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Suite perks? WHAT suite perks????

Sail Date: April 2013
Destination: Bahamas
Embarkation: Miami
Well, where do I begin? We booked this cruise about a month& a half before we set sail. Although we usually just get balcony cabins on a higher level, we decided to splurge as this was a special cruise for myself, my 18 yr old daughter and her best friend also 18 who is leaving for college after graduation. We figured it would be a great weekend of special perks, pampering, but most of all great service, as the last couple cruises we went on with Carnival were very disappointing in that respect. So $3400 later we were set on the Majesty of the Seas which was chosen for the date as well as the convenience of the port, since we are Florida residents now and live about 2 hours away. We did our research and were looking forward to this cruise. However, from time of check in online in which I had called customer service to make sure they had notated that my daughter is a Type 1 diabetic who'd need a sharps container in the cabin, I spoke with a gentleman rep named Harvey, who gave numerous More wrong info with regards to a 'fit to travel' note that I was supposed to have sent in a couple weeks earlier. Upon running around to get to doctor, get note and fax it over the next day, I was made aware by not 1, but 2 different reps that this was obsolete and no such form was required. I was also given other misinformation which was very annoying and frustrating.

Fast forward to embarkation day Friday, April 19, 2013. Check in took a long time because the computers were down and everything had to be hand typed into the computer, identification papers, passports etc had to be verified by supervisors and people were getting cranky in the lines. No biggie I thought. They kept asking if we three were in the same suite. Yes, of course. Again, they asked us within minutes and I couldn't understand why as we were all named on the original booking and ticket. No changes or anything to that effect. When we finally were able to proceed, they took their usual photo as we were to board, but yet again, a 20 minute delay, being asked if we were all in the same room. YIKES! I asked what the problem was, but was ignored while the staff mumbled to each other. People behind us getting aggravated as if it was OUR fault. Finally got on ship and headed to our suite.

We were pleased at what we saw, it was clean & bright and a bottle of Moet champagne was on ice waiting for us. The balcony seemed smaller than what we expected, with an obstructed view of perhaps a lookout tower to our left which as we would discover, was a great spot for various peeping toms and nosies to look into our suite which they did and thought nothing of, which we then realized that shutting our drapes would be necessary at times. About 15 mins later an employee arrived at our cabin with a bouquet of fresh red roses. Again, a nice touch. We awaited our luggage so we could freshen up and head upstairs to lunch. After lunch and about 90 minutes later, only 2 of 3 suitcases arrived, the missing one being my daughter's. She was a little alarmed as they were packed on the cart together at drop off, but I figured it'll get there eventually. When after an hour we inquired what was taking so long we were asked if there was any questionable contents in it. ???Are you kidding me??? They asked if there was liquor or other contraband in it. NO! She is 18 and does not drink. Neither does her friend! and 3 hours later it did arrive--BROKEN. It is a large hard case on wheels with a slide down handle and the handle had been completely snapped off. I asked how we go about making a claim for replacement or credit and was told that a concierge from guest relations would be up to discuss. His name was Jorge Guiterrez. He explained they would try to fix it first and if that was not possible then we could proceed further. Tried not to let it get us down. It was a Christmas gift to my daughter at Christmas and fairly new, so she was upset, but again, we just let it go for the moment so that we could have a good weekend. Jorge then began explaining all of these wonderful perks of being in the largest suite on the ship. It all sounded great. I actually took notes on a few things so that I could reference them if I had any later questions. Among the perks were special seating arrangements for dinner, shows, the comedy shows, room service menu which is superior to the regular cabin room service etc etc. The only problem with all of this is again, he unfortunately gave misinformation about quite a few things as I later discovered myself and confirmed with other staff. So although he made it out to seem as though we would be especially catered to and accommodated, the truth is that the only perk to being in a suite was basically we had a bigger room. We we were also told before embarking that we would have a mini bar in our room with liquors, snacks, water soda juices etc. What we discovered was 4 bottles of Evian and three cans of soda. THAT'S IT!!! There was barely enough room in the table top size mini fridge for my daughters insulin..... When our room steward Ketut (Tut) arrived and introduced himself, my only request was that he make sure that we had ice buckets filled at all times. In asking, I also handed him a $50 bill so as to ensure he would be attentive to us as stewards tend to be scarcely available by day 2 on any cruise. (This cash was given over and above what we were going to be charged for ship gratuities, it was extra) he looked very pleased, said thank you and off he went. Had to call maintenance as the A/C in the room was not working properly. When they arrived, he discovered the air was on HEAT even though it specifically was showing the lights on a snowflake meaning full on cool. WE had a 3 zone a/c system in the suite, so he checked all three and was on his way. Still after an hour it wasn't cooling down. Talked with Tut on our way out to dinner where I had to ask for more ice as it was needed for the champagne bucket as well as needed for water and soft drinks etc. So I again stressed that at least 3 or 4 of these small ice buckets were needed and to be kept filled (according again to our suite perks, our room steward would be regularly checking in just in case anything was needed and we were told to call him in that event). So he laughed and gave me more ice buckets. I also explained that the a/c STILL wasn't working. It was 8:45 pm and we were off to dinner. He said he would look into it while we were gone. On another note, our shower head was spitting water everywhere which created a hazard on the marble floors around the outside of shower, but I let it go until the next night after slipping on the wet floor and nearly cracking my head open.

We were all hungry and looking forward to dinner. Had not had a chance to look at the menu beforehand, so we were excited at what they would offer. Most ships serve lobster and such on a regular basis and we were definitely going to enjoy what was touted as 5 star cuisine by a world famous chef. WHAT??????? The menu was so-so, no great shakes. Kind of blah and nothing really looked appetizing. I wish I could've saved the menu from each night and posted it because then others would be able to see what I mean. There was an alternative side menu which was available for $34.95 per person additional if the surf&turf was desired, the rest of the 3 dish alternatives were a $24.95 additional fee. WE ordered from the regular menu with our server Joseph, who I can not stress enough was such a delightful wonderful man. Just a great great server and was the only redeeming aspect of the dinner. WE weren't seated in a any so called VIP section (whatever that means, it's one dining room, no private rooms within them) that we were told we would be as part of these promised but never fulfilled suite perks..hahaha. We also inquired how we go about getting the special VIP seating & discovered that for the show, it was first come first serve on the seating for everyone, which was the opposite of what we were told by Jorge from guest relations. Shaking our heads, we left dinner and expected there to be much commotion and merriment in the halls etc, only to find that as far as entertainment options there really were hardly any. There is a small casino, but unfortunately when I went to the cashier to obtain a players card, I was told that this ship didn't have that. It was the only ship in their fleet without that. So that was it, I wasn't about to gamble in a casino that I would obviously not be getting rated or perks back from. Then it occured to me, how would one collect their money from a slot machine win? Answer, like in ye olde days--put your dirty quarters, dollar coins in a bucket. I almost fell over laughing!!! So I met back up with the girls within 10 mins and quietly, we walked to the Spectrum dance club where apparently everyone had gone. Had a great time except that in walking with my daughter and her friend to a corner table and chairs by the bar overlooking the dance floor, the heel of my shoe caught on a ripped piece of raised rug and caused me to fall and actually break one of my $200 shoes. Not one staff member came to ask if I was ok or inquire about fixing this rug area. I guess I wasn't the only person that happened to. The table next to me later commented to be careful as they too discovered before sitting down that it was weirdly raised above the rest of the carpet maybe from repair or something. So, I had to return to my suite to change shoes. Got to cabin and still the a/c is questionable. I was told that since it was hot outside that's why it was hotter in the room and that it would start to cool down the further out to sea we got. ???? Shaking my head, I finished the night dancing and enjoying my time with the girls. WE turned in around 2:30 am the beds turned down and it was cozy. Noticed though, that a/c still questionable and marks on dirty mirror were still there, even though it was obvious the steward had been there to replace towels and turn beds down. Oh well. We looked forward to Coco Cay which we would be arriving at in the morning.

It was a very windy overcast morning and our tender boat to the island was rocking all over and people were turning green hahaha, myself included. Upon arriving, the girls went to the parasailing kiosk to sign in and then I found a spot for us on the beach. It was overcast, but I was happy to be relaxed and on the beach. Two hours later I inquired with a staff member about a special VIP luncheon that we were to be escorted to on another private section of beach. We could've walked there, but took their little golf cart transportation instead. Under a little tiki tent were about 15-20 tables hors d'ouevres were available and mimosas and rum punch were being brought around to the tables. Unfortunately, these hors d'ouevres were mostly sushi which I questioned in my mind why they would serve on an especially hot day sitting out with no ice underneath or means of keeping them cool. I could see a petrie dish of bacteria forming! I opted for a cucumber & toast points thingy and skipped the sushi and brown prosciutto & melon (!!!) Honestly, we should've just skipped it and went back to the ship, but I really felt that we should at least give it a chance since thus far it was the only real perk that was actually followed through with and at no cost! (The cost however became evident later that evening before dinner when my daughter got sick from an upset stomach. I did too, but not as bad)The sun was out now and we walked around for a bit and headed back to the ship.

It was around 1:30pm and we wanted to do do something but not much was available as far as activities. So, we opted to go to the Windjammer on Deck 11, eat lunch and take a nap. The food in the Windjammer needless to say was also a big disappointment. None of the food was hot, salads were scarce and basically was fried everything with a side of hotdogs or tacos. Seating was also limited in this small area. In all fairness, it was an older, smaller ship and size wise, there's only so much area to put tables and chairs and also only so many rooms to host activities to cater to different tastes. It would be ideal for elderly patrons as it was very quiet at night and not too much walking required on this small ship.

At around 5pm I tried to call guest relations to notify them of the shower head issue, the air still not working properly and also about the two comedy shows that night and the times etc so that we could plan our night accordingly. They would not answer and I kept getting a recorded message that stated my call was important and to please continue holding. Then after 10 minutes I would get hung up on. Tried for TWO HOURS and finally just called the room steward to get info. Well, predictably, Jorge had once again given us wrong info. There were NO comedy shows that night, only two magic shows in the Chorus Line main theater. I was upset as had I known, we would've gone to Friday's 8:15 show. The girls were bummed as we really had no desire to go to the dance club and our only option after dinner to do something besides sleep was to attend their deck party at 11:30. Dinner again was disappointing. If the chef is world renowned, it has to be for something else other than his culnary skills. World famous? I think they meant INFAMOUS! We walked away hungry as every thing we tried was two bites and ugh... So we chatted with Joseph, who as usual was his great cheery self. He asked if we were going to the deck party at 11 because it was the highlight of the cruise. Which, sadly, it was, not for us, but as far as entertainment. This wild and crazy party consisted of a few staff members dancing on the pools edge in their white uniforms doing the usual dances while some sort of a buffet was being set up. I would hardly call it a buffet. 2 catering tables of the same old same old same old warm nasty stuff with what they considered great table displays of fruits, breads and a suckling pig who quite honestly looked exactly as we felt...disappointment. There were two bars open, but the lines were so long. It took 30 minutes to get a drink and at best it was a makeshift bar. I discovered that they really didn't have any top shelf liquor. The best vodka was Absolut. UGH! and when I asked for an espresso martini and asked if they had espresso vodka, was told the only 'especial' vodka was Absolut hahahahaha.... So I found an English speaking bartender who told me no they dont have that, they only had regular and citrus flavored vodkas. No Kahlua, generic Irish cream etc etc but that he could improvise and make me one. He tried but feeling bad, I paid for it and put it down somewhere 10 grueling minutes later when I could no longer drink it. Didn't get to eat as there was no where for us to sit or put our plates down so we decided we would just go back inside and find a late night buffet or some other place to eat. WRONG again.... the only late night dining option is on Deck 12, which is pizza or pizza. And not good either needless to say. So we went back to our room to order room service which after one am tacks on a $4.95 surcharge. It took roughly 90 or more minutes to arrive and by that time, two of us had fallen asleep, myself included! I was told by my daughter that I didn't miss much! Shocker. Next day was Nassau and we wanted to get an early start. Earlier that evening we inquired about getting breakfast delivered to our suite. The door tag for pre ordering only had continental on it so I asked about this great menu we were privy to and it took 2 staff members to finally tell us that yes, we could order it so I asked where I'd find the menu and where do I leave it? It's as if they want to keep it a secret about any extras we may be entitled to as suite guests so that their job will be easier and less work for them. That's how it felt with everything, that we were putting them out by asking for anything above a bed and some crumbs to eat during our stay.

Next day, our breakfast was delivered to our suite around 8:30 which we enjoyed since we were so hungry! We got off the ship and headed to Senor Frogs as being there over a dozen times there really isn't much to do in and around that area unless you venture out to Paradise Island or Atlantis (where there are a ton of great things to do!)but there was no time for that since we had to be back on board by 4pm. Back on board around 2:30/3, we headed to the room to freshen up and then expected to go hang out by pool for a bit. Of course there were no lounge chairs available and also unfortunately as I discovered early on in our cruise, although we were told that a few tables and lounge chairs are always held back and reserved to accommodate suite guests, as it turns out, they are NOT. Again, same perks and same rules whether you are in the top suite or an inside stateroom.... Jeez.... After searching 30 minutes, a lone lounge chair popped up and I took it. So my daughter and her friend just went their own way. As it got hotter and hotter as the minutes went on, I longed to take a dip in the pool but it was so overcrowded there was no room to fit. But I gave it a try only to discover freezing ice cold water! I just scooped up my stuff and decided to head back to room to order a bottle of wine and relax with a book on our verandah before dinner. Ordering wine was a production. Called room service to order a bottle of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, but since the wine list in the room had no prices on it, I was told a wine steward would be up shortly to assist me. I'm thinking, oh nice! A sommelier who I might get some great recommendations from instead of me keeping it safe with a bottle I drink often at home. NOOOOO. The wine steward spoke LITTLE TO NO ENGLISH whatsoever. So when I inquired about a particular chardonnay being light bodied or medium bodied, he looked at me blankly, obviously not understanding my question. I repeated it and then tried in layman's terms to possibly get some answer from him or info. He then points to it and says slowly in broken English 'umm, uh, deez is char-da-nay' wow. Yes, I can read. But at that point I decided to stick with the KC. So I pointed at #43 on the list said thank you and then had to yet again tell him "KIM CRAWFORD. #43 Sauvignon Blanc". It came about an hour later in a PLASTIC wine chiller.. seriously. Wasn't cold yet so I had to wait a bit for it to chill. Shaking my head I went back outside on the verandah. I later called guest relations to inquire about a show, but as usual, no answer after an hour and I said forget it.

Went to dinner but this time we all walked a little slower as we knew not to get too excited hahaha. We did however discover that there was a single comedy show at 11pm. When I first arrived earlier to secure the three of us seats, i was surprised to discover it was really empty. After the show which was around 45 minutes, we discovered why. Rich Purpura was an ok guy. I wouldn't call him a comedian, but if he was sitting at the bar and joking he'd be a funny guy, but to hire him as a comedian? Well, I wouldn't go that far.

Headed back to our room to pack, order a late night snack to our room and to also order breakfast delivery to our room for the following morning so that it wouldn't be too crazy before we headed off. Although regular cabins can not get breakfast delivered on disembarkation day, apparently suite members can as we were told. Well, no again. More misinformation as there is NO BREAKFAST delivery for anyone in any cabin. Room service notified us that our choices were the Windjammer til 8:30 am or Moonlight dining room from 6:30 to 9:30 am. As for a late night snack, room service got cut off at 1am for everyone. The only thing available was pizza on deck 12. It was at this time I also found out that the breakfast info we received was wrong too. Windjammer was it and it was over at 8:30 no Moonlight sit down breakfast and I had finally had enough. I called guest relations around 2 am and was livid. Tried to calmly explain the series of errors etc that went on the entire weekend and all the misinformation we received, and how disappointed we were with the room, the service, the cleanliness, the suite perks were never fulfilled , the infirmary being closed with a bandaid vending machine outside instead, the list went on and on. But mostly, the gratuities that were charged to our room were more than we were quoted on the phone with a rep before the cruise and confirmed by two other RCCL reps. Originally I asked her to just credit the difference but she made a big fuss and refused. I asked to speak with a supervisor about getting a credit to the room or something, and to my surprise, the lady on the other end at guest relations was so absolutely and astonishingly rude that I was floored! She hung up. I called back again and at that point explained the situation again and again she was being so rude. That's when I decided that I wanted ALL gratuities just taken off entirely and that I'd prefer to tip the staff that I felt deserved it. Namely our waiter Joseph and of course our room steward who had received more cash from me than they were even going to automatically take off. She finally gave in and said I needed to go to guest services. No, at 2:30 am I was not. This was THEIR error and after being talked to so rudely and treated so shabbily, I demanded it just be done on their end. She said my invoice in the morning would reflect the credit back to the credit card. Then hung up. Fast forward of course to the morning invoice which, as you guessed it did NOT reflect the refund. So again, called guest relations, spoke with Natalie this time and wanted to know why it wasn't done by Bianca earlier that morning at 2:30am. She put me on hold, while she whispered to Bianca they mumbled in another language and then Natalie said she would look into it and see if it was allowed. No no no, I demanded that it needs to be done NOW as promised. She hung up on me! So I called back and she told me to stop bothering them as they would call me back. BOTHERING them? I explained that you need to TELL a person they will receive a call back not just hang up. Who raised these nitwits with no social graces or hired such unprofessional goons? Waited and waited and 30 mins later I called back, got Natalie who just lost it and finally said 'whatever we are going to credit it' and slammed the phone down on me. KID YOU NOT. At 8am my daughter left to go get some breakfast to bring back to room. When she returned she was a little upset because with her hands full in the hallway heading back to our suite, with breakfast plates, she said Tut the room steward asked her how much longer til we leave the room. Didn't offer to help her at all, nothing. She replied she didn't know, to ask her mother since we were getting ready. He again told her we needed to get out by 9:30 at the latest because he needed to get in there. & that was that. Lastly, as we left our room with our questionaire that we were given the previous nights and my tip envelopes in hand, I headed directly to guest services. It was a zoo in the hall as it always in on the last day, but I directed my daughters to stay by elevator with luggage and I would go find where our complimentary valet is who is supposed to escort us out because we have priority disembarkation and complimentary valet/luggage help. Upon getting on line at the guest relations desk, I was intercepted by an employee who asked me if I needed help. I really wanted to speak with Jorge, but time was getting on and I asked him about making sure Joseph our dinner server got his tip envelope since I couldn't remember his last name. I also wanted to speak with Jorge about all the problems we encountered and lastly to ask how we go about utilizing our complimentary valet service as we had our luggage and were ready to head off the ship. The other employee insisted I speak with him instead and advised me to just put both the questionaire and tip envelopes for our steward and Joseph in the box there in front of the desk which I did. As for where we were to wait for said valet, he asked what our tag numbers were. They were neon green 52. He looked puzzled and asked if I was sure we were in a suite. Really???? Yes, I answered, 1010 The Royal Suite. I explained we were told about the open disembarkation time and that as a perk, we would have a valet escort us and our luggage to the front of the line and walk us through to customs in front of everyone else that were not suite guests. He shook his head no and said we had to wait with everyone else and to get on line. This can't be right I thought. So we went to 5th floor so we could breathe, and then I asked another employee who just ushered us to go cut to the front of the exit line on 4th floor exit. Of course now we are getting filthy looks and comments from people thinking we are just cutting the line and it was very uncomfortable and awkward. Surely they are supposed to escort us? And what about our luggage that we are still navigating through throngs and crowds of people? Nope, we were on on our own and as we passed bagage claim and had to get to yet another long line, anhour long to be precise, we saw other suite guests whom we had talked with on the ship who were next door to us, their luggage on a cart being ushered in a seperate line going straight to the front of the customs line with other suite guests. Are you kidding me? I asked yet another employee but she didn't speak English and it was redundant at this point. Finally got to our car and the cherry on top was trying to get out of the parking garage that now resembled alcatraz and had us going in circles forever. Nobody around to help ask directions etc except we were lucky to find a couple passengers who directed us out.

With everything that happened this weekend, my advice to other travelers would be to avoid Majesty of the Seas entirely. As far as cabins, I see no point in spending thousands for what amounts to the same lazy customer service that is afforded ALL guests. We have only been back since yesterday and as of yet, my card still does not reflect the refund to my room. No one from RCCL corporate has called me at my request yet.

My daughter and her friend had a great time despite these problems, but we were just so disappointed that we were lied to, treated so badly by guest relations and there were so little options for entertainment. Our reason for choosing RCCL was because the last few Carnival cruises we went on the service and food were terrible and in light of its recent bad publicity and problems made us want to avoid them altogether, only to find out the same was true on this ship as well. Was on Royal Caribbean before in 2003 and had a bad experience but we put it down to just bad luck and said we would hold off on another Royal car. cruise. We have been on quite a few lines and over 15 cruises. This second bad experience with Royal caribbean is disappointing considering what we paid for the top suite and for only 3 nights. We cruise about 3 times or more a year and unless corporate does something MAJOR to entice us back, I can not see us in the future cruising with them again. WE really wanted to go on Quantum of the Seas, but I will not pay top dollar again and risk such horrible food and treatment. Would I recommend RC to a first time cruiser? Absolutely not. I'd step onto the Carnival Imagination again before I'd ever go back on the Majesty of the Seas. Less

Published 04/29/13
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