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Carnival Glory - Eastern Caribbean

Sail Date: April 2006
Destination: Eastern Caribbean
Embarkation: Port Canaveral (Orlando)
Carnival Glory - Eastern Caribbean April 29 - May 6, 2006

This is my sixth cruise, third with Carnival and my first on a Conquest class ship. This is my first Eastern Caribbean cruise. My last cruise was on the Norwegian Star to the Mexican Riviera. My last Carnival cruise was on the Pride also to the Mexican Riviera. In response to a request for more details, I wrote my last review while I was still on the ship. I spent part of each night sitting on my balcony, watching the world go by and writing my review. Thus the review was written while the events were still fresh in my mind. The review was long (about 20 pages) and I received a lot of positive feed back from the people who read the review and responded. So, I have decided to do it again this cruise.

Being from California, I choose to fly to Florida. I flew out on Thursday. One of the reasons I choose the Glory for this cruise was that I wanted to visit the Kennedy Space Center, which I did on Friday. I More thought the Kennedy Space Center was great! I highly recommend it if you have the time. It is so big, even one day is not enough. Since I needed a car for my extra day in Cape Canaveral, I rented one. Avis, Budget, Hertz and Thrifty all have rental locations near the port and all are within two miles of each other. I rented from Avis and Avis offers a free shuttle service between the port and their rental location.

Day One - boarding day:

Since I am a member of the Carnival Vacation Club (CVC) I am entitled to priority (VIP) embarkation and debarkation. So I decided to arrive around noon so I would not have to wait in line. Suite passengers and platinum members (completed ten or more cruises with Carnival) get priority boarding. I do not know if platinum members get priority debarkation, but I do know that suite passengers do not. The line seemed a little long, however it moved fairly quickly for a while. Then it stopped. Then it moved quickly again. When I arrived at check in there were many people waiting and only one person checking people in. I told a Carnival employee that this would not work and that she should take a look at the line behind me (which had tripled in size since I joined it). Fortunately Carnival could see that this was a problem that was only going to get worse, and to its credit Carnival assigned more people to the VIP check in. The entire process took about thirty minutes. First was check in, then we received our Sail & Sign cards, then the embarkation photo, and finally, once on the ship, the security photo.

I was able to find an open door that allowed me access to the cabin area and when up to my cabin (cat 8B - aft facing cabin). I was just going to drop off my carryon luggage and then get out of the cabin stewards way. However, the cabin steward saw me and told me he was done with my cabin, so it was all mine. My plan was to photograph the ship before it was loaded with people, however, there were already a lot of people on the ship and I found an open food line at the buffet, so lunch came first. The chicken was good, the roast beef was a little tough and the cheeseburger was average (I did not have breakfast this morning).

Then I started to photograph the ship. I have been on the Holiday and the Pride. On those ships you can walk from one end to the other on just about any deck. Not so on this ship. Navigating the decks on this ship is not intuitive. The reason is that there are a couple of places where you have to go up, across and then back down if you want to move from one end of the deck to the other end of the deck. Still, having walked back and forth about three times I had managed to learn the layout. I had photographed most of the areas I wanted to photograph when I decided to check out my dinner table. I asked for a large table and early seating. I ended up with 5:45pm (that sure is early) on the upper level of the Platinum Restaurant (which is the aft restaurant - the Golden Restaurant is the mid ship restaurant). I was disappointed to find out I was at a table for only four.

At any rate, someone else, who I though was trying to find his table showed up three times, and seemed a little lost. So I asked if I could help. He said he was trying to find the main deck. I told him he was on deck four and the main deck was deck three. Then he showed up again. He asked me how to get out. I though he meant out of the restaurant, so I took him to the front door. No, he wants to know how to get off the ship. Seems he forgot something in his car. Since it was only 2:00pm and I wanted to head to the front of the ship anyway, I told him I would take him. Half way there I realize another gentleman was also following us. He was also looking to get off the ship. Well, I had already decided this ship was not easy to navigate, and this confirmed it. At any rate, I move up to deck five, walk over to main atrium, two flights down and we were back were the security photos were being taken.

While walking around the ship I came to the Emerald Supper Club (in case you have not figured it out yet, the theme of this ship is color, and not only is there a lot of it, but each public room is named after a color. So I made reservations for Monday night at 8:30 (which should be after sunset). Monday is the day after formal night and is a full day at sea. I then finished taking the photos I wanted, and decided that after walking all day yesterday at the Kennedy Space Center and crossing this ship about five times, that it was time to give my feet a rest.

Soon however it was time for the muster drill. The muster drill took less time than I thought it would. Our ship was the first to muster, followed closely by the Disney Magic. Soon after the Carnival Fantasy sounded its seven short and one long horn, and the passengers on all three ships in port were at their muster stations. I keep my eye on the Disney Magic passengers when suddenly I noticed that my line of sight was changing. We were moving. Soon after the muster drill was over and while everyone went to the three main stair cases, I went back to the same crew stairs I had taken to get to my muster station. It was me and three other people on the crew stairs (while the main stairs were still crowded even when I had finished and was trying to get to the sail away party).

In my mind, the end of the muster drill is the beginning of the cruise. I had agreed to meet with several other people from the roll call at 5:00 near the pool side bar. Soon after arriving I realized there was a part of the ship I had missed. Since it was not 5:00 yet I went to the front of the ship. I wanted to stand on the wing above the bridge and look at the side of the ship. Once again this took much longer to do because if I didnt know there was a passenger door somewhere near the front of the ship I would never have found it. I finally got out were I wanted to be and one of the officers was asking everyone to leave the area, as it was too windy. I asked if I could take some quick photos and was given permission.

Then it was back to the sail away party. Given Carnivals reputation as a fun ship I would have expected the sail away party to be a little livelier. Where was the cruise director??? Not much was happening. Finally it was 5:00 and I found one person from our roll call. Then found another, and soon the rest found us. It was fun to put a face with the people that I had been corresponding with for the last six months. One of the things we discussed was that many reviews stated that this ship moved a lot. Given the sea conditions (the progress of the ship, along with other information, including the sea conditions, can be found on one of the in room TV channels (I call that channel the travel channel). The travel channel says the sea is rough (7.5 to 12 feet - thanks to the 38 knot wind blowing at almost right angles to the ship) I dont think the ship is moving more than it should (and I get sea sick easily - just in case I am taking ginger tablets twice per day). Still, rough is rough and this ship is moving between 18 knots and 22 knots (the ships speed is also available on the travel channel) and though I have not seen it, I hear many people are sea sick. This might explain the several empty tables at dinner and the easy to find seating at the show.

Well, soon it was dinner time. I check my cabin and found my luggage had arrived. I put the luggage inside and went down to meet my table mates. I was the first one there. Soon another single guy showed up. Then the waiter showed and asked us if there were any more people coming. We both said we didnt know of any. So I asked the waiter if he knew. The waiter informed us he was expecting a full table. However, after a brief wait, no one else showed up.

As I sit here typing this it is 11:00pm and I just noticed a cruise ship going the other way. I wonder if it is the Disney Wonder on its way to drop off the current passengers and pick up a new set of passengers.

At any rate, back to dinner. The steak was very good. One advantage with dinner this early is I finished before sunset, so I was hoping to get a good sunset photo, but it was not to happen tonight. There was a good mix of clouds overhead, but too many at the horizon, and basically the sun set while still high in the sky, which does not product a good sunset photo.

Next was the evening entertainment. Mark Price, the cruise director is pretty good. The rest of tonights entertainment was a comedian named JR McCollom. Personally I thought he was pretty good. However, his whole routine was aimed at the adults. I was there with the early dinner crowd and there were children in the audience. However, his next show is an R rated midnight show. If you have kids I would rate him 3.5 stars. If you dont have kids I would rate him 4.5 stars.

Well, tomorrow is Nassau, where I booked an all day shore excursion. This is the first time I have had a shore excursion on the first full day. I prefer it if the first and last full days of the cruise are sea days. This week, the second full day and the last two days are sea days.

Day two - Nassau:

Today we arrived in Nassau around 8:00am. We leave Nassau at 2:00pm so we can make St. Thomas by 10:00am on Tuesday. This is the first cruise I have been on where the first full day was not a day at sea. Given all the time I spent walking around the Kennedy Space Center on Friday and this ship on Saturday, I could use a day at sea right now. Also, though all my clothes are unpacked and put away, it is not as organized as I would like. Given how much I ate yesterday, I decide I really dont need breakfast. So I eat the four chocolate covered strawberries I received from CVC and get ready for my shore excursion to Pearl Island.

I signed up for my only Carnival sponsored shore excursion on this cruise for this port. I will spend the entire time we are in port at Pearl Island. I had a great time at Stingray City in Grand Cayman and Pearl Island is the only one offering a similar experience. I have read prior reviews of Pearl Island, and they are not good. It takes about one half hour by small boat to get to Pearl Island. The ride there and back is interesting because of the all multi-million dollar homes owned by various celebrities that are pointed out to us. Once there we swam with the stingrays and feed them. The area where the stingrays are is fenced. There are not that many stingrays, and there is not as much food to feed the stingrays as I would have liked. After a brief time my groups time was over. I then spent about one hour exploring the island and buying a few souvenirs. Lunch was not included, so I had to pay extra for that. There is no way off the island except by the boat that brought us. Also, the only fresh water is for drinking (and has to be paid for). There is no fresh water to shower off the salt water. There is very little to do on the island. So, for a short day in Nassau (we are only spending five hours at this port) Pearl Island rates about 2 ½ stars. If I had to spend two hours longer on the island I would only rate it one star.

I make it back to the ship on time and quickly shower (with fresh water) so I can meet the others from the roll call for our second and final meet & mingle. Unfortunately all the running around I have done the last three days is catching up with me. After about an hour I have to excuse myself as I cannot stand being on my feet any more. In the future I am going to consider a little more carefully cruises that dont spend the first full day at sea. I take a short nap and then dress for formal night. I have a bunch of photos taken and then find myself as the only one at the dinner table. I go with the prime rib which is good. After dinner I get my embarkation photo and an album for only $4.00 more (special of the day).

After returning the photo and album to my cabin and shedding my jacket and tie I head out for tonights entertainment. Tonight it is a singer by the name of Cecil Parker. He has a five star voice and a three star style. If you like his style, he is great. If not, he is very good. Before Mr. Parker the captain introduced himself and the senior staff. The captain mentioned that the reason for the rough seas (7.5 to 12 foot waves) is a storm moving down the Atlantic Coast. However, he says that by morning we should have smooth seas.

Tomorrow is a sea day, and if it wasnt, then I would end up needing a vacation to recover from my vacation. Not the best day I have ever had on a cruise but then part of that I can blame on myself (I have been running around too much for the last three days) and the rest I was warned about (I read the reviews of Pearl Island before I signed up). Still, it beats a day at the office.

Day three - day at sea:

When I wake up this morning I can still feel the ship moving. According to the travel channel, the seas are still rough. Though I can feel the ship moving, the movement does not seem to be any worse than the NCL Star moved in moderate seas (4 to 7.5 foot seas) along the Mexican Riviera (the NCL Star is about 90,000 GRT - the Carnival Glory is 110,000 GRT). Today is a day at sea, and I need the slow relaxing pace this provides. Still I am up early enough to get some sunrise photos. Then I pick up a light breakfast which I eat on my balcony.

Because I have not been on an Eastern Caribbean cruise before, I attend the port lectures. I obtained some useful information. After the two port lectures I grab a couple of slices of pizza and enjoy it on my balcony. Then I finally have the time to get myself organized. Completing that I decide to try out the water slide, which was fun. However, when I try to stand up at the end, I dont have my feet under me and I fall. I hit my right hand pretty hard. It doesnt hurt much and after a few twists and turns I figure nothing is broken. I then decide to spend the rest of the afternoon in the safer confines of the pool and hot tub.

After spending time in the pool and hot tub I go back to the cabin to upload the pictures from my camera to my computer. I already have over one gigabyte of photos. Now it is time for the reception for returning guests. The drinks are free, the band, Breese, is very good, and at the end there is a short video where all of the Carnival ships are shown.

Then it is on to the Emerald Supper Club for dinner. The problem is now my right arm hurts and I have lost most of my grip strength. I order the shrimp appetizer as that does not have to be cut. However, with a light breakfast and a light lunch I decide to order the 24 ounce porterhouse steak. Cutting it is hard with my right hand, and I decide to try cutting it with my left hand. Surprisingly, cutting the steak with my left hand does not change the taste, which is very good. However, as was the case on the Pride (David Supper Club), the dinner is very good. However, I dont think it is worth $30 more than the free meal in the main dining room (which is almost as good).

By now it is 10:30pm and with my right hand and arm hurting the way it does, I just want to get to sleep. I arrive in my cabin only to find shore excursion tickets (which I did not order) and a reminder of my appointment for 8:30pm dinner at the Emerald Club. The reminder would have been better had it been delivered before I left for dinner. I opened the shore excursion tickets to find that they are for cabin 7422 (I am in 7442). I check the TV and I have not been charged for the tickets. I call guest relations and they suggest I give the tickets to the cabin steward and assure me that the cabin number on the tickets is the cabin that has been charged for the tickets. So I go out to look for the cabin steward and quickly realize it is after 10:30pm and none of the cabin stewards are around. I knock on 7422s door, but there is no answer. I call guest relations back and point out that given the time there are no cabin stewards to give the tickets to. So now the suggestion is that I hold the tickets until the morning. I am not happy at the total lack of caring for this mistake, and would have made that more than clear, except the tickets are for St. Maarten, which is not tomorrows port, so there is still time to get the tickets to the proper cabin on time.

Except for the fall, the day is exactly the slow paced relaxing day I needed.

Day four - St. Thomas:

I wake up this morning and while my hand still hurts, it is better than last night. I decide to relax in bed a bit longer, and then get ready for the day. Because this is a US port, we have to clear customs, which takes about three hours (fortunately our next port is close by, so we are staying late - which means we have a full day in the port even after spending most of the morning clearing customs). All customs does is check the passports. This could have been handled by e-mail ahead of time (all the same information is part of the fun pass). This appears to be a big waste of time to me. First to clear customs are the early Carnival sponsored tour groups. Then the decks are called in a random order. Because the loudspeaker cannot be heard in the cabin, I end up working on my photos and review with the door propped open until my deck is called. There are five full length decks with cabins (decks one, two, six, seven and eight) and three 1/3 length decks with cabins (decks nine, ten and eleven). Deck seven (my deck) is the fourth one called.

There are two other ships in port with us, the Caribbean Princess and RCIs Voyager of the Seas. All total I figure these three ships are carrying over 9,000 passengers. It is kind of strange to think that I am on the biggest ship in the Carnival Fleet, yet I am also on the smallest ship in port today. Speaking of which while watching CNN (on the Carnival TV) they mention a new ship. I forget I am watching a channel that is not part of Carnival, and I am surprises when the Freedom of the Seas is mentioned. Then I realize why. The Freedom of the Seas has just left Europe for the United States. Still, it seems kind of funny to hear this while on a Carnival ship.

My basic goal for this port is to go up the Skyride (a gondola on a cable) to Paradise Point. The cruise director says we can buy the tickets for this on the ship for less than retail. The tickets are $17 on the ship and $18 retail. It turns out that it is a good thing that I decide to do this first, because when I get back down to the bottom, the line is fairly long. The views are great! However, from some of the comments I heard, the food is over priced (I didnt eat at the top, as the ship is only a few walking minutes away and the food on the ship is both good and free).

I also decide to take advantage of the increased liquor allowance (an additional four liters per person) and then head back to the ship. It is hot and humid and I am hot and tired (not to mention my still sore right arm). I return to my cabin and cool down a bit. Then I decide to try the deli. The sandwich is very good. Then I go back to the cabin and change into my swim suit.

According to the information I have, the Voyager should be leaving at 5:00pm, and I am hoping to get some good photos. So I am changed out of my swim suit and ready for dinner by 5:00pm. Unfortunately the deck above the bridge is closed because of high winds. So I am stuck on a higher deck where I have to either shot over the glass windscreen or through the glass windscreen. Neither is an acceptable alternative. We are docked in port and there is no wind to speak of, so I am not sure why the deck above the bridge is closed. Unfortunately, it quickly becomes obvious that the Voyager is not leaving on time. It did not leave on time from Nassau, but it is apparent that my information regarding the departure time for the Voyager is wrong. Since I have a 5:45pm dinner time, it is off to dinner I go.

Once again I am the only one at my table. The people at the table next to me are having a nice conversation and I dont have anyone to talk to. Around 6:15pm I can see the Voyager go by followed shortly by the Caribbean Princess. We are staying until 8:00pm. I order the Southwestern egg roll, salad and the pasta with an extra Italian sausage. The Southwestern egg roll is great, so I order another. If I did receive any extra sausage with my pasta, then I should have ordered three extra Italian sausages (I like sausage with pasta and did not get as much sausage with my pasta as I would have liked).

After dinner I go to the photo gallery and pick up my photos. I am not a big fan of heat. In fact I have the A/C on full, and would be happier if it was five degrees cooler inside my cabin. I decide that since it is cool Ill watch the departure from my balcony. I received a notice that I should keep my drapes closed in St. Maarten because the ship would be doing routine maintenance. So I am a little surprised when I step out on my balcony and find water dripping down. We are not in St. Maarten yet, why are they doing the maintenance now? Then I realize that maintenance is not washing the ship, it is raining.

The only show is at 10:30 tonight and I dont feel like staying up to midnight. So, I decide to retire early tonight.

Day five - St. Maarten:

Having gone to sleep early I wake early. So I go up on deck to get some sunrise photos. First thing I notice is the outline of dry areas around the deck chairs, so I figure it must of rained recently. Then I realize it is raining now. There are too many clouds, so sunrise photos are out. It is too early to get a cooked to order omelet, so I go back to the cabin and organize things a bit (I was so tired last night I didnt put anything away.

Then I notice another Carnival ship catching up with us. I go outside on the balcony to get a better look and realize we are in the harbor. Already docked is the Caribbean Princess and the Carnival Victory is behind us. As soon as the Carnival Victory approaches the dock I see another Voyager class ship pulling up. No sooner does the Victory start to tie up when I notice someone come running off the Victory, jump in the pilot boat and go racing out to the Explorer of the Seas (busy pilot). It is clear that the Explorer is going to dock behind us, but I want to photograph the back of the ship. Then it appears the ship is going past the pier and finally I realize the Explorer will dock by backing in. So finally I will get the photos I want.

So now there are four ships in port, carrying over 11,500 passengers. It would not surprise me if the island starts to tilt. Well, with all the ship docked and a little rain still coming down, it is time for a cooked to order ham and cheese omelet. Which it turns out I can enjoy on the balcony, as the sun has finally come out.

My plan today is to go to Orient Beach, which I hear is very beautiful. However, it is raining again, and I dont want to be stuck at an unprotected beach in the rain. So I figure I have a little time I can kill and still do what I want to do. So I decide to check out the shops next to the harbor. Well, nobody is leaving the ship, and one look out the door explains why. It is not just raining, it is pouring. I go back up to the cabin and access my options. I decide that this is my 23rd port and the first one I have been rained on. So my good weather luck has finally run out. Also, there will be other opportunities to go to Orient Beach. I am not going unless the sun is out. Well, it looks like the rain is letting up, so Ill check out the harbor shops.

This time I do go outside and it is still raining (no gangplank port photo for me today). I check out the harbor shops, buy a few souvenirs and head back to the ship. Now I have reached the point of no return. I either head out to Orient Beach now or wail until the next cruise. The PA is full of announcements regarding cancelled shore excursions. I dont think Orient Beach is going to happen, but just in case I use my binoculars to check out the beaches around the harbor. No one is on the beach. I am disappointed, but there will be other cruises and other chances to see Orient Beach. I am not driving half way across the island on my own (by that I mean I am not on a ship sponsored tour) in the rain to see an empty beach.

Well, it may be raining, but it is still hot and humid. The ship has a covered pool and I decide to go swimming. Then I change for dinner. We will be leaving port while I am at dinner. With all of the clouds, there is no sunset. While at dinner (again no tablemates) I can feel the side thrusters come to life as the ship begins its sixty hour return to Port Canaveral.

After dinner it was off to the main show lounge. This time it is a combination magic and comedy show. First up is Tony Albano who does a combination of magic and comedy. He is good at both and the combination is very entertaining. I would give him 4.5 stars. Next up is Pete Michael who just does comedy. He too, in my opinion, is very funny. However, once again it is adult humor and there are kids in the audience. Mr. Michael will also be doing an adult only show tomorrow at midnight. Once again I have to give this show a split rating. 4.5 stars if you do not have kids and 3.5 stars if you do have kids.

Day 6 - day at sea:

I wake up and the weather is beautiful (I would have preferred dry weather in St. Maarten and rain at sea). I get up and go on deck to join other early risers to take sunset photos. Then because it is too early for a cook to order breakfast I decide on a light breakfast. With three slices of ham I make a little sandwich which I top off with an orange and two cartons of milk. I guess this is a trade off with the availability of milk on the NCL Star. Milk on the NCL Star has to be poured into a narrow cup which is easy to tip over (I know, I did it twice). However, milk on the NCL Star is available 24 hours a day. Milk in the carton, cannot be spilled, but it is only available for breakfast. Available 24 hours per day on the Carnival Glory is apple juice, ice tea (though sometimes the machines run out of ice) lemonade, punch, water and coffee.

The travel channel says the seas are still rough. It is clear that the seas are fairly calm, perhaps 2 foot, not 7.5 to 12 foot. Someone is not updating the information on the travel channel. I enjoy breakfast on my balcony and then check out the Carnival Capers for todays activities. There is trivia at 10:00am and 1:30pm. This gives me a little time to review my pictures, do some reading and do a little swimming. Though I am not sure exactly how many people are on the ship, I know it is sold out and I am estimating that there are 100 to 200 kids. Thus I figure that there are around 3050 to 3150 people on board. Yet the pools are surprisingly uncrowded.

Well I get 50% correct on both trivia contests (at least I am consistent). Unfortunately the winner got about 75% correct. Tonight is the second formal night, so I dress for dinner and I am surprise to find that my tablemate has returned. He has been on around 30 cruises, so it is fun to have someone to talk to that knows more about cruising than I do. I have the beef which is very good.

Finally tonight I will see the dancers perform. They are very good. They are performing shorts from various shows called Rock Down Broadway. This is the kind of high energy performance that I really enjoy. However, once again I am surprised at one selection. They did the Full Monte. Again, this is the early seating group which includes kids. I would rate the show five stars if you dont have kids and four stars if you do. I find it interesting that the following disclaimer can be found in the Carnival Capers:


Although we encourage the entire family to see the show, we must advise parents that the show does contain VEGAS STYLE CONSUMES. Therefore the show does carry a P.G. rating.

Vegas style consumes? At the end of the Full Monte all they are wearing are hats (though not on their heads).

Day 7 - day at sea:

I wake up very early. The sky is still dark and I go back to sleep. When I wake up again the sky is a light blue, too late for a sunrise photo. So I do a little reading, and then check the Carnival Capers. There is another trivia game at 10:00am in the main show lounge, followed by the debarkation talk at 11:00. I stay for the debarkation talk even though I have heard it five times before because I want to see if there is anything special for St. Thomas (there is not - just the extra allowances). Still, Mark Price as the cruise director is very good. Just for his routine it was worth staying for. I end up waiting until after the show to ask talk to Mr. Price. There is a long line for this, and since I have my computer, I write more of this review and end up being the last to speak with Mr. Price. I tell him my cabin steward will not stand still long enough for me to read his name tag. He says my cabin stewards card is inside by the door. I dont see it. Ill just write my cabin number. My cabin steward has done a great job, as has my waiter, and they deserve extra recognition. I also ask him if he has worked on a Spirit class ship. He has not, though he has sailed on one. I mention the Spirit class ships are must easier to navigate and he agrees. I tell him the story about the two lost gentlemen I met in the Platinum Dining Room on the first day, which he finds quite funny. I find Mr. Price to be a very interesting down to earth person, and I am glad I had to chance to speak to him.

Mr. Price confirms that the seas are only two foot at the most, and the travel channel is still showing rough seas (7.5 to 12 foot seas). However, he mentions that on that first day we were being hit by waves as high as fifteen feet. Overall, the prior reports about the Glory moving a lot do not, in my opinion, take into account the size of the waves the ship is going through. While in fairly calm seas the ship moves no more than any other ship I have been on in similar conditions. In rough seas the ship does not move excessively, given the sea conditions (in my opinion). We are actually in the Atlantic, not the Caribbean. I think the Atlantic is less protected and thus will have rougher seas than the Caribbean. Also, I get sea sick easily and I bough a bottle of ginger tablets which I am taking twice a day. Given how little the ships movement affected me, I have to believe they helped.

My plans today are to pack, read and get in a little pool time. Since it is now lunch time I decide to go see what is for lunch. They are serving nachos and tacos today. The line for this is quite long. So I decide to check out the deli counter and there is no line. The corn beef sandwich was very good, and I enjoy it on my balcony. Since I would like to have a dry swim suit to take home, I decide to get in my pool time early (it will not take much time in the sun for the swim suit to dry, and there is plenty of sun on my balcony. I just put the swim suit on the back of the chair and the sun does the rest.

Since we have to pack today, dinner is casual. So I decide to wear my tux-shirt to dinner. I receive several positive comments about the shirt. I give an extra tip to the room steward, assistant waiter and waiter. I make sure they understand the tip is in addition to the standard tip on the sail & sign card. All are very appreciative of the extra tip. I go with the pasta tonight and we received a special, very delicious desert. My table mate is back again, and this time we talk about Florida, where he lives.

I bought an extra pair of slacks to wear to dinner because of all the negative comments about jeans in the dining room. I feel like a fool and will not repeat this mistake again. The people at the table next to me wore jeans every night except the two formal nights. No one says a word to them about wearing jeans, or to me about not wearing jeans. Meanwhile I have been lugging around an extra pair of pants and taking the time to change into them every night, and for what? To please someone else? I did not do it for me. Meanwhile, as an experiment on the last day I wore a tux T-shirt to dinner. Carnival does say no T-shirts for dinner. Not only does no one say anything negative to me, I in fact get several positive comments. The people on Carnival dont care what you are wearing. Everybody is too busy having fun to worry about dress codes. Next time the extra pair of slacks stay home, there is no need for them on Carnival.

Day 8 - disembarkation day:

Well, I am sure many of the people reading this would like to know how disembarkation went. Sorry, but being a member of CVC entitles me to priority debarkation (along with Platinum members). First off are the people on the tour (half day at Kennedy Space Center, then to the airport). I dont recall if we were next or if the self disembarkation people were next (because we did not have to wait for an announcement, we had our own escort). To say the least, disembarkation was smooth for me. In fact it was so quick the customs agent had to tell me I was done (in other words, get moving - next person in line please). A porter helped me to the Avis shuttle and I was off to the rental location. I picked up my rental car and was off to Sea World. Spent a full day at Sea World and it was only a few minutes drive back to the airport. I drove the opposite way from the airport to get gas and a snack, and then drove back to the airport, dropped off my rental car and checked in.

So now that the cruise was over, here are my thoughts. First of all, I had a great time. Second, this review is half the size of my last one (blame my sore right arm for that). Third, if I did not know the ship was sold out, I would never have figured it out on my own. Except for a few lines at the buffet during prime lunch time, there were no crowds. Fourth, I read all the why does the Glory move so much? reviews. Well, it does not move any more than any other ship under the same conditions. Five, the food was very good. I know Carnival has been trying to upgrade this area and in my opinion they have done an excellent job. Six, one of the advantages of a cruise is how relaxing it is. However, it takes a short amount of time to get into relaxation mode. Having the first full day be a day at sea helps in this regard. I missed not having the first full day be a day at sea. Seven, if you only spend three hours on Pearl Island, it is okay. If you are going to spend more than three hours, bring something to do with you. The island is not that big, and the available choices for activities are not that great. Eight, ginger works (and it is not a drug). I get sea sick easily and I had no problems at all. Nine, if you have a chance to see the Kennedy Space Center, do it! Ten, if you have been to Stingray City in Grand Cayman and want to repeat the experience, dont go to Pearl Island. Eleven, if you have been to Pearl Island and you are not considering swimming with the stingrays at Stingray City, I have done both and Stingray City in Grand Cayman is great! The experience of swimming with the stingrays at Pearl Island is no where near as good as the experience of swimming with the stingrays at Stingray City.

Finally, remember that this review was written by one person about one cruise. Your interests and your experience might be different. However, I hope that this review does provide you with some help in planning a cruise on the Carnival Glory. Would I cruise on this ship again? Yes. Would I cruise on this itinerary again? Yes. Would I change anything? Yes, I would not book a tour in Nassau. I would book a tour in St. Thomas (not so I could be off the ship, but because I think I can find one that would interest me, now that I know more about the island). Also, I would spend the first four days hoping it would not rain in St. Maarten, because I still want to see Orient Beach. Less

Published 05/16/06

Cabin review: 8B7442 Balcony

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