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3-day Bahamas Sailing Embarkation We arrived at the pier very early! So early that we were the first passengers to arrive and passengers from the previous sailing were still collecting their luggage. We took a 6:30 AM flight from JFK to ... Read More
3-day Bahamas Sailing Embarkation We arrived at the pier very early! So early that we were the first passengers to arrive and passengers from the previous sailing were still collecting their luggage. We took a 6:30 AM flight from JFK to MIA and landed 30 minutes early in Miami. So we tried to take our time, but still ended up at the pier a little after 10 AM. Soon after, other people began filing in. At 11 AM we were aloud to go through the security checkpoint and began the check-in process. There was no line and I had all of our documents ready and we had our sea pass card/room key in 5 minutes. We then had to wait in another line next to the escalator to board the ship until 11:30. We were on board by 11:35 after having our pictures taken and headed straight to our cabin. The Cabin We were on the Tween Deck (6) Cabin 6074 and it was the smallest cabin we have ever been in! It was in ok shape...stains on the carpet, one of the drawers was busted in the desk / vanity. The closet was pretty big and had wire shelves to put clothes away on. But we lived out of our suitcases as it was only going to be 3 nights. The bathroom was tiny and definitely showed its age. The sink had several cracks in it and there was rust along the door. We were so early on the ship that the cabin steward was not done cleaning up the rooms and our bathroom still showed signs of the previous passengers. So we put our stuff down and headed up to the Windjammer for Lunch. The Windjammer The lunch buffet at the Windjammer was nothing special. They had a few hot selections and a few salads along with the carving station. It was a little disappointing after being on the Radiance and having so many lunch choices. Lunch was served from 11:30 AM till 2:00 PM and then from 2PM to 5 PM they offered a "snack" selection, which consisted of Hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, pasta, asst sandwiches, Bratwurst, and one day was tacos and another was fajitas. There was also Pizza and hot dogs available from 2PM till 3AM at the Mast Bar. The Ship After lunch we walked around to check out the rest of the ship. We were on the Monarch last August and it is the same exact layout and even the same carpeting. Only difference was everything had a different name. The pool deck looked great and the bars were all opened trying to serve you a drink the second you got outside. There are a few outside activities such as basketball and shuffleboard. Inside, the Centrum looked great, very clean, but the brass could use a lot of polishing. A lot of the carpet looked brand new and everything was in great shape for the ships age. The show lounge was a great layout and the Schooner Bar looks like the others. The stores were full with merchandise! The only negative comments about the ship are that some of the elevators were not working and the elevators that were working were very slow. As a result, the elevator waiting areas were always mobbed with lazy people waiting to take the elevator. I say lazy because several people would get on and take it only 1 floor. I can see not walking from deck 2 to 12 but 5 to 6????? The other negative was that on decks 9, 10 & 11 in the elevator areas on both ends of the ship, it smelt like vomit. It was very strong the first day and when we were in Nassau there were professional carpet cleaners on the ship cleaning the carpet on all the decks. There were also fans on the carpet, but it still had a smell the whole weekend. Dining Room We had early seating dinner in the Maytime Dinning room. We went down to the dining room before dinner the first night to speak to the Maitre'd because my husband is severally lactose intolerant and we have had problems in the past of the ship not being able to meet his dietary needs. I had faxed a letter to RCCL 3 weeks prior to sailing explaining his dietary needs and requesting a table for 2 as it was our anniversary. We were at a table for 10 and had the Maitre'd switch it to a table for 2. I reiterated my husband's dietary needs and explained that it had been a problem on past cruises and that I would seek higher authority if he was not accommodated. He assured me it would not be a problem. The first night at dinner we met our waiter and assistant waiter. They were on the slow side as we found out the other 2 nights. We were always in the dining room promptly at 6 and it would take 15 + minutes before we would see the waiter to even get a menu and it would be almost a quarter to 7 before we would receive our appetizer. We thought that with a table for two that we would be in and out quickly. Then on the last night, our waiter actually had the nerve to tell us to give him an excellent review on our review form because he would get in trouble if it was not positive. Let me tell you, just for that comment, he got a fair rating. Otherwise, the food was ok, nothing spectacular, but a lot better then the buffet at the Windjammer! Ports of Call - Nassau The weather was great both days and Claudette never affected us. It was in the 90's in Nassau and we pretty much stayed on the ship. We only got off in the afternoon and walked around for 30 minutes or so. It was just so hot that we headed back to the ship to the pool! We were in Nassau 2 years ago on the Century, and since then, there was a new terminal where there were little shops, the taxi drivers to take you anywhere, and a shore excursions area where you could purchase all sorts of excursions, just like the ones on the ship, just cheaper!!! Coco Cay This is RCL's private island and it was great! We were off the ship by 9 am and the sun was already hot! It must have been close to 100. We brought our own snorkel gear, but they also made us rent a vest. So once we got the vests we were off into the water. The water was really clear and there were tons of fish and reefs! Along with some stingrays and barracudas! After snorkeling we dried off and each got a Coco loco! They were great! Then we walked around the island and checked everything else out. The water park looked like it was for little kids and the parasailing and jet skis looked awesome! There were also a few little shops to buy souvenirs and the hair braiders were there also! They also had a BBQ on the island for lunch (the Windjammer was closed as a result). There were ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, mac & cheese, backed beans, fruit salad and a few other salads. My advice to everyone is get there as soon as they unwrap everything because there were flies everywhere and if you didn't get the food once it was unwrapped, odds are a fly landed on it first! After lunch, we headed back to the ship to enjoy the empty pool and hot tubs! Disembarkation This was the worst part of the trip. We were done with breakfast at 7:50 AM and we sat in the elevator area of deck 5 until 9:45 when we finally cleared customs. No announcements were made as to what was taking so long and there were people everywhere. When they finally started to announce the color tags everyone ran to the exit and they had a hard time of keeping people in line and everyone was cutting. But we were off the ship by 10 with our luggage and at Miami International Airport by 10:15. Overall This was a great cruise for a long weekend, however, I don't think I would have been happy if I was on the ship for a 7 day cruise. I found most of the staff to have an "I don't care" attitude, because they knew we would all be off in a few days and there would be a new group of people. It is a great cruise for a first time cruise who wants to get a taste of what a cruise is like. But for someone whose first cruise was on a larger vessel, they will be extremely disappointed. As for the rock climbing wall, it was not up and didn't even look like they were preparing to put it up anytime soon. The ship does need a little work, but people do need to consider how old she is compared to other ships in the RCL fleet! I give this ship: 3 out of 5 stars for appearance 2 out of 5 stars for dining 3 out of 5 stars for staff 5 out of 5 stars for value I hope this review helps any people considering this cruise and please feel free to ask me any questions! hardingk@optonline.net July 2003 Read Less
Just back from the Majesty of the Seas, 7/11-7/14. Had a great time, but it was too short. I am going to describe our days, then go into specific compliments/complaints at the end. Miami In Miami, we stayed at the Radisson Biscayne ... Read More
Just back from the Majesty of the Seas, 7/11-7/14. Had a great time, but it was too short. I am going to describe our days, then go into specific compliments/complaints at the end. Miami In Miami, we stayed at the Radisson Biscayne Bay, 5 minutes from the port. Very nice hotel, and we got it on Priceline for $39. Ate dinner at a great but expensive italian restaurant in South Beach, Paisanos (sp?).The hotel has a shuttle to the port, but a taxi was cheaper. Embarkation Day Arrived at the port at 11:00, they were having a few problems with their computers, but it was a quick check-in. Of course we had done our paperwork in advance. Got on the ship by about 11:30, went to our rooms, got lunch at the Windjammer, went on a spa tour, checked out the shore excursion desk, stopped by the pursers desk, then went back to see if our luggage was there. It was, so we put on our bathing suits and went out to the deck. It was very hot, especiallly since we weren't moving yet, but there were good breezes on the upper pool deck. The calypso band was playing, drinks were plentiful, and everyone was having a good time. Sail-away was kind of a nonevent. I didn't even realize we were moving for the first few minutes. We had a massage-facial scheduled for that evening at 6pm. I am a massage junkie, and this was a typical ship spa. My masseuse was wonderful though, and I would highly recommend her. Her name was Georgie. It was supposed to be a 105 minute treatment, but lasted 2 hours. I had to run back to the room, quickly shower, then run down the stairs to get to dinner on time. We were still 10 minutes late. Oops! :) We had late seating dining in the Maytime dining room. I don't remember what I ate, but it was italian, and it was good. After dinner, we went to the "Beat Goes On", the dance/music show. Then we went to the disco. We closed down the disco at 3am, then went swimming. Went to bed at about 5am. Fun day! Nassau The second day, we were in the Bahamas port of Nassau. We went to the spa again by 9am, (yes we only got 3 hours of sleep) and did the alpha chamber treatment. This is where you get in a chamber, lay still for 30 minutes and get very hot. It is supposed to be the equivalent of 6 hours of sleep. It may have been better if I'd had more sleep the night before, but as it was, I felt slightly energized, but not the promised 6 hours worth. But, since we'd been one of the first 15 during the spa tour to sign up for this treatment, we also got a body composition analysis, and a nutritional assessment/recommendations. Plus a bottle of lotion. So in the end it was worth the money. Paul the spa manager did this treatment, and he was very personable and friendly. We at lunch in the dining room. I had the spinach tart, which was actually like a quiche. It was very good, but the best thing was the dessert. We all ordered the peanut butter tart. This was the best thing on the ship. I have been to Nassau before, and have stayed at the Atlantis before. Nassau is not a port that I like. It has all the typical shops for jewelry, etc. We went over to the Atlantis because one of my friends had never been there. They are pretty rude to you there if you are not a resort guest, or not on an excursion tour. So we didn't stay long. We went back to the ship and went out to the upper pool deck again. Spent the afternoon by the pool, sipping Margueritas and soaking up the sun. This was the formal night, so spent a little extra time getting ready. There was also the "Captain's reception". My recommendation, skip it!! Yes there was free champagne, and the drink of the day, but we just sat in the Chorus Line lounge waiting for the captain to appear. He finally came onto the stage and proceeded to speak about the history of the ship, the history of Royal Carribean, etc. Very boring. We left early. Went to dinner. French night, I had a great steak with a BBQ mushroom sauce. We got our waiter to bring us some more of the peanut butter dessert even though it wasn't on the menu for that night. After dinner we went and changed clothes, then went to the Love and Marriage show (the couples were very cute), then the comedy show. I don't remember the comedian's name, but he was hilarious! Then back to the disco. We closed it down again, then thought maybe the casino would still be open. Nope, it closed at 3am too. So we were back out at the pool until about 5, then went to the room and ordered room service. We were amazed when they got our food to us in about 10 minutes. Very quick, and tasty at 5 am. Coco Cay This was the best day! We had a 10:00 reservation to go parasailing, so we had to leave the ship by 9:00. So again about 3 hours of sleep. But if you have never parasailed, do it! I was so much fun! Definitely worth the money. It's not scary at all, and even though you think the amount of time in the air is short, (6 minutes), it doesn't seem to go that fast, and you start to get a little queasy by the end. I absolutely loved this, and can't wait to go again! After the parasail, we went to find beach chairs, and hooked up with some other people we knew. Then we sat waiting for the lunch to be set up. Which seemed to take forever! We were starving! But lunch was good, ribs, chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, corn, mac and cheese, salads, fruit. The dessert selection was not very good. Also, I wish they would've kept the non-alcoholic drinks out even after the lunch was over. Headed back to the ship, showered, then went to the purser's desk to prepay the gratuities. This took forever, and they seemed very unprepared for the number of people in line. Then went to the casino before dinner. We hadn't really gambled any til then, and really just wanted to play the slots. Two of us ended up ahead, and one of us was down a couple of hundred. One thing about the casino, this is where the strongest drinks are made! Then we went to the final show. It was good, they had an acrobat couple, and a comedian/juggler. He was pretty funny. Then the singers came out and did a finale. I'll write more about the entertainment and cruise directors staff in a minute. We went to dinner, and had a wonderful prime rib. The musicians in the dining room went from table to table and were very good, with a very extensive repertoire. Also, we had the shot of the day each night in the dining room and these were all very good. We went back to the casino after dinner, won some more, then headed to the Painted Desert lounge for the Quest game. We were late getting there, so didn't get to play, but it was absolutely hilarious! Then we stayed for karaoke. After karaoke, we went back to the disco, and once more, closed it down at 3 am. Room service again that night. Disembarkation We were all exhausted, and this seemed to take forever. Of course we were the last color of tags to be called, and immigration and customs just seemed to last forever. But once we were off the ship, we found our luggage easily, caught a taxi to the airport and were on our way. Complements: Our room was an outside-obstructed view room on the 8th floor. There were 3 of us in the room, and I was surprised to find that it was plenty big enough for us. And for 3 girls in one room, we had plenty of closet space, and plenty of room for all of our luggage. Our room attendant was excellent. We asked for robes when we arrived, and he had them in the room that afternoon. One of my friends didn't leave the room til 12:30 on the Coco day, and he had gone off duty, but came back and made up the room anyway. His name was Jerry and he was very attentive and terrific. Overall, the dining room food was very good, and our waiter and assistant waiter were excellent. Elisabeth and Randy. Very quick, polite, friendly, and remembered the details. The cruise director Rico was EXTREMELY CUTE...and he knew it. He was not very approachable, and on some occasions, the midnight BBQ for example, he seemed to have a body guard to keep people away. He was funny at the shows, and was the main character in the Village People group in the disco. Coco Cay was excellent, wish we could've just spent 2 days there instead of going to Nassau. Complaints The buffet in the Windjammer was horrible. Not a lot of selection. About the only thing I liked were the omelets at breakfast. It was also very hot on the buffet deck. DJ Devin in the "On your toes" disco was rude, moody, and said he took requests, but didn't have a lot of selection. The Captains reception was horrible. I just came back from the Grand Princess in May, and the Captain's reception then meant that we were in the atrium, hors d'oeuvres were being served, and the captain was mingling, taking pictures with guests, as were most of the other officers. The stairways on several decks smelled like throw-up for the entire cruise. They should have brought in some Febreeze! The hot tubs, casino and disco all closed too early! I think that as long as there are a significant number of guest still participating, like maybe 20 or so, they should keep these things open! I know they have to clean, but at least keep them open til 4! Overall, the ship was in good condition. There were a few places where she was showing her age, and she was smaller than my last cruise, but for a 3 night cruise, she was fine. Two other things. The soda sticker and bar punch card. If you drink alot of soda, the soda sticker is definitely worth it. You can also purchase the bar punch card. You get 12 drinks for $39. Since the average drink is $5, this is definitely worth it. But it is a paper card, so fragile, and if you lose it, you are SOL. They don't record who has these, so you can't get it replaced. Someone enjoyed 8 drinks on my card. Oh well! Other points There were irons in the rooms, pool towels put in our room each day as well as towels available on deck, no laundry room, only 2 pools, all the usual shops, bingo, art, trivia, piano bar, wine/cigar bar, plenty of food. Overall a fun cruise, especially for first timers and people who only have the 3 days. Also, there seemed to be a younger crowd on this cruise than on Princess, I'd say average age around 35, and more singles. I personally prefer the 7-day cruises. I will probably sail Royal Carribean again, although my next cruise will be on the Caribbean Princess! And after that maybe I'll try a larger RC ship. HeatherDMG@aol.comJuly 2003 Read Less
My entire family was very disappointed with the Nassau cruise we took 12/18/00 on the Majesty of the Seas. The travelers included my wife and I (48 yrs old) and my three sons (21, 19, and 16 yrs) and my father-in-law (73 yrs) and ... Read More
My entire family was very disappointed with the Nassau cruise we took 12/18/00 on the Majesty of the Seas. The travelers included my wife and I (48 yrs old) and my three sons (21, 19, and 16 yrs) and my father-in-law (73 yrs) and his wife (58 yrs). It was the first cruise experience for our immediate family. My father-in-law and his wife have taken several others. We were directed by our travel agent to select Royal Caribbean for our first cruise to ensure we had a good experience. We were advised that the ship, the food, and the service would be outstanding. There were only two positive things to note about this cruise. The boarding process from the airport to getting to our rooms was very well done. We never say our luggage until we arrived at our rooms. The other positive note was the nightly entertainment. It was well done, varied, and lively. Let me know comment on the balance of the experience: 1) The rooms were tiny! Much smaller than the pictures or our travel agent led us to believe. 2) The food was poor at its best. Breakfasts were never cooked and had to be sent back. The available lunch and snack food (we did not use the dining rooms for lunch) was limited to the same few selections of items every day. We never saw the shrimp and lobster feasts we were told about and we could not get a hamburger for lunch that we could find. Dinner was the most disappointing meal of all. We ate from the menu as well as ordered specific items that we wanted to eat that were not on the menu. The food was overcooked, tasteless, not well presented. I tried to order a hamburger three days in a row and never got what I wanted. It was always cooked like a hockey puck no matter how I asked for it to be served. We ordered chicken fingers that were so dry and overcooked they crunched like potato chips. And we will not even talk about the pizza. It was so bad looking that you would not want to eat it even if it did not taste like cardboard with a touch of burnt cheese spread. The family ate out of need not enjoyment! 3) The service we got was at best indifferent. With the exception of a few Jamaican crew members that interacted with the guests, no one took the time or made the effort to even say hello. It became very apparent that our presence was tolerated only because it generated their pay. This was true at dinner, in our cabins, and walking around the ship. The trip ended by having the room attendant yell at my son about where his money was (it was in an envelope on the bed). The attendant did not ask what was wrong or how we were not pleased, all he asked for was "his money." Had he said it to me I would have taken the envelope back! 4) The excursions seemed to be priced very high for the activity. We did two of them. Our immediate family was glad to have this experience. We can now honestly say that cruising is not for our family. We can also say that we would definitely not recommend the "Majesty of the Seas" or Royal Caribbean to anyone if they asked. georgevet1@aol.com01/08/01 Read Less
My husband and I just returned from a very good 4-night trip on Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas out of Miami. First off, let me say that last year we sailed on Caribbean's Inspiration. And while we enjoyed the ports ... Read More
My husband and I just returned from a very good 4-night trip on Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas out of Miami. First off, let me say that last year we sailed on Caribbean's Inspiration. And while we enjoyed the ports in the Western Caribbean much more than the Bahamas, our overall experience with RCI was much better than Carnival. We thought the food was much better, the service was better and drinks seemed to be a little bit cheaper. Getting on and off the ship was a breeze - despite a bomb threat the day we left and the fact that my husband had lost our birth certificates. Getting on Carnival in New Orleans a year ago was a nightmare. It seemed like Majesty had three times as much swimming space in the pools than did Carnival's Inspiration (where a slide would often force the closure of more than half the pool) on the same size deck. Yes, our stateroom was tiny. And twice we called for wakeup calls we never got. Our cabin steward lacked a personality, but kept the room sparkling clean and was the only staff member less than friendly to us during the week. As for the food - we had lunch in the Windjammer as soon as we got onboard. We loved everything from the racks of lamb to the pasta salads. We took most our other meals in the main dining room and enjoyed everything from the chilled banana soup appetizer to the jerked chicken. Portions seemed much larger than on Carnival. And the desserts, especially, were better. Many of Carnival's desserts were made mostly of whipped cream - Royal Caribbean's desserts were packed with real cream, fruits and cakes. I have 8 extra pounds to prove it. Anyone with specific questions, feel free to email me at loraaw@yahoo.comOctober 2001 Read Less
Back to Back Cruises - December 22-29, 2000 Christmas Cruise, Dec.22-26 3-Day Cruise, Dec. 26-29 Captain: Olav Soevdsnes CD: ... Read More
Back to Back Cruises - December 22-29, 2000 Christmas Cruise, Dec.22-26 3-Day Cruise, Dec. 26-29 Captain: Olav Soevdsnes CD: Richard Spacey Ship: FULL CAPACITY! Best Entertainment: Blair Shannon, and 'If I were not Upon the Sea" Best Meal: Jamaican Jerk Chicken, and the Majesty Chocolate Cake Biggest Drawback: People not controlling their kids. # 1 tip: Bring Bottled water! Best Drink: CocoLoco, Banana Daquiri Cruise, 1-10: 100!!!!!!!!!! Sorry that this review has taken so long to write. I guess being home and seeing all the snow and cold makes me feel sorry for myself that I am not still on my favorite ship! If anyone ever has any questions, just ask, as always. We had the cruise we expected to have on the best ship afloat. I traveled with my Mom, Dad, and my 15 year old sister (I am 19, almost 20). For those of you who don't me, my family and I have been on the Majesty 4 times, including these cruises, and she is our favorite ship. I have also been on the Enchantment, while my parents have been on the Enchantment and Grandeur. We always come back to the Majesty. DAY PRIOR MIAMI/EMBARKATION We flew down from Cleveland to Miami on Thursday, December 21, in case there was a snow storm and we couldn't make our flight. We had a direct flight into Miami, and this would be our first time flying into this airport. We'd always flown into Ft. Lauderdale and had ground transportation to the hotel or port. Our flight was ontime, smooth, and we arrived in rainy Miami at about 12:45 pm. One of the nicest people I have ever met, Olga from Cuba was there to greet us. She was RCCL's representative and she met us at the gate to take us to the bus. She was very knowledgeable and very friendly. Since we did Air/Sea with RCCL, we did not see our bags, and wouldn't see them, until they were outside our cabin door the following day. They take care of your luggage for you. We got outside, Olga called a bus right away, and the bus was there in about 10 minutes tops. We had a good laugh, since everyone was freezing and we were loving this warm weather! I believe it was 72. Our bus pulled up, and we were the only people on it, and our bus driver took us on the 15 minute ride to the Hyatt Regency in downtown Miami. We've always stayed here in our day-prior's, so we know what to expect. We checked in, asked for a high room with a view of the ships, and we given a great room on the 22nd floor. A carnival ship was already docked, and I was disappointed that we wouldn't be able to see the Voyager or Explorer, since we were sailing on different days. This hotel is great. It was decorated for Christmas, with a huge tree in the lobby and many other decorations. There is a very nice but expensive restaurant, called the "Riverwalk Cafe," 2 Gift Shops, the Box Office, and the Miami Convention Center. My sister and I went swimming in the heated pool, and it was so nice to go swimming outside in December! Never before had we done that. After our swim, we showered, got dressed, and went to Bayside Marketplace. We walked, and it was about a 15 minute walk. We had dinner, got our traditional shirts from the Hard Rock, and walked around. Then we went back to the hotel to relax and get ready for our cruise. We have not done the day prior since they started doing the boarding so early, at 10:00 am. Our last cruise was in August on the Enchantment, and we didn't go a day early. Anyway, my parents went down early, and I believe they didn't do the check-in there, anymore. I could be wrong. We were so shocked that RCCL was letting us board at 10:00 am. They sent around a flyer telling us that our cabins would not be ready, but there would be donuts, etc. in the WIndjammer, and that we could stay in any public room. We used the new terminal, and it was quite fast! There was hardly anyone there at this time, the buses arrived around 9:45 or 10, and we were checking in around 10:15. We got our blue cards there, and boarded the ship. THE SHIP/CABIN What we saw was unbelievable. The ship was decorated so nicely for Christmas. Gingerbread houses, a large Christmas tree, and Santa and his reindeer were all part of the Centrum. Everything was decorated. There was even a tree on the pool deck, above the "Majesty of the Seas" sign, but since we had such terrible weather, it blew overboard. LOL! Since I am talking about Christmas, I will talk about Christmas Eve and Day. On Christmas Eve, there was a Caroling Service in the Centrum, followed by the Midnight Mass. On Christmas Day, all the kids went to Deck 7, as Santa rode in on a boat from somewhere in the Bahamas. They lifted him up to Deck 7, and he proceeded to the Centrum, Deck 3, where each child sat on his lap and received a present from under the tree. It was GREAT how they did this! After we checked all our favorite spots on-board, we headed to our cabin to see if it was ready. We met our Cabin Steward, ITO, and he is from Indonesia. Great guy. Before that, we saw Ray, our cabin steward from our last cruise. He was still in the same spot, and we've known him for 3 years. He was happy to see us, as we were to see him, and he right away took our carry-on's into our room so we would not have to carry them. He also arranged to take our luggage right to our cabin for the 2nd cruise. He was the cabin steward for this room, 4572, Main Deck, Oceanview. Our first cabin was 4551, Main Deck, Inside. All four of us managed to stay in the inside cabin. We lived out of our suitcases, and will never do that again. Also, we weren't too happy with the location of cabin 4551. It was at the end of the hall, directly next to the "CREW ONLY" doorway. One time, while I was laying down, I counted that door slamming 16 times in half an hour! Didn't take a nap that time, ha ha! The ship is in great condition, I have always thought that. The crew is constantly cleaning and polishing. Going Deck by Deck: Deck 2: Passenger cabins and the Movie Theater Deck 3: Passenger cabins, Photo Gallery, Art, the Maytime Dining Room Deck 4: Main Deck: Passenger cabins, Purser's, Shore Excursion Desks, the Mikado Dining Room Deck 5: Showtime Deck: Passenger cabins, Boutiques of Centrum, Casino, The Schooner Bar, A Chorus Line Lounge Deck 6: Tween Deck: Passenger cabins Deck 7: Promenade Deck: Touch Of Class Champagne Bar, Library, Conference Room, Blue Skies Lounge Deck 8: Mariner Deck: Passenger cabins, Paint Your Wagon Lounge Deck 9: Commodore Deck: Passenger cabins, On Your Toes Nightclub Deck 10: Bridge Deck: Passenger cabins, ShipShape Center, massage, sauna Deck 11: Sun Deck: Windjammer Cafe, 2 Pools, 2 Whirlpools, Kids Room, Flashes (Teen) Deck 12: Compass Deck: Upper Windjammer, basketball court, ping pong Deck 14: Viking Crown Lounge We went up to the Windjammer for lunch, found more crew friends, and started our cruise. We did the Muster Drill at 4:30 p.m. and then the "Sail Away from Miami" party up on the pool deck at 5:00. Well, it was very very windy and rainy, so we headed down to the Main Deck for dinner. Before I start dinner, there is a brand new band, Rhythm Explosion, who plays Caribbean Music. Many of you know that I LOVE the Calypso music onboard, and I am always worried about what band will be on my ship. Well, I hate to complain, but this band was not very good. This was their very first cruise, and they sounded like all they were doing was banging on drums and yelling. They did not sing together, or play together. Most people that were listening left. Big change from Mega 4. I was wishing they were there. Anyway, since there was bad weather everywhere, we were delayed sailing because of some passengers trying to get in, and I think we sailed to Nassau around 6:00. FOOD\SERVICE Since we have many friends on the ship, we requested one as a waiter. We waited in line to talk to the Maitre'D, and let me tell you, the rudest person I have ever encountered on a RCCL ship. He needs to find a new job. Rude, and just plain mean. After a lot of trouble, we had Ozkan from Turkey as our waiter, Cassandra from Jamaica as our assistant waiter, and Domenic from Ireland as our head waiter. We had table 95 in the Mikado Dining Room (Deck 4), Main Seating, and we met very nice people at our table. They were from Boca Raton, FL, and their son proposed to his girlfriend on the trip! Our three waiters made our trip what it was. Ozkan, Cassandra, and Domenic are excellent, and you'll have a lot of fun! We also know Bilal, Antonio, Karim, and Rita, they are all great! Day One, Fri. Dec. 22: Casual, "Venetian" or Italian theme Day Two, Sat. Dec. 23: Formal, Captain's Gala Day Three, Sun. Dec.24: Smart Casual, Caribbean theme Day Four. Mon. Dec. 25: Formal, Feast Of Nations theme Day One, Tues. Dec. 26: Casual, Venetian theme Day Two. Wed. Dec. 27: Formal, Captain's Gala Day three, Wed. Dec. 28: Casual, Feast Of Nations The Windjammer, we did for mostly every breakfast and lunch, and it was always good. Sometimes, the breakfast's weren't the greatest, but it is always better than home! In the Windjammer, they have fruit punch, water, lemonade, iced tea, and coffee for lunches. In the DR, soft drinks do not cost anything. ENTERTAINMENT The Welcome Aboard show was "El Gaucho" and he was great! The comedian onboard was Blair Shannon, and he was excellent as well. The Second night was Wild Wild West, with the RCCL singers and dancers, along with the Not-So-Newlywed game, that our tablemates participated in. There was a "Holiday Spectacular" on Christmas Eve, which included Charlie Fry and Company, and something else that I cannot remember. The cruise staff did "If I were Not Upon The Sea" after the Holiday Spectacular. The Cruise Director was Richard Spacey, and he was from England. He was the nicest and most sincere CD I have ever seen. And SUCH a happy and friendly guy! There was Karaoke on the first and last night's of the cruise, as well as the Majesty Quest, the Bim Bam Boom gameshow, the 70's Disco Inferno with the "Village People," Dancing Under the Stars on the Pool deck, Bingo, an Art Auction, and many other things. There was ALWAYS SOMETHING TO DO! My sister participated in the Teen thing, she always does while on the Majesty, she says that this is the best ship for kids. She is 15, and has met a lot of great people. They have pizza parties, scavenger hunts, games, movies, and dancing. There is a basketball court on the back of the ship on Deck 12, and ping pong and shuffleboard also. Also a movie theater on Deck 2. Ports of Call Our itinerary was fine, except for the first cruise, the 4 night, we could not go to Coco Cay due to rough weather. We had a day AT SEA on Christmas Eve instead. In 2 months, the Majesty has only gone there about 4 times. The weather was very bad, for everyday except our final day of the second cruise, Coco Cay. Rainy and windy all the time. The "Sail Away" party along with the Dancing Under the Stars for the first cruise was canceled. In Nassau, my Mom and sister did the Dolphin Encounter, and loved it. It was at BLUE LAGOON and cost $80 per person. The second time there, we went over to Paradise Island and walked around. Coco Cay, we did the Banana Boat ride and rented the mats, each were $8 per person. It was only 70 degrees and the water was 80, but felt like 50! We still had a great time, and had the BBQ lunch on the island. TIME TO GO HOME Since this is already extremely long, I will start to wrap this up. Debarkation was very very smooth and we were off the ship by 8:30. They actually called our color while we were eating breakfast. You have to be out of your cabin early, because the cabin stewards have to get the rooms ready for the next group at 10:00 am! Make sure to leave your luggage, ready and tagged, outside your cabin door by midnight the night before you leave. We had an excellent trip and are booking another trip on the beautiful "Majesty of the Seas." Any questions, just ask! AEStacy13@aol.com-01/16/01 Read Less
This was my first time cruising. I hadn't had a "real" vacation in about 10 years. What I had called vacations in the past, were really just visits to my sister's house in Vermont to sleep on her sofa-bed and play ... Read More
This was my first time cruising. I hadn't had a "real" vacation in about 10 years. What I had called vacations in the past, were really just visits to my sister's house in Vermont to sleep on her sofa-bed and play with my niece and nephew. I've occasionally taken long weekends to a few places on the East Coast and I did get to go to Europe last year for work and was able to extend my trip for a couple of days, but a trip where you actually go someplace, someone brings you food and cocktails, you don't have to make your bed in the morning and you are not dealing with anyone else's agenda, nope, not in a long, long time. I moved last Spring from an over-priced rental apartment in Manhattan to a reasonably-priced co-op in Queens, suddenly I could afford to take a vacation! As a single person, I thought that a cruise would be perfect. I wouldn't have to schlep myself from place to place, I wouldn't have to sit in restaurants alone. I could join in or be left alone, I could be active or I could lounge. Or I could do all of the above on the same trip. I chose the short, 4-day Bahamas trip because I was worried that maybe cruising wouldn't be for me (silly me) and four days wouldn't be a huge commitment. I didn't want to be stuck on a ship for seven days (or more) if I was miserable. Since I don't travel much, I tend to be a bit of a nervous traveler. Not nervous as in scared to fly, etc. Just nervous about logistics and getting to where I need to be in time. For this reason I booked the first flight to Miami out of NYC JFK on Monday morning. Okay, so last minute packing, excitement, etc. had me in bed around midnight or so, yet I had to be up by around 3:30 to shower and be ready for the cab that was coming at 4:30 AM -- UGH. The airports, after all, are advising that you be at the airport 2 hours prior to your flight. I would venture to guess at that hour of the morning, this may not be as necessary. I got to the JFK (despite torrential rain), I easily got through all of the security checkpoints, only to discover that nothing was open for coffee yet! OMG!!!!!!! Oh well, at least the flight was not full and I had two whole seats to myself. Arrived in Miami without incident and touched base with the RCI transportation staff near the baggage pick-up (I had prepaid for bus transfers to/from the pier). This part I found a little disorganized and annoying. I ended up waiting around for about an hour, we were then shuffled outside (dragging all our luggage), people jostling for position, etc. and out to the bus. We were then loaded and sat for another half an hour. Once we finally got going, there was a short "Welcome to Royal" speech, ending with a "Don't forget your bus driver" reminder. I found this a little annoying, there was also a sign above his head and another reminder when we arrived at the pier. As I was stepping off the bus, the driver made this big show of leaping forward to grab my arm, like I was some decrepit old lady. I am usually a pretty good tipper, but this pandering for tips and the exaggerated show of trying to help me off the bus somewhat offended me and I didn't tip. Perhaps I was wrong, but where I come from, bus drivers are not tipped and I just didn't like the way this was handled, in hindsight perhaps I should have tipped him, I would have tipped a cab driver after all. I saved the tip for the pier worker who took my suitcase. Once inside the terminal there was a short wait to go through the security check and then another short wait to check in and set up the sail account, etc. This went very smoothly. There seemed to be a lot of RCI representatives available to handle the crowd flow. It was still fairly early at this point (probably around 11:30) so it could maybe have gotten more congested later, but I didn't see it. After checking in, we waited around a while to board. The wait wasn't too bad, probably around a half an hour, but it would have been made a little easier had there been some kind of seating (like they had outside the security area). I imagine it would have been uncomfortable for elderly people who were made to stand, but this is really a minor issue for me. Once they allowed us through, it was a quick trip onto the ship. There was a spot where a photographer was taking boarding pictures and I think he was a little annoyed with me for not wanting to stop and have mine taken, but hello???? I don't really like having my picture taken in the best of circumstances, but at this point I had had maybe 3 whole hours of sleep the night before, I had been up since 3:30 AM. I was hungry and irritable. I was alone (like I want a cheesy picture of myself standing alone by a cardboard ships wheel or whatever). And I wanted to be on that ship! I found my cabin easily (I was in an outside on deck 6). It was all made up and ready for me (which surprised me, since I was there fairly early). The cabin was easily large enough for me and I had more than enough storage. I didn't even find the bathroom all that tiny. I had had the foresight to bring a carry-on bag with such essentials as shorts, t-shirts, bathing suit etc. So I changed in short order. Found my way to the Pool Deck where, as I was getting off the elevator, I was assaulted by a waiter bearing a large frosty beverage. "You NEED a Pina Colada", "I do? I guess I do!" So he hooked me up and I then went into the Windjammer for lunch. I can't remember what I had, but it wasn't remarkable. But the drink was gooooood. Another waiter came by and "talked" me into another. Okay, twist my arm. After lunch I decided to hit the pool. I love being in the water and it was wonderful to be in the pool enjoying the sun and the water and the day knowing that people were still just arriving. In fact, I was the only one in the pool at this point and it was delightful. I didn't spend too much time in the Sun, however as my sunblock was in my checked bag and I didn't want to ruin my vacation by getting a horrible sunburn on the first day! I decided to go below to my cabin to rest a little as I was really exhausted by lack of sleep and travel. When I got back to my cabin I saw that the Compass was listing a spa special for the day: ½ hour massage for $45. I decided that this would be the perfect way to start off my trip completely relaxed, so I made an appointment for later in the afternoon. I spent the time before muster resting and trying to catch up on a little sleep, but I was too excited. I also kept hearing this banging noise that distracted me, I figured out later that it was the jogging track above. Once I knew what it was I got used to the sound and it didn't really bother me again. The announcement for Muster Drill came. I had been dreading this, but it really wasn't too bad. Of course I forgot to bring my sunglasses, so the sun was in my eyes, but they kept the drill as short as possible and so it was a pretty painless event. After Muster, I dumped my lifejacket back in the cabin and headed off to the spa for my massage. I think I was the first appointment because the gym and spa seemed pretty empty. I met Dei, my masseuse and had my first-ever massage. It was Heaven. At the end I held my breath waiting for the marketing spiel for the various products displayed around the room, yet none was forthcoming! I had read about the hard-sell the on-board spas like to give and I was ready for this, but was pleasantly surprised that it never happened. I was allowed to end my treatment in total relaxation. The ship had gotten underway while I was facedown on the massage table and so the combination of the massage and the ships motion put me in a minor state of vertigo. It was a slightly strange, but not wholly unpleasant sensation that went away in about an hour or so, once I adjusted to the movement. From the Spa, I entered the Pool Deck and saw that the ship had filled up quite a bit. The pool itself was packed and there was dance lesson going on right next to it as well. I was somewhat dismayed to see a woman with a diapered child in the pool. That immediately killed my desire for another swim. Instead I had another frozen drink and wandered the top decks, listening to the music and watching South Beach go by. I had chosen the late seating dinner. I figured there would be more children in the early seating and, as a single person, I am not really used to dining with children and families. I was a little nervous about who my tablemates would be, but I ended up with a great group! Everyone was fairly young and very friendly and all were different enough to keep things interesting, but alike enough so that everyone got along. We had a couple from Nicaragua, a couple from Japan, a couple from Montreal, a woman from St. Croix (living in Florida) and me, the American. Everyone spoke perfect English, which was helpful, my being American after all and unable to speak another language! Anyway, everyone showed up to every dinner and all had a great time. I was lucky enough to be seated near the center of the table so I could participate in most conversations. Since it's been a few weeks since my cruise, I can't remember which nights had which menus, but I can remember much of what I ate. I believe the first night was Caribbean night. I had read on the Cruise Critic boards that this was the Dreaded Theme night, but I ordered the jerk chicken and thought it was wonderful! One of my tablemates had a salmon that she said was great as well. I also had the conch fritters (appetizer) which was good and perfectly small (just right as an appetizer). On the first night, I also ordered an inexpensive bottle of wine that lasted me for most of the cruise. On another night I had Duck A la Orange, which I had worried about while ordering. Duck is one of those dishes that can be absolutely wonderful if done right, or really horrible if not. In a mass-produced scenario like a ship, I worried that perhaps it wouldn't be the best (although I didn't worry too hard as I knew I could order something else, if I didn't like it). Anyway, it was wonderful! I was happily surprised. I've maybe had better at a 5-star Manhattan restaurant, but otherwise it really was very good. Other food that I enjoyed were the escargots (YUM!) I had TWO orders of these on the last night. The Caesar salad was pretty good. Oh and the roasted garlic soup was delicious. The prime rib wasn't the greatest, but this is partially my fault as it was not cooked to my liking and I really should have sent it back. Also, prime rib is not among my favorites. The shrimp scampi was good, but not great. I know I'm forgetting another dinner somewhere, but I can't remember now. I tried to avoid dessert as much as possible (much to the disappointment of our waiter, Basil). I opted in most cases for two appetizers and no dessert, since dessert is not my favorite part of the meal. Basil would bring something by anyway, to try and tempt me. My tablemates, however, loved the cheese cake, liked the tiramisu and there was some strawberry thing one night that a couple of people ordered a few servings of. The one thing I didn't have that everyone raved about, was the risotto w/ scallops (appetizer). I think I already had more than I could handle the night they served this and so I didn't get a chance to try it. Our waiter Basil and assistant waiter Benji were fabulous and more than deserved the extra tip I gave them at the end of my cruise. The head waiter (waitress), Wilma, was very manic and slightly annoying, but the scope of her language ability was very impressive. You could hear her go from table to table, easily switching languages based upon the guests at that table. All in all, dinner was a pleasant experience each night and definitely something to look forward to. It was delightful to sit down and know you could relax and take your time. Each person at the table contributed to the enjoyment of all; it was definitely a highlight of my trip and a deeply appreciated one, as I was traveling alone. I was on vacation to mostly relax and so did not feel a big desire to run around to shows and to do many excursions. I live in NYC, so if I want to see a Broadway-type show, I go to Broadway. There are comedy clubs galore here as well as any kind of live music you can think of. Being alone, I didn't feel very adventurous about going to clubs and actually, I was tired every night! Between starting off my trip so exhausted and then being in the Sun every day, having a big meal from 8:30 to 10:30 every night, I was more than happy to crawl back to my cabin after dinner. I am a person who is happy doing quiet things alone, so I did a lot of reading (whether this was by the pool, or in my cabin after dinner). I did stop in the casino one night after dinner, I'm not a gambler, so after losing a couple of dollars on the slots, I had had my fill. If I had been with some people perhaps I would have been braver. Some of my tablemates had been to some of the shows. Apparently we were on a Comedy Week (someone said that the Majesty alternates weeks, one week is Comedy, the next Broadway-type revues. I don't know if this is true) Anyway, the consensus was that the comedian (I believe on the first night) was good, but there was another comedian on a subsequent night that wasn't so great. Someone said he was very crude and insulting. Also, someone at my table had seen his act on another ship a few years ago and said that absolutely nothing had changed. I think the comedian they liked was the one who also incorporates magic in his act? I'm not sure, this is just feedback I remember from dinner table conversation. Regarding ports. I know that the Bahamas itinerary is not the most exciting RCI has to offer and so I wasn't expecting too much. As I said earlier, I was really there to relax and be pampered a little bit. In Nassau I had pre-paid for an RCI-organized sail and snorkel excursion. The sail was on a big catamaran (although we motored, they did not hoist the sails). We sailed past Atlantis and to a part of the reef where the boat dropped anchor and released us all into the water. I hadn't been snorkeling in years and forgotten how delightful it really is. The boat anchored in an area where there were no other boats w/ snorkelers (so it wasn't over-crowded). It was so much fun as well as soothing to float and paddle and just watch the sea life. It took me a couple of minutes to again get the hang of snorkeling (choked a couple of times on sea water) and there was a scary moment or two when the web strap to the vest they give you to wear floated around and touched me on the arm (I thought some Creature of the Deep had snuck up on me - GACK!) but after that it was so enjoyable. There were plenty of colorful fish to watch and beautiful coral and other plant life. I even saw a small shark that I followed for a while. There was a very bad thing that happened on this excursion however. I debated about whether to write about it. An older gentleman had a heart attack or a stroke while in the water. It was the end of our snorkeling session, I had swum back to the boat and they were at this point trying to get him back on board. Apparently it had happened in the water some place and his wife and some other snorkelers managed to push him close enough to where the boat could throw a line. They had a hell of a time getting up the ladder onto the boat. He was making some noises and I believe he was conscious at this point. Once on board there were a couple of people who knew CPR and so they went to work on him. All the people still in the water were called back onboard and they radioed for help, but none was really forthcoming. It was a long time from his incident in the water until the boat was able to get to a dock where it was met by an ambulance, although CPR was performed for much of this time, to me, the outcome did not look favorable. It certainly put a damper on the day and I felt guilty that I had enjoyed myself (up until that point) so much. The gentleman was either on the Sovereign of the Seas or the Majesty (there were groups from both ships on this excursion) and I do not know what became of him. Coco Cay is the Royal Caribbean private island. The day we were there I slept late and then went to the Windjammer for breakfast. I did not feel any big rush to get off of the ship as I had not really planned to do much on the island. I had thought about taking another snorkeling excursion, but my back was somewhat sunburned from the day before and I did not want add to that. It occurred to me later that I could have worn a t-shirt over my bathing suit and this would have saved me from further burning. I wish I had thought of this at the right time as one of my tablemates had an excellent time snorkeling and even saw a couple of stingrays! Oh well. I took the tender to the island, bought a Coco Loco from one of the waiters and then wandered through their little straw market. I didn't see anything I wanted to buy, so I went to find a lounge chair. The first beach I saw was pretty crowded so I walked a little further to an emptier area. I sat on my lounger until the heat overwhelmed me and then I went to take a dip. I immediately realized that the water, although beautiful, was riddled with rocks and shells in the area, so I went back and put my Tevas on to save my feet. I was then yelled at by someone in a boat because I was attempting to enter the water in a non-swim area. Okay, so I went to the designated swim area but it was so shallow, I had to crouch into the water to get wet (the deeper parts were roped off). I believe this area was really meant for people floating on mats (I didn't rent one as I knew I wasn't going to spend the entire day there). I went back to my lounger and relaxed in the sun until they served lunch. I was under-whelmed by the BBQ lunch, so I only ate a little bit and, covered in sand at this point, I decided that I had had enough of Coco Cay and that time by the pool would be more pleasant. Going into the water was too much of a chore here, and it was too hot to just sit there. I think if I had planned an excursion such as snorkeling I would have better enjoyed my time on this island. Additionally, there are probably plenty of areas where the swimming was nicer than the spot I chose, but it was too hot for me to go searching for them. I purchased another Coco Loco for my tender ride back to the ship where I met another girl (around my age) also traveling alone. Crystal is from Texas and treats herself to a trip for her birthday every year (what a nice way to spend a birthday). She and I had a nice conversation on the tender and got along very well and so decided to meet back by the pool after freshening up. She and I did just that and enjoyed a very nice afternoon on the near-empty pool deck. She, like me, enjoys the water, so we spent much of it in the pool just talking. I lived in Key West many years ago and had never been back. I had originally planned on taking the Kayak excursion here, but decided that I would prefer to wander and visit some of my old haunts. I was delighted to see that KW is much the same as I left it. One thing I did notice were all the fancy jewelry stores that had cropped up since I lived there. Otherwise many of the same places I had gone to were still there and the flavor of the town seemed more or less the same. I first spent some time at the outdoor bar at the Hogsbreath, drinking Coronas. I asked the bartender here if he knew if the restaurant Turtle Krawls was still there and he said that it was! And gave me directions. From the Hogsbreath I went to Sloppy Joes where I listened to some live music and enjoyed a frozen margarita (of course, in my youth, I wouldn't have been caught dead drinking anything but beer here). And then I set off in search of Turtle Krawls. The walk proved to be too long and uncertain and the day too hot, so after a ways I unfortunately turned back. Next time I'll get a cab. I ended up at a place across the street from the Hogsbreath called Billy's where I had some ice cold oysters, a delicious fish sandwich (my favorite fare while living in KW) and more Coronas. I had slept very well in my cabin for the entire cruise until the last night. A combination of things had me restless. First, I believe I was a little worried about waking up and being ready to leave the cabin by the time requested. Additionally, there was a lot of activity on the ship during the night, presumably to prepare it for the next group of passengers, due to board the following day. At one point I was startled awake by water forcefully hitting my window. I thought to myself, "my god! We're in the middle of a huge storm!" I looked outside and thought to myself, "how strange that I can see stars in the middle of such a storm!" It turns out (if you have not already figured it out) that they were washing the deck above and the water hitting my window was coming from all the mopping. Disembarking the next day was another dreaded event that proved painless. Instead of going to the theater to wait (why would anyone do this???) I went to the stern section of the Windjammer for breakfast. While finishing my meal, my tag color was called and I was off the ship easily. There was a period of some confusion for me at the baggage pickup, however as I waited and waited at the first carousel for my bags, becoming more distressed when they didn't show up. It turns out, that there were a number of carousels and I was at the wrong one for my tag color. I feel some kind of sign directing people to the correct area would have been helpful. On the other hand, I appeared to be the only person that encountered this problem. The bus transfer back to the airport seemed smoother and better organized than the trip I had experienced to the pier earlier in the week. The woman driver was friendly and helpful and did not beg for tips. I was happy to tip her when I got to my destination. Once at the airport, I was able to go on standby and ended up on an earlier flight than I had booked. I believe I was at the airport by 11:30, flight I had originally booked was for 5:something, flight I got on was a 1:something, that ended up being delayed until 2:30 or so. Still better than waiting around until after 5. All in all, I had a wonderful time and a very nice introduction to cruising. Things I maybe would have done a little differently: Chosen a longer cruise! Come in the day before the cruise, so that I was already relaxed and rested by the time the ship sailed. Booked the massage for after the ship had sailed. I missed Sail Away! Attended at least one show. Packed less cotton (most of my cotton t-shirts ended up hanging around the cabin in varying stages of sogginess for the entire trip). Packed MORE technical fabric clothes. Like coolmax or similar. I had a pair of coolmax shorts that I ended up wearing everyday because they dried so easily. Packed another bathing suit (I brought 2) Packed less night-time wear - I actually wasn't too bad in this area, but I had an outfit or two too many. Packed maybe ONE sweater (I packed 2, don't ask me why) Packed only 2 books instead of the 4 or 5 I brought. Taken more pictures. Been a little more outgoing and maybe tried to make more social plans with the people I met, such as Crystal or some of my tablemates. Gone to the gym more (I worked out once). Gotten up at least one morning for the "Walk-a-Thon". Gone snorkeling again (in Coco Cay). Anyway, if you've read this far, thanks so much for listening! Thanks to all on the Cruise Critic boards who have provided such valuable advice. Many of the tips and feedback I've read here really did enhance my trip. sulwah@nyc.rr.comOctober 2002 Read Less
Allow me to give you some idea of who we are. I am single, 36, and traveled alone with my 7-year-old son leaving Miami on 10/29/01 for 5 days to Nassau, Coco Cay and Key West. This was our first cruise experience (and won't be our ... Read More
Allow me to give you some idea of who we are. I am single, 36, and traveled alone with my 7-year-old son leaving Miami on 10/29/01 for 5 days to Nassau, Coco Cay and Key West. This was our first cruise experience (and won't be our last!) We just got back, and I wanted to post this review while it's still fresh in my mind. We arrived into Miami the day prior to our trip (organized everything via the internet), and rented a car to do some shopping and sightseeing. An unusual cold front warranted a trip to purchase an athletic-style warmup suit for my son. The weather was windy, cool and overcast for most of the trip, but we were just happy to be away from "normal" life. On Monday, at 1pm we returned the rental car, and their shuttle service took us up to the Port. Embarkation went along well. We arrived about 2:30pm and we didn't experience any lines to speak of. Everyone was quite friendly EXCEPT the woman who actually checked us in. She never once made eye contact or smiled. And she asked some ridiculous questions about where my son's "Charge authorization" form was. When I reminded her that he was 7 and not yet creditworthy to have his own charge card, she did not laugh. Security seemed appropriate, although I can't vouch if it has increased, as this was our first cruise. Total time was 25 minutes, and I'd give the overall rating a B+. We found our way quite easily to our cabin (5576), a category F with a nice large window. In my opinion it was a great location and quiet. After all I read prior to the trip, I didn't expect much from the cabins. It was clean, and small but nicely appointed. There was a nice amount of closet space, and small shelves or cubbie holes to store your items. There were also plenty of drawers in the vanity area. The bathroom was equally small but I had enough privacy and lots of storage shelves, and we had hot water everyday except the last morning (who knows what that was about). The areas were nicely maintained. Overall rating a B+ The service on the ship was great. Our cabin attendant, Isaac, was a sweet older man who kept our cabin perfectly clean. Each evening we received the famed towel animals on our beds, and extra chocolate mints on our pillows. He was the best! Our waiter, Leandro, was quite funny. He was a bit shy the first night, but managed to come out of his shell by the next night. He would have my son's meal ready by the time I was halfway thru my appetizer. He seemed to read my son's mind when it came to being very hungry or wanting ice cream for dessert. It made my dinners very pleasant. Our assistant waiter was very quiet but efficient. Overall rating A-. After all the scary things I read about the food, I wasn't expecting much. To my delight, the main dining room was wonderful. Each night I tried something different, and everything was excellent (except the Filet Mignon was a bit dry). Our waiter recommended different dishes and I followed his advice---never to be disappointed. Even the desserts were exquisite! We ate breakfast each morning in the main dining room as well, and these were awesome. Everything from omelets to eggs benedict to French toast (and the coffee was great). I enjoyed the open seating, and getting a chance to visit with people from all over. The Windjammer cafe was only so-so. We ate 2 lunches there and the food was cold and the service was frustrating. We were given trays, but I had to keep going back and forth to get things as my son "staked out" the table. He did love the frozen yogurt machine though. One night, I ordered room service. A great sandwich on warm baguette bread with chocolate chip cookies! It was prompt and good. In general, I'd give the food experience an A rating---except the Windjammer was a C-. My son really enjoyed the Ocean Adventure kids programs. They did an excellent job keeping the activities varied each day and each night. My son couldn't wait to finish dinner (we had main seating), and go up to the Kid's Konnection. Each time he attended he was awarded a "coupon" and at the end of the cruise was able to purchase a small beanbag octopus animal with his rewards. We were on the cruise for Halloween and the Kid counselors decorated the Teen disco into a really cute Haunted House. They took the kids in costumes (my son brought along his Zorro costume) around the ship parading and Trick-or-Treating. It was so cute!! You could arrange a romantic dinner, and they would eat with your children, or if you wanted to stay out late (after 10pm), they provided group sitting for $5 per hour. Overall rating --- an A! The ports were okay. We didn't arrange any shore excursions sponsored by the cruise line. In Nassau, we were able to hire a taxi with another small group, and he took us out to Atlantis, the Queen's Staircase and Fort Fincastle, and all around Nassau. It was about 2.5 hours, and he only charged us $20 for me and $15 for my son. His name is Wellington (or they call him the Duke). He was really quite knowledgeable, and had a great sense of humor. I enjoyed it, and overall the price was better than any sightseeing trip the ship would have scheduled. I must say I had planned to go to Marriott Crystal hotel on Cable Beach, but it was cloudy, windy and cool and NOT a beach day---so this served as a great substitute. We did a bit of shopping after he dropped us off, and then returned to the ship to eat lunch. Coco Cay was cancelled the next day due to the high winds. It was a bit sunnier that day, and we spent some time at the pools while at sea. I have a friend in Key West, and she arranged an "eco-tour" the following day thru the mangroves and looking for dolphins. It was incredible! The woman who took us out is called "Captain Victoria" and she is great with children, and really explains all the little details. I think she has a website called captvictoria.com. We brought our own picnic lunch (Subway subs and a bottle of wine) onboard, and it was definitely worth the trip if you're interested in bird-watching, dolphins, mermaids(!) and magic. Key West was the only mostly sunny day we had...and it ended too quickly. I'd love to go back and do some shopping, etc! Overall rating for the ports is an B (I'd give it an A except for missing Coco Cay). The shows and entertainment and activities onboard were wonderful. Parker was the cruise director, and was very funny. The first night we saw a comedian/juggler act---I'd give it a B+ (but definitely rated G for the kids). The second night we saw the Not-so-Newlywed Game---what a blast. I'd give it an A. And I watched the "Beat Goes On" the 3rd night---definitely awesome and an A+!!! There were other shows I didn't attend for lack of time. There was plenty of live music in the various bars and lounges. The reggae band out by the pools were great, and I heard pretty decent piano music a time or two when walking thru the Schooner bar. But, they also had a Rock band and a Latin Music group. Overall rating an A. As for miscellaneous goodies. The salon was great. I booked a hair appt the afternoon of our formal dinner, and she did a great job. It was reasonably-priced. She did "pitch" the products but it wasn't a hard sell at all. The next morning I had a facial---really nice and relaxing. It was my "treat" to myself for Halloween (LOL!). I probably spent too much on the products she recommended, but it was my day to splurge. Definitely make your appointments the first day (as I did). I found lots of folks wanting to do massages, etc the day they cancelled Coco Cay, but were unable to find space. The duty-free perfume and shopping on the ship was also good. I bought some perfume for cheaper than I could find it at other duty-free shops. The photographers were always around, and they did a nice job on our formal shots. I purchased several as I think they will make nice Christmas presents for my parents. Overall rating an A. I have only a few frustrations to report. They were offering an incredible discount for future cruises if you booked while onboard---and let me say it was too good to pass up. So, I'm headed for the Explorer this coming February 2002. However, as all things are, everyone waited until the last night. I actually waited almost 2 hours to book my cruise with their consultant, and missed the last show. It was nice speaking to the different people who were also waiting, but I saw lots of folks walk away. I think it behooves Royal Caribbean to have 2 consultants available at all times, or extend the hours throughout the entire day rather than just 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening. Also, the Immigration clearance in Key West really SLOWED us down. All the foreign passengers were told to report early in the morning, but some didn't and kept the rest of us from leaving the ship earlier. At 10am when we finally received the OK to disembark, there was a huge line and it took us 40 min to get off!! These are small points that I believe RCCL could easily correct. The ship was in excellent shape. She was beautifully appointed in brass and glass and the Centrum area was a great place to congregate. Each day we noticed people cleaning and polishing and scrubbing, and for an older gal I'd have to say she looked great! Overall cruise rating an A-. I apologize for the long-winded review, but I hope you find it useful. Cruising is an experience like no other---I'm already going through withdrawals, and can't wait until the next time! :) julieann@prodigy.net.mxNovember 2001 Read Less
Majesty of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 3.0 3.6
Dining 3.0 3.9
Entertainment 3.0 3.7
Public Rooms 3.0 4.0
Fitness Recreation 3.0 3.8
Family 4.0 3.8
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.8
Enrichment 2.0 3.5
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 3.0 3.8
Rates 3.0 4.3

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