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Sail Date: June 2017
Just my two cents so far. My family embarked in Singapore and we've been on the ship for a week. So far, I have to say that I don't understand the negative reviews. My previous cruise experiences have been exclusively Disney ... Read More
Just my two cents so far. My family embarked in Singapore and we've been on the ship for a week. So far, I have to say that I don't understand the negative reviews. My previous cruise experiences have been exclusively Disney cruises (Fantasy/Dream/Wonder) so I can most easily compare to those ships. Some notes: - The ship is brand new. Everything is literally gleaming. - The clientele appears to be mostly retirees. It's therefore not obviously designed for kids. With that said, my two daughters (7 and 10) are having a ton of fun. One unexpected side effect of being on a ship without a lot of kids is that there isn't a lot of pressure on the swimming pools. There is a kids swimming pool on the top deck that is almost always empty (or mostly empty). - Buffet food seems a little worse than Disney cruises - fruit is not quite as fresh or juicy. Still perfectly adequate, though. - Bakery items are delicious. The International Cafe on Deck 5 serves super-delicious donuts. - For those craving ice cream, there is free unlimited soft-serve ice cream on the top deck at Swirls Ice Cream Bar from 11:30am to 9pm. - The pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers are (IMO) better than Disney. Pizza is served made-to-order in Alfredo's Pizzeria on deck 6 midship and it's delicious. Hot dogs and hamburgers are served made-to-order from Lobster Grill on the top floor next to the pool-- they're super fresh and delicious as well. - The staterooms have two TVs each. On video-on-demand, there is a reasonable selection of movies to watch-- everything from Zootopia and Trolls to Lalaland and Batman v Superman. - The staterooms are very nice and (of course) brand new. Unlike the Disney cruises, there is only a single sink/bathroom, but that's not a huge deal. - Internet is metered by time, not by the megabyte. $199 for 600 minutes for the duration of the cruise. - General entertainment is not as spectacular as Disney but still super-fun. No mini-Broadway musicals-- juggling acts, singing acts, and the like. - The staff is (mostly) cheerful and helpful. Not quite as universally over-the-top cheerful as staff on Disney cruises but totally fine. - The "Destination Expert" presentations about each port are very well done (currently done by a fellow named Hutch)-- he tells you what to expect when getting into each port. - We haven't tried the youth and teen centers, so I can't comment on those. I can't really comment on the casino or the shops either-- they seem nice enough but we don't spend any time there. Overall, my kids like the cruise just as much as Disney cruises; my wife and I concur. It's a beautiful new ship with welcoming staff and good food-- not sure what else folks expect! Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2017
May 21, 2917 Majestic Princess to Singapore After spending a relaxing week in Rome, we finally got to board the Majestic Princess. Wow, wow, wow. I was blown away by it from the minute we walked in! My experience was so positive. ... Read More
May 21, 2917 Majestic Princess to Singapore After spending a relaxing week in Rome, we finally got to board the Majestic Princess. Wow, wow, wow. I was blown away by it from the minute we walked in! My experience was so positive. We planted ourselves in our favorite room, Emerald 319 and obstructed balcony with no real obstructions! I’ve spent close to 55 days in that room on the Regal/Majestic in the last 6 months! I am a creature of habit I guess. Anyway the room is identical to that on the Regal, and for the most part the ship is the same except for a few important changes. Bed Linens and the new robes were fantastic, much nicer than I’ve ever seen on a Princess ship. They now use sheets between the comforters and I like it much better. The top of the bed is also covered in a lovely while sheet. Our room steward was The Casino is still in the same place but it looks different, however I did not spend any time there and cannot tell you how. The casino is no longer open to the floor above, so shopping is not as stinky now, more on that later. The vista lounge has changed but only a little; in the back of the room are Mahjong tables which are accessible for trivia players when trivia is held in that Lounge. Those tables are rented out at $10 an hour, including the whole set up, and the room is now called the Vista Gaming lounge. It is still the place where many parties take place. Club 6 is gone, totally MIA and in its place is a bar and smoking room. I barely went through it once. There are mid ship stairs in place now, making many people happy. The center atrium is the same except a few shops have moved. The regular store with candy and basics, well lots of candy, is on the 5th floor, opposite to the International Café. Service was fantastic, from the Barista’s to the Buffet (World Market Place) the servers were kind, hard working, and lovely to interact with. The food was magnificent. Yes, it was the best food I ever got on Princess. We were in the traditional dining room on the 6th floor aft, and our servers were incredible. There were so many dining options and for sure we did not hit them all in the 28 days on the ship. Frankly the food was so good in the main dining room we did not want to leave it ever! We had specialty dining given to us by our wonderful travel agent and we ended up turning it in for credit! I did hear that the Chinese food specialty restaurant was wonderful. There is little Pizza on the ship, you have to go to Alfredo’s to get any, and of course you can still order it from room service for $3, and its good. There isn’t any Pizza near the pool now, instead is a delightful little noodle bar with its yummy and different menu. Its next to the grill, which still serves up Hotdogs, burgers, and yummy fries. Next to Princess live is a Boba tea bar with the most incredible drinks (non-alcohol) and I became addicted from the first one I ordered. This bar also has some fancy coffee, no more cookies and no booze there. There was a ton of activities offered, many of them were basically sales presentations, seeming to be a normal part of the patter these days! As my friend Bob say’s “I applaud them as a stockholder and am alarmed as a cruiser” or something like that. Anyway trivia was offered too many times in Princess live, at least now they are giving teams writing boards, well board. Now there is a giant window outside of P.live so people can observe games in progress, or even play while outside. I met a gentleman (happy dentist) who had made his own boards for his trivia mates using cardboard and rubberbands, they were so cool and he got the materials by asking his steward for the cardboard (lots of boxes on the ship) and rubberbands! Brilliant idea. Ports were fantastic as they always are, my 2 private tours in Athens and in Petra turned out wonderful. Especially Petra, which was the tour of a lifetime! We visited Naples day two and had a tour with Fabrizio of course. We visited Paestum, one of the best Greek ruins in Italy, and it was amazing and quite educational.  Thankfully we had hired a guide to educate us about the ancient Greeks who lived here long ago.  We all loved the tour and stopped to eat and shop but I didn't buy anything.  We also went to a diary and water buffalo farm where we had a lovely lunch with the most incredible fresh cheeses and breads and OMG it was amazing.  I would be so fat if I lived here, am grateful that this food is not available at home, there is nothing like fresh cheese in Italy.  I'm drooling now! Next we went to Athens and since I was not feeling well Ken had to be me and managed the group tour that I had put together.  He did great and for this cruise we decided that he would be me and I get to be him!  This in and of itself is a total vacation for me and Kenny keeps saying how hard my "job" is!  The universe is divine in its lovely little lessons.  Ken said the group had fun and he also enjoyed it, I on the other hand stayed in bed and lolled around.  Later in the day I called Barb and Gary and we went to the duty free shop and bought some food/munchies.  Not that we need it her on the ship, it is like a food orgy here and man the food is very good. After Athens we visited Santorini, one of the Greek Islands.  We sailed into what used to be the center of the island but thousands of years ago there was a humongous volcanic eruption which blew half the island away, now scattered around the main island.  Most of the island is high above the bottom and you half to take a donkey, walk, ride a gondola, or hire a cab and drive to get to the towns.  I have a picture of my mom riding a donkey here, so I am always thinking of her as we go.  We visited the picturesque towns or Oia, and Fiera, and another that I forgot!  This is the most picturesque of all the Greek Islands and a first time for us!   After Santorini, we were tired and ready for the two sea days it take to transit the Suez Canal, which was interesting and quite picturesque.  On one side of the ship were the great sand dunes of Egypt and on the other side small towns and roads, as well as pontoon bridges and guards.  As we sailed into the gulf of Aiden, there are guard boats everywhere.  We are on Pirate guard now and being my mother’s daughter, I am not afraid and instead excited that I might see a pirate!  Of course no such luck. We have lots of security on the ship as well as off the ship with boats all around us filled with armed guards.  And all the railings have giant hoses wrapped around them which is used as a good defense.  We sail for three days as we make our way to Petra. We finally reach Aqaba on the Jordanian coast of the Red Sea.  Gary and Barbara keep reminding us that this is where Moses parted the Red Sea!  We don't see that, but we are off to Petra, which I missed last year because I was sick, for a change!  I always get sick on cruises and so far I am pretty good.  Hope I didn't just jinx myself, lol. I organized a private tour of Petra for $155 pp, in a small group of 13, instead of taking a princess tour with 40 at $300 pp!  Our Guide is Ali and he is amazing, speaks perfect English and takes amazing g care of us.  Throughout the tour he call us the “adventurers” and we all like that! We go inside caves that none of the other tours get into, and yeah I am able to walk the whole 3 miles down!  Petra is a blow mind, just amazing.  The Siq is a narrow slot canyon made of amazing red rocks, we could begin Utah/northern Arizona the only other place in the world that I know of that has these kinds of slots!  As we walk Ali illuminate’s us with stories of the ancient Nabateans who lived here long ago.  At the bottom, as the tour ends, I don't shop much to Kens amazement, instead we try to walk on but I am pooped and shaky and it is almost 100 here.  Ken puts me on a Donkey (just like my mom who was here some 30 years ago) and takes me back to a shady spot where Barbara and I wait while Ali finds us a horse drawn carriage to talked us to the top.  Ken and Gary walked back up the 3 miles, such determination and Gary is in his mid 70's.  We aspire to be just like them when we reach their ages.  The entertainment was great, both in the piazza and in the Theater. We saw several new shows, and lots of interesting acts including a duo called Branden & James, they were fantastic and I bought their CD! Also of great interest to me was Pete Best, the Beatles first Drummer who was fired before the band became famous. He gave a Lecture and answered some questions from the audience, most importantly he did not know the reason why he was fired! We got a good seat because we came early enough.  We had just participated in a Beatles trivia which was fun. The ports continued to be intriguing including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cochin, Sri Lanka, Penang, and Kuala Lumpur. For the most part, the Princess tours were not so great, consequently we canceled many tours and opted to go on our own to various places and many malls. We had all been to most of the ports anyway. After 4 weeks, we were ready to get off the ship. Singapore was a mess, at least the disembark was not so fun because there was a huge line for taxi’s. We had booked a 2 night stay in Singapore’s Katong district, at the Hotel Indigo. I loved this hotel so much, it was immaculate and the room was so comfortable. Although I did not have a tub room, I did make great use of the foot soaking bowl, which was very traditional. The food was very good. The staff was excellent, from the manager to the bellhop, and desk staff, they were all magnificent. While we waited for our room, we were given traditional tea and coffee drinks and the room was available quickly. They provided water daily, which was greatly appreciated. Finally, the neighborhood was incredible! We have stayed in downtown hotels, and a hotel at Changi airport but for sure this was my favorite neighborhood. We walked for miles getting to see old row houses, two story shops, and right across the street we discovered a wonderful store named Choo with hand beaded purses and so much more. We will definitely come back here! Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2017
We are frequent cruisers & chose this sailing for the unusual itinerary and # of days. The ship is gorgeous, very much like the Royal Princess that we had sailed on previously. The Anytime dining service was the very best we have ... Read More
We are frequent cruisers & chose this sailing for the unusual itinerary and # of days. The ship is gorgeous, very much like the Royal Princess that we had sailed on previously. The Anytime dining service was the very best we have ever had on a ship, & this was our 51st cruise. We asked for the same table every evening & they were happy to get us in the same area every time that we went to the dining room. The embarkation & disembarkation were smooth, and our luggage was in the cabin when we arrived, maybe 10-15 minutes to get on board. When we got off the ship in Singapore we were thru immigration in less than 5 minutes. We went to a few of the shows, & most were good, especially enjoyed "ROLLER BOYS". The buffet area tends to be a little over-crowded, seems like a lot of people just go there to sit & chat or play cards, or whatever, so sometimes hard to find a table. The shore excursions were outstanding. We took a 3 day excursion from Cochin, India to the TAJ MAHAL, & it was terrific. A true once in a lifetime experience. Did an evening desert safari in Dubai & it included a camel ride which was great fun. I would recommend that to anyone. We had been thru the Panama Canal on a cruise, but sailing thru the Suez was quite different, it looked more like a small river. Egypt was on either side of the ship so it was very interesting. Extreme heat in Petra, but still worth every minute!!! All in all, it was an amazing trip, loved every minute of it. Read Less
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Sail Date: April 2017
Ive been looking to do a Mediterranean cruise for a while and I liked this one because of the itinerary plus it was new. The down part to the sailing was originally it had Valletta,Malta and Kusadasi, Turkey on the itinerary and after I ... Read More
Ive been looking to do a Mediterranean cruise for a while and I liked this one because of the itinerary plus it was new. The down part to the sailing was originally it had Valletta,Malta and Kusadasi, Turkey on the itinerary and after I booked it they changed the itinerary to go to Kotor, Montenegro and Corfu, Greece instead. Eventhough the replacement ports were amazing, I still had my heart set on Malta and Kusadasi. A few passengers I've talked to felt the same way. We had a suite because there were four of us, my husband and I plus our two boys 15 and 10. My 10 year old loved the kids zone and went there a few times. Sometimes he wanted to go but they were closed. They had play station, crafts, painting, he loved it. My 15 year old spent alot of his time at the basketball court. Although he loved the basketball, the court also had an area for tennis or raquetball and seemed if you wanted to play basketball you had to make way for other balls coming your way. The crew was amazing. The sit down dining was wonderful. No Complaints. The Marketplace for breakfast, lunch and dinner was ok but not the greatest. Had a hard time finding things in an order. Seemed the food was not "set" up correctly, like you had to search everywhere to get one thing because the plan was flowing. The food options seemed to be geared for the Asians, and for someone who doesnt like Asian food too much, I was a little disappointed. Some foods didnt even look familiar to me. Desserts were good but I think they should have more food options. The entertainment seemed to be a little lacking but overal we had a great time and would definatley do it again. Read Less
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Sail Date: March 2017
I really don’t understand the number of negative reviews at all, on a sparkling brand new ship with a memorable sail-away to match. Our trip was fantastic. We’re Ruby on Princess but I can’t imagine that made much difference in the ... Read More
I really don’t understand the number of negative reviews at all, on a sparkling brand new ship with a memorable sail-away to match. Our trip was fantastic. We’re Ruby on Princess but I can’t imagine that made much difference in the great way we were treated (really doesn’t take much to get Ruby status). Here’s our story. On March 31 my wife and I happen to celebrate the same birthday so with low airfares to Europe from the US we decided to treat ourselves to a few days in Italy. Kind of by accident we happened to find the preview voyage of the Majestic Princess, departing March 31 (good timing!) and because we had limited time, the four-night sailing Trieste to Rome was the perfect cruise for us. Because it was a preview cruise, kind of the maiden voyage before the maiden voyage, like the soft opening of a restaurant) it was not listed on all the usual cruise sites, or it would appear and then quickly disappear. One of the invited travel agents on board told us the preview cruise was purposely kept about two-thirds full to give the ship and the crew a good practice run but not strain everything to the limits of capacity. Let me get the two negatives out of the way first because they’re relatively small given the cruise overall. First, as another reviewer said, the muster drill was ridiculously long. We sat in the photo gallery (our assembly point) for nearly an hour. They really need to correct that. The only reason it got seriously annoying at the time was because the City of Trieste was making a big splash over this maiden departure and we almost missed some of the sail-away. They need to get the muster drill down to normal times or passengers are going to get angry. Second, the first night lining up for the main, set-time dining room was kind of a traffic disaster. We had second seating so perhaps the first wave didn’t leave when they were supposed to and caused the traffic jam, but the entry area to the dining room is much too small and turned into a sardine can for 75 people. People got very crabby and the traffic flow was badly handled. Our room cards also listed a dining room that didn’t exist on Majestic Princess – the Pacific Moon, which is on Diamond Princess I think. Oh well, it’s a preview cruise to work out the bugs. By the second night they had it pretty much squared away. Well okay, here’s kind of a third negative. We were a party of four (in two mini-suites on Deck 15). When we booked weeks prior we asked for traditional, late seating, table for eight because to us meeting new people is part of the fun of cruising. Shortly before dinner we got a letter in our rooms telling us the assignment had been changed to a table of four. It all worked out because our table for four was placed very close to another table of four with two delightful British couples and we hit it off very well. That was a stroke of good luck, but had we not gotten lucky, sitting by ourselves at dinner every night would have been very disappointing. Okay, on to the good stuff. The ship was beautiful. Pristine clean, our room had never been used, everything was brand new and smelled brand new. The ship was so new they didn’t have time to clean the serial number markers off the panes of glass on our balconies (they wiped off with a damp cloth, no big deal, in fact it was kind of cool and we took a photo). We had rooms 409 and 411 on Deck 15, the Marina Deck. Those are mini-suite rooms with larger, angled balconies, starboard side, directly under the Skywalk. At first I thought they made a horrible design mistake and no woman should ever walk the Skywalk with a skirt on, but the design angle and the frosted portions of the glass floor avoided any “indiscreet” scenery looking upward from our balcony to the Skywalk. It was a little noisy though, with the occasional scream as people reacted to looking through the glass floor to the water far below, but sliding our door closed sealed out the noise. The booking information online said the 409/411 balconies could not be joined, but that wasn’t true. It does take a special key/wrench to open the balcony divider, but Joseph our cabin steward opened the divider for us and our travel companions and my wife and I shared our two large balconies the whole time. The bathroom was convenient and worked well. Excellent shower volume and pressure. The room color and décor was very nice, reminded me a little of the Queen Mary 2. USB ports next to the bed. US electrical outlets were available. Deck 16 is food and pools, so Deck 15 was a very convenient place to be. It was one of the nicest rooms we’ve ever had. Check-in and boarding was easy, took about 20 minutes overall. The City of Trieste made a huge splash for the departure. A large band played on a balcony of the cruise terminal, they shot off a huge array of daytime fireworks, it looked like a couple thousand people lined the pier and waterfront to wave the ship goodbye, and two really commercial marine fireboats shot water geysers into the air. Bands on board were playing, the water jet and light display on Deck 16 was shooting, Chinese acrobats were performing – and the ship’s horn played the first few notes from the Love Boat television theme. Maybe that’s something other Princess ships can do lately too, but we had never heard a Princess ship do that before. Yes, it was kind of cheesy but still great fun. The sail-away was just a blast. The buffet food on Deck 16 was very good in every way. Even the regular coffee was tolerable, and of course cruise ship coffee is usually dreadful, except for the coffee bars at an extra charge. Our evening meals in the dining room were excellent every single night, and our two servers were delightful. Funny, friendly, highly competent, and gave us very good recommendations every night. Despite the automatic gratuity the cruise lines added some years ago, we still follow the old habit of giving tip envelopes on the last night, and our dining room servers were worth every penny of the extra tips. The dining room meals were top notch. Unlike many other ships we’ve been on, Majestic Princess uses the main atrium as an additional performance and gathering space every evening. Between dinner and other activities and the fun in the main atrium, we never had time to see any of the theater shows. They had live music and dancing in the atrium every night and one night they had a huge balloon drop (1200 balloons?). It was classy, pretty, energetic, and we had a great time in every way. I don’t know why other ships don’t use their grand central space the same way. It’s a beautiful thing to see all the glittering, dancing people under the glass art pieces and chandeliers from the marble staircases and tiers above. Some random notes: One of our favorite spaces was the lounge at the Crown Grille, kind of Princess’ version of a Morton’s Steakhouse with lots of mahogany. The lounge ensemble (vocal, piano, sax, drums, bass and occasional flute) was very good, we really enjoyed it. Another favorite spot was as far aft as you can go on Deck 7, to watch the wake. You can’t walk all the way around the aft end to the other side, but either starboard or port aft, it’s a beautiful view. Beautiful spot. The “Wake View Bar” on Deck 16 was also a beautiful spot. On other ships the constant photo-taking by ship’s staff to sell you pictures can be annoying, but that was never an issue on Majestic. Majestic does have an internet room (three terminals) and “library” but the library is tiny. I have more books at home and I’m not Bill Gates, but then with tablets maybe paper books are largely obsolete, even at sea. Internet service is ridiculously slow and expensive as usual, but what else is new. Except for a once-daily email check, we try to unplug on cruises. Port of call – the only one we had was Kotor/Montenegro. The dawn sail into the fjord was spectacular, just thrilling. If you ever sail into Kotor at the crack of dawn, set your alarm clock and go up on deck, it’s not to be missed in life. The city – well, it was interesting. We also took a shore excursion to the ancient seaside town of Budva. That too was interesting. The sales people (almost all young women) in Kotor did get a little pushy, but oh well. You did still get a subtle vibe that Montenegro had been hammered by very hard times, but they’re gradually recovering. We were on board for four days and still didn’t see the whole ship, even though we purposely explored a lot. It was a great pleasure. I thought I was an exclusive Cunard snob lately, but Princess did so well on the Majestic that Princess is a very close contender now. We had a great time. P.S. I don’t think the other reviewer who mentioned a fall and death on the preview voyage was correct. We did hear a medical alert call once during the cruise, but we saw nothing in the news or the online cruise-death reporting sites about a fatal accident. Last note, do the cruise line's transfer from Civitavecchia. We tried to save a few dollars and do our down thing, but by the time we got through with the hassle and expense of two bus trips (dockside, to the marine terminal bus station, to the train station, then the train, then a cab from Rome's Termini station to the hotel), we actually spent more than Princess was charging for the transfers. Read Less
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