change color in the sun...pretty cool!

We had excellent weather, but it was HOT, HOT, HOT make sure you pack your sunglasses, hat and sunscreen. Also pack an 11X14 envelope with a card board type insert to place all those photos you might purchase... you don't want them to get messed up. 8 X 10 photo is $20.00 10wallets is $10.00 (you have to purchase a 8 X 10 to get wallets) 5 X 7 is $8.00

Next day film developing on the ship: 24 exp $6.48 35mm 27 cent per print APS - 45 cent per print Digital media 50 cent per print

Drinks of the day: All drinks of the day are only $2.95 or $6.25 and you keep the collectors glass, A Souvenir glass refill is $4.95 Saturday - The Fun Ship Special Sunday - Bahama Mama Monday - Yellow Bird Tuesday - Island Delight Wednesday - Mexican Mama Thursday - Goombay Smash Friday - Caribbean breeze

I took a total of 935 digital photos during my 7-day adventure! Can't wait to start scrapbooking!!!

I packed 19 pair of shoes and wore all but 2 pair of them!

You can get free Carnival Glory Ship postcards from the pursers desk, just ask for them. I pre-printed out my labels before I went and it saved a lot of time, plus I didn't have to worry about remembering the addresses. Make sure you pack your stamps too.

My son purchased a fossil watch on board for $58.00 They also sell all brand of perfumes and Estee Lauder products, I did not see a huge saving in those departments. I did purchased a huge beach tote bag for $11.99 and a sun visor for $5.50. They sale $1.00 an inch silver for bracelets, necklaces etc but what they don't tell you is the clasp is $5.00.

I am back home now and my sign and sail card doesn't work in my kitchen.... and I don't get my bed made in the mornings with a cute little towel animal L Wish I could sail again!!!!!

I hope all my comments helped some of you, and I hope I did not repeat my self too writing this I had to stop and take my son to the emergency room he had a bad bike accident and ended up with 18 stitches down his arm. Now he is not allowed to get in a pool for 10 days...glad it happened day after the cruise than before. I think my family is accident-prone...because exactly one week before the cruise my husband cut his leg on the job and had 13 stitches. As they say accidents come in 3's, I sure hope that is not true because I am the only one left! Yikes!!!

Any questions let me know.... Gagirl Less

Published 06/08/04
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