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Halloween Cruise - The Minions

Sail Date: October 2013
Destination: Southern Caribbean
Embarkation: San Juan

Two couples in our mid 40s and mid 60s. My husband has never been on a cruise; he is now a convert and has said he wants to go again. This was my parents’ third cruise and my sixth cruise, mostly with RCI.


I called RCI and made the reservation over the phone after investigating the difference cruises. Then I began to plan. We had a friend from San Juan who strongly recommended seeing the rain forest, Old San Juan and eating at Racines (at least we ended up seeing OSJ)! I also reviewed cruise critic and trip advisor when booking my non-RCI tours; you can find out all sorts of secrets.

Hotel Stay 2 Nights Before Cruise

We stayed at the Hilton Caribe  Condado Lagoon Villas using Hilton points. Notable, all hotels in San Juan charge a 16% resort fee (which basically entitles you to use their facilities and receive a beach towel). You will pay for everything else (food drinks and most activities). Next to More Hilton is a small liquor store and subway sandwich shop on the side street that fronts Mortons. The villas have a small pool area that's great for relaxing. Starbucks and gift shop are in the Caribe lobby. Taxi service is set up by zone for almost all fares; always ask before getting into taxi as we were double charged for our trip to the hotel.

After arriving, we checked in, had our luggage delivered then waited for maintenance to fix safes in our rooms. He was quick about it but there was a half hour delay before we could head out to eat. The hotel’s grounds are gorgeous but I cannot recommend staying at this place again. The service was not great, we asked several times for them to fix our shower and it was never fixed. Breakfast using Hilton coupons was good; great coffee at the restaurant as we didn’t even try the Starbucks (mostly because of super long lines). Swimming was wonderful. It is the home of the pina colada but our drinks were watered down and somewhat tasteless, no rum flavor to speak of; very disappointed. We ate at the Pina Colada on our second night there after a full day tour; my Cuban sandwich was good but my hubby couldn’t have the pasta because they had dropped ingredients in the back; service was good too. As mentioned by others, there is a pond with fish, ducks, swans, peacocks and even a turkey wandering around. Of course the turkey was one of my favorites. And my family didn’t even believe me that it was there until they almost walked over it. If you stay there definitely go out to the point and look at the fish gathering; bring some bread, they’ll go nuts and so will you watching them; gorgeous views.

We then took a taxi to Old Harbor Brewery. We had a blast, the guys drank the Brewery’s special Octoberfest beer; Mom had a Caribbean lobster (we named it Dave) that she got to pick out of the tank, and the rest of us had really yummy burgers. Sports played on muted TVs while we listened to a man sing and play piano. We ended up coming back our last night to have some passion fruit mojitos and more beer; yum. Also our waitress on the first night was probably one of the best waitresses we have ever had. She held the lobster for us so we could take pictures and even gave us recommendations for other eateries and bars. Yes, I even got my picture taken with the pirate at the entrance. Hey I am a tourist! After eating and paying, we asked them to call us a taxi. It barely took 10 minutes to arrive.

On Friday, we booked with Carlos at customtourspr for a full day. His tours include a cooler with bottled water and other liquid refreshments, snacks and other goodies. We did the ultimate tour which included Ponce, Adjuntas, Utauado mountain drive, a coffee plantation tour and a walk along a cliff overlooking the ocean (and because we are forgetful, a trip to the local Walmart). I highly recommend Carlos and his son Carlitos and their vehicle Charlie. We had a blast! The scenery, food and company were excellent. Carlos made sure to explain most everything and answered all of our questions. There was so much to see in Ponce that my head kept swiveling around; our snack of fried local food at the open air market was incredible. We actually walked into a camera crew taking pictures of the firehouse; they were making the pigeons fly; we got some great pictures. I guess our favorite site in Ponce, which I regret was not captured on camera was the little dog carrying an iguana double its size down the street just after seeing two chickens duking it out for territory on the sidewalk. After visiting Ponce, we all jumped in Charlie and headed up into the twisting roads of the rainforest mountain top. The views were incredible. They drive very fast up there. Not quite a rollercoaster ride but close. Found out that the Spanish brought over bamboo to stabilize the roads while building up the mountain. It’s hard to describe the beauty of the trees shimmering from green to white or to see bananas, coconuts and assorted other fruits just growing on the sides of the road. At one point, we stopped for some local hot sauce, very garlicky, quite yummy. We tried some of the hot sauce when we stopped at the local hangout that Carlos took us to. It is right off the road where the bridge to nowhere ends. If you get a chance to be in the mountain rainforest with Carlos, this eatery is a must. We are all still raving about the food. Even the rice and beans were wonderfully flavored. I’d love to get those recipes. Roasted pork and chicken and then the owner walked into the trees and cut down a couple of bananas and served them on top of his Mom’s homemade flan. I’m tasting it again as we speak. It was truly divine. After eating, we drove to the Hacienda Gran Batey, a small family run coffee plantation. Carlos gave the tour while Lotty (owner) brewed us up some of the best coffee I have ever had in my life. Let’s just say we spent a lot on coffee to take home (for gifts??)! I found out some interesting things about coffee making including the fact that they use citrus trees to shade the coffee bushes. Interesting smells and gorgeous views but really, I was there for the coffee. We all sat around the store relaxing and drinking coffee with warmed milk and cake. Very interesting and totally yummy. Of course we all liked Carlo’s lizard earring lol. Again we jumped into Charlie and headed towards the coast to the cliffs named La Cuava. The sun was getting close to setting the wind and salt air had my hair flying while we wandered around the cliffs taking pictures of the waves crashing against the rocks. Gorgeous. We ended our tour with a run into Walmart. Its 3 stories high and I got to ride up to the second story on a smooth escalator that takes you and your cart up and down. Interesting, weird and definitely a good use of space. Anyway, we got what we needed for the next day’s cruise and Carlos dropped us at the Hilton’s door. Thanks to Carlos, Carlitos (shout out for helping us navigate the Walmart in record breaking time) and Charlie we really got to see a lot of Puerto Rico and had a wonderful trip.

On Saturday, my husband got to try his hand at snorkeling on the private beach. We actually saw several fish. They liked the hair on the hubby’s legs lol. You can also rent items by the with Aqua Adventure its right there on the beach. We left the hotel at 11:30am and headed by taxi to the pier.

Day 1 - Embarkation Process

We took a taxi from the hotel to the Pan American Pier (RCI says that boarding is from 1p to 7p and that is why they do 2 safety drills for this cruise; you must attend one). Luggage tip, people are becoming very creative about distinguishing their luggage from others, I've seen colorful sponges used as tags, names spelled out in colored tape, and multi-colored ribbons tied to handles. It is really handy for disembarkation to distinguish your bags from the hundreds that are dumped in the terminal at the end of the cruise, wish we had done more. Tipping Tip - bring several dollar bills for tipping, for the porters and later for room service. Because of my platinum status we barely stood in line. We had no problems carrying on our 2 bottles of wine per stateroom or a couple of bottles of water/soda that we had leftover from the prior days tours. It took us maybe half an hour to get on board once we dropped of the luggage. Lunch at the windjammer was tastey. They had my favorite coconut oatmeal cookies and rice pudding for dessert so I was in heaven. At 1:30pm our rooms were ready and our luggage had already started arriving so we unpacked and decorated our door with "killer tomato” posters and stickon blood droplets and my parents’ door with Larry the Cucumber pirates and pickles; long story. Since it was hubbies first cruise, we then wandered around the ship getting acclimated.


We stayed in E1 balcony cabins 8076 and 8574. The beds are meant to be moved and are on metal frames similar to a folding bed (which meant that I was able to store my luggage underneath my bed). The all white bedding is new, soft, and fluffy. It made the beds quite comfortable. Notable: it is my understanding that you can always ask your stateroom attendant for different pillows, more blankets or egg crates if needed; I've yet to ask but may on my next trip. The cabin had plenty of storage space and once we hung up the clear plastic hanging shoe rack and divided up the drawers, unpacking was easy. The bathroom was small but didn't obstruct activities, though as many have mentioned, shaving legs is always fun in a small space. We did have problems with the shower and toilet stopping up but they were fixed pretty quickly. The only downside was having to walk down to 6 to use the restroom and then being woken at 5:30am with a knock from the service tech confirming that the toilet was fixed. Sigh. Its an older ship and things just happen. Also, the shower can be a bit complicated the first time used. Just remember that the red button needs to be pressed down for real hot water to come out. If you are new, your cabin attendant will typically talk you through the bathroom gadgets. If he/she doesn't, just ask. I tend to search for my cabin attendant outside the room rather than calling housekeeping. For some reason it takes longer to get a response if I'm calling then if I just catch them in the hallway!

We thought our cabins were comfortable and me and hubbie loved our room attendant. He was Awesome…he filled up ice buckets, left wine glasses had towel animals prepared every evening and was super helpful. The parents’ room attendant for 8574 was not as good and they only received to towel animals, for my Mom this was a big downer.

Frustration with Royal Caribbean Service

That first afternoon I noticed that our port tour tickets were not on the bed. So hubby and I went down to the long excursions line to find out why. We asked an employee if we had to wait in line for pre-paid excursion tickets and she said yes we did. Half way through the line, another couple (wanting the same info) finally saw a sign that said, tickets will be in cabins by this evening. Wish they had put the sign at the end of the line instead of on the desk that was invisible from the back of the line. When we did get the tickets, we noticed that the tickets for our afternoon snorkel tour in St. Thomas had been changed to an morning tour. This was a huge problem because it was Sunday and shopping in St. Thomas closes at 1pm and we had promised Mom she would be able to shop. More frustrating than that was the fact that we received no early notice of the change. If my Dad had not been paying attention to the tickets, we would have not noticed the change until we were sitting on the dock waiting for the tour to begin. Because it was 10pm when first noticed, we got to stand in another long line to be told that customer service could do nothing because all other afternoon snorkeling tours were full. I was to receive a call from the excursions manager but that call never came (instead it was made to my parents). Since I didn’t know this, we again stood in line first thing in the morning at customer service. They again told me nothing could be done and that the excursions manager would be available at 8am. I asked them to cancel the morning snorkeling tour and went to breakfast. At 8am we went down to the excursions desk, the manager was not there but we spoke to a very helpful employee who apologized and then gave us ½ off another excursion. We never did figure out why we were never notified of the change but for our troubles, we received a bottle of wine, which was definitely appreciated and went a long way to healing the grumpiness caused by waiting in lines. More importantly, I still got to go snorkeling. The other issue that popped up was that we pre-ordered dinner for Chops on our Aruba night for 9pm. When we went into the cabin that night after our sunset tour, I picked up the card and it said dinner was at 8pm. We had exactly 12 minutes to get ready so we through on some clothes brushed our hair and arrived a few minutes late. We told them that the reservation was wrong but we were assured that no it was always at 8pm (what happened to the customer is always right). Anyway since we were hungry, the time change was not an issue.

Food was not worth the price and we all agreed we’d had better steak on previous nights at the main dining room. We ordered 2 bottles of wine, in the past we would receive 10% off the second bottle, ya I know I’m showing my age. Anyway the manager came over and told me that they did not offer this as a platinum discount and further it never existed. I had brought along old coupon books and went back to the room to confirm. Yep, in 2007, you could get 10% of second bottle. I wish they would be more careful how they train people. And the last gripe as it were was the fact that none of the platinum discounts went onto my seapass without me having to get help from the desk. Just pay attention as I don’t thinks it’s working and it’s a royal pain to fix if it involves the dining room. Sigh. Other than having spent a large amount of time in line instead of reading my book on the balcony, I still had an awesome time.

Day 2 - Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

Activities  shopping and snorkeling. Mom and I shopped for the first half of the day. I loved Mr. Tablecloth and we ended up mailing our buys back to the states. We also spent money at Ballerina Jewelers, great service, hopefully the items bought were worth what we paid. Will find out soon enough. We also ended up buying a gopro. Luv it. We wandered around the open market, bought our souvenirs then took a taxi back to the ship. Another lunch in the windjammer. Food good, not great, then grabbed our snorkeling gear and took an open air taxi to Sapphire Beach. Wow, it was gorgeous and the snorkeling was wonderful. We rented our fins and the guys at the booth helped fix my snorkel (I had not rinsed it and it got clogs with sand). Sapphire is a gorgeous white sand beach with sea grape trees. Iguanas and ducks were wandering around and the guys at the water sports booth that offers wind surfing, kayaks and snorkel gear rental, as well as chair rentals were wonderfully helpful. The water to left was for turtles and the water to right which was a shallow rocky ledge with reefs was great for fish/reef snorkeling. For an unplanned excursion, this was a favorite place to go and we would love to go back.

This night was formal night/meet the captain night. Dinner was yummy, our dinner companions were fun and the dressing up part wasn’t too bad.

Day 3  Basseterre, St. Kitts

We chose a Quad Tour with Spectrum ATV for our morning tour. We saw Sugar City, St. Kitts, the historic Wingfield Estate, formally owned by the grandfather of former US president, Thomas Jefferson, winding sugar cane paths, majestic mountain range with volcano frosted with clouds, old sugar estate ruins and the famous Caribelle Batik. I think they may have forgotten us at the pier as they were a half hour late and we were the only people on the tour but the wait was so worth it, the tour is fun and exhilarating. My big tip is don’t hold the break and the gas at the same time (which is easier to do then you would think). I didn’t flip but I did do a nice wheelie! Views are incredible and the adrenaline rush when you’re racing up and down the mountain is crazy fun. It was my first time and I thought I’d be scared but there were no fears. I even got to taste sugar cane and our guide twisted the sugar cane so I also tasted the juice. We also bought a shirt and wrap at the Caribelle Batik after viewing how they made them. Gorgeous works of art, would have loved to have bought more. We were brought back to the ship and ate a quick lunch. That afternoon, we took a Royal Caribbean snorkel (our replacement snorkel) and party catamaran tour. The snorkeling was so so but the rum drinks with fresh nutmeg were inspiring. Great view, crew, and music and fabulous drinks made for a super fun time. We lucked out with the rain as it only rained on us during the ride back and we were all downstairs waiting in line for drinks so it never affected us.

Day 4 - Day at Sea

There is always plenty to do on a day at sea '" miniature golfing, ping-pong, cooking classes, vegetable carving, dance classes, napkin folding and a best looking guy contest that was downright scary um harry. Of course there was lounging and reading and swimming or cooling down in the salt water pools. We spent most of the afternoon playing with our new gopro in the pool. Hubby walked past the napkin folding class and informed me that the 3 men that were participating were sure to lose their man-cards. For breakfast we ate in the dining room. Love eating breakfast there. For lunch we ate at the Seaside Café, yuk. My Cuban was a lone piece of meat with some dead fries. Brownie was tasteless. Seriously bummed as this used to be one of my favorite stopovers. This was our second formal night and I think it was too much for the guys, still the food was yummy in the dining room and our pictures turned out great. Matter of fact the food in the Tides dining room was some of the best food we had, service was good. There was only one hiccup and it was fixed when they moved the table. The table was next to the cart hallway and one night they kept bumping my Dad’s chair over and over until they smacked his funny bone and he’d had enough. When he complained they went into action to fix the problem. The head waiter was there the next evening to make sure all was well. Matter of fact I saw more of her than any other head waiter. She was on the ball and even helped Mom with her Maine lobster one night.

Day 5  Oranjestad, Aruba

We booked an RCI horseback riding tour. It was with Aruba Rancho Daimari and we visited the North coast through the Barikok National Park with a stop at a beach. This was a lot of fun. My horse Antonio Benderez was wonderful. Very arid looking landscape. There were two scary moments. The first was the ride down the road to the ranch. Just hold on the wheels stay mostly close to the ground. The second was when my horse followed the guide down the cliff from which we had just finished taking pictures. Of course, it was fine I just am a little scared of heights. This tour is a definite must even if we were sore for several days. The guides were wonderful and attentive. They took our pictures from our cameras and theirs so we’d see them on their face book page. This was my favorite excursion even though it was the hubbie’s choice. After arriving at the ship, we grabbed a quick bite to eat then headed out to the beach. We asked the cab driver to take us to Eagle beach but ended up at Palm beach probably because we used the word "parasailing.” We were met at the drop off by a guy who walked us straight to the parasailing tent. We paid our money and within seconds were boarding a jet boat with 6 others who had already signed up. I thought it would be more of a rollercoaster ride but instead it was a calm floating on air feeling. Wow. Gorgeous views from way up high. Our gopro sure came in handy for this trip. Hubby got to see a shipwreck from the sky, I got to see a huge turtle floating on the turquois waters. After whipping around the waters in the boat, we hung out at the bar and just enjoyed the wind and surf. Great afternoon. That evening we did another RCI tour, the sunset cruise tour. We all had Green Iguanas and enjoyed the sun setting. Cruise was nice but being locked out of the gate for a while after arriving was not so much fun. I think the port authority forgot about us.

That evening we booked with Chops. It was so good the first time, I guess our expectations were high. This time it was a bit more disappointing. The appetizers and sides were yummy, the dessert good but the steak had no flavor and that was a general consensus. Not sure if the cook forgot to salt and pepper the steak or throw some seasoning on it. Bummer. My favorite was the French onion soup, which was way better at Chops then on the next night at the Tides dining room.

Day 6  Willemstad Curacao

We booked a tour with Bounty for its Half Day Luncheon Snorkel Sail. The snorkeling was fantastic but they really need to fire their driver. He was over a half hour late; we sat in the rain waiting, and then we had to pick up the hotel guests. On the way back he drove all over the worst parts of town dropping off the hotel guests first including the ones he’d picked up before us (even driving us to a hotel where no one was getting off, what a fiasco) and then finally dropped us off hours later. He did not offer explanation or give any tour info; he just drove. Really? Very frustrating. I say find another way to get to the sail or don’t go. The actual tour was wonderful, crew were super attentive and the grilled ribs, chicken and pork, various salads (yummy rice), bread and the captain´s famous peanut sauce, were all fabulous. We went to two snorkel sites that were pretty close together probably because there was lots of rain. My favorite was the tugboat wreck. We planned to drink after the snorkeling but the way they set it up, you arrive back at the dock within 10 minutes of last snorkel so just keep that in mind. Because of the long drive and the waiting in the bus to drop off others, we didn’t get to do much else in Curacao. We did run across the bridge for souvenirs but little else. Still, we had an incredible time snorkeling and we did get our souvenirs.

Day 7  Cruising Day

Were does the time go? Actually I napped a lot this afternoon. We did wander around the ship but spent most of the day in our room relaxing and packing.


With the amount of luggage we were having to carry off (an additional duffle for dirty clothes as one of our suitcases was full of souvenirs, we decided to not do the walk off. We were assigned an 8:15am departure but as we walked through the Schooner bar an Employee barked at us to follow her. She said, there were no lines at customs and we were to get off the boat so fast we were winded. Can you say rushed. It worked out in our favor so no complaints as I have never gotten off a ship faster. The line at customs was long though, luckily our porter was carrying our bags. Best $ we ever spent lol.

Hotel Stay 1 Nights After Cruise

We stayed at the Doubletree Hotel using Hilton points as we did not plan to hang around the beach. What a contrast in service. We all agreed that Doubletree would be where we stayed when we traveled to San Juan again. The staff was very attentive and worked with us to get one room available so we could stash our luggage in the room and put our valuables in the safe. Room was perfect. Parents’ room, facing the pool was gorgeous too. There is a grocery store nearby and beach access thru sister property the La Concha; 15 min walk. Breakfast was yummy and of course the chocolate chip cookies are some of the best. Eight thumbs up!

Touring Old San Juan

Our last full day in Old San Juan was met with our own unpreparedness. Sigh. Why did I pack the stuff if I didn’t bring it out of the suitcase. I’m talking about umbrellas and cameras. Oh well, it didn’t dampen our spirits and our clothes dried with time lol. We were dropped off at the center of town even though I asked to be dropped at Pier 1 tourist information. I really gotta figure out how to stand strong when people do this to me. Maybe not getting out of the taxi would have worked better once I figured out we’d been dropped at the wrong place. Anyway, we wandered around until a guy pointed us in the right direction and we located the free trolley. Loved the free trolley. Our first stop was the Castillo San Cristóbal. The views from the fort are a must. You can see the entire city and the water all around. We tried to sneak onto a tour but it was already full so we wandered around taking pictures. We then went to Castillo San Felipe del Morro and I finally got a picture of a lighthouse. It too has amazing views but as we were snapping pictures of an iguana lazing in the sun, the clouds moved over and it began to rain. Of course, the trolley was full so we walked down the road hoping to find a place to eat. We ended up at the Museum at the foot of the hill. Inside there was an open courtyard and children and adults were gathered for music lessons. We asked a man for a food recommendation and he said El Patio. We actually followed him as his family was departing. El Patio was another wonderful find. The guys ate mufungo with chicken, Mom ate fried shrimp and I had fried pork chop. I have to say, I enjoyed everyone else’s food better than mine simply because I was expecting breading on my chop. We also ate fried plantain and sweet plantain and I again ordered the coffee. They bring it out with warmed milk. The taste was incredible and I got a coffee to go. By the time our meal was over, the rain had stopped and we were able to get back on the trolley and tour the rest of Old San Juan by trolley. We got off at Pier 2 and bought our ferry tickets to visit the Bacardi factory. Since it was going to be a half hour before departure. We left the parents and wandered over to the information desk. They gave us great information and 4 incredibly yummy guava mojitos which we brought back to the ferry terminal. We just had enough time to drink them down before we jumped on the ferry. After a ride in a taxi, we arrived at Bacardi. Beautiful grounds and the free drinks were yummy. The tour is not so great but the drinks were yummy lol. We had to race to the ferry as it was boarding when we arrived. We made it and headed back to Old San Juan to shop. We had to hurry as the shops were supposed to close at 6pm. Luckily we didn’t really need much. We ended our tour by walking down a block to the Old Harbor Brewery to finish with a relaxing drink and some piano music. What a wonderful day.

My Packing :List (fine tooned from cruise critic list):

Airline tickets or e-ticket confirmation, hotel confirmations, cruise documents, passports /drivers licenses, wallet/purse (cash (lots of $1/$5 for tips & Credit cards), medical info, copies of airline tickets, cruise tickets, passports/visas, itinerary - pack 1 in carry on, 1 in checked luggage, and leave one with friend, contact numbers to report lost/stolen credit cards, emergency numbers at home, guidebooks port of call information maps, reading material  2-3 paperbacks, prescription drugs in carryon bag, 2 pr glasses, cleaner, Contacts, liquid eye, 2 pr sunglasses, cell phone and charger, Kindle Fire/IPAD and chargers, Laminated reminder list: "have you applied suntan lotion?"… did you ask cabin mates if they had applied lotion and did they want you to apply it to their backs, Don't forget, keycard, camera, money, port information/tickets, etc., binoculars, backpack with cameras extra memory cards batteries; chargers water features, extension cord with multiple plug-ins, duct tape, super glue, postits, extra plastic cable-lock ties for securing luggage, zip loc bags of all sizes and white garbage bags, small flashlight, corkscrew/cork (be sure to put in checked luggage), Swiss Army knife in checked luggage), small umbrella/person raingear, collapsible travel pillow noise canceling earphone, playing cards, snorkeling gear spray, googles, mask, 2 beach bag/and towel, bug spray , sun screen/sun block and lip sunblock, aloe vera, hats/caps/visors, empty folding tote bag - for souvenirs or the beach, sewing kit and scissors (pack in checked luggage), travel-sized Woolite /tide/fabreeze/lysol, handi-wipes/hand sanitizer, collapsible cooler, snacks and powdered drink mixes; coffee mix, bongee cord, Sundries and Miscellaneous - comb/brush, hair gel, hair spray (non-aerosol), shampoo, conditioner, shower cap, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, tweezers, make-up (3 lipstick, foundation, powder, eye liner, eye makeup, tweezers, mascara, blush, make-up remover, nail polish/remover, nail clippers/file (be sure to pack in checked luggage), razor and shaving cream, electric razor and supplies), hand/foot lotion, Medicines - zertec, benedryl, sudafed,, antibacterial ointment, first aid kit including band aids,, alcohol pads,, stool softener/metamucile cookies/pills, gasx, pepto , toothache gel, vitamins, Pepcid AC, prescription drugs, bonine, dramamine, ginger pills, tums, anti-diarrhea/immodium, cortisone cream/anti itch,, aspirin/tylenol/advil/alieve, germicidal hand cleaner, Lip balm, Eyedrops, bring copies of your written prescriptions or the instructions, cold meds, Women's Cruise Clothing Packing List - 10 underwear, 1 slip, 3 standard bras, 2 workout, 1 strapless, lingerie/nighty, 5 pr white socks, 7 Shorts/1 jeans, 7 wicking tops/t-shirts, 5 dress/outfit for informal nights , 2 dress/outfit for formal nights ship, Halloween costume/70s night outfit, tennis, sandals, water, evening shoes, costume jewelry and extra watch, 3 swim suit, 3 watershirts and 2 cover-up, jacket, evening sweater/wrap, raincoat, Men's Cruise Clothing Packing List- 10 underwear/hankies; 6 undershirts, Socks 5 white; 3 black, 2 belts, Sneakers, sandals, water and formal shoes, 2 Sports/formal jacket, 2 ties, shirts 2 dress, 5 collared, 7 t-shirt/wicking, 3 swim suit and 2 sleeved swimshirts/rashguard, 7 shorts, 1 jeans, slacks (3 casual; 1 dress), Halloween costume/70s outfit, windbreaker jacket/raincoat, More Packing Tips For Cruises - Always carry your cruise and airline documents on you and not in your luggage or carry-on bag., Take picture of luggage inside and out., Try to pack clothing that is re-usable on the cruise, Carry all documents, medicines, essentials, and valuables with you in your carry-on., Only two bottles of wine per cabin,

Other Useful Info Before Trip

TO DO’S BEFORE CRUISE, Deal with Animals, Stop mail, Give copy of important papers to close friend, Call bank and credit cards about travel plans, 3 days before Printout documents and luggage tags (verify names dates correct), Pack, Get mani/pedi, Check weather, Get reading material, Fill prescriptions, Clean and/or buy camera cards; charge batteries, Charge all electronics, Switch wallets/purses and doublecheck that everything needed is in purse/wallet and anything not needed is locked in safe.

IPHONE. , Turn off the auto check functionality, tap on: Settings; Mail_Contacts_Calendars; fetch new data; toggle push to OFF and under Fetch select MANUALLY. Also tap settings; general; network; data roaming toggle to OFF to stop all data. Each text on Ship/International is $0.50.

CUSTOMS INFORMATION., U.S. Residents Customs Guidelines Duty-Free Allowance: Ship itineraries that include St. Thomas U.S Virgin Island $1600 retail duty-free purchases per person (no more than $800 purchased outside U.S. Virgin Islands or on board). 5 liters of alcohol/pp (1 liter of alcohol must be a product of the U.S. Virgin Islands). 100 non-Cuban cigars. An additional $1,000 of goods may be mailed dutiable at a flat rate of 1.5%.

SICKNESS, During embarkation, you are given a form asking if you have experienced any symptoms of illness in the preceding 48 hours; you can be denied cruise if ill.

CASH TRAVELERS CHECKS, ATMS, A guest may cash one check per cruise up to $200.00 USD at the Guest Relations or Guest Services Desk. Guests can only cash one personal check per bank account per cruise., Guests cannot exchange more than USD $950 in travelers checks and foreign currency per day., at the Guest Relations or Guest Services Desk., Most ships have an ATM available in the Casino and by the Guest Relations Desk. Less

Published 11/19/13

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