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Sail Date: November 2014
We looked forward to taking a cruise on the "Queen of the Mississippi". We decided to go on the trip for our 25th wedding anniversary. The trip was from New Orleans to Memphis. What a HUGE disappointment, to say the least. First ... Read More
We looked forward to taking a cruise on the "Queen of the Mississippi". We decided to go on the trip for our 25th wedding anniversary. The trip was from New Orleans to Memphis. What a HUGE disappointment, to say the least. First of all, we traveled on only one z-drive engine so we had to go slow and we were in each port just long enough to go on their tour. The tour in Vicksburg gave us ONLY 15 mins. to view the gun boat AND the museum. We got to Memphis so late that the tour was in the dark and a waste of time - you could hardly see anything - it was a joke. The "authentic" paddle wheeler" was not working and two staff members told us that they were waiting for parts. Conversation with the owner stated that the wheel slows the boat down so they don't use it (it was disconnected from the hydrolic drive). He also said the boat missed a resupply stop becasue of the slow speed, therefore they ran out of some simple things such as reg milk, cranberry juice, etc. and dessert - we were offered only ice cream. The fish was NOT fresh and the lamb was gamey and some food was served COLD. The food should have been outstanding for the price you pay for the trip. This was by far the WORST trip we have ever been on and our warning to you is DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2012
Speechless...that is how we feel. Do not take the Mississippi River Trip!!! The river is too low. The company knew that before we departed. The informed us our first night on the river that we would not make it to Vicksburg. That was the ... Read More
Speechless...that is how we feel. Do not take the Mississippi River Trip!!! The river is too low. The company knew that before we departed. The informed us our first night on the river that we would not make it to Vicksburg. That was the jewel destination for many of the passengers. They said they would bus us to Vicksburg and show us a good movie. Only made it as far as St. Francis villee. We were told another of their boats was broken down in Natchez so we needed to turn around and head back to Baton Rouge. Uh oh, now we have engine trouble and must return to New Orleans. Lies. The crew told us they knew the truth when we boarded. The very sad thing is, they are heading out tomorrow with another boat load of unlucky passengers who have paid $10,000 for a trip to no where!! The crew was wonderful. Found out they were also told lies when they hired on. old they would make a minimum of $800.00 a week. Not true. These young people are working 16 hours a day...seven days a week. OK, I enjoyed my food very much. My husband however, asked for vegetarian meals...did not happen. He was served the garnishes from the meat entreesA couple of nights the entertainment was very enjoyable. Again the staff has been friendly, but the owners of this company are thieves. We were informed it took only 7 couples to pay for the trip. The rest pure profit. We are not part of the 1%. I work for a nonprofit organization and live a modest life. Maybe other passengers are comfortable with throwing thousands of dollars into the pockets of greedy corporate millionairs. I am not. I may return to the boat tomorrow to warn the passengers. Beware...beware...beware of the Queen of the Mississippi. *************************END OF REVIEW****************************** Community Manager's Note: We have received the following official response from American Cruise Lines Public Relations Team (www.americancruiselines). It appears in italics below the bolded line in its entirety. _______________________________________________ It is unfortunate to hear this individual had a dissatisfactory experience aboard Queen of the Mississippi. It was a difficult trip due to the historic low water levels on the Mississippi River and an unforeseen breakdown of another vessel in Natchez. The broken down vessel in Natchez was not an American Cruise Lines vessel, and not in any way connected to American Cruise Lines. That vessel did, however, prevent Queen of the Mississippi from docking in Natchez. Due to the inability to dock there, Queen of the Mississippi made two additional unscheduled stops before returning to New Orleans â€" one at Houmas House Plantation in Darrow, LA, and another stop at Laura Plantation in Vacherie, LA, both of which were very much enjoyed by passengers. The suggestion that 7 couples, or 9% of the passengers, pay for the trip is obviously inaccurate and we think most people will realize that. Although most of the passengers were very pleased with their cruise experience (in fact, a number of them rebooked their next cruise with us before leaving the boat), it is disappointing to hear that this individual did not. As far as we can tell, American Cruise Lines has the highest repeat rate of any cruise line in the industry. The River level and conditions have improved somewhat and Queen of the Mississippi is currently running on schedule and is expected to make all stops........American Cruise Lines (www.americancruiselines.com) ____________________________________ Read Less
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Sail Date: September 2012
American Cruise Lines -- Queen of the Mississippi -- St Louis roundtrip 9/15 Day 1: St Louis: Already had to clean the bathroom door something red all over NOT sure what it was and I'm not sure why they couldn't have ... Read More
American Cruise Lines -- Queen of the Mississippi -- St Louis roundtrip 9/15 Day 1: St Louis: Already had to clean the bathroom door something red all over NOT sure what it was and I'm not sure why they couldn't have cleaned it. Cabin - SMALL very small. The decor was BLAND and the room looked like a cheap hospital room right down to the square overhead fluorescent light. All that was missing was a monitor or two next to the bed. NO curtains just mini blinds. There was nothing private about the veranda you could see anyone on either side of you and hear all their conversations. Bathroom - don't even ask even smaller. The light in the shower was full of dead bugs which is not something you want to see first thing in the morning. NOW the good news.. WE are stranded in St Louis.. some thing has happened on the MS north of us and we can't leave.. Don't know how long we are here for or if we are even leaving. HATE it so far. They have told us nothing and from what we have heard from the crew the accident happened on Friday meaning that they knew about it before we boarded this morning. People have asked to get off and have been told that there would be an update by 9:30AM tomorrow. See note below about what time we left (7:30AM) so all those people were PISSED. They should have given us the chance to make other plans or updated us on what was going on. NOTHING ever came at any time. Day 2: St Louis -- To Chester: Well here it is day 2 and we finally set sail at 7:30AM. We are sailing south to NO WHERE until they can tell us if we can sail north to our ports of call. There are no updates. More or less rumor mill at the moment. As of last nights dinner I am the talk of the boat already. I GOT NOTHING to eat.. they ran out of food. And what they did serve everyone was HORRIBLE. You should hear the complaining and more complaining. For example: The menu said Oysters Rockefeller see the s at the end of the word OYSTER WELL you only got ONE oyster and it was so small it would fit on your finger nail. Desert was a joke too. Everyone was still talking about the CREAM PUFFS from Wal-Mart. Breakfast was good though Eggs Benedict but the quiche get ready for this, was the size of a half dollar.. It was that small. And if you wanted a ham and cheese omelet you could NOT have it. They used up the ham for the quiche.. Can you believe that one? NO HAM and we just left. THIS IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY WE PAID... We have seen nothing but muddy old man river and rusty barges and the level is so low it makes it even uglier. They make you pre order for lunch and dinner in the morning so they know how much to make for the day. YEP and I got nothing last night so that tells you how great that works out I will never suggest this at anytime for anyone, even mom is upset as are 90 % of the passengers right now. MUNITY!! Day 3: Chester: Well here we are still don't know anything!!! Stuck in Popeye town!! All we have heard thru the grapevine(rumor after rumor) is that we are leaving at 11:30AM but to where no one knows. At least the food as improved and I did get dinner last night. The one meal the do good is breakfast!! Update. Well we are now going DOWN river again.. Still going no where close to our ports of call I can't even begin to pronounce this next one. If I were suicidal in anyway I would have slit my wrists by now. I can't imagine that anyone is enjoying this. I don't know if I can stand another day of this.. all we do is sit around and wait for food and than everyone runs for that.. OK with this crowd they limp along to that but boy they don't miss a feeding.. Think the Dawn of the Dead or Night of the living dead movies and you have this crowd.. the smell of OLD is every where.. I have never felt so trapped.. I should have just worked from this trip we haven't gone anywhere.. What a waste of time and money.. I could have been laying on a beach or doing anything but this.. I mean we toured the Wal-Mart and McDonalds and saw 3 prisons.. I mean come on.. this is just horrible. PRAY for us.. Day 4: Chester to Cape Girardeau: Day 4 we are still heading south .. we are currently in Cape Girardeau MO home of Rush Limbaugh.. or as I like to say ANTIQUE row.. there is nothing here once again. We will be leaving at 11:30 PM for Paducah KY(Yes you are seeing that correctly KY) No one is happy about all this and we have no idea from hour to hour of what we are doing or why or anything. Now for your laugh of the day last nights entertainment.. Get ready.. Banjo guy.. BUT wait he didn't just play EVERYONE had to sing along.. YES. 40 minutes of pure He**.. I have finally figured out what this cruise is.. If you took an assisted living facility and placed it on a barge bottom and pushed it down the Mississippi you have it. These people are rude and circle food and booze like it is going out of style for some reason. They will knock you over to be first in the dining room and don't even block there way to the happy hour.. You know how other cruises go by so fast. NOT THIS ONE!!!! The only high points have been the guy doing Mark Twain and Dustin Fox the waiter we try to sit with everyday. And that is it. They have decided to give us all the tours now for free so we took the first one today what a BUST it was to a closed down mill and covered bridge under construction. Boring. Day 5: Cape Girardeau: See day 4 above Day 6: Cape Girardeau to Paducah: Well here we are now on the Ohio River trying to get to Paducah KY.. We have spent over 4 hours sitting at a lock ... than once we got in they decided to work on the lock doors and now we are TRAPPED inside of the lock.. I'm running out of words to use to describe how horrible this has been.. Now people are starting to get sick.. PLEASE god don't let it be norovirus.. but with our luck it probably will be I just wish they would turn us around and go back to St Louis and let us go home.. WE are all so bored there is nothing to do The boat is horribly decorated.. I told someone today.. That even Rhett and Scarlet would have asked to be let off .. NO grand staircase no wood nothing that would make you think you were on a paddle wheeler. Did I tell you the best part.. the paddle wheel is a JOKE it isn't even hooked up.. so we really aren't sailing on a paddle wheeler.. Day 7: Cruising to St Louis: OK.. it is now 2PM and we are heading back up to St Louis. No idea when we will get back but assume sometime Friday.. Spent the day on a bus driving around looking at old run down houses and than on to the QUILT MUSEUM.. yes you heard me the Quilt museum.. I have to admit it was interesting, if I had to pay that would be a different story The high point was getting filmed for the local PBS station special.. just loved my comments on the quilts go figure.. In my spare time, and there is lots and lots of that, I have totally redecorated this boat in my head and will suggest a few changes when I get back. There is truly only one place on this NURSING HOME barge that even comes close to what you would have expected. So much wasted space for something so small Well I have to run .. the excitement continues this afternoon with KITE flying off the top deck.. YES kite flying and scenery watching( sounds like Alaska right) .. I will be forever scared by this cruise and it will take a lot of arm twisting before I would ever try small ship cruising(or as I like to call it) Assisted living cruising again.. Day 8: St Louis: Arrived back in St Louis sometime after 10PM or so. We were all so happy to get off the boat you have no idea. BUT guess what they forgot about the Alzheimer's run that closed down the road in front of the Arch. They had trouble getting the buses and taxis in to get us out. It just figures one last mess up. And the GUESS what bus to ride game was fun too. They must have moved our luggage around 5 times and had to go back and forth on what bus was going where so many times they finally had the bus drivers confused. Read Less
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