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Star Princess - March 5th to 20th - Hawaii

Sail Date: March 2014
Destination: Hawaii
Embarkation: Los Angeles
By way of background, my wife and I are in our mid-fifties, are busy professionals, who take three to four cruises per year and are Elite with Princess. We center our attention on relaxation and we love our leisurely dinners on board, both casual as well as the formal evenings. This cruise we sailed with another couple who we met on another cruise and this was our fourth cruise together. We have also been to Hawaii over twenty times so we don’t do many of the normal tourist activities.

One other thing many reviews cover is the condition of a ship - rust, varnish off of railings, etc. One thing we learned many years ago is that ships continually get rusty, and varnish is affected by the salt, etc. What we do see is that Princess continually paints, varnishes, etc to keep the ships in great shape. Conversely, where we saw something that was out of sorts that shouldn’t be, we reviewed it.


We arrived at the port at 11:45 and were through More security in less than 10 minutes. We stopped quickly to show our wine and then on to pick up our keys and being Elite, we luckily bypassed the line and went right up to the desk. Another five minutes and we were on our way to the waiting area! Albeit this was a first for us as we were given a boarding card that stated we were the second group of Elites to board - there were over 250 Elites on this cruise!

We were directed to the Preferred Passenger area. This is shared with the Platinum passengers at San Pedro and groups are called, instead of all the Elites at once. As luck would have it the first group of Elites were just being called and we went next, maybe five minutes later. All told we were in our cabin within 45 minutes of port arrival.

Dolphin Mini-Suite

We always wipe down the room before unpacking and on our last cruise the room was quite dirty (garbage in a couple of drawers and popcorn on the carpet) and we actually wondered if Princess was slipping. Well any fears were quickly put to rest as the room was completely spotless and our room steward Ellie had everything, including some personal preferences we have completed quickly and efficiently.

Mini-suites have a great deal of storage space, a full bathroom, a couch, two flat screen televisions, a big closet and lots of drawers. Equipment wise everything was in good working order with the exception of the couch – it was saggy at best. Other issues were immediately fixed when they occurred – a burnt out light as soon as the steward saw it and a slow running drain was quickly cleared.

One thing that was different on the Star was the electrical plugs behind the televisions. We usually hook our computer cord to the second plug behind the one and our iPod speaker system up to the second plug behind the other. On the Star, there is only one double plug so this caused us to constantly change plugs – not a real issue but a pain nonetheless. Many people take a power bar for this purpose but we have never found that we needed one.

Beds – this is probably one of the most talked about issues on these reviews. To each their own – we like the beds, especially since they have started putting the mattress pads on. Firm but cushiony.

Balcony – the Mini-suite balcony was as usual – big and had two chairs, two footstools and a table. We preferred the old furniture as it was more comfortable but things change. Remember that on the Dolphin deck the balconies are all uncovered – some people don’t like that but since we love the sun, we do.


Fitness Area – on the Star the fitness area is divided into the class area and then the gym. The treadmills and ellipticals are all in good shape and the weight machines are new since our last trip on the Star. On the new ones you change weights with a flick of a switch which makes it nice. The only problem is that the weights are minimal on some machines like the leg extension. There are some free weights and the regular dumb bells. If there was any complaint – it is that many of the users are not aware of proper gym etiquette. It was common to see one person sit on a machine for twenty minutes and do very little - and in one instance refuse to move and let others use the equipment. Remember – share the equipment and wipe it down if you are covered in sweat.

Horizon Court – they have improved the flow by moving the dessert/toast/waffle area outside the buffet area. This makes the area easier to maneuver.

Buffet Food of course is subjective – some days it was fantastic and some days not so much. What we did notice is that they are constantly making sure it is fresh and hot when it should be - and cold when those dishes call for it. One area that failed in our view were the theme lunches – they had basically one item and at times it didn’t even fit with the theme.

Alternative Food Options include the dining rooms, the Trident Grill, Prego Pizza, Room Service and Vines for tapas. Sundaes Ice Cream of course serves ice cream.

Pool Decks – we never had a problem with finding a chair. It didn’t appear that chair hogs were an issue on this itinerary. In the Conservatory they have the big padded loungers/chairs, at the Neptune pool they have the smaller padded loungers, and up top they have the mesh loungers.

Princess Theatre is well set up, but we really don’t care for the setup of the Vista Lounge. It is not that great a venue to watch shows.

While we frequent Crooners each evening before dinner, Crooners on this ship is a long narrow room which is quite noisy. Again not as good as on some of the other ships.

Vines – this is a nice area but rarely used on this itinerary.

Passenger Services – EXCELLENT. This was the friendliest group I have seen in many years. Service, Service, Service.

Entertainment – I will cover this on a daily basis. One thing that does stand out is Elua. Although we don’t take part in any of their activities, they were very visible and seem to love being on board and interacting with the passengers.

Weather and Seas – for the most part we had excellent weather – warm with some sun each day except for the second last. Yes we had some spotty rain showers but for the most part we had great weather. As for the seas – they were mostly calm to moderate – you could tell you were in the ocean but certainly not rough at any time.

Day One – March 5th, 2014 - 22 Degrees Celsius or 72 Degrees Fahrenheit with Partly Cloudy Skies

The ship quickly filled up and crowds were everywhere as usual. Long lines to Horizon Court and the Trident Grill.

We attended Sabatini's at 1:00 pm and met with the Maître d' (Federico Cantos) to discuss dinner and he was very accommodating – especially since we eat late every evening and the restaurants are never busy when we go. He was also very visible throughout the cruise and was quite approachable. We were set up with Giovanni Comes as our Head Waiter, with Jerry as our Waiter and Riki as our Junior Waiter (Table 14 of the Capri Dining Room).

We also purchased a wine package. They have 7, 10 and 12 bottle packages available in either silver or gold. With the silver package you pay $21 a bottle and can order any bottle up to $29, and if it exceeds $29, you pay the difference. With the Gold you pay $29 and can order any bottle up to $45, and again anything over $45 you pay the difference. We find the wine packages a great deal.

Today and tomorrow is the Treasure Hunt and we have always found it a good way to rediscover the ship and get acquainted with some of the staff.

One thing that we were happy to see was that there were no big upsells going on. Staff were available to sell packages but they were not at all aggressive in doing so. This included the Spa Staff who in the recent past have been very aggressive. On the Star they are respectful of the guests and friendly. Princess should let some of the other ships know how it should be done.

We attended the Purser’s Desk and signed up for the Ultimate Ship Tour - $150.00 per person.

3:15 pm – We attended the Muster Drill along with all of the rest of the passengers. Princess has this down to a science and it goes quickly and smoothly. You check in by having your cruise card scanned, the demonstration occurs and you are done.

4:00 pm saw us up on deck with a bottle of champagne to celebrate Sail Away. Weather cooperated and it was nice until we got out on the open water and then it cooled considerably.

We had before dinner cocktails in Crooners and watched the masses all try to get in for early dinner. Earlier we saw the line to the Anytime Dining was out into the atrium by 4:45 pm. We went at 8 and the restaurants were empty. Dinner was very good,

Entertainment today was the usual Welcome Aboard Show and The Way, Way Back was playing on MUTS.

Day Two – March 6th, 2014 - 16 Degrees Celsius or 61 Degrees Fahrenheit with Overcast Skies (Sunny breaks at times) – Very windy with Slight Seas

Dinner – Smart Casual

Some of the things offered today - Zumba, Lei class, Scholarship at Sea (the Big Island, Intro to Ukulele, Bushcraft, Open Bridge Play, Discover the Writer in You), trivia, Treasure Hunt, Table Tennis, Shopping Show, Pictionary, Line Dancing, Princess Pop Star, Bingo

Movies Under the Stars:

10:00 – On the Town

3:00 – The Devil Wears Prada

5:15 – A seaside Rendezvous (Concert)

7:00 & 10 – Jobs

Princess Theatre - Instrumentalist David Klinkenberg

Vista Lounge - Hypnotist Matthew Fallon (Very good)

Day Three – March 7th, 2014 - 20 Degrees Celsius or 68 Degrees Fahrenheit with Partly Cloudy Skies – Windy with Slight Seas

Dinner – Formal – Champagne Waterfall in the Piazza

There were a mix of long and cocktail dresses, along with both tuxedos and suits – most people were dressed up

Pub Lunch Offered today in the Crown Grill

Horizon Court Theme Lunch – Oriental (not very good)

Activities are mostly the same

Movies Under the Stars:

10:00 – Big

3:00 – Top Gun

5:00 – Cheryl Crow Live (Concert)

7:00 & 10 – Last Vegas

Princess Theatre - Stardust

Vista Lounge – Comedian Derrick Cameron (SoSo)

Day Four – March 8th, 2014 - 22 Degrees Celsius or 71 Degrees Fahrenheit with Sun and Cloud – Windy with Slight Seas

Dinner – Smart Casual

Horizon Court Theme Lunch – Latinos

Activities are mostly the same

Movies Under the Stars:

10:00 – The Princess Bride

3:00 – Pearl Harbour

7:00 & 10 – The Hunger Games – Catching Fire

Princess Theatre – David Klinkenberg

Vista Lounge – Country Western Night

Day Five – March 9th, 2014 - 21 Degrees Celsius or 70 Degrees Fahrenheit with Sun and Cloud – Windy with Slight Seas

Dinner – Smart Casual

Pub Lunch Offered today in the Crown Grill

Horizon Court Theme Lunch – Mediterranean

Activities are mostly the same

Movies Under the Stars:

10:00 – Forrest Gump

3:00 – Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl

5:00 – Rob Thomas: Live at Red Rock (Concert)

7:00 & 10 – Gravity

Princess Theatre – Matthew Fallon

Vista Lounge – Motor City (Production Show)

Day Six (Hilo), Seven (Maui), Eight (Kauai), and Nine (Oahu) will be the next installment.[/COLOR]

Day Six – Hilo, Island of Hawaii – March 10th, 2014 - 24 Degrees Celsius or 74 Degrees Fahrenheit with Overcast Skies and Showers

The four of us rented a vehicle (rentals are found at the airport which is quite close to the port) and travelled to Kilauea Volcano National Park (very easy drive). We checked out the Visitor Center, Jagger Museum, the Steam Vents, and the Lava Tubes. It takes about an hour to get there and the cost per vehicle to enter the park is $10.00. If you haven’t seen the Lava Tubes before, they are great. We didn’t go deeper into the park as we didn’t have the time to do so. Of note, the lava is not visible at this time.

We back tracked a couple of miles to the town of Volcano. Driving in, you go to the corner store (on your left – in about a half a mile) and just around the corner (attached) is a sandwich shop that is great.

Then on to Punalu’u Beach Park, about another hour up the road past the Volcano National Park. This is a black sand beach where sea turtles lay their eggs. It is quite interesting if you like that sort of thing. Limited services though.

Then back to Hilo to drop off the car and then to the ship for a 5:30 sailaway.

Dinner – Smart Casual

Limited Activities on board as it was a port day

Movies Under the Stars:

10:00 – Ka’liulani

3:00 – Lilo and Stitch

4:30 – Barry Manilow (Concert)

7:00 & 10 – The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Princess Theatre – Derrick Cameron

Day Seven – Lahaina, Island of Maui – March 11th, 2014 - 24 Degrees Celsius or 75 Degrees Fahrenheit with Sunny Skies

Today we split up and the other couple went to Ka’anapali to Whalers Village and the Beach. We lounged around the ship, went to the gym and then took the tender into Lahaina around 11:00. We have spent many years on Maui and have seen and done everything we want to do – the Crater, the Road to Hana, Ioa Valley, Makena Beach, Upcountry, Deep Sea Fishing, etc. All are good to see though if you haven’t done them.

Once we arrived via tender we walked Front Street for a little bit and then stopped at our favorite place – Moose McGillyCutty’s. Great bar with great food. After lunch we met up with the other couple and since they had never been Whale Watching we had pre-reserved a 2:00 pm tour with the Pacific Whale Foundation. It was fantastic!!! We followed a mom, baby and escort for over an hour – they all breached continually and they were coming completely out of the water very close to us. For those who don’t want to take a tour, we saw lots of whales from the ship – you just are not very close to them.

Then back to the ship for a 5:00 sailaway.

Dinner – Smart Casual

Limited Activities as it was a port day

Movies Under the Stars:

10:00 – Tora, Tora, Tora

3:00 – 50 First Dates

5:00 – Sail-Away Whale Watching with Nauralist John

7:00 & 10 – Philomena

Princess Theatre – “Walk Like a Man” – Tribute to Frankie Valli and the 50’s, 60’s

Vista – Eric Stone on the Baby-Grand

Day Eight – Nawiliwili, Island of Kauai – March 12th, 2014 – 24 Degrees Celsius or 75 Degrees Fahrenheit with Sunny Skies

Today we split up again and the other couple took the Princess Helicopter Tour of Kauai. They absolutely loved it. Again since we have been to Kauai before and haveseen and done what we wanted, we lounged around the ship, went to the gym and then hit the beach beside the ship. The other couple met up with us and we went for lunch and then spent some more time on the beach before returning to the ship. For those of you who haven’t seen Waimea Canyon – you should do so. It is an easy drive from the ship.

Then back to the ship for a 4:30 sailaway. Watch during sailaway - there are sea lions during the voyage out of the harbour sitting on the marker bouys.

Dinner – Smart Casual

Limited Activities as it was a port day

Tonight was the first Chef’s Dinner (we saw two) and the other couple with us attended. We have done it several times previously and this trip we decided to take the Ultimate Ship Tour instead. They had a great time and loved the Dinner.

Movies Under the Stars:

10:00 – Riding Giants

3:00 – Paniolo ‘O Hawaii: Cowboys of the Far West

7:00 & 10 – Enough Said

Princess Theatre: Comedian Scott Harris (Disappointing to say the least)

Vista: Words and Music (Production Show)

Day Nine – Honolulu, Island of Oahu – March 13th, 2014 – 26 Degrees Celsius or 79 Degrees Fahrenheit with Sunny Skies

As with Maui, we have spent a great deal of time on Oahu – thus the normal tourist attractions were not on our agenda. That said, no one should miss visiting the Arizona Memorial and Pearl Harbour, the North Shore, and the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve if you get a chance.

Instead the four of us hopped “The Bus” to the base of Diamond Head (Diamond Head Road and 18th Avenue) and then walked into the State Monument. It takes about an hour to go up to the top and back down. They have made a lot of improvements and the tunnels, etc are now lit and they have made a circuit at the top which reduces the congestion and makes it nicer to get around. You get a great view from the top of the crater. I believe admission was $2.00 per person. Once down, we walked completely around the crater back into Waikiki (takes about an hour and twenty minutes). Then a nice walk through Kapi’olani Park and the Zoo, and then on to Dukes on the Beach for the best wings and beer in Waikiki!!!!

Later we walked around a bit and then grabbed a cab back to the ship. Sail Away was at 11:00 pm and the Ultimate Deck Party was going strong. This was the best deck party we have seen on a Princess ship. Lots of decorations and the crew were reeally into making this an event.

Dinner – Smart Casual

Special Dinner Buffet: Bierfest

Limited Activities on board as it was a port day

Movies Under the Stars:

10:00 – Waikiki: In the Wake of Dreams

3:00 – Hawaiian Classics Series: Hawaii

7:00 – Hawaiian Classics Series: From Here to Eternity

Princess Theatre – Local Show – Maunalua & Their Lovely Hula Ladies

Ultimate Deck Party – 9:45 pm

Next Up - The Sea Days, and I will end the review with the Ultimate Ship Tour and Facts of the Ship.

Day Ten – March 14th, 2014 - 25 Degrees Celsius or 77 Degrees Fahrenheit with Sunny Skies – Windy with Slight Seas

Dinner – Formal

Pub Lunch – Crown Grill

Horizon Court Theme Lunch – Italian Tratoria

Activities are mostly the same

Movies Under the Stars:

10:00 – Overboard

3:00 – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

5;00 – Mumford & Sons: The Road to Red Rock (Concert)

7:00 & 10 – Captain Phillips

Princess Theatre – Destination Anywhere (Production Show)

Vista Lounge – Band Through the Ages

Day Eleven – March 15th, 2014 - 25 Degrees Celsius or 76 Degrees Fahrenheit with Sun and Cloud – Windy with Slight Seas

Dinner – Smart Casual

Horizon Court Theme Lunch – Taste of Asia

Activities are mostly the same

Movies Under the Stars:

10:00 – Some Like it Hot

3:00 – City Slickers

5;00 – Billy Joel: Live at Shea Stadium (Concert)

7:00 & 10 – Thor: The Dark World

Princess Theatre – Tony B (The Great American Songbook)

Vista Lounge – 50’s Rock and Roll Night

Day Twelve – March 16th, 2014 - 22 Degrees Celsius or 71 Degrees Fahrenheit with Sun and Cloud – Windy with Moderate Seas

Dinner – Smart Casual

Pub Lunch – Crown Grill

Horizon Court Theme Lunch – British Isles

Special Dinner Buffet: Indian

Activities are mostly the same

Movies Under the Stars:

10:00 – The Seven Year Itch

3:00 – Dirty Dancing

5;00 – Tina Turner: One Last Time (Concert)

7:00 & 10 – Captain Phillips

Princess Theatre – Illusionist Michael Grasso

Vista Lounge – Instrumentalist Bernie Fields

Day Thirteen – March 17th, 2014 - 21 Degrees Celsius or 70 Degrees Fahrenheit with Sun and Cloud – Windy with Moderate Seas

Ultimate Ship Tour was today – I will review it separately

St Patrick’s Day – Decorations up around the ship

Dinner – Formal

Activities are mostly the same

Movies Under the Stars:

10:00 – Darby O’Gill & the Little People

1:00 – Waking Ned Devine

3:00 – PS, I Love You

5;15 – Coldplay: Live 2012 (Concert)

7:00 & 10 – Captain Phillips

7:15 – Officer’s Cocktail Party in the Atrium

Princess Theatre – British Invasion (Production Show – it was great)

Vista Lounge – Comedian Scott Harris (he was awful…………..)

Day Fourteen - March 18th, 2014 - 15 Degrees Celsius or 59 Degrees Fahrenheit with Cloud – Windy with Moderate Seas

Dinner – Smart Casual

Horizon Court Theme Lunch – Sushi

Special Dinner Buffet: American Grill

Activities are mostly the same

Movies Under the Stars:

10:00 – The Philadelphia Story

3:00 – 9 to 5

5;00 – Pavarotti: The Event Live (Concert)

7:00 & 10 – The Wolverine

Princess Theatre – Harmonica Vituoso Bernie Fields

Vista Lounge – Illusionist Michael Grasso

Day Fifteen – Ensenada, Mexico - March 19th, 2014 - 20 Degrees Celsius or 68 Degrees Fahrenheit with Sunny Skies – Calm

Day Sixteen – Los Angeles – March 20th, 2014 – 25 Degrees Celsius or 76 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Ultimate Ship Tour

This was the first time we have done the Ultimate Ship Tour. For $150 per person it isn’t cheap, but you do get a different perspective, as well as get to ask questions that you may not otherwise ask.

Eight of us met at 8:30 am and were chaperoned by one of the Cruise Staff, a ship photographer (you are not allowed to take a camera on the tour) and a Security Officer.

First Stop – the Medical Centre. We found out that there are two doctors, four nurses, five techs, and two paramedics on board. The equipment consists of an x-ray machine, which is read remotely by a radiologist in Houston, treatment rooms, a lab and hospital rooms. They can perform minor procedures including casting, some dental work, but do not perform any type of surgery. As the doctor said, would you want someone conducting surgery while the ship is rocking/moving??? As we were leaving the Medical Centre we were also shown the morgue. While not in use, it is usable – apparently some passengers take a last trip with the intention of making a last trip. Kind of made us think – but then again it is their choice.

Then to backstage of the Princess Theatre. While I thought that this would be the least interesting part (we have seen lots of stages), it really was pretty neat and provided a new appreciation of what goes into the Production Shows. We found out that pretty much all set movements are automated – they have to be for a couple of reasons. The first is that they don’t have the luxury of having a bunch of stage hands, and the second is that all the workings have to be solid – even when they are being moved during the performance so that they don’t just take off when the ship moves. Thus the sets are locked into tracks and moved via motors, or alternatively, some are moved by the actors. We then were shown the dressing room and also the area where the cast and guest performers cabins are – right behind the stage.

We then went up to the very bow where the anchors, etc are deployed. This was fascinating. Just seeing the size of the equipment and how they conduct maintenance on the hull was really something.

Next up was the galley where we were met by the Chef who gave the tour of his area. After some snacks and refreshments we saw how the desserts are made from scratch (well everything is made from scratch), the soup area, the food/steam lines, the bakery, down to the prep areas where they were cleaning the vegetables, into the freezers and coolers and also the meat prep areas.

Then on to the laundry area. Again while this may not have been on anyone’s bucket list, it was really something to see. There is a machine for everything – one presses the collar, another the sleeves, the body, etc. We always wondered how they got our laundry done without losing anything – well we saw how. We also saw how automated this area is – sheets and towels are pressed and folded automatically.

The engine control room is of course the hub of the ship (they don’t actually take you into the engine room), the photo lab, and the printing room. While travelling between all these areas we went past the personnel office and just like any other small city there were advertisements for jobs, how to apply, etc.

We finished the tour up on the bridge where we were provided a great overview of the systems and how the ship works. When we were done, we were again provided snacks and drinks. Later that day our gift bags were delivered to our room – containing the deluxe Princess Robes, a Princess apron, personalized stationary, and photos taken throughout the tour by the ship’s photographer.

Total time - Just under four hours. Would we do the tour again – probably not, as once is enough. That said, if you are at all interested in the inner workings of a Princess community (you realize that it really is a small city), this is the way to experience it.

General Impressions & Interesting Ship Facts

Internet: Best Internet we have ever had on a ship. Also the Internet Manager was great – I saw him continually helping people.

Production Shows – Princess has obviously put a little more effort and money into their shows. Both on the Star and the Coral (January) the Production Shows were great and we are not fans of Production Shows. This may change now that they have upped their game.

Comedians – We usually love the comedians on the ships – this time they failed miserably!!!!!

Hypnotist – He was very good.

Staff – Great Staff all through the ship. Bar staff couldn’t do enough for you. We usually find the longer the cruise, the better the staff - and this 15 day itinerary was no different.

Ports – These are great ports and are easy to get around on your own, with or without a vehicle. All are safe, things are close (not sure about Hilo other than the shuttles though), and you can walk without difficulty.

Dining Stats (497 Crew dedicated to providing the onboard dining experience)

1 Maitre d’Hotel, 1 Assistant Maitre d’Hotel, 9 Head Waiters, 9 Buffet Supervisors, 109 Waiters, 40 Assistant Waiters, 116 Buffet Stewards.

1 Chef, 1 Executive Sous Chef, 1 Chief Pastry Chef, 1 Chief Butcher, 1 Chief Baker, 1 Chef Assistant, 22 First Cooks, 3 First Pastry Chefs, 31 Second Cooks, 5 Second Pastry Chefs, 26 Third Cooks, 2 Third Pastry Chefs, 1 Food and Beverage Storekeeper, 2 Ice Carvers, 48 Assistant Cooks, 1 Galley Supervisor, 1 Assistant Galley Supervisor, 5 Assistant Provision, and 56 Galley Helpers.

Star Princess Fact Sheet

Propulsion Type: Diesel Electric – four D/E Sulzer 16 cylinder ZAV 40 S & two D/E Sulzer 12 cylinder ZAV 40 S (31 feet long by 17 high – weight 132 tons). Each set is turbo-charged, intercooled, air started and runs at a constant speed of 515 rpm. They are direct coupled to a Siemens synchronous generator. Each engine produces 11520 kw

Length – 950.2 feet

Width – 118 feet deck 8 and below, 132 feet at deck 9, and 165 feet at the bridge

Keel Thickness - .74”

Anchors – Port is 14 shackles and Starboard is 13 shackles (each shackle weighs 14 tonnes)

Maximum Speed – 23.5 knots

Cruising Speed – 22 knots

Turning Circle – 2300 feet

Crash Stop – 6430 ft – 5.5 minutes

Passenger Capacity – 3100

Crew – 1060

Staterooms – 1300 – 25 Suites/182 Mini-Suites/710 Balconies/28 ADA

Fuel Storage – 750,000 gallons

Fresh Water Capacity – 750,000 gallons

Propellers – Two off, 6 bladed (18.5 feet) diameter

Propeller Shaft – 24” diameter

Bow and Stern Thrusters – 8.5 feet in diameter

Stabilisers – retractable – two folding fins – length 24 feet, width 10 feet – 18 feet below waterline and are in line with the keel (they are usually deployed - retracted when below 9 knots)


We loved this cruise - both the itinerary and the ship/personnel were fabulous. Were there some things that could have been better - definitely. Were they deal breakers for us - absolutely not.

Happy Cruising!!!

Ray and Ann Less

Published 04/11/14
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Cabin review: D619

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