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Wish every cruise was this nice

Sail Date: May 2008
Destination: Baltic Sea
Embarkation: Harwich
This was a very special cruise in many ways. My mom and I loved sailing on Celebrity and had always wanted to see St. Petersburg more than any other place we had yet to experience. She and her childhood friend Patty had booked this itinerary in 2001 (don't think it was the Connie) but had to cancel when mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She held on five years, but never made it to the Baltic and St. P. So Patty and I did it with Pauline's spirit in mind. We booked this specific sailing so we would be in St. P on mom's birthday, which was also the 2nd anniv. of her death. This trip lived up to our expectations beautifully. Allow me to go into a lot of detail on just what worked well, and the few things that did not so perhaps you can learn from our experience.

London - Harwich Having researched the trains, etc., we thought we were lucky to find the "cruise trains" run by National Express, one per major ship sailing date this summer. We stayed at the Hyatt Andaz (and had a More free 40 pound breakfast included) which is one block from the Liverpool Street Station, terminus for the "cruise trains" to Harwich. The Andaz is a very high tech, mod version of the old Great Eastern Hotel. Nice, but too techie for us when we couldn't figure out how to turn on lights, telly, etc.

One of the reasons our cruise was so special = the weather. Other than the light rain as we walked to the rail station, we had NO precip on the entire 14 night cruise. Amazing.

HOWEVER - you can NOT count on the trains to run. We found out at the end of the cruise - they decided to do work on the tracks (some Brits told us that was a ruse and they just didn't want to pay the weekend labor). So now instead of a train to hold a 2 weeks' cruise worth of luggage - they sent a BUS. Well not many got on that one. And the next had no luggage hold - so we stood out there another hour and a half til busses could hold us and our luggage. We were number TWO in line and still had to endure all of that.

Solution is to buy the ship's transfer. Yes we balked at the price. And thought by staying so close to the rail and it unloading right next to the ship - well the best intentions bla bla bla. Not worth doing it on your own really when you don't know the port and you have to rely on small town transport.

EMBARKATION The train pulled up right next to the cruise and ferry ship docks. Easy walk of one long block or so with your luggage. No steps or stairs required for those so challenged. Took a bit of wrangling to find porters to take our bags to the trolleys so there was a bit of confusion there. Some folks had paid no attention to the luggage tags given out in advance by Celebrity so maybe that was part of the hang-up as the porters had no clue who was coming or going, etc. Read your instructions, folks.

The train got us to the port around one-ish so we had no trouble at all checking in, going up the gangplank was maybe a ten minute delay for metal detectors and other security checks. Printing up the paperwork in advance off the Celebrity website made it smooth.

We were greeted in the very attractive atrium by staff bearing platters of champagne. Period. No water or sparkling cider or juice. Everyone doesn't drink alcohol. It would have been nice to offer some beverage after people traipsed all the way out to the coast. Esp. given we had paid lots of money for this cruise. Oh well - minor bauble.

STATEROOM Easy to find. Mid-ship. Balcony was nice and felt more private than some on other lines. Well designed. Tasteful, clean, modern look - nothing garish or too mod. Bathroom is THE best of my ten cruises. Perfect size. Shower is great size for a non-suite category. Love that the shower curtain is affixed to the wall at one end so water can't easily flood the floor. Soaps provided. Hairdryer provided. Shaver outlets provided. Combination shampoo/conditioner in shower dispenser. Bathrobes provided. Umbrellas provided (and never used - hooray). One gifted canvas shoulder bag for going ashore.

Ice bucket filled twice per day. Less movies on the tv than in years past - unless you now want to pay. We never lost CNN coverage on this itinerary. Also some CBS shows and sports and lots of ship info channels. You can view the enrichment lectures on various ports from the comfort of your stateroom.

Cabin attendant Fabian = the best of my ten cruises. Service is what makes Celebrity so special, in my opinion. I also love the look of the ships, the cleanliness and the food - but the service overall is just so nice. Esp. after being on a Holland America ship with an intentionally antagonistic F&B manager. And a cabin attendant we never knew the name of. Celebrity is number one in my book for service so thanks again Fabian.

One of the special things he did for us was to re-arrange the beds. They were not separated as we had requested. Nor had they been at the $500 a nite Andaz in London. No biggie so long as they correct it before bed. What we had to do after the first nite was keep Patty's bed right next to the bathroom and move the head of my bed up against the verandah window. This was the fix for my snoring that goes right thru the ear plugs so I am told. He put the couch in between the two beds so it would all fit - and then the couch was looking straight out the verandah rather than on the side of it so some folks would prefer that anyhow. Each nite I would push the rather heavy glass coffee table up against the sliding glass door so I would not hit it on the way to the bathroom. Love it that he would do this for us as some would say no on other lines. The only thing I couldn't do in that configuration was turn on the bedside lamp. No biggie. And then I could peer out the window at the moon, bridges, islands, etc. Loved it. DINING Certainly one of the reasons I look forward to a cruise. Somehow I managed not to gain my usual pound per day on this way. Could be thanks to all the walking in Russia. Certainly NOT because I didn't want to eat.

We had the early seating for dinner. Nice round six top fairly well centered in the room. Very nice room as far as visuals. Not conducive to chat though. Noise level too high with so many folks coming and going and china, crystal and silver clanking. Service was very pleasant but an occasional mistake in getting the right dish to the right patron. And a lot of pressing you to try the Chef's selections,etc. But you could always choose from a standard section of the menu too if nothing appealed to you that night. Always could get a New York steak, a Caesar salad, etc. Nice standard backup plan.

Had some lovely entrees - the fish and steaks are certainly good enough for me. Midwestern tastes and not a gourmet. Willing to try the chilled fruit soups and some other rarities and enjoyed them. Everyone at our table agreed that the soups are the best course on Celebrity - hot or cold - try em all. People seemed to concur that the seafood was high caliber. Loved the fish but can't testify to any shellfish myself. Pork chop one night was so juicy and tender. One woman at our table charmed the waiter into bringing an extra entree for the table to share when we had trouble making a choice. Several nights people ordered a second serving of the entree - and the plates were never left empty so we were quite pleased. Baked Alaska for the final formal dinner (of three). Nice coconut and exotic fruit desserts the other nights stood out for me.

Four of us went to the OceanLiners restaurant for dinner the nite of my mom's birthday. The room is dedicated to the grand liners of the past, with panels from the Ile de France on one wall and other display cases of days gone by in the mosaic tiled foyer. Perfect way to sail out of St. Petersburg, dining to harp music, plenty of light in the air (sunset at nearly 11 p.m.) and the table surrounded by four or five handsome fellows so that they could serve each course simultaneously to their eager patrons. Patty said it was the best steak she has had in her life. My fish dish was delicious. They added a free appetizer. Free petits fours at the end. You felt very satisfied for this elegant change of pace one special evening. The $30 sounds steep but was worth every penny. I loved my chocolate souffle. May I order one by mail??

Here is the menu for you to start salivating over: Starters: Classic Lobster Bisque, Tomato, Red Pepper & Mozzarella Soup, Caesar Salad, Salad of Diced Vegetables and Lobster, Smoked Salmon with Tuna Carpaccio, Twice Baked Goat Cheese Souffle, Frog Legs Provencale, Escalope of Foie Gras Normandy, Chilled Asparagus - sauce Gribiche. Entrees: Whole Dover sole Meuniere (YUM-O), Grilled Filet of Sea Bass, Scallops & Lobster, Magret of duck with sliced pears, Rack of Lamb in Puff Pastry, Large Shrimps Flambee, Saltimbocca alla Romana, Risotto al Funghi, Tenderloin Steak Diane. Cheese: A selection of Fine French Cheeses, apples, grapes and walnut bread. Desserts: Zabaglione with marsala, Coconut Crème Brulee, Chocolate Souffle, Chocolate and Orange Segment Mousse Cake, Light Lemon and Lime Mascarpone cheesecake, Ice creams and sorbets, bite-size surprises, coffee and petits fours.

From the sublime to the not in our reality check for Celebrity F&B folks. Room service quality has gone way down. Not only has the portion size decreased a third, the quality has too. The pepperoni pizza was decent, the tuna sandwich passable, the chefs salad not. The cookies are good. The beverage selection meager. Yes I know - with all the good food in other venues, why whine about this? Well for certain ports and timing and all - you really want something good. Now one GOOD thing about the room service in 08 versus my last Celebrity cruise in 04, you can now get the deluxe dinner from the main dining room - so long as you let your cabin attendant know before dinner service has begun. That was nice. Room service otherwise needs improvement.

Buffets were better than in past. More variety. Salads seemed more inventive here than in the main dining room. Lots of fresh fruits and cheeses at all times. LOVE the POG - passion fruit, orange and guava juice, as well as lemonade in the self serve dispensers next to the iced tea, coffee, and water. Omelet station was very popular and for good reason. Also high quality for the waffles and French toast served at the back of the other dining lines. Had some delicious BBQ and beef dishes worthy of the main dinners. Very nice quality overall. And a healthy spa cuisine option at that end of the deck by the pools. The pool area right outside the main buffet has burgers, hot dogs and tacos - as well as potato salad, other salad fixings too up until 6 pm daily. Or was it 5??

One downside re: the buffet service - some of the guys just did not have the English skills to tell me what I was ordering. This happened more than once - and they smiled and tried - but I really couldn't grasp what was in the dessert section in particular. Ah well -I ate it anyway!

Separate ice cream areas were very popular. Several exotic fruit and non-sugar options to choose from as well as the usual favorites. Cups or cones, your choice.

We choose to have breakfast and lunch in the formal dining room a couple of times and the service was very good, selections fine and worth doing when you have the time.

So - my overall take on the food on this ship - I am happy. Very happy. When about 50 pct. of what I consume is delicious, and another 25 pct. very good - I can easily forgive the remainder being average or even on rare occasion just not worth having. The one area I would skip in future was the do it yourself pasta bar. Once they add the veggies and all - you have an inch of water in the bottom. But again - I would focus on the 50 pct delicious mark - and come back any time I am so fortunate. On the other cruise lines, I am afraid they hit delicious about 5 or 10 pct of the time. Not Celebrity. YUM. PUBLIC AREAS I am going to lump a lot of things together here for brevity as I really want to go into the Shore Excursions at more length on this port-intensive cruise. The theater is top notch - great lighting and sight lines. Well attended. Some of the solo acts were world class - the man who played Phantom in Australia, the gal who did Evita in the West End, classical musicians from top circuits in the world. Entertainment gets a high mark. The regular show cast has some very talented singers and dancers - well choreographed, lavishly costumed, and most shows a real hit. The Broadway show was an 8 or 9 out of ten. The finale from around the world had dancers doing Irish and Can Can and Russian and Jazz - well done. Singers doing Verdi arias as well as heartfelt national tunes. The aerialists were of the Cirque de Soleil genre and a big hit. The Latin theme show was not up to the same level - but how many Ricky Martin numbers can one endure. There is only one Ricky and he wasn't on board, sorry to say.

Spa was wildly popular. Nice facilities. Hard to book so don't delay once you get onboard. One fun feature was a silent auction near the end of the cruise - you can bid for any spa treatments, including the teeth whitening at a bargain price. Women looked great coming out with their hair and nails done. I even had a pedicure to get my feet ready for the Russian treks.

Lounges were very tasteful, pleasant music, nice art throughout the ship - some of it a bit too modern for me but most of it quite interesting and well positioned. Shops had some fun events - Russian fashion show and "spot the fake amber" and so on. And they brought out lots of Russian dolls and hats and chocolates and jewelry and so on - so you had plenty of shopping opportunities right on board.

I went to one of the ship's free classes. Most now come with a charge. Dino was very good with explaining how to store your photos online at home with various programming tips. Class was full so book early.

Casino had a lot of jackpots coming and going. I had the feeling I would hit my mom's favorite numbers on keno on her birthday. And sure enough, I put in $60 and all five came in for nearly $800.

Tasty treats on trays in the casino late nites - but that does NOT make up for the lack of a midnight buffet. NONE - all gone. Kaput. Yes I know we are all eating less, and being more green and so on - but not ONE on a 2 wk. premium cruise? When they announced the ice carving display near the pool it felt like a slap that they still show off these skills but with NO buffet?? Sigh - an unexpected change.

SHORE EXCURSIONS/PORTS Amsterdam - been there, done that. We weren't there long enough for me to stroll around - which is perfectly fun in that port. But I was lazy that day, sorry. Also we were given the impression the ship was far from the Central Station and old central area I was familiar with. Our view was of modern apartments and minimal dock facilities. Once we went up to the buffet (an hour before sailing away) I could see that we actually were close to some interesting ship museums, etc. and not so far away for one to walk it.

Sigh. This was an ongoing source of frustration. Various staff members would give a guess of how far you were from port - and in some cities they were so far off base, I wish they would just have said they didn't really know. Not that I didn't buy an excursion in every remaining port - but I still like to get off and do some exploring on my own. And really you might as well buy the ship's shuttle passes with the exceptions of Copenhagen, Tallinn and Stockholm. An easy 20 minute walk can get you somewhere in those ports. More to come as I now digress.

Warnemunde- Neither of us had been to Germany before. We bought the ship's excursion to Berlin. Train was within easy walking distance from the ship. Chaos in the main theater where ALL the Berlin tours were to gather. Why they didn't deploy some in the other empty areas of the ship I do not know. Casino was closed, the lounges were closed at 8 a.m. Split it up rather than having about 1500 people walk down one aisle of the theater to get their boarding passes and stickers etc. The other ports were less of a madhouse so I won't go on. But it was a bad start to the day.

The train was pleasant - rather crowded. Not as much leg room as I recall on trains in Europe. Some beverages and fruits were dispensed as part of the $300 tour. We chose the one that included a luncheon at a brewery, a riverboat tour, a bus tour by Checkpoint Charlie, and walking near Charlottenburg Palace, the main shopping street with KaDeWe, the Brandenburg Gates and the Reichstag. Walking a mile a minute we could barely see all of this interesting city in the time given. 3 hrs each way by train - a nice big German lunch served family style - platters of sausages, two kinds of potatoes, and apple strudel - very nice. A snack bag on the train ride home and then the ship buffet was serving late for us. A good but tiring day and a nice intro to Berlin.

Stockholm- one of the great things about this port was getting there. The ship comes off the Baltic Sea into the archipelago of thousands of islands at around 3 a.m. For our sailing, the full moon was shining across the water so I had to sit up and gaze a bit. Docked around sunrise. A rather difficult 20 min. walk to the main part of old town but I had some shopping lists to attend to in one of the countries of my ancestry. What made the walk tricky was that you wind thru an industrial port and it isn't clearly marked while they build a new cruise port there. Also building a large ABBA museum there for future cruise patrons to enjoy. And across the water you can see their small version of Tivoli Garden, the Vasa historic Ship Museum, etc. Expect some sticker shock given the poor exchange rate of the US dollar. Scandinavia is costly. Think Switzerland. COSTLY. But you can still pick up some little trinkets and candies, etc for a few bucks so do it.

We took the Waterways tour in the afternoon. Leaves right from the ship's dock. Walking past the bow we got doused with water. The crew didn't realize anyone was walking there as all the other tour busses and paths to town left mid-ship. We complained and in typical Celebrity good customer service, they gave us free dry cleaning for those outfits. Several people with mobility problems had chosen this tour as they didn't have to board a bus - it was still a real challenge as there was a short but rather steep gangplank. The crew helped and everyone made it - but just barely. Out on the water for a couple hours got nippy (we didn't have rain - or the snows that hit St P in mid-May, but it was NOT a warm weather cruise so dress accordingly). Saw the old hotels and palace of downtown, the newer housing area where they built an "Olympic Village" but oops never got the bid from the IOC, and some really lovely large buildings along the waterway. Not an earth shattering port but very nice to look at and worth exploring a bit. Again - the sailing out was great to watch - dining on the verandah with a sweater on was perfect. Never knew about the Swedish archipelago but a very pleasant surprise to have seen.

Helsinki - Loved Finland. Just the whole north woods, clean air look and feel of the place. Very attractive and outgoing people too. Nothing in the way of a skyline - it's not that type of city. Nice sized port - too far to walk into the city on your own. But the buildings are low rise and modern as the oldest building dates back just to 1740 or so. They had only used wood to build at that point and it just didn't survive for long.

We chose one of the "specialty" tours that day. We went out of the city to Vittrask, the home of the leading architects of early 1900's. The one that Americans will know best is Saarinen, whose son also became famous in the US after they emigrated. They did the old classic Pan Am building at JFK, the Dulles airport outside D.C., and the St. Louis Arch. They had a large studio and several homes in a compound out on a lake with birch and pine trees north of the big city maybe 20 miles. The home has some great design features of course, built on 7 levels within a 3 story home. Very nice for those with any interest in seeing some of the countryside as well as the design aspects. We then came back into town, the guide pointing out the old train station and other buildings done by the same trio of architects, the new Concert hall, the old Cathedral built by a friendly Czar (Peter the Great?), and then you had the option of staying in town to shop. I wanted my buffet so back to the ship we went. And thus we found something you too might enjoy. Across the parking lot from our dock were two little souvenir shops with nice books, art and some clothing for sale. They took any currency - dollars, euros, pounds, and that would turn out to be rare in other ports. ALSO - they had a little P C set up and I thought maybe they let you surf online for a few Euros - but it was FREE. So rather than pay what the ship charges, do a quick check of mail, etc. online there. I had seen one opportunity like that in Stockholm at the 7-11 grocery, but not free, about 3 Euros for a half hour or so?? Not bad.

St. Petersburg - at last. This was what it was all building up to - two days in this historic capital of the arts and politics of the old Russia. We learned early on how serious they were about the "visa" situation. There was a souvenir shop across the parking lot from the dock. Thinking it was similar to Helsinki, and we could just stroll across, we tried only to be thwarted by the frowning guards, "Russian visa?" No. "You can't go." Okay - we tried. I had an afternoon tour set up while Patty rested up for our big night in town.

I went on a tour of the Russian Museum and the Church on Spilled Blood. There were very few tours left once we boarded in Harwich, so I advise you go right away if you have any special tours picked out. Most will sell out in every port. We later learned there was a board on the counter stating which were sold out, which took waiting lists, and which (rarely) had been cancelled (lack of sufficient interest). The interactive TV in your stateroom allows you to book right on the screen. But the info would sometimes make it look as if it were sold out when if you went to the desk you could sometimes still get in.

The day we docked was the biggest festival of the year in St P., commemorating the city's birthday anniv. Why did someone NOT know this in advance? Our tour bus could not cross the parade route. We could not walk across the parade route. Had someone thought of this in advance, the tour could have been moved to morning, before the parade route became an issue. Needless to say it was chaos, We had to walk an extra mile, then go through a packed sidewalk crowd of parade viewers for blocks, walk under the street via a Metro tunnel, back up, and then towards the Museum. The museum was worth it but we lost about 1.5 hours of tour time and were panicked about getting back to the ship in time for the grand evening tours.

Loved the museum. Also one in Moscow, displaying all these grand Russian artists we had never heard of. Really a pleasant surprise so am glad I chose it- - other than the parade fiasco of course. Then we strolled across a park right to the Church on Spilled Blood, a work of art itself. This was built on the actual site of the Czar's shooting in the 1880's. He was standing next to the canal and so they had to build out into the canal to make room for this stunning church to go up and house a shrine to him on the actual steps where his blood spilled. The church is made of millions of mosaic tiles all the way up to the onion domes, depicting Biblical scenes. Some of the walls are made of that stunning semi-precious mineral jasper and rhodolite - like a poor man's emerald and ruby. Really wonderful to see the inside of this place. And shopping nearby afterwards.

That night was the piece de resistance. We did the tour that you MUST try and do. So many people later said they had wished they had gone. It was a Night of Splendour at the Hermitage, with the climax being a private ballet performance in what was Catherine's private theater. Two busses of people from our ship were the entire crowd that night. So approx. 75 lucky people were given a private tour thru all four buildings of the Hermitage Museum, seeing all the highlights without spending hours crushed between other tour groups. Mind you, we were the second sailing of the season, so we were told there were 4 large ships in town. By the height of the season, that grows to 7 ships. Any chance you have to see any palace without the throngs, DO IT. We only wish we had an extra nite so we could have done the other grand evening event at the Summer Palace as it was a madhouse the next day.

So after seeing the Michelangelos and Raphaels and rooms full of Cezanne and Matisse, we were treated to the ballet - seven vignettes from the great ballets. Mostly were danced as a pas de deux, some solos, and also the flanking 8 swans for Swan Lake in addition to the prima ballerina. Fantastic orchestra, awesome dancers, and in that special setting - wow what a night to remember. We walked out to see the sun still in the sky at after 10 p.m. and many crowds for the Festival night was still young.

We did the nine hour tour the next day entitled Pushkin and Peterhof. This allowed us to see both Summer palaces - the first in the Czars Village about 20 miles south of St. P. This is the blue palace - nearly destroyed by Nazi bombs. The majority of arts and ceiling panels were evacuated far into the countryside and thus preserved. The amazing Amber Room panels are still missing. What you see now is a replication. Stunning. Great palace to see - but the crowds, and the walking are starting to get to us. Then our guide wants us to see one more garden, one more statue. Very nice and enthusiastic girl but the audio system didn't always work - and we were growing weary long before Peterhof, the next Palace out on the Gulf of Finland.

Okay - well if you read the tour guide info - you are to walk around 2.5 or 3 miles - forget about it. We had to walk double that by the time we got thru all the upper gardens and the lower gardens and the inner gardens and the truly comical and impressive fountains Peter built to amuse himself - it was a lot of walking believe you me. To go inside, this is the yellow palace with the Cascades flowing behind, you have to put on these little booties. And some folks slipped. The floors are slick and we were tired so it was a real challenge. We did get some good prices on souvenirs from hucksters outside. The old dark "fur" hats and souvenir scarves and postcards, all about half what the ship charged. (The ship did have very nice shops and not that terribly overpriced really.)

So there was much to see - and whether you did a Celebrity tour or the private tours, we all want to come back and see more of St Petersburg and Russia. The included lunch was bland - they put out some caviar and vodka to dress it up - but the rest was not close to what we had become accustomed to on the Constellation.

Tallinn - okay it was interesting. Mind you we have just seen St Petersburg. Why we thought this little palace tour here ( we chose the Upper Town tour) would be of any interest, well I don't know. The old town was quite something - the best preserved fortress walled town I have ever seen. More than a dozen of the huge towers still standing guard over the old town. Medieval church full of coats of arms was interesting. The palace - not so much. This was the spare Motel Six palace I think - only for passing thru Estonia or harboring a mistress or whatever. A few nice paintings, a nice chandelier, some truly nice gardens yes - but after Peterhof, sorry. Pick another tour.

Shopping in Estonia was a challenge. They just stared at and examined my VISA card - not seeming to know what one would do with it. This was in the premier modern shopping mall mind you, not some goat stall. The only place I could actually make a transaction was at the post office so I could mail some cards with their postmark. The ship charges TWO DOLLARS per foreign stamp - any country, and in some countries that really is the going rate - but in others like Estonia you save if you get your own. The ship will mail them when they pass thru that country again if you miss the deadline - so they could still have the postmark of your choice - just two wks. after you disembarked.

Russia and Estonia - best prices. Some places took all currencies but some only took their local monies. Hard to know in advance so be prepared for anything. Except VISA in Estonia - they don't know what it means - HA.

Copenhagen - Loved the place. The most expensive place but still just to walk around - great old buildings, great new buildings, friendly people. Amazing Tivoli Gardens. (amazing that a medium diet Coke was 7 dollars US. OUCH. ) BY ALL MEANS, buy the ships transfer as it includes the admission and the bus back. I walked the 75 min. back cuz I had not purchased it. And it's a long hike. The Gardens were full of stage performances, a variety of restaurants and rides and shops and great lighting and flower designs. Don't miss it.

We did another specialty tour here. This was to the village of Dragor - the old farming village out 15 miles or so along the sea. No cars allowed in their narrow streets so you could see the thick thatched roofs, the huge flowers blooming, the wondrous old style homes, and also the ship that was used to smuggle Jews across the seas, one or two at a time lying in the back of this inauspicious little fishing boat. Loved strolling here for an hour or so - and then a treat of coffee and a pastry - they don't call them Danish in Denmark, but instead "Vienna bread" and good it was. Then back through the very modern airport area of high speed trains and apartments and finally back through the old town of palaces and museums.

Unfortunately our table mate was among 3 women who were pickpocketed here on the palace tours. Throngs of people pressing against you and all the victims had zippers unzipped on backpacks or bags. One man was also prey in either St P or Tallinn - his cargo pants zipper was undone and the wallet taken. The guides were constantly warning us to watch our surroundings in St P and we were fine. But the guide in Denmark said that busses bring in the professional criminals to target the crowds in summer and then again at Christmas markets. Otherwise it is the 2nd safest country in the world, after Iceland. Non-violent snatch and grabs but not a happy day for some.

Disembarkation - wow - couldn't be smoother. People were off the ship early actually. Didn't do us any good given the lack of train service but nothing Celerity could have done other than beg us to buy their transfers. Actually we were still pondering that as Patty wasn't walking that smoothly after the Russian hikes - but the ship cuts off those sales a couple of nites before the cruise ends - so be forewarned.

Well I am now at 6600 words. What more to say. Loved the ship. Love the cruise line. Loved the ports. Was it perfect? No of course not. But I wish all cruises were this nice - and that I could go more often. Keep up the good work Celebrity, but bring back a midnight buffet every couple of weeks okay? Aloha - Tad. Less

Published 07/01/08

Cabin review: 6087

Smallish closet but you can fit your suitcase underneath hanging clothes, good center of the ship location - rather quiet and sturdy - except for the noise under connecting door from the old folks TV next door.

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