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Overall, had an enjoyable experience on the NCL Bliss on an 8 day voyage over Christmas 2019.  The Bliss is modern and clean, with plenty of activities and entertainment, and dining/drinking options and quality are good enough.  However, ... Read More
Overall, had an enjoyable experience on the NCL Bliss on an 8 day voyage over Christmas 2019.  The Bliss is modern and clean, with plenty of activities and entertainment, and dining/drinking options and quality are good enough.  However, there are also some hiccups in the design, cabin noise, children's programs and crowded nature of activities.  For the cost, was a great value (especially over holidays) and would recommend for anyone who is comfortable with NCL. Specific comments: * Embarkation process in NY:  Baggage and embarkation process in NY is a mess and includes a mob of people pushing there way to the entry after arriving on a narrow sidewalk.  Complete lack of order. (disembarkation was even worse) * First impression of vessel:  new ship, modern and clean.  Significantly nicer than Jewel class.  Quite large but didn't feel overwhelming; crowds were an issue occasionally with seating at Garden Cafe Buffet, lounge chairs around pool, and the entertainment.  - There is a fantastic observation lounge on deck 15 where you can also have lunch or snacks throughout the day - nice outdoor deck on 8 with various areas to lounge.  Many people used for walking rather than track on deck 17- gym was decent with lots of cardio, but limited free weights, especially only 1 cross cable machine where there was often a wait* Cabin:  we had connecting balcony rooms on aft side on deck 9.  Large enough.  Bed ok.  Nice balcony.  Practical, though small bathroom and shower with strong water pressure and instant hot water.   Issue was noise, we were close to a crew service door and could constantly hear door slamming throughout night.  Could also hear noises from above and general boat creaking* Food / Drink:  - as can be expected quite hit or miss.  Best meals were unsurprisingly specialty restaurants:  Cagney's and Le Bistro were highly enjoyed and great service.  Q was fun atmosphere and pretty good food with live music.- There is a Starbucks in the lobby which is VERY expensive, but is included in the premium beverage package; this package also gives access to freshly squeezed juice in Garden Cafe and higher end alcohol (we actually thought worth the extra price) - Lots of bars and rarely much of a wait:  Mustangs and Sugarcane are nice and central; Craft brewhouse was a fun place to grab a beer* Pool deck:  there are 2 small pools and kiddie Aqua Park.  There are also a number of hot tubs, but these were generally filled to capacity often with children or severely overweight patrons; not enjoyable in any way. * Kids programs (Splash Academy and Guppies):  major disappointment compared to other cruise lines- our group had 2 in Splash Academy who didn't even want to go after 1st day.  Then the organizers on last day misrepresented kids show process and kids waited in long line to be denied participation even though on time and were at the morning practice - Guppies play area is pretty lame, small room and some of the counselors were not overly enthusiastic * Entertainment:  strong point of our cruise.  Only issues were getting decent seats unless showing up really early, and rude patrons constantly coming in and out of every show - Six show was fantastic- Jersey Boys was Broadway caliber- Beatles cover band was great- other live music (Siglo, Country) pretty good * Activities- Water slides are fun and highlight of boat; the Aqua fall is very fun, but was closed much of the cruise due to high winds.  Other one a bit boring but better than nothing- Go karts fun, but a bit slow.  Hard to get a reservation- we were not able to get a reservation for laser tag- 2 small bowling lanes off the Local pub- 5 hole, somewhat simple mini-golf on top deck * We were not able to dock at Great Stirrup Caye as seas were too rough for tenders to operate.  Huge disappointment and led to tense environment for the extra day at sea due to agitated masses.  NCL does not operate a pier there, as opposed to RC who have one and can dock in rougher conditions* Casino is typical but at least separate, enclosed smoking area which is a huge difference.  Note, for BJ, use automated shuffles and poor payouts (6/5)* Generally friendly and helpful staff* Disembarkation process a nightmare.  1.5 hour delay and then another long line through customs.  The masses were strewn about throughout the ship/lobby with no order - like Penn Station on a cold day Read Less
Sail Date December 2019
My husband and I booked this cruise as an adult get-away. We had a wonderful time on the ship and at the ports. Embarkation was supposed to be delayed, due to an illness outbreak, but people were allowed on the ship earlier than announced. ... Read More
My husband and I booked this cruise as an adult get-away. We had a wonderful time on the ship and at the ports. Embarkation was supposed to be delayed, due to an illness outbreak, but people were allowed on the ship earlier than announced. Our departure from the port was delayed, but we grabbed a couple drinks and explored the ship and enjoyed the view of New York City. The ship itself was large and beautiful. It was still decorated for Christmas and felt very festive. Our cabin was nice and had more than enough storage. The bathroom seemed roomier than our previous cruise on Carnival. We ended up with a larger than normal balcony. It was large enough for a lounge chair, which would have been wonderful, but we only had the two regular chairs. The food was wonderful no matter where we ate. The night we went to Los Lobos, the service was slow (we were seated at 5:45) and we had to run out without dessert to catch our 7:30 show. Otherwise, our servers were very attentive and we had excellent meals at each and every venue. The service from everyone on the ship was always good and courteous. We found the bar in the observation lounge to be very slow, however, most other places kept up with the crowds better. With this being a New Year's Cruise, they were very busy! The entertainment was probably one of the weakest areas for this cruise. We loved some parts, but found others very lacking. The musicals were absolutely amazing and the evening bands were great! A lot of the other activities centered around paying for extras, like bingo, or trivia. This was not interesting to us. Other game show type activities took place in the atrium, which was overcrowded and uncomfortable. Some of those activities would have been great in the theatre with all the extra seating. We paid to see the Prohibition show, which was a bit of a rip off. Having the drink package, we could have gotten the drinks at the bars for free, so we paid $38 to watch a 40 minute just ok show. I really think there should be a price reduction for those who already have the drink package. Our times at the ports were nice. We especially liked our trip to Adastra Gardens. I was amazed the number of animals you could interact with all for the basic admission price. That is not something you would find in the US. We loved walking around Nassau and shopping. The private island was very crowded that day, so we left early and enjoyed the hottub on the ship. In Florida, we didn't do much, but that was our choice. Overall the cruise and ship were wonderful and we had an awesome time. My complaints from the experience are few, but I will share. 1. We were glad our children (10 and 12) weren't with us because we don't think there would have been enough to keep them busy without spending a lot of extra money. 2. There was a complete lack of sharing information about debarkation. We received no written or announced directions on what to do before the morning of debarkation and then found out we hadn't grabbed luggage tags like we should have. Because we were taking our own luggage off the ship, it was a nonissue, however a little more communication would have been nice. 3. My biggest complaint would be the amount of complaining we heard from other passengers. Each time we sat in the hottub, everyone else shared how horrible the cruise was and how they were so unhappy and mistreated. We heard how bad the food was, how horrible the service was, how the cruiseline wasn't doing enough to keep them happy, how they complained and nothing happened so they had to keep complaining. As we sat at restaurants, neighboring tables would complain about service or rooms or excursions. The constant complaints from others was a bit exhausting, especailly when we were having a great time. On the last day of our cruise we watched a hostess attempt to seat a lady, who quickly walked away from the area she was being led to and said "I sit by a window." She then proceeded to choose her own dirty table at which to sit so she could be beside the window. At this point of the cruise, my husband and I realized that this cruise line really doesn't seem to attract people with our interpersonal values. While we loved the cruise, we don't plan to cruise Norwegian again any time soon. Read Less
Sail Date December 2019
Well now, here we are, back from the Bliss which was overall a good to very good cruise (B+) vacation. This is my 7th NCL cruise and my 13th voyage overall. As a family of four, we'd always talked about going away over New ... Read More
Well now, here we are, back from the Bliss which was overall a good to very good cruise (B+) vacation. This is my 7th NCL cruise and my 13th voyage overall. As a family of four, we'd always talked about going away over New Year's and after Christmas. We spent the night before embarkation in NYC: taking in the 9/11 Memorial and Museum (not so cheery but so well done), eating at Patsy's, and enjoying the Yale Club. What follows is a review by category and an associated grade as well as tips/tricks for each section. Take it for what you will and feel free to contact with questions. EMBARKATION: A Actually, we were contacted the day before saying to arrive at the pier at 1pm. We ended up getting there at about noon and got right on the ship. Honestly -- it was so fast that it was a bit bizarre. NCL ships this size board in zones; and I think it was something like decks 5-9 and 10-17 checking in and entering the ship in different areas of the terminal. We headed first to lunch at The Local which was solid. Because the temperature was in the mid 50s, almost every outdoor public space was open and ready to enjoy. The reason we left late was that the Bliss was docked in a different area of the pier, across from a submarine...meaning that the tide needed to be just right to get this mega ship out to sea safely. Tips/Tricks -- Arrive early and pack patience. I think it was a fluke how well things went for us. Probably shouldn’t have been that easy and is more than likely a-typical. STATE ROOM(s): B My sister and I and parents enjoyed two, mid-ship mini suites. They are solid and have all the modern trappings of a cruise ship built in the last couple of years: small reading lights and USBs near the bed, good heating and cooling systems, some hidden storage to maximize space. The bathroom is enhanced with a double vanity and a sizable shower with body jets. Overall, though, the layout and feel of the cabin itself is un-discernible from a balcony on the Bliss or any other Breakaway Plus Class ship. Unless you're getting a stellar deal (which we did), there is not a reason convincing enough to book this category. We actually set out months ago to book one room in the Haven which quickly sold out, which was a bummer. Our room steward was exceedingly kind and attentive. Tips/Tricks: -- Book Sailaway cabin pricing if you're not interested in the beverage package (which is almost laughably expensive if not included in a fare offer). -- Four people in a balcony/interior will be tight on this class of NCL ships. Check out the family ocean view rooms -- super cool and spacious. SHIP: A- Huge. Modern. Beautiful. Lots to do. Good to very good layout for the +/- 4,900 passengers on board the week. My favorite space, having previously cruised on the Breakaway, is the Waterfront. We took a couple of meals out there during this cruise, enjoyed long walks, and grabbing drinks. The nicest night was as we pulled away from Nassau: about 75 degrees and dry. Make no mistake about it, though, if you're looking for quiet and uncrowded skip this ship or book The Haven. The volume of people, especially in the evenings and nights when the pool deck festivities have come to an end, is noticeable and at times annoying. Honestly, though, one of the things we were happiest with was the amount of help everywhere. Every bar had roving servers; it was always easy enough to get a drink. The ship mostly felt smaller than it was which is a huge credit to NCL. Tips/Tricks: -- Enjoy and explore in the morning; I know it's vacation but trust me it's worth it to get up a bit earlier to really get to know and behold the ship. -- Hang out in the observation lounge in the evening/night time (yes, obviously not much to observe out the windows but a really cool space and one of the best bars). -- Grab a drink and a bite at The Local to observe music or game shows in the over-crowded atrium below. -- Aft area of waterfront is a great place to stand and hang out as you get into/are leaving from a port. Usually very quiet. INCLUDED DINING: B On a ship this size, even with the amount of for-fee dining, there are numerous included choices. I did not once enter the fray of the garden buffet. No thanks. We took 6 of 8 breakfasts in either Savor/Taste or the Local. They were always solid to good. Nice, classic selections. Entrees at The Local are a bit small but certainly enough for breakfast. For lunch we either did not eat or went to The Local and once to Margaritaville. The Local for lunch is really solid and included pub fare. It can get a bit hectic there, though -- I think because of both its location and popularity. We enjoyed four included MDR dinners: 2 Savor, 1 Taste, 1 Manhattan Room. Each night was good to very good. I enjoyed dishes like grilled lamb chops, fettuccine alfredo with chicken, and prime rib. Soups and salads always solid, too. Drinks sometimes could take a little while to get to the table during dinner service. One night we had particularly slow service and the space was super warm -- not ideal. Once or twice we grabbed a light bite in the observation lounge which is a nicer, quieter, and simpler alternative to the over-crowded buffet. Tips and Tricks: -- Take you breakfast/lunch (sea days only for lunch) in the MDRs for better food, service, and fewer people. -- We enjoy wine with dinner and did have the UBP included in our fare. Once, somewhere during the first few days of the trip, a waiter left us with a bottle of wine which, per glass, is included in the UBP. I asked a few nights later and a different waiter was eager to accommodate and left the bottle. It makes sense, really -- it’s easier for them, anyway. -- Try the North/South red blend wine: it’s a Mondavi family signature pour done exclusively for NCL. I thought it was really solid stuff. -- If you want to go to your MDR reservation earlier (we did twice), just show up and ask. They were accommodating. SUPPLEMENTAL DINING: A- Good stuff here. You can really tell the difference between the food quality, service, and overall dining experience between included and supplemental dining. We really “blew our tops” and ate at the following: Lunch: Food Republic - Didn’t eat a ton here just popped in on a whim. We saw Captain Roberts here twice this week with his family -- kind of fun! I enjoyed a salmon sushi roll, we had some pad thai, and chicken skewers. Good stuff overall. Pricing is per item and is not so cheap. Margaritaville - Excellent. Usually open noon to five. Flat $15/pp. Nachos, quesadilla, and key lime pie were just so good. Solid value. Would return. Really worth a visit. Dinner: Le Bistro - Our favorite of the trip and food made better because of some first-rate service. I got the veal medallions and don’t even remember what I started or finished with but do remember they were all excellent. Used our first of three included meals here. Cagneys - Very good. My fillet looked a bit odd and over-done but tasted fine. They now have candied, thick-cut bacon which really induced the meat sweats before the main event even arrived. Lobster bisque was not the New England version I’m used to. Second of three meal swipes. La Cucina - Not so great. My dad and sister didn’t really like their meals, service was sporadic, my pasta dish was just OK. Third of three meal swipes. Q - Awesome. Wasn't so hungry so just got dinner and no starter or dessert. I had the pulled pork and I thought it and its little sides were awesome. Really cool concept here in a large space that could be utilized more during the day. On early sea days they should do a light food sampling so people would be more inclined to spend the money to enjoy dinner here. Tips/Tricks -- That bang for the buck goes the longest if you do get the two appetizers that are included with a meal swipe from the package at every specialty restaurant. -- Look at your itinerary and book warm weather nights when you can enjoy your meals out on the waterfront. -- You can still drink at the Margaritaville Bar if you don’t eat there. They have some signature drinks only served there included in your beverage package -- same too for the little bar at Le Bistro. ENTERTAINMENT: A Excellent all around. We saw: Beatles @ The Cavern Club. They have several shows a cruise each focusing on a different sound and time in Beatles lore. Get there at least 30 minutes early to secure a seat -- plenty of drink service. Really good take in (and, included!). Six. So good! Only been aboard the Bliss for a couple of months and I understand it’ll be on some other NCL ships soon, too. Pre-Broadway show about the life and times of the six wives of King Henry VIII. Jersey Boys: Also excellent. Pretty much a full-length production show with every sound, light, set, and special effect you’d behold on land. Numerous other musical acts throughout the ship were also very good. Mostly, the same people played the same places every night. The only one I didn’t really like was the country group, Southern Broncos. They needed some more contemporary music in their lineup and they sounded just okay, anyway. We did no bingo, game shows, trivia, or the sorts. Tips/Tricks -- Book stage shows before you get on the ship (available I believe 90 days out). For main stage shows, bring a drink in with you. One of the only areas on the ship where there was insufficient drink service. -- Be advised that the Beatles show is not the same every night it’s scheduled -- so go multiple times! ON-BOARD ACTIVITIES: B+ The race track and the laser tag were a ton of fun. Wish we did the laser tag a couple of more times. Be aware of extra fees. Neither of these activities are walk-up-and-play so, remember to make reservations (as soon as you get on the ship). I give a B+ here because honestly, aside from this and the water slides, there’s not a ton to do in the way of enrichment or other noverly cruise programming. Spa: My dad, sister and I did each get the super expensive thermal spa suite pass. Clocking in around $280/pp for the eight days, the pass comes with access to numerous therapeutic rooms and a killer spa pool with numerous treatment jets. I probably spent about an hour and a half a day here in order to make it worth it. If it was a warm-weather-only cruise, I may have skipped this pass in favor of a similar one to the Vibe Beach Club. Only midday on sea days was the suite exceedingly crowded. Eating dinner later most nights, we found using the suite between, say, 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. was a good strategy. Really liked it overall but it is super pricey. Tips/Tricks: -- Book thermal suite pass before getting on the ship to save between $30-40 (we didn’t…) -- Upon embarkation, head right to The Social to book laser tag, go-karts, Prohibition/Happy Hour Musical, and comedy shows. Bring a print-out of current plans so you do not double book things accidentally. -- Opt to book both Go-karts and laser tag at night -- it’s much, much cooler with the lighting -- Don’t accidentally book a double go-kart session if you’re looking to take your own kart out for a spin. Double sessions are still $15/per cart but you are only given the ability to do four laps instead of the standard eight (we did this…yikes...still fun though). EXCURSIONS: C+ Just okay -- and, honestly, not a ton offered (which is why the C+). By the time we were about 45 days from the cruise, there were only 22 excursions available between NYC, Port Canaveral, the Private Isalnd, and Nassau. Kind of a bummer and I know space is limited but I had a thought it may have been a tactic to keep people on the ship to spend money. The offerings felt insufficient for an expensive and exciting holiday cruise. Not great. Port Canaveral: Well! We were supposed to arrive at noon on the first day, stay overnight, and depart @ 6 p.m. the following day. Turned out the ship didn’t dock and wasn’t cleared until sometime closer to 2:30 p.m. We had booked the Kennedy Space Center excursion which we read great things about other than the comment that there simply isn’t enough time to see things with a five hour tour inclusive of the half hour-ish transit time. Though we were told the tours would be extended because we were late, we had to inform the excursion folks that the Center closed at 6 p.m. regardless. Because we’d only have a couple hours there, we decided to opt for a full refund. The refund process was hassle-free. The second day the four of us took an Uber to a local golf course to play. This was not organized through the ship. It was a nice day -- despite a poor round of golf! Great Stirrup Cay: NCL is (and has) put a lot of money into this little slice of island paradise. It’s actually right next to RCL’s island, which is kind of cool. The night before we were expected to arrive at 8 a.m., the excursion desk told me we’d be in by 6:30 a.m. and offering tenders by about 7:00 a.m. We wisely planned for this and were on the first tender over. Speaking of tendering, NCL really needs to figure out a way to extend a dock so this practice isn’t needed anymore. It was fine going both ways but it just seems like kind of a pain still, with all the other money they’re spending. Perhaps environmental and geological reasons prohibit it? We booked a Small Cabana on the Cay which we loved and was more than big enough for the four of us. Things got super crowded there that day because we also shared the space with the older, smaller NCL Sun out of Florida out on a shorter voyage. People were actually fighting over chairs. One family approached the small cabana next to us and asked the people there if they could pay cash to split it with them! Crazy. NCL actually did set up additional food stations with basic offerings in shaded areas to offset the large buffet lines. Not much comes with the cabana! We did get bottled water and towels but no light snacks like in previous iterations of this excursion. Not too bad getting back on the ship. Think we were there about 7:45 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Nassau: I don’t know if it’s just me but I think the area around and just outside of the cruise terminal has deteriorated tremendously in the last decade. There’s not much to do; though it feels safe enough, it doesn’t really feel all that clean or inviting. We did the Blue Lagoon Island Beach Day. Getting there was a bit hectic with super long lines weaving in and out of other lines from excursions from the other three ships in that day. I really like this place -- and a lot has changed for the better since my last visit there in March of 2017. We got there and actually purchased a supplemental pass to the adults-only Serenity area. It was $140 total for four people. Totally worth it. Breathtaking beach, unparalleled service, private and extensive lunch buffet, complementary Bahamamamas/mimosas, access to snorkeling equipment, bottled water. We took the last shuttle possible back to the pier to get back on the Bliss. It was a very nice day and even nicer to be away from the rest of the crowds. This place felt less crowded and better-run than NCL’s private island. Tips/Tricks: -- Check in with the excursions desk on the first day of the cruise or so. Online, no small cabanas were available. When we went to ask they became available. This could be the case for other offerings, as well. -- Be advised that we had a mighty difficult time getting an Uber/cab at Port Canaveral on the second morning. Uber surges were x4+ for a while and the wait for a cab was like half an hour. Eventually the surge fell to x1.5 and we ordered. Not sure if this is because the ship had already been in and docked the day before or what...but it was equal parts annoying and unexpected. -- Look into booking that Serenity retreat @ the Blue Lagoon Island Beach day. NCL does not offer a special excursion for it like other lines do. Book the NCL one and then add the cost in that you’d pay there and it works out to about $110/pp for the day. DISEMBARKATION: A It was good. We were in no rush so we opted to get off last. Customs was kind of fun with those new face recognition machines. Luggage was where it should have been. Walked a block to order an Uber to head to our train departing from Penn @ 1 p.m.. Tips/Tricks: -- Don’t rush off the ship if you don’t need to! We had a really nice morning. After breakfast, we enjoyed about an hour and a half sitting in the observation lounge catching up on work and correspondence now that we were back in cell coverage. RANDOM NYE: Very fun. Parties everywhere. We hung out a few different places and ultimately ended up ringing in the New Year on the top pool deck. The tray-passed champagne for everyone, as well as hats and crowns, were a nice touch. Cleanliness: Crew and management was super and appropriately sensitive to winter germs, especially on a cold to warm water cruise. For the first couple of days, the crew took additional precautions including serving people at buffet lines, eliminating menus from cocktail longues, and sterilizing passengers' hands in numerous public spaces. Read Less
Sail Date December 2019
I have to open this review with the caveat that we stayed in the Haven. Haven passengers have a completely different experience than those not in the Haven. If you take anything from this review, know that I would rather cruise once every ... Read More
I have to open this review with the caveat that we stayed in the Haven. Haven passengers have a completely different experience than those not in the Haven. If you take anything from this review, know that I would rather cruise once every other year in The Haven, than annually in a standard room. With that said, the Bliss is a beautiful ship! The observation lounges (Haven and public) are a feature I won't soon sail without. They're spacious, comfortable, and offer a great view with the protection from weather. The staff is friendly, and food and entertainment options are nearly limitless; Jersey Boys was phenomenal!!! Food ranged from mediocre to excellent depending on the restaurant, but why not try them all. Several passengers on the cruise before ours got sick, so the ship took extra precautions to avoid the exchange of germs for the first half of our cruise. I'd rather err on the side of caution and appreciated the efforts. We were lucky enough to stop at Great Stirrup Cay, and had a great day. My biggest complaint would be the capacity of the Splash Academy. Our kids got blocked out the first two nights due to capacity, and they never had the opportunity to fork any close bonds with the other kids on board. All in all, I can't wait to do it again!! Read Less
Sail Date December 2019
We had been on an NCL cruise and stayed in the Haven ( Gem) and twice in a regular mini suite ( Breakaway and Pearl). For us, the Haven is the only way we would go on NCL. We live in the NY Metro area so driving a half hour to the ship is ... Read More
We had been on an NCL cruise and stayed in the Haven ( Gem) and twice in a regular mini suite ( Breakaway and Pearl). For us, the Haven is the only way we would go on NCL. We live in the NY Metro area so driving a half hour to the ship is a terrific perk. This two week cruise was an easy choice and getting a nice discount from the casino ( NCL is very generous) helped lower the price. I will start with the Pros: The Bliss is a very large brand new beautiful clean ship. The Haven is fabulous. the Haven restaurant is the best food on the ship by far. There is an in Haven elevator that goes from 17th floor to 19th ( the sundeck). Le Bistro is a close second as long as you have plenty of time and don't order the chewy veal. We ate in Cagney and La Cucina and they are not worth it. In the Haven the shrimp cocktail, rib lamb chops, French dip roast beef sandwich and Frito Misto are excellent. Hanno, the Conceirge and Qi his assistant were fantastic. They printed my husband's crossword out each day. We booked all our specialty restaurants and the two main shows as soon as possible before boarding but if you don't, they have priority on first day to try to get you reservations. We ended up not seeing SIX as there were mixed reviews but enjoyed Jersey Boys very much and went twice. The rest of the entertainment was comedy ( Rodney Laney was very funny ) And a Beatles band that was well received even tho they were from Argentina (odd) and had no personality. To my surprise there were a few kids on the ship ( pulled out of school?) who were very noisy at the Haven pool so we went up to the 16+ sundeck. You can order lunch from the downstairs bar ( hot dogs, burgers, chicken wrap, great onion rings, drinks) and they will be delivered upstairs ) the servers are friendly and kind ( bring a few fives to tip them as they deserve it. The big Horizon observation lounge at the front of the Haven was fantastic except they insisted on playing jazz while you were trying to relax or read. They have some treats and coffee there. The ports were nice, especially Costa Maya. Cons: the cabin we had was a Courtyard Penthouse suite. It was anything but. One very small room with a bathtub shower combo that was dangerous to step out of, A shower that ran hot and cold on and off while you were in it. No lounge on the balcony even tho there was room and a terrible mattress that our butler replaced after three days. The pillows are terrible. We ordered 12 bottles of water as it's not included in the room or beverage package. Inadequate storage. Laundry was good. Room not made up until almost 11 then after 8. A few free movies. Not enough sports for my husband. The rest of the ship was crowded beyond belief and the elevators a nightmare. After entertainment or the casino I couldn't wait to get back to the Haven. Most people were very unhappy. People with walkers/wheel chairs were treated terribly at the elevators with one young woman announcing that she was tired of the old people hogging the elevators and was going back to Carnival. I hope she does. People who took cheaper true suites in the back of the ship but had Haven privileges said it wasn't worth the savings because they had to use the regular elevators. I would go from New York again but not on such a large ship Read Less
Sail Date January 2020
Norwegian Bliss Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.5 4.1
Fitness Recreation 4.5 3.8
Family 3.5 3.8
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.5
Service 4.5 4.0
Value For Money 3.5 3.5

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