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79 Celebrity Reflection Cruise Reviews

First the good points.  The staff were excellent , helpful and professional. The Cabin was well appointed - balcony cabin deck 9, midships. Boarding and embarkation fast and efficient - meet and greet at the airports very well handled ... Read More
First the good points.  The staff were excellent , helpful and professional. The Cabin was well appointed - balcony cabin deck 9, midships. Boarding and embarkation fast and efficient - meet and greet at the airports very well handled Right, that's it, now for the downside. The Cruise Director is awful, he should be sent to understudy Joff on Independence of the Seas to learn the job of making life on board fun! His daily TV show with his sidekick was painfully boring , I used to enjoy tuning in on IOTS as there were passenger birthdays, aniversaries etc as well as the awful passenger jokes that were sent in and duly 'told', so so funny, the daily show on Reflection was staid in comparison. Just one show - 'Reflection' ticked all the boxes , the others were simply not up to Par, not enough variety. The entertainment around the ship was OK for as long as it lasted , many performers were only on for 30 - 45 mins and then you had to troop off to a different venue for another 30 min dose. Celebrity central comedy shows were on 5 nights, but with exactly the same Jokes , performers and routines . P&O did a much better job I could not believe that the ship was brand new, the decor was from the seventies, Orange for goodness sake , who thought that was up to the minute? As mentioned in other reviews , the tender process was slow, we were fortunate to have booked an excursion in Santorini and so got off first, There was only a half day in this port and so by the time a lot of people got ashore they only had a few hours to explore. On top of this , the maps the ship supplies are woefully inadequate, no real detail, I don't know why they don't follow their environmental policy against waste and just not bother with them. We arrived in Istanbul, I was gobsmacked to be charged $12 for a transfer to the city, for a premium brand this was not on, IOTS had free transfers. I believe that Celebrity view the term 'Premium' to mean that people who book this cruise are so well off that they can be squeezed mercilessly. As an example of this attitude - take the Casino. Play was in $, when I tried to withdraw $1000 on my room card I was told I would have to pay a 3% charge, this would have been followed by another 3% charge to convert my room account to British £ at the end of the cruise. Just 'what' was the 3% for? there was no service involved - it was just another Scam amongst many. We alternated eating between the Opus restaurant and the Buffet. Service in the Opus was very good but the food was hit and miss. Lobster was available on one night in 11. My wife preferred the food in the Buffet - it was slightly warmer although all the food (except the soup) was lukewarm. All in all a disappointment, we will not cruise with Celebrity again. They are obviously cutting back on items that provide enjoyment (but at no charge) - ie. entertainment, whilst pushing those venues on the ship that command a $ premium - the coffee bars, premium restaurants , Tapas bars etc, add in to the mix the overpriced bars , overpriced drinks packages vastly overpriced charge for a bottle of spirits in your cabin and it represents very poor value for money. Finally to add insult to injury, after being quarantined for 24 hours due to a Gastro bug (picked up on board) , the company had the cheek to offer us a credit for the day missed - only redeemable if we book another cruise!! Read Less
Sail Date July 2013
Upon entering the ship the decor is stunning. It's got that "new car" smell and everything is shiny. No purple & florescent pink lounges here.. they are replaced by plush silver and blue-grey lounges surrounding an ice ... Read More
Upon entering the ship the decor is stunning. It's got that "new car" smell and everything is shiny. No purple & florescent pink lounges here.. they are replaced by plush silver and blue-grey lounges surrounding an ice bar where bartenders serve up "smokin' drinks" made with dry ice. The cabins are great. Larger than your average ship cabins and with in-cabin bathrooms where you can dry yourself off without knocking yourself out on the cabinet door when you turn around. This must be where they get their 5.5 star rating but for us, it was all down hill from here. This is my 14th cruise, and my families 10th cruise with Celebrity. Here's what I thought...... Food & Service The main dining room food is below average for this class of ship. Beef was either sinewy or tough, with exception of some select dishes. Chicken was almost always dry and chewy. Fish was always overcooked or tasteless as with the vegetables. Starters/appetizers were boring as was the desserts. At least there was always a decent selection of ice cream and sorbets and the coffee was good. The main buffet restaurant, with the exception of breakfast which isn't difficult to get right, was a disaster. The same selection everyday, food was dry and overcooked, the carvery was either overcooked, undercooked, unseasoned or so salty you couldn't eat it, food even looked unappetizing ! With the exception of pastries. If that wasn't bad enough, the service was horrendous. Plates sat on tables for ages, staff walked around either in a daze or just chatting to each other and forget friendliness or pleasantries. Complaints to staff or even guest relations go unnoticed. One morning I watched as one particular wait staff just walked in and out of the kitchen area with the same empty tray, stopping just to ogle at passing women, or chat with a mate. This is Celebrity 5.5 star service ? Other dining areas were either chargeable , $5 for a sandwich, $3 - $4 for a cupcake or ice cream or up to $40 for a specialty restaurant. The Aqua Spa dining area which used to be open all day long till late was now only open 2 hours for breakfast and 2 hours for lunch. Little extras, like make your own pizza stations or Yogurts and Smoothies were now $5, Hot sandwiches or panini's previously included in your cruise, were now $5 extra. Everywhere you looked there were extra charges. What happened Celebrity? It wasn't like this on your Millennium or Infinity ships! Excursions/Activities and Entertainment As any seasoned cruiser knows, the excursions are overpriced and you can have just as good a time making your own itinerary but to arrive at a port and then have to pay an additional $8 to $15 just to get from the port to the destination is unbelievable! I paid for a cruise to Istanbul , Mykonos and Athens, etc.. not a cruise to the ship terminal then make your own way to town if you want to walk yourself. The folks that did do the tours were sadly disappointed as they were nothing but a glorified "do it yourself" tour with stops at this shop or that shop to purchase items.. some times for over an hour !!! as with the carpet shops in Istanbul! Ridiculous! Activities were few and far between. The few we did make it too were either cancelled or were progressive, for example the Trivia.. you couldn't just join in it was like a tournament that you had to join on day one. I cant say too much about the shows in the Theater as I only saw one (because the babysitting fee was extortionate) but it was comedy and I actually felt sorry for the poor woman as no one laughed or got into it... In fact, overall I felt the ship was boring and had no atmosphere to speak of. Thank goodness for the guy doing a daily "Zumba" class by the pool or there would be no life on the ship at all! I hate Casinos but my husband loves them and went every night. Needless to say the Casino always wins in the end but the dealers don't need to give you any snide remarks about not tipping them. "News Fash" pit master ... Cruise guests are from all over the world, and casino rules vary. We are from England and my husband is Australian... It is completely illegal to tip dealers in casinos in both of these countries! If it is policy to tip dealers on Celebrities ships then have a sign on the table! Kids This was our BIG mistake..we believed the Celebrity Refection brochure when it stated it had "something for everyone" including kids. Well, at least you hope it had something for everyone especially as they charge full adult price for your 1 year old and 4 year old. We cruised six months earlier with Royal Caribbean on the Radiance and it was unequivocally superior! Not to mention cheaper! We expected the same or even better from Celebrity as after all,it is rated as a 5.5 star ship. There is unfortunately no crèche , although the ship could easily offer this service as their teen area was massive and always completely empty. It does do babysitting for the extortionate price of $20 per hour plus gratuities ($6 per hour on Royal) but we declined that generous offer and is it that difficult to put a baby change table in the handicapped toilets ? At least a few of them so you don't have to change the baby on the bathroom floor? Celebrity, at least mention online or in your brochure that kids under 12 can't eat in any of the specialty restaurants and if I ask you about making an exception if we came to dine early or off-peak at least get back to me.. I'm still waiting for a call! Thank goodness it does have a kids club for the over 3 yrs. old , which I have to say was excellent and without it, the cruise would have been complete torture for us. The staff in the kids club were complete professionals and my 4 year old loved it. So Celebrity got something right here but listen... Don't market your ship to families if that is not your target customer! It's better for everyone that way ! All in all, it was not a pleasurable experience for us as a family and we are not the only ones who thought so on the ship. So if you are Honeymooners or 50th Wedding Anniversary cruisers and want to spend an extra $40pp a night to eat in the specialty restaurants.. then this ship is for you. But for us.... we bid Celebrity farewell as we will not cruise with you again. Goodbye! Read Less
Sail Date May 2013
My wife and I just returned from the seven day cruise aboard the Reflection to the Eastern Caribbean. First the positives -- almost all of the staff were very nice, especially our stateroom attendant Salvador; Michael, our waiter and ... Read More
My wife and I just returned from the seven day cruise aboard the Reflection to the Eastern Caribbean. First the positives -- almost all of the staff were very nice, especially our stateroom attendant Salvador; Michael, our waiter and Luiza, the matre d' in the main dining room. The ship was very clean and the stateroom spacious. The drink prices are very reasonable, unlike what we've experienced with other cruise lines. I urge you to experience Michael's pub if you like great company and a wide variety of beer. Lastly, the band D'Revelations was very good. Embarkation and disembarkation was fast, easy and the staff courteous. Unfortunately, that's where the good news stops. Stateroom We were urged by a Celebrity representative (not a travel agent) to go with a Concierge room. First, don't waste the money as you get virtually nothing for it -- a few fruits that are readily available from the buffet 24/7; a $10 bottle of champagne; canapes that were the same thing every day -- each person gets a slice of cucumber with a type of cheez whiz, a tiny sliver of cheese with cheese whiz, and a sliver of sometimes identifiable meat with.....cheez whiz. Oh; and use of two bathrobes that never left the closet. What was terrible is that the staterooms on the 12th floor are directly under the Oceanview Cafe. I expressed my concern about this to the agent I booked the trip with, and he assured me that noise would not be an issue. To paraphrase his words, "there is 3 feet of steel and soundproofing above your ceiling. I guarantee that you won't be bothered with noise." Bull hockey. If you're on the 12th floor, you will not sleep after 6am when the kitchen staff starts working. I am a heavy sleeper and was awoken each morning to LOUD crashes of pots, pans, carts rolling, etc. We and our neighbors complained; the guest relation staff finally admitted that they had had several complaints and would ask the kitchen manager to please try to be quiet. That's fairly ridiculous as they have a galley to run and things are going to get banged around. Needless to say, that didn't help. In fairness, Celebrity did give us a $100 onboard credit. I feel this was completely inadequate as the rooms should have been discounted heavily, not sold at a premium. I would not have agreed to the room if it were half that price. I can only surmise that Celebrity reps will not hesitate to lie about noise issues with these rooms. Navigation I must say I have not experienced that much swaying on a vessel since a dive trip I took one time during bad weather and in 6 ft. seas. The Reflection was REALLY rocking from side to side. I heard quite a few people talking about it and saw several instances of people running into each other as they walked. Navigating the buffet was a challenge. I thought it strange because the weather was very good and the sea seemed calm. On the next to the last day, the captain announced that he was going to extend the stabilizers to give a better ride. Are you kidding me? It took him the virtually the whole cruise to figure that out? And sure enough, the ride suddenly was like what you would expect. Completely unacceptable. Outdoors There are very few things for kids or young at heart to do. Fortunately, we didn't have our children with us. There are no water slides, water parks, climbing walls, etc. that you probably have experienced with other liners. There may have been activities but they certainly were not publicized or stressed. There are two small outdoor pools -- one that is good for kids as it is about 3 ft deep. The other small pool is good for adults as it's about 4 ½ feet deep. That's all there is in outdoor pools for 3500 guests. The pools had a posted limit of 35 people each and both almost always had far more than that in each. Our pool at home dwarfs any of the pools on the ship. There is one indoor pool if you want to give up soaking up the rays and being outside. It is also quiet as a mausoleum in there. A huge section of the upper deck is devoted to the Lawn club -- 10 cabanas that were usually empty. You can rent them for $150 on a at sea day or $100 on a port day. There are also a couple of grass areas that would have been nice to be able to get on but they have them roped off. There's a nice lawn court for bocce ball. Unfortunately, since there's very little to do on board, we were never able to get in a game as others beat us to it. They needed a waiting list. Entertainment The music acts ranged from embarrassingly bad (the quartet), to average (Robert Symons, steel pan and Matt&Riley,the acoustic guitar duo), to very good (D'Revelations and the jazz trio). Unfortunately, most of the time the outdoor pool was handled by the quartet and steel drum acts. That is, when they actually played. There was a significant amount of time there was no music at the outdoor pools. There were also very few outdoor activities for the guests -- I know of two volleyball games and one celebrity Olympics but I'm used to belly flop contests, xgames, beauty contests, etc. There was several dance classes and the instructors were very good. The ship production act was pretty standard. The comedian Steve, was pretty good. Even he made several jokes about how old and sedate the cruise guests were. He joked with a couple of 24 year old girls about how they were on the wrong ship if they were looking for young guys. He also joked with an audience member who is a funeral director about the potential for new customers on the ship based on the average age of the people on this particular ship. Food We did not go to any of the extra charge restaurants but I guess we should have. The Oceanview buffet was very average. Nothing at all that stood out. We tried the room service but gave up after a three times and the orders were wrong each time. The Mast Grill was good. Luiza, the matre d' at the Opus was very nice and accommodating. Michael, our waiter for a meal (very unfortunate we didn't discover him early in the cruise) was probably the best that I've seen at any restaurant. Summary I think Celebrity plays to the retired crowd and that's fine but bill it as such. I believe that's why there was little excitement and emphasis on fun outdoor activities; huge areas that were quiet as a mouse. If that's what you're looking for, you've found the perfect ship (as long as you don't book a room on the 12th floor.) Celebrity reps (or at least the one I dealt with) are deceptive when they tell you it's a "fun" cruise with lots of things to do. Unfortunately, you don't get the onboard itinerary until it's too late. However, if you are looking for fun and excitement, outdoor activities, things like dodge ball tourneys, etc. this is definitely not the ship for you. I was bored out of my skull by the end of the trip. I guess one good thing was that I had plenty of time to work out a lot in a nice gym. I am so glad this was not my first cruise. For it had been, I doubt that I would ever go on another one and that would be a shame to miss out on the great time that can be had on a cruise. I'm quite sure I won't ever sail with Celebrity again. I just don't like being lied to when I book accommodations. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
If it wasn't for the people I was with, I would have left this cruise mid-way and flown home. I would have had MORE fun! Let's start from the beginning... Firstly, I was traveling in a group of 6 people, ages 29-70. This ... Read More
If it wasn't for the people I was with, I would have left this cruise mid-way and flown home. I would have had MORE fun! Let's start from the beginning... Firstly, I was traveling in a group of 6 people, ages 29-70. This review is the experience we all had combined. 4 out of the 6 people were Elite members and have cruise a lot, the other 2 are fairly new to cruising. In this review, you will get all perspectives. Let's try to get some good things at least stated first.. Embarkation: This was pretty straightforward. We arrived in Venice, Italy, got to the port (via our own transportation) and it went FAIRLY smoothly. I say fairly because it looked pretty messed up in the other lines, but since I am an Elite member with Celebrity I was able to go in a separate line. The newbie to cruising wasn't sure what was going on, I think she assumed the chaos of people was normal. The Ship: This IS a gorgeous ship. Everything was clean from the cabins to the main areas and dining. The were sanitizing everything and even gave you sanitizing gel every time you entered the main casual dining upstairs. From artwork, to the shops, casino... just stunning. The Cabins: Gorgeous Cabins. We had a total of 3 cabins between the 6 of us. 2 SV categories (sunset veranda's at the back of the ship) and one Suite Category (also at the back of the ship). We liked these balcony rooms as we could see ourselves sailing away from the ports (for the most part) and could watch the sunsets from our balconies. The size of the room was fairly large compared to other cruises I have been on. There was no real storage space which I found odd. There was only one area with plugs, 2 outlets total. This also did not make sense! The bathroom definitely seemed bigger than any Royal Caribbean cruise I have been on (fyi i have been on every class ship on RCCL except the Oasis class). The Balcony was a decent size as well. For the most part, you have to remember you are on a ship, and you cannot expect huge staterooms without being in a suite. The suite that 2 of us had was beautiful! It was also situated at the back of the ship, and it was MUCH larger than the SV category. It also had its own butler that would always bring food, chocolates... anything that you really wanted. The bathrooms were also huge. The suite bathroom had an actual tub/shower combo that I have never seen before on a ship! Nice touch, especially the rain shower! One side note: Our Stateroom Attendant left our door open once to our stateroom which was unacceptable. He also left our Balcony door open TWICE... and the separation between my balcony and my neighbours was broken. This is UNACCEPTABLE. For a cruise that was on it's 3rd journey, I'm shocked the ship is falling apart. Entertainment: This cruise LACKED entertainment. Not only this, but it NEVER started on time. It was always about 10 minutes late. It was 14 days, where only 3 of the 14 days had actually good entertainment. The Magician (which i unfortunately personally missed out on for reasons you will find out later in the review), the Comedian, and the last dance show nearing the end of the cruise. The other dance shows and acts that we had were horrid. All 6 of us, along with a lot of people left the shows because they were too painful to sit through the full hour. Cruise Director: "Terrible" doesn't even seem to properly describe this cruise director. He was NEVER at the shows, NEVER had interaction with the passengers, NEVER around! One of us actually saw him walking on the ship, we said hello, he didn't even respond. He was rude, and all he cared about was being on his cell phone. He never once cared to interact with us passengers, nor even make himself visible at the shows at times! What exactly is his job again?? I'm sorry, does the Celebrity Cruise Director application require "good knowledge and use of cell phone and texting"? Because that's all I saw him do while I was running to a show. It was maybe 5 minutes after the show SHOULD have started (as I mentioned before, it started late, so i actually was perfectly fine coming in 5 minutes late) and walking towards the theatre I saw the Cruise Director on his phone (yet again) right outside. Well, would you believe that he didn't even come on stage that night to introduce the act? Nope! What the heck was he doing outside the theatre?! What the heck is his job? Captain: CLEARLY this captain has his own fan club... If you sat in on his little speech about his "saving of the passengers"...you could vomit. I personally watched this on TV as I had something else to attend to, but 3 of our party sat in so that when the q&a period came we could talk to the Captain about our problems. Let me first tell you what happened: On this cruise, while at dinner actually, we heard a loud bang/boom. The next day we found out that we were no longer going to our port of call because one of our engines stopped working. Well, first it was our engine, then it was our propeller, and then the Captain told us everything is fine (when clearly it wasn't because we never got to our ports on time!) Not only that, but there are advantages of having a cabin at the back of the ship... you can see if the engines are working! Well... one engine was working... the other one was fluttering. The Captain never updated us at all on what was going on, and he was never honest about the situation. SO... when this q&a opportunity came up, we had to ask what the heck was going on and why NOBODY would tell us the truth. He beat around the bush and didn't want to answer our question straight on. He is a TERRIBLE Captain. I don't care that he saved passengers, I care that I am not LIED to. That he tells us the TRUTH, and that he tells us what the heck is going on! He thinks he's all clever by using Ship terminology to try and say "I never said we had an engine problem!" ... yeah, well we aren't idiots, we can see the engines working or failing from our cabins.. BE HONEST! A full day would go by without even letting us know the progress of fixing the problems! This is NOT how you handle a situation like this. Not only that, but if we were in our staterooms we would have to run to the outside every time he would make any sort of announcement as he NEVER announced them in the Cabins. I mean... don't you think it's kind of important?! I never once was on a cruise ship where if there was a problem it wouldn't be announced in the cabins. If the cruise ship was sinking, would we have to run to open the cabin doors to hear the announcement as well? Just downright wrong. This Captain by far was NOT good. Continuing another little story that is related to this.... We stopped at Athens, Greece and were given an extended time there since we had "engine" problems. We were told to be back on the ship by midnight. Well, 4 of the 6 of us were out in Athens at night enjoying ourselves and at least getting a night experience there while we have the opportunity. We were very disappointed to have to be back by midnight as we did not want to leave. Well, the ship never left until 4AM! We went downstairs by 1:00am and asked what's going on!? We even called Guest Relations. Everyone said they could not tell us when we would be leaving. I did not have to end my fun time in Athens to be back on the ship to do nothing. At LEAST if you are going to leave later, give us the opportunity to stay later in Athens! The gangway was still out even at 2AM! They wouldn't let us off the ship, but yet they were letting other people on till 4AM. NOT RIGHT! They were not leaving on time for over half the trip. We would rush to be on time to find out we didn't need to stress ourselves out in the end. Shore Excursions: We had a HUGE problem here. We took the 4x4 jeep tour in Malta. What it says on the information sheet.. FALSE! It is ALL wrong. What a terrible terrible excursion. Do NOT at any cost take it! EVEN IF SOMEONE PAID YOU!!! It was a ride from hell. We were 6 people in back of a pick up truck that was driving at high speeds like a crazy mad man, i almost fell out of the truck! It was also cold and windy that day.. none of this was taken into consideration. I guess the drivers' lack of knowledge of how fast he was going (since his speedometer was broken and remained at 0) and his flapping of his door which never locked properly, and broken seat belt was his excuse?.. yeah. The driver could have spoken English.. that would have been nice. It literally was a 3 hour ride of sitting in a crazy mad man vehicle in the freezing cold. No guide was given on the tour as the driver shut off the radio with the only English speaking guide talking on it as apparently we eventually would "not be able to hear it anyways!" ... All the cars in this excursion had the same issues and when we went to celebrity shore excursions to complain, all we got was a half refund. NOT ACCEPTABLE. Like I said before, I wouldn't take this excursion if you paid me! Dining: The food - FABULOUS! I rarely find now a days that the food in the dining room is great, and this was just outstanding! I must commend that. We did have a few issues though. Firstly, the first day they screwed up our reservation and put all 6 of us at separate tables. This was not fixed much as they couldn't find us a table of 6. They decided to put us at select dining. Well, once we went to select dining, the first 2 days were terrible! We sat there for maybe an hour before we even got served or handed menus. When we complained for the 2nd time as we all were at this point very annoyed, they begged us to come one more night, told us they would switch our table and put us in good hands with another server. After this was done, we were treated AMAZINGLY. Our server, Melvyn, was just outstanding. We all could not have had a better experience with him. It was him who made us stay at select dining for the remainder of the cruise. There are no words to describe how great and attentive this man is. Spa: We used the hair salon and got manicures at the spa. The manicures I find are overpriced but they did a great job. I didn't use the hair salon personally, but the person in my group who did I believe liked it. Her normally curly hair looked amazingly straight. The one problem I encountered was that the lady was late to take me about 20 minutes for my appointment. Activities: Non-existent would be the appropriate way of describing activities. When we got stuck on the ship at an extra sea day because of our "engine" problems, we all dreaded it. There was nothing. Literally nothing! Aside from all of us being nauseous that day because the stabilizers were off and the ship was rocking like crazy, we had no activities to attend to and we all just sat miserably staring at each other upstairs at the 14th dining area. Bored. This was also the same for the other 2 sea days that were normally scheduled. I could not believe the lack of activities on this ship! Did they think the people on board were all in walkers and wheelchairs that no activities were scheduled? Do they think that people in their 50's, 60's and 70's just like to sit around and fall asleep? I can guarantee you that everyone in my group, ages 29-70 were ALL BORED. We begged for activities! Aside from the day we were all nauseous and terribly sick from the rocking we were all wanting to be a part of something! Overall, what made this trip remotely great was because of the people I was with. We had to make our own fun when the cruise did not offer us this is any way. Had all these problems never happened, this trip would have been superb. It's sad that there were these issues because this ship does have potential... it just really REALLY needs to improve in service, activities, the Captain, cruise director, and entertainment. I felt so bad when I heard the Transatlantic cruise (the one that followed ours) was missing the Canary Islands because of the still ongoing problem with the engines [that, may I say, the captain once told us the problem was fixed (lie!)] because this meant they would now have 9 days at sea instead of 7 days ... I would rather swim the transatlantic ocean than be on that ship for 9 sea days! What horror they must be encountering.. Read Less
Sail Date November 2012
Celebrity Reflection Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.6
Dining 5.0 4.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.1
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.6
Service 5.0 4.5
Value For Money 5.0 4.1
Rates 4.0 4.1

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