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Breakaway to Bermuda

Sail Date: August 2014
Destination: Bermuda
Embarkation: New York (Manhattan)
This was my 4th cruise (all with Norwegian) BUT I've only ever gone with my sister (just the two of us) save for our Pacific Coastal on the Jewel last September when my parents joined us. This time, it was me and 26 other family members on my mom's side. The fact that we ended up on NCL was kind of a fluke. My Grandma, who is almost 86, wanted to take the whole family on one last big trip.

I, like most NCLers, had been following the Breakaway's assembly via NCL's social media accounts but it wasn't a ship in my "top 5" next cruises to take. Frankly, I don't like New York (I spent a very bleak period of my life living there) and I had no interest in going to Bermuda.

I was in a balcony on deck 10 with my mother and sister. My brother, his wife and their 1 year old daughter were in the room next to us and everyone else ranged from inside cabins on deck 5 to owner's suites in the Haven. I think we had a little of everything.

Now, I am definitely the black sheep More of this family and not very close or social with many of them. They are all white-collar-job professional type people and I'm the liberal, musical, artsy fartsy one. I happen to think I'm a hell of a good time, but the oil and water idiom applies well to my family dynamic. My late Grandpa (who technically is the one who funded this whole operation) had a motto that was "Average is not good enough" and I think I am viewed as being very average. But no matter.

I flew into New York Friday and stayed with one of my best friends from childhood who lives on the Upper East Side Friday night. Most of the rest of the family were staying at the Courtyard Marriott Times Square West so I took a cab there at about 11:30 Saturday night. I knew I'd want to be up early and be close to the ship Sunday and I didn't trust myself to behave if I spent another night out on the town with "the boys."

That hotel, by the way, is very nice and quite close to the ship so I recommend it if you are not a local and need a place to stay for a night or two pre cruise.

Sunday morning, we took a cab over to the ship at about noon I guess? The luggage porter situation was a tad disorganized and confusing, but we all know those are not NCL employees. We already had our luggage tags attached but kept getting stuck behind groups of people who were filling them out right then and there. We finally found a guy to give our suitcases to and headed into the cruise terminal to do the security and check in thing.

My brother and his wife and baby took a separate cab so we got split up. My mother insisted that we wait on them before we checked in so she made us get out of the line and wait for about 20 minutes only to discover that they had already gone inside (which I told her they likely did). This became a common theme throughout the entire week.

Despite how many people are on Breakaway, the process moved very quickly and smoothly. We were onboard in no time and our rooms were ready immediately with luggage being delivered not long after. We all downloaded and registered for iConcierge. I loved it, though many in my family kept repeating how terrible it was because phone calls never went through. Now, the only numbers I had were my mom, sister and brother and I'm more of a texter anyway and honestly, I'm still so impressed about everything ELSE that it does that I didn't care if the phone calls didn't go through. The messaging worked fine and there is sooooooo much more you can use it for. And $7.95 is not a lot of money. I think you can use it for free if you don't use the phone and message function.

Sail away was fun. We all convened in Spice H20 wearing our matching family tshirts. Several of us (not me) joined the conga line (the joke all week was that one of my uncles was very prominently featured on the "sail away party" video that looped throughout the stateroom tv's all week. He caught a lot of grief for that, but it was funny I suppose. Sailing by the Statue of Liberty was nice, I didn't really care about going under the Verrazano Bridge. I used to drive over it all the time.

My sister and I had dinner that night in Taste. We ate early, probably right when it opened. There was no wait at all, it was nearly empty, and we were in and out in well under an hour. I'm not wild about the changes to the MDR menus and I'm likely in the minority on that. I ordered the melanzane parmigiana which I wasn't wild about. I was so used to my "go to" dishes, comfort food, almost. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but there were things I definitely missed eating. Come to think of it, I think we only ate in a MDR two nights. Two nights were in specialty restaurants - La Cucina, which was on Tuesday (I think?) and Cagney's which was on the last night (Saturday night) and I don't think I even ate dinner the other nights. We didn't have to wait at all in Taste the second time either. In fact, our meals in the specialty restaurants took longer but I think that was because we were a party of 27 and they looooooooove to socialize.

I guess we spent that first night wandering around getting familiar with the ship. I honestly don't remember. Howl at the Moon was our favorite thing on the Epic, followed by karaoke but it has to be BAD karaoke. Bad karaoke is so bad it's good. The only karaoke on this trip was "Karaoke Idol" which was at very early times and it was a competition! So sadly, we weren't able to see any karaoke at all. As for Howl at the Moon, it was amazing as it always is but I wasn't as wild about these three guys as I was the three we had on our Epic cruise. They really "made it" for us so we didn't spend nearly as much time there. On the Epic, we parked our butts there from open until close. The crowd was also not nearly as enthusiastic on this trip as they were then.

Here are some of the random observations/comparisons from other cruises I've made.

First of all, there seemed to be FAR LESS storage space in our stateroom on the Breakway. Granted, I've never shared a cabin with two other people before but my sister left everything in her suitcase the whole week, as did my mother, aside from a few hanging garments. I unpacked right away and stole the shelves inside the right half of the closet. On the Epic, we seemed to have more than enough space.

We barely saw/spoke to our stateroom steward the entire week. A MUCH different situation with him than our previous three. He still did the job well, but the "personal" element was not there at all. And I guess that's fine with me. I'm not much of a small talker.

I found the water pressure in the shower to be WAY LESS powerful than the previous ships we've been on. It took me FOREVER to get the shampoo out of my hair. It reminded me of that Seinfeld episode when their "super" installs the low flow showerheads. A shower really turned out to be something I had to invest some time in.

I sometimes also had to press the toilet flushing button a few times before it would go. That made me nervous the first couple of times it happened.

My mother also kept commenting that the water in the bathroom sink was always scalding hot. I found that if I turned it on all the way on cold and then gradually adjusted it, it was fine.

Also, any event at the Atrium seemed to be PACKED. If you weren't there EARLY, you were stuck standing around awkwardly. I get that this is summer and it's prime kid cruising season. I usually travel during the school year when it's not so crowded, so maybe that's the difference.

We also tried to attend the margarita tasting and it was so packed that we couldn't get in. That was probably not such a bad thing, healthwise anyway.

My onboard credit also took a few days to show up. I kept noticing that I was getting more and more and more. I have no idea how I ended up with $150 but heck, I'm not complaining. I was buying drinks for my brother and still found myself at 11pm the last night with like $50 to spend. So I drank a lot of Chardonnay.

Oh, the Latitudes Silver, Gold and Platinum gathering in Fat Cats was VERY sparsely attended but VERY nice. The Captain gave a nice little talk and all of the officers that were there approached every single table and had conversation. I was given 3 glasses of white wine (one was even filled DOUBLE) and a glass of champagne. The guy must have sensed that I was on a stressful family trip. ;)

My family members partook in the unlimited beverage package, fitness glasses, bingo, massages, most of the specialty restaurants, ice bar, you name it, they did it. Apparently, they were in casino one night and had a whole crowd of people chanting one of my aunt's names followed by chanting of "BUY THE BOAT! BUY THE BOAT!" I missed out on that.

They went to the Glow Party (which I did not do) and said that it was just straight out of an episode of Jersey Shore and was "very clubby." I've never seen an episode of Jersey Shore but I think I know what they mean. Oh, and apparently some kind of brawl broke out at it as well. That's just lovely. One of the combatants was apparently there with his kids.

As far as the crew goes, they were all so wonderfully friendly. Really great people.

We really didn't do as much around the ship as we normally do, and that's likely because we spent so much time off the ship in Bermuda. And traveling with a huge group kind of complicated things. It was very chaotic at times, even though my sister and I kind of kept to ourselves most of the time.

I felt bad for my brother and sister in law. They really couldn't do much of anything with the baby. I guess they could've let someone babysit, but they didn't want to and instead spent a LOT of time in their room with her while she napped and went to bed early and what have you. They also had to leave several lunches and dinners before getting to eat because the baby got fussy. I guess if you're a parent that's normal to you, but I'm not, and I thought it sucked for them. But there are numerous reasons my husband and I don't want kids. I'm pretty sure the human race will do just fine without our contribution.

A quick tidbit about the waterslides. My sister and I waited until about 9pm to do them. Reason being, we are VERY fair skinned redheads (well, I ended up getting the suburn of my life on Friday which I'm so pissed about). The lines were next to nothing and we were able to ride them all. We only did the freefall one once and believe me, that was enough. It was slightly terrifying. And what's funny is that if you don't get enough "oomph" to get you up and around, you get stuck and there's like an emergency escape hatch. Luckily, we both made it. They weigh you before you get on. The "whip" water slide was actually kind of painful. My elbow still hurts from me hitting it on the slide on the way down. You go so fast and it's so curvy that you can't sit up even if you try. The speed you gain forces your body to lay flat. Very fun though. There was a nicer, more "tame" blue one that I liked just as well. "Aqua Park After Dark" is the way to go! We did that either Wednesday night or Thursday night I think.

So yeah day one (Sunday) was basically getting acclimated to the ship (I never went to Bliss at all on this cruise), the sail away party, dinner in Taste and Howl at the Moon (I think?). Not too terribly exciting. I stopped by the guest services desk to see what was going on with my onboard credit since nothing was showing up yet and I had no idea how much I actually had. Turned out being more than I thought.

Day 2 (Monday):

Our Cruise Critic meet and greet was in La Cucina at 11. We didn't stay long, but it was nice. We went to the Noodle Bar for lunch. I had the vegetarian fried rice and vegetarian spring roll which I liked very much. I was kind of disappointed that there wasn't a vegetarian noodle dish because I really wanted noodles. It's a la carte pricing, but fairly cheap, and you get a lot. Our plan was to eat light at the noodle bar, and then get mozzarella sticks from O'Sheehan's, but the noodle bar filled us up. We spent some time this evening at Howl at the Moon but again, not nearly as long as on the Epic.

**A quick note about weather**

So apparently tropical storm Bertha became a hurricane at some point on our voyage. They altered the course a little bit and went a little faster to Bermuda. That being said, I hardly felt ANY motion at all on this ship. I must admit, I do like to feel movement. I'm very lucky in that I don't get seasick and I love a little rocking. The ocean was smooth as glass the WHOLE time. To me, anyway. Most of those in my party wore the ear patch.

Day 3 (Tuesday):

Another sea day. I think we had breakfast in the Garden Cafe. I generally try to avoid buffets (I'm a germophobe) but this time, I brought latex gloves with me and wore one on my serving hand. Did it help? Who knows, but I sure felt more at ease. Must be a psychological thing.

My sister and I did the ropes course this day. I actually felt kind of bad for dragging her on it because, and I had forgotten, she is TERRIFIED of heights. BUT she did it. I could feel her trembling on the the ropes behind me, haha. At one point, she got tangled up in one and I had to go back and untangle her but she did pretty well. We have no pictures of us doing it though which stinks. I had texted my mother about an hour earlier telling her we were going to do it but I guess she had better things to do. The plank and zipline were both closed that day (it was pretty windy up there) and we never got another change to do it so no zipline or plank for us. The rest of the group did it a day or two after us and were all able to do the plank and zipline.

We probably had lunch at O'Sheehan's. We ate there several times. The mozzarella sticks were very good, better than I remembered them being on the Epic. I also liked that they now offer additional salad dressing choices. I wasn't a fan of the one dressing they had on the Epic a couple of years ago. It was like a malt vinegar or something. The chips that came w/the spinach and artichoke dip were a tad on the stale side, but still good. My mom and sister raved about the tuna sandwich from there. Oh, and my mother LOVED the french toast in the Garden Cafe which I unfortunately never got to have being that I'm not a huge breakfast person. I know, I know, it's the most important meal of the day.

So we went to see Rock of Ages this night. I discovered that I again need to get new glasses with a slightly stronger prescription. The stage was so blurry. So I thought the show was very good, as did my mother which surprised me. It seemed very long to me, but I was very tired. Definitely a more adult show, which I loved, heed the warnings if you've got kids in tow though I guess. My mother proclaimed it was the best show she's seen on a cruise ship though mind you, she's only been on one cruise and it was the Pac Coastal on the Jewel which definitely does NOT have the flashiness of the newer ships.

This was also a night that we had a dinner reservation for all 27 of us in La Cucina. They couldn't seat all of us at one table, so we occupied several different ones. The bread and various olive oils were DELICIOUS. Especially the garlic one. I ordered vegetarian lasagna, no surprise there. Ahh and a delicious caprese salad. The pizza was also very good. Someone ordered one and then each of us took a slice or half a slice. Speaking of pizza, the room service pizza delivery was actually really good too. Whatever night the Latitudes reception was, the family had a "sunset" party on the huge aft balcony one of them had and they'd ordered pizza. This was right after I consumed four complimentary drinks so I was probably quite tipsy but I do remember inhaling two pieces of the veggie pizza and highly enjoying them.

My brother and I wandered out later that night. In an attempt to spend some onboard credit, we had a few beers and ended up in the video arcade acting like a couple of stupid teenagers. We played some ridiculous game that cost us $5 and we couldn't even figure out what the point of it was. It was almost more of a "ride" than a game. Played a few games of skee ball, won some tickets (I have no idea what became of those) and then he insisted I let him play that stupid claw machine game because he swore to me he'd win. Guess what? He didn't. We then wandered around and found Vibe (well, we peeked in) and then just wandered aimlessly around Spice H20 and up along that deck. This was probably 12:30am? Then we ended up at O'Sheehan's where I proceeded to wolf down an order of fries and he ordered a hot dog AND buffalo wings. We probably had a couple more beers too. It was very fun.

Day 4, Wednesday, Arrived in Bermuda

I woke up with a bit of a hangover. Our first day in Bermuda too. Juuuuuust great. My uncle chartered a catamaran which was originally supposed to be today but was postponed to Friday because the weather was too windy on Wednesday so praise ye gods for that. I was able to sleep in a bit and take it pretty easy. Being on that catamaran feeling the way I did would NOT have been fun.

Arriving into Bermuda was a lovely sight indeed. I didn't get to sleep from my night out with my brother until probably 2 or 2:30am and was rudely awakened at around 4am by either my mother, or my sister, or possibly both snoring VERY loudly on both the inhale and the exhale. It was a horrible sound. Had I had easy access to my headphones, I would have put them in and in retrospect, that's what I should have done.

I felt like crap a few hours later when I actually got up. I ventured out onto the balcony with my mom and sister to take in the first views of Bermuda but had to keep going inside and chugging from my huge bottles of smart water which I'm so glad I brought with me because there would've been no way I could've made it up to the Garden Cafe and back. Quantity-wise, I didn't drink that much alcohol the night before but like I said, I'm not a heavy drinker at all so it hits me a little harder than it would most other people. I had a few glasses of wine (maybe 3) and a couple of Stella Artois but the glasses they came in were pretty big. This is the last alcohol I would consume for two days so for that, I was thankful.

Anyway, our chartered catamaran adventure was supposed to be this day but was cancelled due to weather. It wasn't raining this day, it was just incredibly windy. I'm also very glad because when we did do the charter on Friday, I got sunburned so badly but only had one more day left of the trip. Had I gotten burned on Wednesday, it would have ruined the rest of the trip.

When we got word that the boat trip was cancelled, I was so happy and laid back down for maybe another hour or so and actually started feeling a little better. I think we ventured up to the Garden Cafe for some light eats and then my mother, sister and I explored the dockyard. It was so hot and a rather aimless trip. I saw a dude wipe out on a rental scooter, that was interesting.

When I was in my research phase of this trip like a year ago, I had originally planned to rent a scooter but the more I read about it, the more I turned completely against the idea and after seeing them in action and the driving there in general, I know I made the right decision not to rent one.

We very briefly walked through the glassblowing place but since it was so darn hot, we didn't last long. We then continued towards the drugstore/pharmacy and then to Clocktower Mall where we wandered yet more aimlessly. We stopped back at the drugstore so my mother and sister could purchase several bottles of their beloved diet Coke.

We then went back to the ship (we bought our two day transportation passes) and I think we had a quick lunch back at the Garden Cafe. My sister and I then ventured to Hamilton via the ferry to head to the Crystal Caves. My intinery that I came up with several months before had to be reconfigured with the postponement of the catamaran and it took me awhile to formulate a plan. We were losing precious time. When I saw that the Crystal Caves closed at 5 and it was like 2, I wondered if we'd have enough time.

We caught the 2:30 ferry, made it to Hamilton at about 3, walked up to the bus terminal, caught the first bus we could that went by the caves (either the 10 or 11) and made it there at like 3:45. I don't get motion sickness but I admit, I got a little nauseous on that bus ride. Our driver drove very fast and there were quite a few twists and turns.

So we arrived at the caves in barely enough time. We elected to only do the Crystal cave. I thought the price was a little steep at $22 a person. Being that I grew up in Virginia, there are numerous caves on private property that we (foolishly) explored on our own and then the more commercialized "Dixie Caverns" that we were dragged to multiple times during childhood so I'm not really sure why I was so hellbent on venturing into yet another cave while in Bermuda. It was something to do I guess. And many other people had mentioned it during the course of my research. They were cool. The tour wasn't very long at all and really all we did was walk down a ramp, then down some stairs, then out onto the floating pontoon bridge. Oh well, it was pretty.

Now, the Swizzle Inn was literally right across the street but we didn't have time to go since we were supposed to meet my mom, brother, sister in law and niece back at the ferry stop in Hamilton for dinner and Harbor Nights at 5:30. We caught a different bus back. Either number 1 or number 3 which took a bit longer. We were dropped off right at the ferry which was nice, and we made it at about 5:45 where my mom was waiting.

We took the niece to Queen Elizabeth Park to run around for a few minutes and then to the Pickled Onion where we had dinner. We ate outside and watched as Harbor Nights was being set up. After we finished eating, we walked around as a group for about 10 or 15 minutes. My brother and his little family left because it was getting close to baby's bed time. My mom and sister and I stayed awhile longer. Harbor Nights was a nice thing, but there was nothing there I wanted to buy. I'm totally not a shopper. In fact, I left for this trip with only $300 cash and, as usual, came back with most of it. And I used some of it in New York for my meals out with my friend.

My mom bought some cloth book for the baby and my sister bought some cheap souvenirs in whatever shop that is. Onion Jack's or something crazy like that. I just don't have much use for "destination trinkets." My mom bought some coffee for my Dad, we watched the Gombey dancers and then pretty much left.

I have no idea what we did that night back on the ship. Maybe just went back to our room.

Day 5, Thursday, Still in Bermuda:

I think Thursday was the first day we utilized the miracle of room service for breakfast. For whatever reason, my sister and I had never ordered room service before. We got the cue from my brother since they were constantly getting it. I have to say, it was awesome.

My mom had a shore excursion this day. It was the handicapped accessible island tour and I think it was just my Grandma and aunts that took it. So she was up and out pretty early.

This was beach day for my sister and I. I was hellbent on going to Jobson's Cove since that's the place I was told to go from Facebook and maybe also the Bermuda board here on Cruise Critic. As soon as we got on the number 7 bus, i started POURING rain. Thanks a lot, Bertha.

The bus ride was somewhat terrifying as the bus was kicking up a tidal wave of water on the sides and the roads were completely covered with water. Again, the bus driver was going pretty fast. Luckily, as we were approaching the beach, the rain let up. The bus emptied out at Horseshoe. We continued the two or so stops further down to Jobson's Cove and were totally pleased to learn that we were the ONLY souls there. The weather was perfect. The rain had cooled things down and it was pretty cloudy so it wasn't overly hot. Perfect outdoor weather for our skin type. Yes, we were still slathered in sunscreen as I am VERY aware you still burn through clouds. I took a ton of pictures, we walked to the next beach up from Jobson's Cove, walked back to Jobson's Cove, then back to Warwick Long Bay. We climbed up on some rocks and I took yet more pictures. By now, the sun was coming back out, it was getting warmer, and we were getting hungry as it was about lunchtime.

We headed back up to the bus stop and were able to get seats before the masses got on two stops after at Horseshoe again. We had lunch at the Frog and Onion, another social media recommendation. As we were eating, the rain started to pour again but ceased by the time we finished and were walking back to the ship. We met up with my mom and brother and decided to go back to the Swizzle Inn. We decided we couldn't pass up a rum swizzle.

So again, we hightailed it to the ferry so we could get my brother back in time for his romantic dinner with his wife. Same routine as the day before. Ferry to Hamilton, oh, haha, of course once we were on the ferry, along came yet another downpour which continued for our entire walk up to the bus terminal. We didn't have umbrellas so we were completely soaked.

As for the Swizzle Inn... we sat inside on the first floor on the back wall. The service we received was pretty bad. I get that this place is total tourist trap but still. My sister had a pina colada and my brother and I split a half jug of rum swizzle which, in all honesty, was just okay. I'm not a huge fan of those overly sweetened drinks. Apparently, my brother was starving so after sitting there for about an hour after our waitress brought us our drinks, we were able to flag her down to order the Cup sampler thing. She said "Oh, I'm not your waitress anymore." It was some other dude that we had yet to make contact with. So after our epically long meal there, we stopped by the gift shop where my sister so generously purchased tshirts for us.

We waited about 35 minutes for a bus to go back which was the longest by far we had to wait the whole time we were there. The afternoon seemed to drag by of course since we were on a time constraint. I'm not sure why my brother wanted to eat before his dinner out, but he's got a much larger stomach than I do so maybe he still had room for more food?

At some point, either this day or yesterday, we went to balloon animal making in the atrium. I think stuff like that is hilarious, some of my relatives made fun of us for the activities we chose to attend. One of my uncles would quip "There's a silver polishing seminar today!" Ha. Haha.

Again, I have no clue what my sister and I did that night. We got a cupcake and lobster tail from Carlo's at some point, but that was during an afternoon.

My brother and sister in law had their dinner in the Manhattan Room. The baby was sick with a 103 fever so they had to blow about $150 at the medical center so I guess that ate into their mad money fund. They both liked what they had. Then they went to the casino and my sister in law won $108 on penny slots. I guess they recupped some of their loss there.

Day 6, Still Bermuda

Okay so now here is Friday, our last day in Bermuda and the day our catamaran outing had been rescheduled to.

We enjoyed room service again. I'm sold and will likely get it every morning on every cruise I'm on in the future.

We met the rest of the family at 9:30am where our vessel, the Chelonia, picked us up. They had some very strict rules while onboard which I understand because I would later learn that they live on the boat. For example, we had to apply sunscreen before we got on and if we needed to reapply, we had to do it on a certain part of the boat in a very careful way. I got it, but it visibly annoyed a couple of my teenage cousins. But, when you're in someone else's house, you play by their rules.

This is the day I got horrendously sunburned on my back. I loaded on SPF 100 in the room before we left the ship. My mother liberally applied it on my back. And yes, I reapplied before I got into the water and swam. Thankfully, I was wearing a HUGE brimmed hat so I got nothing on my face or neck.

The boat stopped twice on our journey, once for some cliff diving and again for some swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding and kayaking. I didn't jump off of any cliffs but when we stopped the second time, I decided to be a good sport and a team player and swim with everyone. I knew that if I didn't, everyone would want to know why. I knew darn well I would burn and I should have known better but I made a serious lapse in judgment. It had probably been 20 years since I was in a swimsuit in the water in the sun and also 20 years since I've been burned that badly. I had my first pre cancerous mole excised from my ankle when I was 22 and I am normally SOOOOOOO careful.

While I was in the water, I did have fun though. They provided those underwater scooter things, noodles and other fun water toys. I floated around on a noodle drinking Coronas. My first alcoholic beverage since Tuesday night. I don't think I was in the water even an hour, but it was long enough for some serious skin damage.

We had lunch onboard. My uncle had gotten wraps for us and the people who own the boat provided hummus and chips and some of pepper jelly/cream cheese thing. Also, unlimited drinks.

When we got back to the ship that afternoon, I noticed the sunburn and was absolutely mortified. Then the pain set in.

I'm a bit jealous because my sister in law can lay out in the sun for hours (and finds great enjoyment in doing that) and many of my cousins rode jet skis immediately after the catamaran and didn't get burned. I'm out there for an hour and get a nearly blistering burn. I don't even care about getting a tan, I just don't want to get burned! Whining done.

So that night, I ate in Taste with my sister, mom, brother, sister in law and niece. I had the vegetable lasagna rolls from the non-changing menu. I said it earlier and I'll say it again. I miss my vegetable risotto, pumpkin gnocchi, veggie burrito, mushroom ravioli, eggplant parmesan from the old MDR menus. They still had the delicious rolls I fell in love with on the Epic, so for that I was thankful. I treated my brother to a glass of Merlot since I still had quite a bit of OBC to spend. This was also the chocoholic night. I ordered the Nutella pot de creme or something which was DELICIOUS. I didn't have dessert most nights, but I made an exception for tonight.

The crew in Taste were SO great. They and people in general absolutely go crazy over my niece. It's actually kind of funny to see. She's such a cute baby, but not very interactive with people she doesn't really know, which still includes me at this point in her life.

After dinner, sister in law and niece went to bed and I went to the "magic show" with my sister, mom and brother. This also elicited mocking from some family members. I don't know why my mother continuously offered our whereabouts to them, knowing they would just laugh at us.

Magic show was good. I forget the dude's name. He's from Copenhagen. Afterwards, they did the special crew finale thing. My sister was hoping for Fountains, but it didn't happen. I hope they didn't do away with it as my sister LOVES it. It makes her laugh so hard. What they do is really nice, but the "We Are A Family" song is a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle campy.

When we were walking out afterwards, Captain Hoyt was posing for unofficial pictures with people which I thought was really nice. People were just taking them on their own cameras as opposed to being taken by "official" ship photographers. We kept walking though, I figured he was going above and beyond by doing that.

The fireworks were tonight! Apparently fireworks don't impress the rest of my family. None of them watched them. They had a 9:30pm reservation at Teppanyaki. I've obviously seen fireworks before too but there's something really cool about seeing them from a cruise ship. They were going off literally right outside of our balcony so we watched them from there. I would've liked to have gone up to the 80s party and watched them from Spice H20 but with the sunburn, I just didn't feel that well. The fireworks themselves lasted about 6 minutes.

I didn't sleep well at all that night. I put a cold washcloth on my back which felt soooooooooo good but what I really needed was some aloe which I of course didn't pack because I didn't plan on getting burned. I never have before on a cruise.

On to Saturday, the final sea day...

Day 7, Sea Day, the final day of the cruise!

As is always the case, the week flew by and we found ourselves on our last day. I had planned on using the last of my OBC on a massage at the spa but had to cancel those plans due to the sunburn which was far worse than I thought it was.

Did we get room service today? I think we did, but we also met some family (mainly Grandma) at the Garden Cafe for a few minutes. This was the encounter where my mother told them we were going to the Officer's Q&A as well as the crew talent show. This was also when my uncle replied with the silver polishing quip.

The family also organized their own shuffleboard tournament to be held at 3pm that afternoon.

The baby spent a little bit of time in the kiddie pool, which we joined in on for a few minutes. I recall my brother saying something about how there were some "not so little" kids in the kiddie pool that were playing a little rough. Again, I don't have kids and know nothing about parenting politics so I don't know what is "acceptable" and what isn't. I guess when you're in a public place you have to expect a variety of behavior. And I don't know if getting splashed by another older kid is a serious playtime offense.

So come 2pm, I headed into the theater with my mom and sister where we attended the Q&A. At first, it was just cruise director Julie talking about the construction of the Breakway. She then showed a brief video, though it was actually about the Getaway but she said she used it anyway since they were sister ships.

Then out came the officers. They answered a lot of questions, some were pretty funny. Someone asked what the craziest guest-on-guest altercation was and Captain Hoyt's answer was that some stories are best left untold but that they'd basically seen it all. I can only imagine...

Then came the talent show. It was quite cool how into it and supportive the audience was. At the end, they did the special finale again, exact same as the night before, and no Fountains. My sister was disappointed and I fear that maybe Fountains is no more. Oh well. Our first cruise was in December of 2011 and lord knows how long it had been around before that.

We made an appearance at the shuffleboard tourney but didn't participate, much to the horror and chagrin of the family. They all wanted to know why. I didn't really have a reason other than I just didn't want to. I was just fine with watching. They were quite organized with different rounds and semifinals, finals, championship... They are extremely competitive, and me, not so much. I do things for fun, not competition. I was in the marching band growing up, not an athlete!

Our 2nd and final big family dinner was this night at Cagney's. The reservation was for 7:30 I believe. We were instructed to meet early at the staircase outside of Le Bistro and Headliners to take a family photo.

Well, everyone was late and I felt like a jerk clogging up the staircase with 27 people but of course we did it anyway. Some brave ship photographer was charged with the task of taking of the photo. We were quite a sight to behold. A woman stood below us in wonderment as I saw her using a finger to count how many of us there were. People on actually cheered when we were finally done and they could use the stairs again.

Then it was off to Cagney's. This dinner dragged out quite a bit. We were all seated at two long tables, but people kept getting up to go out to the Waterfront to take pictures of the sunset. Our poor waiters were probably so confused. At one point, both tables were almost totally empty.

The niece was ready for bed right as the food arrived. My brother left with his wife and his burger sat getting cold on the table before he'd taken a bite. The waiter put it under a warmer until he got back. Of course by that time, we were all on dessert. I skipped sweets and had a cappuccino.

After dinner, I decided to join most of the group on the waterfront by maltings. I STILL had $50 of OBC to spend. After I was successful doing that, the group migrated to the casino for some craps. I didn't spend much time there at all. It was very late and I hadn't even started packing yet.

So that's pretty much it, in a nutshell. Bottom line is, it was an incredible trip overall. The Breakaway is a FANTASTIC ship. Bermuda was beautiful, but I think I saw all I needed to see. I'd love to sail the Breakaway again, but not out of New York and not only to Bermuda so it sounds like a cruise on the Getaway may be in order soon. We did the St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Nassau thing on the Epic already and we're doing a western Caribbean on the Epic this coming February. I'd like to travel to some different ports before repeating them but the Getaway will definitely be on our future cruise list.

The waterfront was such a great concept, I really liked that. I really would've liked to spend more time on the ship taking advantage of more of what it has to offer. Less

Published 08/18/14

Cabin review: 10284

Room was very nice. Not enough storage space for three adult women. My mother was freaked out that there was only one electrical outlet, that she could find anyway...

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