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Celebrating on the *Star*

Sail Date: December 2012
Destination: Western Caribbean
Embarkation: New Orleans
We booked the December 16th sailing of the Norweigen Star to celebrate my graduation from nursing school. We talked one of my friends from school and his girlfriend into joining the celebration. And I was pretty active in our roll call and became close with another couple so there were really 6 in our group for this sailing.

We arrived in New Orleans the day before the cruise and stayed at the Hampton Inn Convention Center. My husband and I stay in Hamptons regularly and this is truly the most beautiful one we have ever stayed in. Half the hotel is in the converted Folders warehouse and this is where our room was. We had beautiful two story windows, a giant four poster bed, exposed brick walls, and a full kitchen. It was really stunning; I'd definitely recommend this hotel to anyone. The staff was very friendly, free hot breakfast is included and they offer a free shuttle to the cruise port.

We arrived at the port (Julia St terminal) right around 10am and dropped our More luggage off with a porter who instructed us to enter the terminal through door number one. We headed indoors and a woman directed us to wait in the middle of a circle of chairs. Check-in had not begun yet, and this area was a mess of people embarking for their cruise as well as passengers disembarking from the previous cruise. It was slightly chaotic and unorganized. We waited here for about 20 minutes until they were ready for us to begin the check-in process. We were at the front of the line and breezed through security. We were then given a white number 1 card and told to sit and wait for check-in. We probably waited about 10-15 minutes until they called letter A. We were a bit confused by the letters and numbers but finally figured out that the letters were past guests and the numbers were new to NCL. They called A and then B to check-in, and then finally called number 1. We proceeded directly to the counter and were checked-in within 5 minutes. Then it was back to sitting and waiting for boarding to start. They began assisted boarding around 11:30am and quickly it was our turn.

NCL employees greeted us with dancing and singing as we made our way down the gangway and on to the ship. We entered into the atrium which was decorated for Christmas and absolutely beautiful! We had already decided to head immediately to Versailles for lunch and since we were among the first on the ship it was practically empty. The menu looked delicious and we had a hard time deciding what to have. After lunch we headed out to explore the ship. We wander around and saw almost everything there was to see. There were very dark cloud forming over the skyline but we wanted to be on deck for sail-away so we headed up and scored seats in the Bier Garten which is covered. We got there just in time because it started down-pouring! We camped out here for a while and watched the Carnival ship in front of us sail away. We stayed just long enough to watch our own sail-away and then we headed to check out our staterooms. My husband and I had originally booked an obstructed oceanview but thanks to several price drops we before moved to a balcony guarantee about 3 weeks sailing. We were assigned a stateroom almost immediately, we got 10516. It was really far forward and I was very nervous because I have a tendency for seasickness but I knew that was a risk when I booked the guarantee. Our room was beautiful and we really enjoyed the balcony. Iwayan, our steward, greeted us by name immediately and was so incredibly friendly. We only had one chair on our balcony and we called guest services twice to ask for a second chair. Guest services were less than helpful, but we mentioned it to Iwayan the next morning and he had us a chair within the hour.

We had agreed to meet our friends in the spa for the raffle and I actually won a 'shave of all shaves'. My husband was the obvious choice to benefit from this prize and he really enjoyed his first hot shave. He said they didn't really push any products or other sales on him either which we've both experienced in spas in the past. Several hours have now past since our last meal so we decided to head to dinner and check out Aqua. It was a little tricky to find, although it's kind of hard to explain why. Both Aqua and Versailles are on like a 'half' deck so there's only one way to get there, you have to be in exactly the right spot to go down the stairs to find the dining room entrance. I felt, as a whole, that the Star was awkwardly laid out. There were several places where you couldn't walk through on both sides of the ship so you'd have to cross over to continue. Even after a week on board, we still stumbled once and a while getting around. Anyway, back to dinner. Our group of 6 was seated almost immediately at a round table which was great because it was easier to talk to everyone. Our server, Danny, greeted us after a few minutes with a difficult to understand explanation of the daily special. We definitely felt like the language barrier created a challenge with the wait staff in both MDRs on this cruise. We had to ask to order bar drinks, which proved to be a continuing theme on this cruise. It was almost a challenge to get drink service, both at meals and just around the ship in general. I've never experienced that on a ship before. I ordered requested no mushrooms with my meal but asked for an extra side of mashed potatoes. This proved to be difficult to communicate with our server and it came out wrong, with mushrooms right on my plate. The service was a big disappointment for our whole group throughout this cruise.

After dinner, we ventured over to the Red Lion Pub, which serves popcorn almost all day. I knew this going in but I didn't mention it to my husband because I knew how much he'd love the surprise. We were not only regulars in the Red Lion during our cruise, but we somehow seemed to detour through there every chance we got so he could snag a bag or two to go. It was perhaps the highlight of the cruise for my husband! Haha.

The next day was a sea day which we usually spend lounging around the pool, but the temperature was a little chilly for us so we had to find other entertainment. We started our day with breakfast in Versailles which was yummy. We had noticed in the freestyle daily a little blurb about the Ultimate Beverage Package so we stopped by the restaurant reservations desk to ask about it. We discussed it a bit and decided it was a good deal for us. Not that we'd necessarily drink $49/person each day, but that we liked the idea of knowing exactly what our total bar bill would be at the end of the cruise. And it gave us a little more freedom to order things we might normally not splurge on. We asked to sign up there and the girl working the desk knew almost nothing about it. She called the bar manager to come over and bring the stickers for it and explain it to us. The bar manager explained the details and said that we had to have it each day, including the previous day. No problem, except they didn't want to comp our drinks from the day before. I said that we would have purchased it the day before if it was advertised. The guy claimed it was at the beverage table but I had stopped at the table in the port waiting to board and it was definitely not mentioned. They finally agreed to take care of our single drinks from the day before but not the 2 buckets we'd ordered (which seems silly cause the individual beers would have been covered but oh well at this point). The bar manager showed us the list of alcohols that are included (which I photographed) and explained that it covered mixed drinks and wines less than $10, and drink of days were included without the specialty glass. They gave us a receipt to sign for the $349/person for the cruise. We struggled with the drink package the entire cruise however. They still bring you a drink receipt to sign for every single drink purchased, so inconvenient! We tried to order some martini's in the Spinaker only to be told that all martinis are excluded. We went to the desk to ask for a copy of our bill around day 5 and found out they charged us a 15% gratuity plus tax on top of the $349/person that we signed for. Turns out it was in the fine print, but it should have been on the receipt that we signed.

Our meet and greet was up next and we had a pretty good turn-out. We had somewhere around 88 people signed up and probably 50ish showed up. All the officers were there and they had provided coffee, tea, and cookies. The officers all spoke briefly after they were introduced and they handed out a card with everyone's phone number on it. They also announced that we would be receiving invites in our stateroom to take a private tour of the bridge. YAY! We were hoping that might happen. Immediately after the officers left, 90% of the attendees also left. I was really disappointed because I was looking forward to meeting some other people from our roll call. There was a little talk about doing a slot pull which I had really been looking forward to but I never got the details and people just scattered. We decided to head to Blue Lagoon and get some lunch next. From the descriptions I'd read online, I expected a very casual place with a walk up counter. I was surprised to find a sign asking that we wait to be seated. The service here was very slow and we definitely felt the language barrier again. We are used to cruise food portions being on the small side which is nice because you can try out different things, but the blue lagoon serves some really small portions. We ordered several appetizers thinking we could share them but they really aren't big enough to share at all. We did eat here several more times during the cruise, it's a great option for a snack. Some things were great (cheese sticks, potato skins, wings, veggie lasagna) and some things were really disappointing (spinach dip, meatloaf). Also the drink service here was worse during the day than anywhere else. They had to go down to the atrium bar apparently and it took ages for them to return.

We tried to score spots in the hot tub after this but they were all incredibly crowded. And the front deck was way too windy to even sit without our things blowing away. So instead we opted to enjoy some drinks on our balcony and perhaps take a little nap too. We made plans to meet up with our friends in Aqua again for dinner. Dinner tonight was about the same experience each night. We had Danny as our server for the first 3 nights in Aqua and each night we felt the service was lacking. Special requests were not understood, drink service was painfully slow. I should note that the food was good though. Some things were certainly better than others but overall we were very happy with the food quality. And the desserts got an A+ in our books! I thought the cheesecake was some of the best I've ever had and the bread pudding was also pretty yummy.

After dinner, we went to the Spinaker to see the Perfect Couple Game Show. I think we all expected a newlywed type game show with questions and such but that was not at all what this was. It was however extremely entertaining, with 3 couples completely embarrassing physical tasks. Next we headed to see the production show Band on the Run. The show was well put together and the Stardust Theater is beautiful! But the balcony of the theater is incredibly poorly designed. We were sneaking in just before the show began so we were trying to find seats quickly. We grabbed the first open seats we saw which were in the second row of the balcony and we quickly realized why they were empty. There are approximately 1 foot tall pieces of glass extending up from the balcony dividers and the second row is barely elevated from the front row. It was impossible to see the stage. So we got up and moved closer to the stage and into the front row of the balcony. But the way the seats sort of curved around made it challenging to see all of the stage, we were limited to only seeing the center and left of the stage. Very disappointing but lesson learned: arrive early and get some seats in the main theater!

The next 4 days were all basically the same for us while on board the ship since we were in port during the day. Our first port was Costa Maya. We had breakfast in Versailles before heading off the ship. We passed hoards of people crowding the stairs waiting to be allowed off the ship just before 8am but by 845am or so after we finished breakfast, we were able to walk right off the ship. We ate dinner in Aqua after returning to the ship and had the same disappointing experience with Danny. We saw the Battle of The Sexes Challenge in the Spinaker which was so hectic and crazy we were thankful we sat in the back and could slip out early. Then we saw the Second City Comedy in the Stardust. It was funny but nothing really special. We sat down front in the 3rd row and my poor husband who is 6'4" was so squished. Those rows are definitely designed to cram in as many people as possible.

Next port is Belize which is a tender port. We were told they would start handing out tender tickets in the Spinaker at 7:30am and that tendering would begin shortly after 8am. We decided to grab our tender tickets and then head to the buffet to grab a quick bite. We showed up to the Spinaker around 7:25am and they were already handing out tickets. We managed to get Tender #2 tickets for our group and we headed off to the buffet. The offerings on the buffet looked pretty sad (limp bacon, eggs Benedict with almost no hollandaise) but we grabbed a little bit to hold us over. I will say the sticky buns were pretty yummy though. They called tender #1 about 7:55am and called #2 very shortly after. We all headed down together and got in line headed towards the tenders. They were filling up the current tender and asked for a group of 6. Perfect, we volunteered and we headed up the walkway to the tender. There was someone counting and they cut us off with 4 of us on the tender and my husband and I still on the ship. We explained we were one group and the guy counting very rudely told us too bad. Not a big deal, but still frustrating. This guy was incredibly rude. Tendering back from the island was much easier. We chose Aqua for dinner again and for the first time we had to wait for a table. We were given a different server who recognized 2 of our group from a sailing on a different ship. She was much friendly than Danny although the bar drink service was still painful. The food was still yummy! We had planned to see the Acrobatique show this evening but everyone was exhausted from our day in Belize and I was bug bitten and cranky about it so we grabbed some drinks and headed to bed early.

Up next was Roatan. We reverted back to Versailles for breakfast and were not disappointed. Walking off the ship was painless, no crowds of people this time. We had decided to check out Versailles for dinner but the ship was really rocking and rolling and I was feeling questionable so we decided Aqua was the better choice for its center ship location. We were given a different server, Francisco, who was amazing. He was everything we had been missing! He delivered 5 star worthy service and we really wished we'd had him earlier in the cruise because we certainly would have requested him again. This night we saw the comedian, David Naster. He was funny but not very original. We were enjoying the show however until he started to promote his own stuff. He was selling pocket 'fart-machines' and copies of his book after the show and kept discussing them. Also, he was having some seminar on the last sea day that he kept promoting. It really turned us off to the whole show. After this was the white hot party. We weren't dressed in white but headed to the Spinaker anyway. We grabbed some seats and waited for things to start. We enjoyed watching the flair bartender at the special bar set up in the center and then we liked watching the 'white-hot' dancers. But after the dancers were done, the dance floor really cleaned out. I was really still feeling the movement of the ship so I decided to call it a night.

Cozumel was our next stop and the weather was incredibly windy all day. We had our usual breakfast in Versaille. We came back really early from our day in port and claimed some spots in one of the hot-tubs near the pool. It was incredibly hot though, much hotter than any of the other hot-tubs. We didn't stay too long. We had made reservations for Cagneys for dinner which was a great choice! The service was spot-on and our food was absolutely incredible. Worth every penny! I really wish we'd had more than one meal here. Don't miss the oysters Rockefeller and the truffle fries! We had big plans to see several shows this night but the ship was really rocking back and forth and everyone on board was a little green, ourselves included, so we called it a night after dinner and went to bed with our very happy full bellies.

Our last full day on the ship was another sea day. It was also our day to take a private tour of the bridge!! We decided to sleep in and skip breakfast. Our bridge tour was scheduled for 10:15am. We met up according to our invitation and were escorted into the bridge where we were offered champagne and trays of hand passed hors d' oeuvres. The captain was incredibly gracious and spent a considerable amount of time explaining equipment and procedures to us. He gave us time to ask all our questions and offered to pose for pictures with everyone as well. It was truly an awesome experience. I'm so grateful that we were offered this opportunity. After the tour, we headed to lunch in Versailles which was yummy. We decided to get a head start on packing a little and had a late afternoon snack in Blue Lagoon. We camped out in Red Lion Pub for a while before dinner to watch the Saturday night football game. Dinner tonight was in Versailles and was uneventful. We saw the Elements production which was excellent, very well put together and the cast is very talented. After the show, the whole crew of the ship came out on stage which was really neat to see. There were servers, chefs, housekeeping, entertainment... it was really neat to see everyone together. After this we went to the Quest Mania Game Show in the Spinaker. My husband and I had been to Quest on Royal Caribbean before and really enjoyed it. I will say that this was nearly the exact same thing. Our group of 6 was paired with another group of 4 (who I'd guess were all around 21) who were really into it. Our group actually came in first place and we were awarded 'NCL Sports at Sea' t-shirts as our prize. A few more drinks and it's time for bed.

We chose to self assist debark and opted to have one last breakfast in Versailles before we had to leave the ship. We left our bags in our cabin and went to breakfast at 8am. It was great to sit down one last time with our group before the cruise was really over. After breakfast, we grabbed our things and headed off the ship. They had already called the self assist group about 30 mins before and had actually called the first 2 colored tags before we left. But walking off was very easy, we encountered almost no traffic trying to get out. We had made a reservation with Advanced Check-In (aka Rush-It) to take our bags to the airport so that we could spend the morning/afternoon in New Orleans before we had to head to the airport. We walked through the Riverwalk Mall which wasn't open yet so it was pretty dull. So we headed over to the Aquarium. It's a really large aquarium and we really enjoyed exploring it. It's definitely worth checking out if you have some time in New Orleans. We grabbed some lunch at one of our favorite local joints, Huck Finns, and then headed to our favorite bar, LaFitte's Blacksmith Shop, before we had to grab a cab to the airport. What a great trip!!! Less

Published 12/30/12
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Port and Shore Excursions

When we booked a cruise stopping in Belize, we immediately knew cave tubing was at the top of our list of must book excursions. The cruise line obviously offers cavetubing but at a much higher price with no extras included. Booking privately seemed liked the obvious choice but there are so many options out there. Cavetubing.bz is rated the #1 activity in Belize according to trip advisor and that is well earned. There were only a couple things they could do better which I'll mention as they come up here. We were given very detailed instructions on how to meet them upon arriving in the port. We had no trouble locating them and were led down road to where their vans were waiting. They were dividing people up into groups and our group of 4 were paired with a family of 4 and 2 other older couples. They started the van to get the air going and provided us with cold water bottles. We all climbed into the van and set out for the caves (around a 45 min drive). Our guides,Jorge and Lionel, sat in the front 2 seats and narrated our drive talking about the culture and history of Belize. Unfortunately, those in the back two rows were unable to really hear the guide. Perhaps he should have sat in the middle? It was very disappointing because the things we did pick up on were very interesting. When we arrived at the cave park, we were split into 2 groups of 6, those who were cavetubing and ziplining, and those who were only cavetubing. Our group was my husband and I and the 2 older couples. Jorge was our guide and he fitted us with lifejackets, helmets, and tubes, and we took off on the hike to the caves. The 2 couples with us immediately began complaining about the hike. Even the tiniest bit of research would have let them know that there was some walking involved. Our guide did his best to go slow and carry their tubes but they kept complaining. We very much enjoyed the hike ourselves, Jorge stopped to show us different plants and animals, allowing us to taste and touch as much as possible. Jorge noticed how much I love to take pictures so several times he offered to take my camera and take a picture of me and my husband. When we arrived at the cave entrance, it started to down pour. Jorge helped us all down the steps to the water and helped us into our tubes. They use the best tubes available with comfy headrests. Once Jorge linked us all together we took off into the caves. Jorge pointed out every thing we were seeing, explaining the history of the caves. He is obviously very passionate about what he does and it clearly shows! He was amazing. My only complaint about the cave tubing was that one of the women in our group lit up a cigarette while we were in the caves. Our guide either didn't notice or didn't care but I was shocked. It seemed so inappropriate to smoke while in the caves but I didn't say anything about it. Once we reached the end of the caves, we tubed down the river about 20 minutes and arrived back where we started the day. We were given time to change clothes and dry off before getting back in the van to head to lunch. Lunch was included at the owners private place and we were really looking forward to enjoying some traditional Belizian food. When we arrived at the restaurant, we were instructed to have one person from each group to get out and pay for the excursion at the counter. While we were paying, they handed out one small styrofoam container of food and a sippy cup of rum punch. They expected us to eat in the van while driving back to port. Apparently the family in our group was on a different ship and had to be back earlier. This was incredibly unacceptable. We were really looking forward to lunch, and while the food was good we were given a tiny portion and it was really messy and hard to eat while balancing it on our laps. They need to arrange groups by cruise line to ensure this doesn't happen. It was really a sour end to our afternoon

Beach Break

This was absolutely the perfect beach day. After doing a lot of research online, we booked an all inclusive beach day with Nohoch Kay. Best decision of our cruise!! We had looked at several of the options offered by the cruise line but they were overpriced and I was afraid they would be very crowded. Nohoch Kay only takes 42 people per day so you're guaranteed to have a relaxing and peaceful day. We took a grab from the port for only $2/person. We were greeted immediately upon arrival by the owner, Jaime, and shown to our reserved chairs and palapas for the day. A server greeted us almost instantly with a food and drink menu. We were never without a drink the entire day. The servers practically tripped over each other to take care of us but in a non intrusive way. We were able to relax and really enjoy a peaceful day at a beautiful beach. We ordered snacks around noon and they were delivered to our chairs. We enjoyed some of the best ceviche I've ever had, incredibly guacamole, and yummy homemade chips and salsa. We snorkeled for an hour or so, seeing some coral and a few fishes. There were several areas full of sea grass but the water was clear with good visibility. The beach was very clean and well taken care of. Around 2pm we went up to the restaurant for lunch. Jaime asked us a couple questions about our likes and dislikes and then asked if it would be ok for him to pick out our lunch. We were all thrilled with this idea and we enjoyed every thing we brought us. We ate shrimp tacos, fish tacos, fish and shrimp ceviche, and so much more. We were all stuffed, it was all so delicious!! When we were ready to head back to the ship (and we waited as long as possible!) Jaime called us a cab. He got us a round of to go rum punches too. And all the staff came over to say goodbye and thank us for coming. We couldn't have possibly asked for a better day, we were so well cared for! We will definitely return if we find ourselves in Costa Maya again. In fact I'd go out of my way to return here!!

Dolphin Swim & Encounter

We booked the Dolphin Swim Adventure and picked the 10am time. We were instructed to arrive at the park 30 minutes early to checkin for our swim. We took a cab from the port and arrived at 9:30am. We were told it was too early to checkin but that we should go put everything in a locker except our swimsuits and come back to the desk at 9:50am. When we went back to checkin, we were given wrist bands and instructed to wait "over there'. We stood in the general direction we were pointed and waited about 15 minutes before a trainer came over to brief us on the different interactions we would have with the dolphins. In the middle of the instructions, he was made to move the group of about 35 of us farther down the boardwalk to accommodate another group.When the instructions were finished we were divided into groups of 10-12 and given lifejackets and told to wait for our photographer to come join us and lead us out to the pen we would be in. The pier goes out in a big square from the boardwalk. He took us out one side and waited about 5 minutes before deciding we needed to walk all the way around to the other side. We were finally assigned to a pen with 2 dolphins. There was a trainer in the water and one up on the pier. The second we were in the water, they randomly picked a person (my husband) and started rapidly giving him instructions to perform three of the six interactions we were supposed to get to do. He quickly kissed the dolphin, gave it a handshake, and had it reach up to touch his outstretched hand. As soon as he was finished, they moved on to the next person in line. It was so quick and manufactured, it was hardly enjoyable at all. We were standing on a metal grate in waist deep water, The grate was very uncomfortable to stand on barefoot and there were very strong winds while we were there making for strong waves. So it was very challenging to maintain your position on the grate with the waves constantly pushing out away, We quickly worked our way through the first 3 of the behaviors and moved on to getting a belly ride from the dolphins and having the dolphins push you while holding on to a boogie board, About 3 people managed to do these before the dolphins quit cooperating. They decided to move us to another pen so we all exited the water and stood around for several minutes while they figured out what to do with us. They ended up moving us down several pens to an area with just one dolphin. They had us only enter the water one at a time and do the 2 behaviors. We only got through one person when the dolphin attempted to bite the guy in the water. They immediately had him get out of the water and spent a few minutes deciding what to do with us next. We were eventually assigned to a 3rd pen where we completed the different interactions. As soon as we finished, they walked us back to the boardwalk and into the store to look at our pictures. We were dripping wet and wearing only our swimsuits. They instructed us to go through all the pictures and mark the ones that were of us. We asked if we could return to the lockers to get our towels first and were told they were too busy to wait for us. We did look through the pictures which were beautiful but they wanted $109 for a cd of all the pictures or $30 for one individual pictures. There wasn't a single picture of my husband and I together with a dolphin so it would have cost us $60 just to get a picture of each of us. We walked away frustrated and with no pictures of our experience. Very disappointing!

We booked a private tour with Victor Bodden tours for our group of 6 people. We were assigned Ron as our guide and we had the perfect day. We were able to do and see everything we wanted as well as some things we never even knew we wanted to see. Ron has lived on the island all his life and has been doing tours for 10 years. He was knowledgeable and able to answer all our questions. He really truly went above and beyond to ensure that we had an incredible experience. I wouldn't have changed a single thing about our day. When we arrived in port, we easily found the kiosk for Victor Bodden and were led out to where Ron was waiting. After some introductions, we climbed into the van and Ron offered to drive us around the island first. We didn't really have any itinerary in mind so we were very flexible. Ron pointed out everything we were seeing. He drove us up to a beautiful spot in the mountains that looked down over our ship and the port. It was absolutely breathtaking. I'll add one of the pictures I took here so everyone can see. Roatan is an incredibly beautiful island and Ron was really proud to show it to us. We drove around for an hour or two exploring the island. Then we went to Victor Bodden's private house so we couple pay for our tour and visit his private monkey habitat. We loved visiting the monkeys and enjoyed playing with them and taking lots of pictures. There were lots of other animals there that we enjoyed seeing and learning about as well. While we were checking out all the animals, Ron went and picked us a green and a yellow coconut and cracked them open for us to drink. He talked about the different flavors of them and then after we drank them, he split them open and scooped out the meat for us to taste as well. This was a really neat experience. We then wanted to head to lunch so Ron picked out a local place called Half Moon Bay Resort in the West End of the island. We invited him to dine with us and he taught us a lot more about the island while we ate. This was a great local place with amazing food, we all loved it and the service was great. We wanted to snorkel after this so Ron had a boat pick us up at the restaurant. We went out about 15 minutes to a spot close to the reef. It was absolutely the most beautiful snorkeling I've ever done. The water was crystal clear, the reef was beautiful and healthy, and there were tons and tons of beautiful colored fish. We snorkeled for about 2 hours while Ron waited patiently in the boat. When we were finished, we decided we needed to head back to the ship. Ron stopped along the way at a road side stand and purchased us locally made cookies and pastries. They were delicious! At the end of the day, Ron gave us his email address so we could contact him in the future. He promised to send us the recipe for the cookies we tried and offered to mail us local coffee whenever we wanted. It was such an amazing day, absolutely perfect in every way. I truly cannot wait to return to Roatan.
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