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Not Quite a Fantasy - but darn close!

Sail Date: September 2012
Destination: Western Caribbean
Embarkation: Port Canaveral (Orlando)
Background Information

We are a family of four, Dad & Mom plus our 12 year old daughter and 3 year old son. We have taken 2 cruises before, both on the Disney Dream. This review is long and detailed, but I think you will find it helpful.

Hotel Info

We flew into Orlando the night before sailing and stayed at the Hyatt MCO. We chose this hotel because it is right in the airport and they have a program where they take your luggage to DCL transport from your room the morning of the cruise. This is very convenient. The hotel is right in the airport, so you walk right from baggage claim to the check in desk. While I was checking us in, a bellhop gathered all of our bags onto a cart and waited to take us to our room. Very nice touch. If you are using DCL Transport for your cruise, you have to let the person checking you in know this. They add you to the luggage pick up listing and will give you an instruction sheet. We requested a room with two double beds More and that is what we were assigned. It seemed to be a good size and included a desk/chair and also another stuffed chair with a side table. The bathroom was modern and clean. We had a balcony with a runway view -- the kids thought that was neat.

The next am, we left our room around 8 am to go to the DCL transport desk -- left all but our day bag in our hotel room as Hyatt would be taking care of that for us. I think we were third or so in line to check in -- at this time you get your key to the world card and your boarding number -- so that when you do get to port you only have to go through security and then wait for your boarding number to be called. We were on the first bus to Port Canaveral and had a boarding number 2. The bus ride takes about 45 mins and they play an informational show during the ride.

Once through security we went to the youth services desk to get our son his band so he can go into the kids club. Since we were at the port so early we were first in line. We waited about 45 mins but they were having computer troubles. Since our boarding number was called we figured we would just get his band on board later. We were on the ship by 11:30 am and had lunch at Cabanas when they opened at 12 with virtually no crowd.


We had a category 5A stateroom -- which is a Deluxe Stateroom with verandah. It was the second to last verandah aft on the port side. We were right at the elevator bank and stairs -- which was perfect! 2 floors up and we were in Cabanas. The split bathroom is very nice, as is having a bathtub. The bed is the most comfortable I have ever slept on. There are plenty of storage drawers and closets. Lots of movies on demand on the tv. Balcony had table and two chairs and a slight obstruction on the left side by a decorative vertical beam.
I think our room hostess was new, however she did a pretty good job overall. There was one time our berth was not brought down at bed time and another where our room was not serviced at all in the morning even though we were gone for a few hours. We had called to have it serviced (and the sofa and berth bed put back the way they should be for daytime) but no one ever showed. Other than those two blips our room was always clean and serviced, towel animals and candies were given each night, ice bucket filled in the morning and at night.


There are so many things to do on board we surely did not cover them all, or even close to all of them.

What we did do:

Character greetings: Get in line early by about 30 minutes -- even if you think the character is not popular. The lines get long fast, and the characters are only out for about 30 minutes so they do cut the line off. For the princess greeting you may want to line up an hour early -- no kidding at all here! The lines were not as bad on my last two cruises but I went in Jan and Feb. I think there were more kids in general on this cruise then in the past even though the total number of people sailing was lower, hence the longer lines.

Pirate League (pirate makeover): On Pirate night they offer pirate makeovers in the Bippity Boppity Boutique. My son had this done, and an hour later was out of his costume and only the make up remained. I do believe he enjoyed the experience however so it was worth it. Aside from the face make up he was given a bandana, pirate coin necklace, sword, and sash.

Sail Away Party: Crowded, Crowded, Crowded, on both deck 11 where the party takes place and deck 12 where you can overlook. If you arrived too late you couldn't even view from the deck above. I enjoyed these parties on the past cruises so was a bit bummed that I arrived too late to get a viewing spot at the very least. I figured I would just watch Port Canaveral as we sail on by but it seems we left a bit late -- after the party had ended. The Fantasy did not play all of her horns either -- as they sailed by the various restaurants, like the Dream had done in the past. The Sail Away on the last two cruises got us all pumped up for the rest of the vacation. While the songs/dances etc were the same on this sail away, leaving after the party was over and the lack of horn play really diminished the magic. Lucky for me I ran into a fellow boards member on the deck so we hugged and chatted for a while before it was time to get ready for dinner.

Pirate Night:

Mickey's Pirates in the Caribbean is the first part of pirate night. This is another instance where we experienced crowds. I saw people claiming their spots as earlier as 1 hour and 45 mins before the show. If you had early dinner, you would be out of luck since you would probably get out of dinner just 30 mins before show time and most spots were taken. Very reminiscent of WDW parades ... I expect that when I go to WDW but honestly I don't want to waste hours a day waiting in line on my cruise. It wasn't as bad on my last two cruises, so I think it could be just the additional children on board that this can be attributed to. The show itself is very cute and lasts about 30 mins -- includes the classic characters -- along with Hook and Smee. Lots of singing and dancing. The kids will enjoy it.

Buccaneer Blast is the fireworks show. This skit prior to the fireworks starting included Capt Jack Sparrow and his enemies. The skit and show are NOT the same on the Dream -- even the score of music played was new. We arrived to deck 11 maybe 20 mins prior to show start and got a good spot this time -- so perhaps people were not as worried about arriving early for this. The show is always entertaining and the fireworks display is fun to watch. We thoroughly enjoyed this.

Club Pirate is the last part of the deck party. It is like a family deck/dance party. It is geared toward the older kids and young adults as it is later in the evening but if your little ones are still awake they will enjoy it too. Basically it is just a dj spinning club/dance music and there are CMs dressed as pirates dancing around as well.

There is also a buffet at 10:45 on pirate night in Cabanas. It includes a taco bar, baked potato bar, turkey legs, and a nice dessert buffet. It also gets fairly crowded, so I just grabbed a plate and filled it up to take back to our room to share. Much easier than trying to navigate the kids through to pick out what they want.

AquaDuck: So much fun. This is one place where I really never saw terribly long lines, even on sea days. That is also in contrast to my last cruises because there was always a 30 min wait or more in the past. I rode a few times and my daughter probably rode a few times each day. You must try it at night as well, when it has the lights going. Not too extreme though, just the right amount of fun!

AquaLab: So many water jets and sprinkles, and a nice large area for the kids to run around. There were never more than 5 people playing here each time we would go. Great addition to the ship

Nemo's Reef: We played here probably daily. Lots of fun water play for the little ones. Beware the parents who leave their kids in here unsupervised :\ Otherwise a fun time with water squirting fish, a waterslide "stingray" and many other jets and waterfalls. A little slippery, water shoes are advisable.

Pools: Lots of fun in the Mickey pool. Both pools were crowded, but not overly so, on sea days. Again -- decking gets slippery and hot, so be prepared with flip flops or aquashoes. The pool deck in addition to the fast food area and beverage stations and ice cream bar was seemingly always crowded however. Perhaps too much jammed into one space?

Gym: I did go to the gym a few times (go me!!) and used the machines. Never overly crowded - great view of the ocean while jogging on the treadmill.

Spa: I had a day pass to use the rain forest room. The heated tile loungers are FANTASTIC. I took a bit of a nap on one. There are saunas of varying heat levels, and showers that have different sounds, lights, temperatures, spray pressures etc. It would be great to do everyday


Breakfast: For breakfast you can get continental food delivered via room service, have a sit down meal in Royal Court, or have buffet style food in Enchanted Garden (small selection) or Cabanas (larger selection + omelet station). We tried each venue and never tried room service breakfast although we have in the past. The sit down was probably my favorite even though it was a limited menu/same menu each day. The food was good and it was nice having everything brought to us. It wasn't a slow service and drinks and coffee were plentiful and refilled quickly. The buffet in Enchanted Garden was limited, but good. In this venue waiters do bring you drinks unlike Cabanas. It is less crowded then Cabanas too. Cabanas breakfast had the most options though the offering barely varied from day to day. In this venue you are responsible for getting your own drinks. It would be crowded here fairly often if you waited too late to go. When/If that was the case I would just make plates and take them to our staterooms (trays would have been very helpful -- but they do not have them) I never had anything at any of the breakfasts that I did not like -- no complaints on food quality at all.

Lunch: The same venues that are open for breakfast are also open for lunch. In addition there are quick service food options. We only had lunch at Cabanas, Quick Service, or Cookies (while on Castaway Cay) Cabanas: Different dishes every day, great variety. There were always two carved meat stations in addition to stations for seafood, Italian, pizza, grilled offerings, comfort foods, cold cuts, desserts, salad etc. Everything was the proper temperature and tasty. This is my favorite lunch venue on both this ship and the Dream. There is something for everyone here. Luigi's Pizza/Filmore's Favorites/Towmater's Grill: This is the quick service location. They offer 4-5 different pizzas, hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled chicken, chicken fingers, fries, wraps, salads, fruit plus special offerings each day. Some days that was pulled pork, chili, bacon burgers, spicy chicken and more. It was a nice place to grab a quick bite, but being on the pool deck it was often crowded. The food was always good though.

Disney has 3 main dining rooms that you rotate throughout the cruise for dinner service, and your servers follow you. Each dining room has its' own set menu and then on the other 4 nights there are special menus that are the same no matter what dining room you are in. The food was really the star here. All dishes were expertly prepared and delish.
Unfortunately, our service was just not up to the standards we are used to with Disney. This is where Disney normally shines and one of the main reasons I choose to spend my money with Disney. I actually did not look forward to going to dinner each night, and we did skip it one night. For the most part our server was not very engaging and seemed to be reading from a script. One night he forgot my husband's soup -- and didn't realize until he came to give us new silverware for the main course. He then brought the soup mumbling something about running low -- which was clearly not the case by looking around the dining room; others had received soup well after I had received my dish. My husband did refuse the soup at this point -- since I had been finished my appetizer and it would only delay our main course. We also discussed our displeasure with our server after the meal was over, with hopes that he would get better, but he never really did. Our assistant server tried to small talk but maybe we didn't mesh well, or maybe because we were frustrated with the server or even her service it showed and therefore we just didn't ever engage with her either. I would order a drink at the start of dinner. Her bringing the drink was normally slow but I quickly became fine with that because I realized that she never asked to see if I wanted another drink or even offered coffee or after dinner drinks. Truly maybe I should thank her since we saved money here, and Disney lost money, because most nights I would have ordered a second glass of wine and my husband would have ordered another drink as well. With dessert, I may have ordered a specialty coffee or after dinner cordial. With this type of service you would think we would complain to our head server, and while we did see him every night, he would only come by quickly enough to say hello and be on his way. He also seemed very stiff and scripted. Never once did he even acknowledge the kids, ask how our service was etc. I am partly to blame as well. I don't really feel comfortable having to complain about my service and then see these same people I just complained about again. We had really fabulous servers and head servers in the past -- so perhaps our standards were then set too high but Disney prides themselves on excellence and this is one area that I could not even rate as good. Dinner service was uncomfortable almost to the point of stress each night.

One night we skipped our normal dining room and chose to eat at Cabanas. They do sit down dinner service here as an alternative each night. THIS was the Disney I remembered. Funny as that is, because the servers in Cabanas are in TRAINING. You would think the service here may have some bumps but no, it was fabulous. The menu here every night is a few selections from each of the MDR menus so the food is the same quality as if you were to eat there. The service here really shined. Our server did magic tricks, chatted with us, chatted with the kids, and always had a smile on his face. His assistant was pleasant to converse with and also engaged the children. Drinks came in a timely fashion and refills and coffee were both offered. I wish I had this experience every night in the MDRs

We had one additional dining experience. We did the Remy Champagne Brunch. There is a charge fee for the brunch of $50pp and an additional $25 for champagne pairings. Dress here is semi-formal I would say. This is a very exclusive brunch -- only 80 spots open -- offered on the last sea day. You will have 5 courses plus dessert and treats; one glass of champagne is included with the first course even if you do not purchase the pairings. This was the best meal I have probably ever had. We aren't "fancy folk" and don't have many opportunities for fine dining, although we can appreciate it. The food was just excellent. Two of the courses were seafood. I normally do not like seafood but figured it I was ever going to enjoy fish, it would be here. To be quite honest I really enjoyed the fourth course as one of my favorites, which was sea bass over egg with a Thai sauce. The service here was excellent, the presentation was fabulous, and the view of the ocean from our table couldn't be beat.

Children's Clubs

My children both enjoy the clubs. If I had let her, my daughter would have spent the whole cruise in the preteen club, Edge. It is a great space with lots of games and activities organized by the youth staff. There was a staff member who she even remembered from our last sailing on the Dream. The space is amazing, with green screens, gaming screens and funky furniture. I wanted to be a pre-teen.

My son enjoyed Oceaneers. It was more crowded than our last two cruises -- so I didn't feel as though he had the same attention paid to him from the staff, but still a very good time. On our last two cruises we had club staff calling out his name when we would walk in the hall, he was always remembered by name when he checked in... this time none of that. It did not diminish the experience in any way BUT it did not feel as special. There are several themed areas such as Pixie Hollow, Nemo's Sub, Andy's Room, Laugh floor ... plus they have the huge light up play floor. There are computer games, many organized activities, toys, board games, movies and more. Pretty much something for every type of child. I doubt the kids clubs on any other line could come close.

Stage Shows:

We saw Aladdin and Believe. Both are spectacular -- off Broadway caliber shows. Great sets, storylines, and performers. The shows are short enough at 45-50 minutes, to keep the attention of even my youngest.

Disembarkation: Not so bad, bit of a line at customs but other than that it went smooth. We skipped breakfast and walked off.

Beautiful ship, lots of entertainment for young and old. Food is good to amazing, most crew members are fantastic. Would definitely recommend, but perhaps during a less crowded time of year. Less

Published 11/29/12

Cabin review: 5A9650

We had a standard balcony on deck 9 aft. The cabin was just fine for our family of 4, though we do prefer the family balconies which add an additional 30 or so feet in the room. Our room had the slip bath, with bath tub and sink in one room and a toilet and sink in another. There was a pull down bunk and a sofa bed in addition to the queen bed. All beds were comfortable. The balcony had two chairs and a small table.

Port and Shore Excursions

We love Disney's private island. Relaxing on a clean beach, plenty for the kids to do... If they don't feel like playing on the beach there is a splash pad and dig site they can check out. They also move the kids club to the island if you want some adult only beach fun. Food and beverages stations within a short walk. The water slide - Pelican Plunge - is FUN ! There are character meets and photo ops throughout the day. Shops and bars all take your key card as payment. Paradise!

Beach Break

I rate this experience up there with Disney's private island .... LOVE Mahahual! I was a bit bummed that we had short port day in Costa Maya I think we had maybe a total of 5 hours in port. Our original plan was just to hang out at the port, because there are shops and a pool there. It was a nice port -- but we only walked through...and right out of the gates. We started to see this place pop up on the message boards and decided it sounded a little bit better then a cruise-line manufactured port. The place: Tropicante Ameri-Mex Grill in the town of Mahahual. The plan: emailed the owner -- Steve prior to sailing, to reserve some loungers. This is FREE of charge, if you promise to eat and drink from his restaurant. Steve was great to deal with, emails were answered with great attention to detail and within 24 hours! He let us know how and where to hail a cab and how much we should be paying for the cab as well. He answered all of my questions and even gave me a tequila lesson -- which was to be continued once I arrived! The weather is looking great and I can't wait to get to our destination. We take a 5 min stroll through the port -- as it is not clearly marked how to get out. I suppose they want you to stay and spend your money there. We walk a block outside of port -- everything seems safe -- and speak to a cab driver about taking us to Tropicante. He takes us ($2 per person) and we arrive in about 5 minutes, safe and sound. The driving in Mexico does leave you a bit nerve racked. I wonder if they do that to boost tequila sales once you get to your destination We walk from the cab right to the beach, speak to our waiter who walks us to our loungers and just drink it all in for a minute. This is a beautiful tropical paradise right on the beach. If I looked to my left I could see our ship. Deceiving though -- because the walk would have taken a good 45 minutes to an hour. The kids went right to playing in the sand and water, while the adults ordered a few cold beverages Steve, the owner, chatted with us a bit. He was always visible for the whole time we were there chatting with all of his guests and making sure everyone was having a fantastic time. Aside from food and drink, you can also get a massage, snorkel, banana boat, and many other activities. We were just happy to eat, drink, and play in the water. The food was good. Though it was mostly Mexican fare, it was American enough to please pickier eaters too. I was sad to leave - and would definitely recommend this place to anyone in the area, or cruisers looking to have an amazing beach day.

Cozumel - the port area anyway - is mainly just a touristy shopping mall. I have been to Cozumel for vacation before and know that the island offers much more then just shopping - and the ship offered many active excursions but we just toured the shopping area. It's okay - nothing struck me as being a must have.
Read 5470 Cozumel Reviews

Turtle Farm

We really enjoyed the turtle farm. We booked directly through their website -- as the savings was enormous. When I emailed -- they said they would have transport for us at the port, just to ask anyone to point us in the right direction. There was some confusion -- as different people pointed us in many different directions! However there is an information building right in the port and we should have went there first. They were so helpful. They called the turtle farm for us and had them send our ride. Since it was just us and another small group who booked direct that day -- they picked us up in their personal cars. They said for over 10 people they would have used a bus. The turtle farm was about 15 minutes or so from the port. The employee who drove us was very informative on all things Grand Cayman. We had a very nice chat during our ride. We had all access bracelets for the day. There were no "tours" given for those who purchase direct -- it is self-guided. We were told that if we wanted to jump in on the tours given to those who booked through the cruise line we could do so. We decided to just do it on our own. We decided to walk around the turtle tanks first -- check them out. There were turtles of all ages / size in various tanks, We walked around the holding tanks for maybe 20 minutes -- just checking them out and petting them. I find when I was looking at the sea turtles they were all talking to one another in "Crush" voices Dude! Totally ! Then we found another set of tanks -- where you can get in with the turtles or pick them up (or both !) The ones you could wade with were more "Squirts" then they were "Crush" This was so exciting and probably my favorite part of the trip. After we toured the tanks we went over to an area where they had a beach and if you wanted, could get snorkel equip and snorkel with fish and turtles. My son is a bit young for this so we just dipped our feet in the lagoon and went on our way. The man who worked "The snorkel shack" had a tiny gecko that he was showing to the kids. After that we made our way to the swimming lagoon and water slide area. At the far end -- by the waterfall, there is a glass wall so you can view the "predator reef" that is on the other side of the wall. You can see sand sharks, fish, barracuda and other sea life. The water slide was awesome. I thought it went really fast! We just spent an hour or so lazily enjoying the water. Our tummies were rumbling so we went over to their bar/grill called Schooners. It was quite Americanized food wise -- but you could try some sea turtle if you were brave (sorry Crush). I am not brave! I had a quesadilla. Food was good -- pricing probably equaled your local chain sit down place (think Chili's or Ruby Tuesday). After that it was time to go back to the ship. All in all is was a great way to spend a short "in-port" day and something everyone should see once!

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