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Having been on the inaugural cruise of 'Silhouette' last year out of Hamburg, we were expecting great things from a 14 night Eastern Meditterranean cruise on 'Reflection', beginning in beautiful Venice, with a really ... Read More
Having been on the inaugural cruise of 'Silhouette' last year out of Hamburg, we were expecting great things from a 14 night Eastern Meditterranean cruise on 'Reflection', beginning in beautiful Venice, with a really good itinerary, and ending in Barcelona. We had a good Celebrity Reflection organised boat excursion around the Venice lagoon and islands with a very good commentary, on our first full day, before setting off towards Dubrovnik. We took the bus into the old town and had a lovely walk around this jewel of a city, before leaving that night heading towards Rhodes. The weather was not too kind to us and we were buffeted by continual very strong winds and rain, and at around 7.00pm there was a very loud bang and 'graunching' noise, on the starboard side of the ship, followed by the ship shuddering. We immediately looked out over our balcony at the aft of the ship and saw that instead of leaving two white wakes behind the ship, we were down to one, and checking on the navigation channel on our TV screens, our speed had reduced hugely! Bearing in mind that we heard this from Deck 11 on the ship, then it was fairly clear that something major had happened to the starboard engine pod or propellor. We expected some kind of an explanation during the evening, but explanation came there none!! That evening, we were treating ourselves to dinner at the Tuscan Grill, and during our meal we became aware that the remaining engine pod went silent too, (not accompanied by a bang this time!), but it was only for about 20 mins., and then the engine noise and vibration began again. It was not until the next morning that the Captain deigned to tell us that there had been a technical problem with a switch and that because our speed was reduced, we would NOT be visiting Rhodes--a huge disappointment. And this was our disappointment---the fact that the Captain was not honest about what the problem had been and what was going to be needed to cure it----for our whole cruise! We finally arrived in Barcelona, still being pushed in the main by the port propulsion system, and although we had not felt that the ship was in any danger at any time, I would NOT have wanted to continue across the Atlantic without a properly working ship.Fully operational ship. Why, oh why, we're our requests for information ignored. Why was the Captain 'economical with the truth' . His attitude merely encouraged the hundreds of different stories that we're circulating around the bars and dining rooms. I was amazed at how much dissatisfaction there was amongst so many people. Dissatisfaction with the motion and vibration of the ship,(certainly noticeable at the aft of the ship---we had practically the same stateroom on Silhouette, and experienced NONE of the vibration that we had to put up with for nearly all of this trip---despite crossing the Bay of Biscay!); dissatisfaction with the 'cruise director' Nick Weir, his attitude really annoyed many Americans , and we found his constant insistence that we 'showed our appreciation' more than a little irritating; dissatisfaction with on board shore excursions---they cancelled one of ours-----again! Good things: Reflection is a lovely ship(or will be when she is sorted). The staff in the bars, cafe al Bacio, waiting staff and sommeliers were all superb. Stateroom care not quite as good as Silhouette, which was a shame, but the mattress was less comfortable than on Silhouette, so did not sleep well. Food excellent,especially Murano.Shows often very good, as were some of the lectures. Used the gym 3times---very good. Had a wonderful manicure in the Beauty Salon, by a very proficient girl. Really bad things:Guest Relations!!!! They would listen, note down, and then ignore!!! Shore Excursions: too quick to cancel! Have not yet received any account of how our Premium Package was spent, despite being promised! All in all, we will think hard about whether to take another Celebrity Cruise as we don't want to be further disappointed. Read Less
Sail Date November 2012
Overall the Reflection is a beautiful ship as are her sisters. Celebrity had taken feedback from the previous editions and tried to improve the design. There are some major and minor changes from the earlier versions of the S-Class ships ... Read More
Overall the Reflection is a beautiful ship as are her sisters. Celebrity had taken feedback from the previous editions and tried to improve the design. There are some major and minor changes from the earlier versions of the S-Class ships and most for the better. While they added more rooms and therefore increased the capacity of the ship it did not feel any more crowded than previous S-Class ships. I suspect that on Caribbean runs when everyone is by the pool there may be some more issues, but on a Med cruise there was plenty of room in the buffet for lunch, the specialty dining rooms for dinner and the bars never felt over crowded. THE GOOD: The bar staff are super friendly across the ship and we had hours of fun at the Martini Bar watching them perform and at the Sunset bar wrapped in blankets as it was a November. The team at the Cafe on deck 5 was on the ball and worked hard. If you have never been to Lawn Club Grill...GO...it is a fun, relaxed backyard atmosphere. You make your own flat bread, grill your own meat and interact with the chefs while getting a cooking lesson. If you are looking for pretentious, white glove, kiss your butt service then stick with Murano and Tuscan. If you want a fun dinner with a great group, Lawn Club Grill is the place to be. Most of the team on the Reflection was also on the Silhouette when I sailed her and they remembered me so it felt like coming home when I walked in. Chef Webb gave me a big ol' Jamaican hug and my favorite waiter Allan was there to get me all set up. Jordan is the Maitre D' at LCG and in my opinion one of the best Maitre D's in the cruise industry. The LCG is his vision and passion and it shows. Qsine is also a really fun place to eat...but eat with friends as it is impossible to really savor the options if you are just 2. They also have a more laid back, but still fine dining atmosphere coupled with unique tapas style food from around the globe. Murano and Tuscan are also great places for a romantic dinner with great food and generally good service (although they try too hard to get that "excellent" score on the feedback form and it shows...it is all they really care about which is a shame). They are definitely worth a visit. Just a note, I did not eat in the MDR as I was in specialty dining all cruise so I cannot comment on it. Solarium pool area is warm and the pool is heated so it was pleasant to swim even if it was November. Very relaxing place to just lie down and watch the "water dance and light show" that goes on all day. You can meditate there and just waste away hours relaxing. In my opinion, the best indoor pool on a cruise ship for relaxing and floating. THE BAD: From a service point of view they admittedly really disappointed me. The majority of the staff were super friendly as we have come to expect from Celebrity but there were a few cranks on board (Tuscan Grill assistant Maitre D' was horrible and her boss, the Maitre D', was so fake in his attempts to be pleasant to cover for her that and avoid a poor rating on the evaluation sheet that it just pissed me off even more). The Spa personnel spend most of their time pushing products even after you ask them not to. So after burning $200 on a massage or facial, you end up leaving more wound up than when you came in. When we complained, the spa manager actually defended their aggressive sales practices and said it was for "our own good" that they push these products!!??!! So avoid the spa unless you like a 1hr sales pitch that you "pay for". We were in a sky suite which comes with butler service and regrettably our butler was having a bad cruise. I must preamble that we have stayed in the sky suites many times before so we know what to expect. He constantly made mistakes with our breakfast order, forgot to bring utensils and napkins and often needed to be asked twice to get things done. He was friendly enough, just not on the ball. It was the little details that were missing. We had wine delivered to our room as a bon voyage gift, but there were no wine glasses stocked in our bar (or any glasses for that matter). We were never asked if we wanted canapes in the evening and none were ever delivered (I could have asked but honestly forgot...although it should have been an automatic thing to deliver). Our balcony was never cleaned so salt built up on everything until I had enough and cleaned it myself and then complained (this too should be an automatic thing). On our final day they started cleaning our room the night before. We came in from dinner to discover that our closet was cleaned out and reset (this was a problem as we had personal items in there that were taken away...and eventually pulled out of the ship's trash after we called the butler to complain...again). Embarkation was a nightmare and the worst I have ever had. There was one person to direct 3000 guests who all seemed to arrive at the same time and she was overwhelmed. Her reaction was to make people go and sit in a separate room until the lines cleared out instead of actually directing us to the right line. Some people actually sat there for 2 hours until they got fed up and left the room only to discover than the lines had since cleared out and the ship nearly fully boarded. I ignored the directives to sit down and found my line. It took about 45 minutes to check in as there were only 2 people checking in our line...yet 6 to 8 in all the others. Not sure how they figured that one out. The next day when we returned to the ship we were met with a very long line on the pier to re-board. We waited 50 minutes in line to go through the port security check (x-ray and metal detector) and then were asked to line up once more on the ship to again go through an x-ray and metal detector. What was the point of that? You leave one check point; walk in a secured zone and on the ship into another check point. Then there was the "explosion" on day 4. We all heard a loud boom while having diner and the ship shook for about 5 seconds. We were puzzled but figured it was thunder as we were sailing through a storm. We missed a port of call due to the explosion that was explained away as a "false alarm" and that the engineers felt it was a faulty alarm...but in case, they were operating at half speed as a precaution until they can check it out. As a result our itinerary had to be modified due to the reduced speed. Turns out it took 8 days, a technical team from Celebrity to fly to the ship, spare parts and much explaining that everything is ok by the Captain to fix this "false alarm" that shook the ship with a loud boom. Just admit it, your engine or your propeller assembly blew up (not literally but you know what I mean). We have 4 of them so no big deal. Next time be honest and tell us. Finally, as Elite members were invited to various cocktails as an appreciation for our loyalty. I stopped going after 3 nights as the wait staff was useless and ignored us, never smiled and just hid in the corners and talked to each other. I had to run after them to get a drink and they never bothered to ask if I wanted another when they came to clean the table off with their nice frowns. When you combine the mis-adventures in our stateroom, the spa, the mystery explosion, and bad appreciation cocktails our overall experience fell well short of what we know Celebrity can do. I believe that they will fix these hiccups with time, but until then, I will probably stick with the other S-Class ships that in my opinion offered better overall service and quality. Read Less
Sail Date November 2012
This was only our second cruise with Celebrity and our third in total. We have previously sailed for 4 weeks, transatlantic both ways, with Fred Olsen on the Black Watch and then, some 9 months ago, with Celebrity on the Century from ... Read More
This was only our second cruise with Celebrity and our third in total. We have previously sailed for 4 weeks, transatlantic both ways, with Fred Olsen on the Black Watch and then, some 9 months ago, with Celebrity on the Century from Sydney to Auckland for two weeks departing Sydney on Christmas Eve 2011. The Fred Olsen cruise was small, luxurious and intimate giving us a taste for another transatlantic crossing with a week of sea-time being acceptable. The fact that there were to be only three ports of call on The Reflection cruise was not perfect but with the sea day in between Palma Mallorca and Tenerife before setting off across the Atlantic for seven days, we thought it would be just about bearable and we were keen to see the new ship after being on the much older Century. We made all our travel arrangements with Celebrity and, although considerably more expensive than doing it ourselves, the flights and transfers went very smoothly if slightly more complicated than necessary involving two flights and an overnight stay in London before boarding where one flight direct with better timings was available. Still, you live and learn. Arrival at the quayside in plenty of time for boarding was nice, what followed was not, long queues, long delays and no-one on board to show us to our stateroom when we eventually got on board. Still the ship looked well and we were keen to see around. Our first disappointment awaited in our room, the stop in Tenerife had been cancelled because of an engine problem and, after Palma Mallorca, we were going to be at sea for TEN DAYS! This meant only two Ports of call at the very start of the cruise and then nothing until disembarkation in Miami, not something we would have been happy to do if we had been told. Celebrity knew about this for at least ten days before our sailing and did not do us the courtesy of letting us know, not great customer relations there I think. The compensation given of $150 on-board spend(or cash at the end of the cruise if preferred) was derisory to say the least. We had planned to meet some friends in Tenerife for a special Birthday party and had presents with us, sadly they had to come back home at the end of our cruise. I am still not convinced about the reasons given for this change of schedule and the subsequently more more northerly course in colder weather especially as we arrived in Miami well ahead of schedule after a very slow last few days at sea. We found those extra sea days to be very tedious. The 2A 'stateroom' with veranda on deck & starboard was adequate and modern if somewhat lacking in drawer space when compared to the same level 'stateroom' on the Century. Three drawers is not enough and a lot of room was taken up by a large uncomfortable sofa where more storage could have been fitted with a little more thought for design. Another strange omission, the veranda had no exterior light for those few warmer evenings towards the end of the cruise when it would have been nice to sit there with a G & T before dinner had you been able to see where you were going. The over bed lockers were more or less useless unless you were 6ft or over and even so I found it awkward to use them. The bathroom and toilet facilities were pleasant and modern but the door 'groaned' all night unless wedged with the tail of the supplied bathrobe. We had no problems whatsoever with cabin staff but then we didn't have a 'Butler' for our 'Stateroom' (don't you just hate all these pretentious, ego inflating names, what's wrong with cabin and cabin attendant?) The bed was big and comfortable so all in all the 'stateroom' was fine, if a bit cramped. Talking of dinner, we always used the main restaurant for ours, we're not into speciality dining and prefer our food simple. I have to say that what we got was great and never boring with plenty of choice from the changing daily menu to the always available standards or a mixture from both if so desired. we only had lunch in one 'speciality' place and I had heartburn for two days afterwards so we never bothered again. We always enjoy the formal nights and I always have a formal suit to hand with an alternative white jacket to vary it a bit. It's sad that so many others do not make the effort and indeed seem to try their best to dress down, but that's their choice. Service was great and the two waiters at our table, Victor and wife Elizabeth were the tops. It was a pity that those arranging seating at the tables were not as conscientious when placing guests. we were five men and one woman, my wife, at a table for twelve. Most nights there were only four of us there which meant a difficult level of conversation at times. We did ask for a table of six to eight when booking so I suppose that's what we got. The company was great but limited for my spouse. For breakfast and lunch we used the self service restaurant on deck fourteen and found this to be first rate. The variety of food available was staggering and the amount some people, especially breakfast, was just incredible. Suffice it to say we had our cereal or porridge and fruit in the morning and some great salads for lunch most days and enjoyed every bit of them. We had taken the 'Classic' drinks package and it was nice being able to have fresh orange juice with breakfast and a glass or two of wine with lunch along with specialist coffees whenever we wanted with no extra costs etc. This covered us for wine by the glass with dinner as well (and all our other alcoholic/non alcoholic drinks all day) and was really good value when you took off the 'on-board spend allowance' we had been given plus the extra on board spend for missing Tenerife. We know several people who ate in 'Blue' - the 'Aqua Suite' exclusive and then came and had another dinner in the main dining room as well! Another couple cancelled their booking with Blue entirely and came to the main dining room because of service problems at Blue. We just found the specialist places a bit pretentious for our tastes. I never dreamed I would see a dog on board until this Celebrity cruise and when I did, I saw TWO. One was being wheeled around the self service restaurant in a child's pram by a crew member following, whilst the owner picked trough the food on offer (she couldn't wheel the pram and collect food at the same time!) we saw this disgusting sight twice. We saw the same little Yorkie draped over the owners arm like a dish cloth, in one of the bars as well. The other dog we saw several times on deck 15 and on two separate occasions saw it using the much fabled lawn at the 'Lawns' club as a toilet, urinating and poo-ing on the famous grass where people later walked barefoot. We actually saw the owner trying vainly to hold a piece of plastic at the dog's rear end attempting, unsuccessfully, to catch what it was doing. We wondered if those people who paid an extra premium to use the cabanas knew that some of them had been liberally doused with doggy piddle several times? Is this the sort of sight you want to see when taking an after lunch turn around the deck, I know I don't. If Celebrity continues to permit this they will lose custom.Entertainment? Well I think the less said there the better, we stopped going to the theatre shows after four so I cannot give a true critique of that aspect of the cruise, which is probably as well going by those we had the misfortune to sit/sleep through. The live music was much better and appeared at various venues throughout the ship during the day and evenings. It is a pity that there is no real dance floor on a ship that size as the only area available was a postage stamp sized space at the foot of the stairs on deck three made even smaller by the presence, slightly to one side, of a huge artificial flower. Poor design again when considering the main target customer pool is middle aged to elderly folk, most of whom enjoy a little turn around the dance floor of an evening. Music by the pool was often pleasant, exciting & appropriate or sometimes loud, aggressive & annoying. Neutral score there then. Selling played a huge part of the itinerary on the Reflection and if you went on a cruise to buy bling and 'Art Works' then this was the ship for you, with plenty of expensive bargains to be had apparently, well they must have been bargains, the vendors kept telling us and the the 'Artworks' looked like genuine pictures alright. The casino is something I know absolutely nothing about and I only ever passed through on my way to somewhere else. Looked to be a lot of ways to gamble if that's your thing. Not mine so nothing to say about it. The outdoor swimming pools were closed a lot of the time and the indoor one most of the time, we only ever managed to get into it once near the start of the cruise. The hot tubs were nice but often crowded and the various sunbeds, mattresses, cocoons and double sized hammocks around the solarium were comfortable and relaxing. Pity about the indoor pool but it didn't like the Atlantic swell splashing in great waves from one end to the other most of the time. I don't understand why they didn't drain it. The biggest problem we had came right at the end of the cruise, or strictly speaking after we had been disembarked. The U.S.Customs and Immigration folk at Miami had a huge problem coping with all those people leaving together and we were left standing in a queue for over two hours before clearing through. The coach booked by Celebrity to take us to the Hilton hotel and our day-rooms picked up some wrong people and was delayed and then went to the wrong hotel before eventually leaving us all at the Miami Airport Hilton where no rooms had been booked for us despite us all having the paperwork from Celebrity. No help from the emergency number so we all just left in disgust to spend six or so very uncomfortable hours in Miami Airport departure lounge which is not an experience to be recommended. Poor show to finish a very mediocre cruise on Celebrity, you really need to try a lot harder. Read Less
Sail Date November 2012
Embarkation in Barcelona was the best of any cruise we have taken. We arrived at the terminal by taxi about an hour after the first passengers could board, our baggage was immediately taken away by a porter, we went straight to the area ... Read More
Embarkation in Barcelona was the best of any cruise we have taken. We arrived at the terminal by taxi about an hour after the first passengers could board, our baggage was immediately taken away by a porter, we went straight to the area designated for our deck, checked in and were on board within about 15 minutes. We went to our stateroom, met our room attendants, had lunch and by that time our bags had arrived. All very efficient and hassle-free. Our stateroom was what you would expect on a brand new ship. Clean, reasonably spacious and kept immaculate by the two attendants. They were very friendly, never intrusive and seemed to know whenever we left our stateroom for breakfast as by the time we returned the bed was made and the cabin tidied. We love the concept of no fixed seating/sittings in the dining room and would generally arrive for dinner at about 7.30 pm and on only one occasion had to wait for a table. Food in the main dining room was good but certainly not great and there was not enough variety. Nowhere near the standard of a good restaurant on shore. Did not live up to the expectations we had after reading other reviews by Celebrity passengers. One major fault with the dining room was the dim lighting. It became a joke as people would use the torches on their cell phones in order to be able to read the menu. I don't expect a restaurant to be brightly lit but surely you should be able to see to read the menu. We tried the specialty restaurants and again, although the food was good it was not exceptional and certainly did not live up to the hype. For most of our shore excursions (including some we did with fellow Cruise Critic members) we used private tour guides and these were excellent. We took two organised by the ship and both were frustrating in that fellow passengers would arrive back at the bus up to 20 minutes late. This meant that on one tour we actually had to miss one of our stops. I know this is not the ship's fault but surely something can be done to avoid this. Maybe make an announcement that if you are late returning to the bus it will leave and you will be required to make your own way back to the ship. Entertainment on the cruise was hit and miss. The Filipino group was excellent and we listened to them every night. Other shows were in the main not great and it was evident that other passengers felt the same way as on quite a few occasions you would see people leaving the theatre after 5-10 minutes. Disembarkation in Venice was swift with no problems. Once outside the terminal, however, it was a different story. It was raining and there was no shelter as we waited with dozens of others to get the one shuttle to the area where you could get a water taxi to your hotel. As seems to be the case in these situations, people were jumping the queue and pushing their way onto the shuttle each time it arrived. When we finally arrived at the water taxi area it was quite chaotic with people lined up to buy tickets and then not sure where to go after that. Not a good end to the cruise. In all, we enjoyed the cruise but had expected more. We found the experience no better than the other cruise lines we've cruised with and will probably only choose Celebrity again if there is an itinerary we find particularly attractive. Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
The Celebrity Reflection is a beautiful ship and the staff was really wonderful - always pleasant and helpful. As others have reviewed, although this was widely touted as an inaugural cruise - so many times by the cruise director. It ... Read More
The Celebrity Reflection is a beautiful ship and the staff was really wonderful - always pleasant and helpful. As others have reviewed, although this was widely touted as an inaugural cruise - so many times by the cruise director. It created high expectations for something special - unfortunately, that was not the case. I selected this cruise not for the fact that it was an inaugural cruise, but because of the itinerary. Thank goodness because if it had not been mentioned so many times that it was an inaugural cruise - I would never have known it. Food - we ate breakfast and lunch in the Cafe on the 14th floor. The food was OK to good; service very good. Everyone was constantly hustling to clear tables and offer coffee or juice. Although there were many stations with lots of food - we tended to eat the same everyday - that was our choice. Nothing outstanding - but then how special can you make an omelet and bacon? Some of the desserts however were very good. Dinner was in the Opus main dining area. The food was very good and the service also exceptional - very attentive. Service - as mentioned - everyone very friendly and attentive. These guys and gals really work hard and deserve every tip they get and more. Although we prepaid gratuities we supplemented them as well. This applies to food service and cabin service. Our room was cleaned/ straightened every day - as expected; we were always greeted with a smile from our attendant. Entertainment - OK to so-so. Several of the acts I thought would have been better suited on a smaller stage - not the main stage. A magician - really??? you couldn't even see the card tricks he was doing with or without the camera and large screen used to show his tricks. The fiddler who played mostly blue grass and Celtic tunes??? Really??? Not exactly mainstream. He was obviously talented - when he played classical tunes they were excellent. I've been on non-inaugural cruises where I thought the entertainment was of higher quality. Maybe it was my expectations that were set too high. Excursions - I try to arrange for excursions thru private companies because those offered by the cruise ship tends to be expensive and attended by large groups. I ended up signing up for 3 of the cruise line's excursions because I couldn't find a private excursion: canal cruise in Bruges, city tour of Vigo, and another city tour. I hope they fixed the problem with their registration system on the TV - the information was all wrong. They itinerary was showing a 12 night cruise - not the 9 night cruise we were on. I never could register for any of the excursions via the system even after calling the desk several times - they tried fixing it but never got it right. Because of that I was closed out of several excursions. I tried the desk but the lines were always very long. I finally managed to sign up with the help of one of the staff. The guides were below average in that they were not that knowledgeable and with the large group it was always difficult to hear. The excursion to the Alahambra that I arranged thru a private company was very good - I would highly recommend them. Shopping on board - There was very limited time to shop off ship so I thought about buying a hand decorated ornament. When I asked the attendant to confirm that it was hand made locally - she said - yes, in Turkey. I thought it was odd that they would have a large selection of souvenirs from Turkey and not Spain. Turkey was not on the itinerary. Very strange. I guess if I want a souvenir from Spain I need to take the Greece/Turkey cruise?? Overall, even though it rained every day we enjoyed the cruise. Thinking back - we probably would have thought it was an exceptional cruise except we were told over and over again that "this was special" - "this was an inaugural cruise". It was a very nice cruise, unfortunately nothing really special. Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
Celebrity Reflection Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.6
Dining 5.0 4.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.1
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.6
Service 5.0 4.5
Value For Money 5.0 4.1
Rates 4.0 4.1

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