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My wife and I have taken several cruises over the years and we were generally pleased with all of them but from the minute we stepped on this ship we knew we were in for something special. Check in was organized and easy, no long lines ... Read More
My wife and I have taken several cruises over the years and we were generally pleased with all of them but from the minute we stepped on this ship we knew we were in for something special. Check in was organized and easy, no long lines since they start early. We stepped onto the glass enclosed elevators and as we flew up toward the 14th deck we encountered an engineering marvel. There suspended seemingly in mid air is a beautiful live tree, visible from all of the elevators in that bank. The next few hours were spent in exploring the ship after the obligatory stop at the buffet lunch of course. We love to sit outside when we eat and Reflection has many tables just outside the buffet area. During the tour, my wife and I could not stop marveling at the interior design. The furnishings were plush and comfortable, and the art work was creative. Our room (a veranda room) was comfortable and the bathroom spacious. Our first day and a half were at sea so all the passengers were onboard. This is sometimes problematic but there were plenty of lounge chairs available. Another thing I was pleased to see was that fresh towels were always available. On previous cruises towels were hard to come by 2 PM in the afternoon. The food on the cruise was just fine. Breakfasts were available in the main dining room and at the buffet. The buffet was well organized. A staff member wrote down what we wanted on our omelette, and within 2 minutes your name was called and a hot fresh omelette was on your plate. Ice cream was available from 12 to 10 PM and you could get it topped with M&M's or other goodies. We were onboard for the Superbowl. They did such a great job. The theater was used and decorated in both team colors. The food made it feel like we were tailgating, wings, burgers, franks and nachos. They could not have made it more fun. We went to one specialty restaurant and it was the highlight of our trip. The Lawn Club Grille is not to be missed. You actually get to cook your own dinner next to a professional chef. I learned so much about grilling from him. I also had a blast making our first course, spinning pizza dough high in the air as my wife took videos of me, priceless. I can't end the review without mentioning the talent onboard. They were great. I especially loved the comedy magician Scott Alexander. His magic was jaw dropping and the way he delivered it was a riot. I've been on many other cruises and you over hear people talking to each other in the hot tubs or on the elevator. On this cruise, I never heard a negative comment which is amazing. I could go on and on but no need. You will love this cruise!!! Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
My partner and I have previously been on the Eclipse and Solstice, so this ship was very familiar. Although there is an additional level of cabins, the layout is actually better on the upper decks than on the other ships in this class. ... Read More
My partner and I have previously been on the Eclipse and Solstice, so this ship was very familiar. Although there is an additional level of cabins, the layout is actually better on the upper decks than on the other ships in this class. The ship is brand new and beautiful. Very nice artwork throughout. We didn't miss Quasars, which is now a conference center. Frankly, we never saw anyone use Quasars on the other ships anyway. The Sky Observation Lounge is smaller than on previous versions of the ship because of the addition of new suites, but it is still adequate and very nicely furnished. We stayed in cabin 1620 which is on the "bump out" section of the ship and has a huge balcony. Very nice. The cabins are, in my opinion, small and kind of cramped especially when the bed in near the door instead of the balcony. Nonetheless the cabins are nicely furnished and comfortable. The bathrooms are laid out excellently and quite large for a cruise ship. They have nice touches like fog free mirrors and nightlights. There is insufficient drawer space in the cabins although the closet is adequate. The bed is comfortable, but even with the "pillow menu" neither of us could find comfortable pillows. The room service attendant was excellent. We hardly saw her after the first day, but the cabin was always clean when we returned and there were always plenty of clean towels/glasses, etc. We tried 3 of specialty restaurants and enjoyed them all. The best was the Lawn Club Grill. The flat bread appetizer (which was actually a pizza) was awesome. The restaurant is, however, over priced at $40. Quisine is a great experience and I think worth the $40 surcharge. We have eaten in Tuscan Grill several times before and we were not disappointed. The food and service were excellent and worth the $30 surcharge. We did not try Murano's this trip because we both feel it is stuffy and overpriced having dined there twice before on other trips. Our main restaurant was Blu because we had an Aqua class stateroom. The food is consistently good in that venue as is the service. On three Solstice cruises we have yet to try the MDR.The cruise line says they have added additional deck chairs, but it was still difficult to find sunny deck chairs on sea days. There were many "chair hogs" on board. I actually did see the pool attendants pick up peoples belongings from chairs that had not been occupied for a long time. Good job! The Solarium is very nice as it is on all the Solstice ships. For the first time we tried the Spa Grill and were pleasantly surprised. The ahi tuna was very good. We saw a few of the shows. The production shows were good, not great. The magician was also good, but again, not great. We did try most of the bars and enjoyed the Martini Bar and the Sunset Bar best. The new layout for the Sunset Bar is much improved. I had the drink package and thought it was worth the money if for nothing else than the convenience. I noticed on this voyage that most of the passengers had some sort of drink package as very few receipts were printed out by the bartenders. I also noticed that very few people seemed to tip the bartenders. I know 15% is included in the price, but many them went above and beyond and deserved extra compensation. In general, the service throughout the ship was uniformly excellent. We had no complaints about the service. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
Great First Cruise on Celebrity! Veteran cruiser trying Celebrity Reflection (Feb 16 -- 23) Background to review: With our children grown and no longer cruising with us, we usually book a suite for the extra amenities offered. On ... Read More
Great First Cruise on Celebrity! Veteran cruiser trying Celebrity Reflection (Feb 16 -- 23) Background to review: With our children grown and no longer cruising with us, we usually book a suite for the extra amenities offered. On this cruise, we booked the Aqua Class veranda room, deck 11, 1586. Besides our Hawaii cruise on Pride of America, which was exceptional and our cruise on NCL Pearl to Grand Cayman, this cruise ranks as one of the top three cruises we have experienced. I am not saying that everything on the Celebrity Reflection was the greatest, but the combination of the ship, the crew, the entertainment, the excursions (excluding San Juan), the food, the friends we met, and of course the spa, made for a perfect week. Congratulations to Captain Bouzakis who I met on the first sea day and he asked me to report back at the end of the week.....well Captain, I am impressed!!! Overall Evaluation: (more detail comments appear below) - The Reflection is a great ship for cruising. Easy to navigate, colorful, and well maintained. It should be, it is NEW! Not too big to get lost but large enough to offer a variety of activities. The non-smoking rules are also a benefit for nonsmokers. Just stay away from the Mast Bar. - Our veranda room was very comfortable, had ample storage and a good view from the balcony. - Food quality was good to superb everywhere, not just in the specialty dining areas like on other ships. I will comment on the BLU later in this report for AQUA CLASS diners. - General dining room (Opus Room) offered a good variety, with excellent quality, great service and never a waiting line whenever we went there. - Entertainment was typical for cruise ships. Better than average with some highlights. The last night's duo with the cruise director Paul singing was outstanding. These Guys also were outstanding everywhere they sang. - The Spa was adequate but not as great as may be advertised. I have had better on other ships. This is the one area where I spend a lot of my time. - The staff everywhere was as friendly and helpful as can be. Their attitude of "can't say no" and willingness to go the extra mile to please the customer permeates from Captain Bouzakis throughout the entire staff. This attitude is clearly demonstrated by the visibility of the officers throughout the ship. On the first sea day, the Captain stopped and talked to Wendy and I without knowing us nor that we were not Celebrity Elite status. AQUA CLASS VERANDA and BLU: I booked the AQUA CLASS room to get access to the SPA and also to have the availability to eat in the BLU restaurant for breakfast and dinner. The room was typical for balcony rooms in size but did have adequate storage. The showers in the AQUA class rooms are great with the side jets and overhead shower head. Embarkation for the Aqua Class was a breeze. We arrived at 11:30 and were on the ship within 30 minutes. We were NOT impressed with the breakfast offering in the BLU. In fact, after the first day we ate breakfast in the OPUS and one day we tried the buffet. I like EGGS BENEDICT and other options available in the OPUS. The BLU has a limited menu for both breakfast and dinner. The food quality in the BLU was good, just needs more variety. DINING: Bistro on Five: This is a great place that did not seem to be very busy. Upon embarkation, we went to the Bistro on Five so we could have a quiet meal without the crowd at the buffet. There is a $5.00 charge but worth every penny. The crepes are OUTSTANDING. Opus Dining Room: Good variety, excellent quality, and good service. We attended the Special Bruch on Thursday and this was probably the only meal that I would skip when I cruise again. Food was plentiful, great variety, but the organization was lacking and hectic with some people being seated and others just arriving and taking seats. I would rather have gone earlier to another restaurant and has a nice sit down breakfast. Tuscan Grille: OUTSTANDING, OUTSTANDING, OUTSTANDING. I had the filet (huge) and a side dish of the lobster pasta with alfredo sauce (also an entree). Ate too much but totally enjoyed every bite. Oceanview Cafe: Good variety, food was adequate. It is a buffet. They do offer EGGS BENEDICT. AquaSpa Cafe: I ate there every morning after my workout at 7:00. Had cereal and fruit before I picked up my wife for breakfast. Great place to go for an early morning light snack. Never was crowded at 7:00 -- 8:00. BLU: Mentioned before that I enjoyed the quality of food just not the limited menu. I did like the option that the BLU was always available for Aqua Class for dinner between 6 -- 9 pm without a reservation. This option did not force us into a schedule but allowed us the flexibility I enjoy. Mast Grill: Last but certainly NOT the least. Did not find this until the third day and what a mistake. Absolutely the best hamburger anywhere. All you have to do is look at the line that starts at 11:30 when they open and you know something must be good. Don't let the line scare you away....it moves very fast because the staff is very organized. I had read that the coffee on the Reflection was terrible. I concur. I bought the Premium Non-alcohol package and enjoyed the specialty coffees. Another cruiser told me she just dilutes the coffee with hot water. I tried that and it helped. If you like really strong mud, you will like the regular machine coffee. I can summarize our dining experience by saying "The food was excellent." Aqua Spa / Solarium / Exercise Room: This is one area of the ship I go to every day. The exercise room has the typical equipment but has ONLY three recumbent bicycles. I like this equipment and I wish they had more of them. After all, some of us are getting older and those other bikes are difficult to sit on and the treadmills are hard on my knees. I really enjoy the Thermal Spas on the ships I cruise and the Reflection Persian Garden has many features of other ships I have taken but not all inclusive in one area. The Persian Garden is a delight. Heated tile chairs, saunas, and cold room. Problem is, you have to leave the area for any pool or Jacuzzi experience. These items are in the Solarium where it is open to the entire ship and often crowded. It is located on deck 12. The relaxation room you could miss if you don't know where it is. Located on deck 11 with one access down the spiral staircase from the Persian Garden. The room overlooks the front of the ship with several really comfortable cushioned chairs. Only downside is the hostess for the massage treatments often places waiting clients in the room to fill out paper work disturbing the people trying to relax. Men and ladies locker room in the spa are adequate. Not extremely large. ENTERTAINMENT: DO NOT MISS the final Farewell Variety Showtime on the last night. It provides a great emotional high and a fitting tribute to a great cruise. Paul, the cruise director, has an outstanding voice and should consider singing more during the cruise. He was much better than the singer they featured one night. These Guys were great everywhere they sang on the ship. The dance competition with the officers and guests was hilarious. PORTS: San Juan: I could skip this port and NOT miss anything. Like going to an decaying American city in the middle of the Caribbean. We walked to El Murro. Good exercise but did not feel particularly safe. Nice to see the police standing on many of the intersections. The shops along the way reminded me of going to Dollar General or the Dollar store. Cheap merchandise....mostly trinkets. I would recommend booking an excursion if you want something to do in San Juan. I will not be going back there anytime soon. St Maartens: We had booked an excursion through the cruise ship, SMH6 Catamaran Mirabella Beach and Sea excursion. Sailing was great, crew was great, the beach was beautiful, and the snorkeling was fun but not the best in the Caribbean. Water was rough and not much to see. Did not bother me because the entire experience was fun and delightful. Shopping in St Maartens at the shops just off the pier was very good. Many shops, safe area and very clean as opposed to San Juan. St. Kitts: Shopping was very good at the shops just a short walk from the pier. We also booked the bus/train ride around the island: Caribbean Scenic Railway Tour (KT15A). Very informative tour of the entire island. The train ride was very pleasant with drinks offered and entertainment(singers) provided. A great way to experience and see St. Kitts. Not sure how young children would enjoy this excursion but it was great for us mature adults. DISEMBARKATION: Easiest and quickest I have every encountered. We always like to walk off with our luggage. We entered the Ensemble Lounge at 7:15 and we were off the boat within 15 minutes. We were at our gate in the Miami airport by 8:30. Very organized for us. CRUISE CRITIC MEET AND GREET: Celebrity did a fine job of hosting our Meet and Greet in Michael's lounge. The cruise director, Paul, kicked off the meeting and introduced some of the staff in attendance. Refreshments were provided and we got to meet some very nice people who we spent some time with during the rest of the voyage. NEXT CRUISE: We are looking forward to cruising on the NCL Jewel to Alaska this year. About 80% of the experienced cruisers I met on board have cruised in Alaska and loved it. With our great experience from this cruise, we are looking into another Celebrity Reflection cruise possible in Europe. I now have two cruise lines that I really enjoy: NCL and Celebrity. Some others were totally eliminated from our planning. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
Our pre-cruise hotel was the Miami Four Seasons. Got an excellent last-minute price through Priceline...was well worth the wait. Took a taxi to the Port of Miami arriving around 11:30 a.m. Things seemed chaotic and had trouble locating ... Read More
Our pre-cruise hotel was the Miami Four Seasons. Got an excellent last-minute price through Priceline...was well worth the wait. Took a taxi to the Port of Miami arriving around 11:30 a.m. Things seemed chaotic and had trouble locating someone to assist arriving guests with their luggage. Eventually all taken care of and quickly processed through. First, the ship. The Reflection is very sleek with a contemporary feel to her. Layout was perfect and easy to learn how to get around and where everything was. We liked that the PA system was only used a couple times a day. Our Concierge Class cabin was located at the stern of the ship, but could not get access until around 1:30 p.m. Only problem with this location was black granular soot was all over the balcony furniture and deck the first morning. Brushed off the chairs and had morning coffee, but ended up with black streaks on our shorts and socks. The cabin staff took care of it and our clothes were cleaned no charge. They also put extra large towels in our cabin to cover the balcony chairs should soot happen again. They said it had to do with the winds. But the view made the cabin location worth it !! The cruise itinerary could, or should, have been better. San Juan is a late arrival and not geared to those wanting a beach day. There were long lineups to exit the ship. We did a bus tour that put half of us to sleep. Definitely too late arrival for a good beach day. St. Maarten is perfect and my favorite port of call. Beach, restaurants and shopping are all right there. No tour buses or taxi's needed. St. Kitts is good, but tour is needed to get to a beach. Took a taxi tour offered at the wharf to see the island. Three days (plus Puerto Rico) at sea is too much if you are craving beach time. Pool areas are very crowded and busy on those days. You can always get a lounge, but not always in a location one would prefer. The staff on Reflection are excellent. Very friendly and always willing to assist. Enjoyed Muranos and Lawn Club Grill. Opinion is worth the extra price. Food quality, service and presentation was excellent. Here is my only major complaint. I booked this cruise well in advance, around May, 2012, and received complimentary gratuities and a $75.00 credit. About a couple of months prior to departure, Celebrity announced a beverage included - promotional package called 1-2-3-Go. I contacted my travel provider to ask for access to the better comps that were offered, and was told definitely NO !!! After talking with several passengers after departure, found out that they also had similar situation, but their agents called Celebrity directly and their comps were upgraded to include alcohol and beverages. My advice, call Celebrity directly and talk with representative and make your case. Those who book well in advance should not be penalized with access to better inclusions that those who book last minute were able to access and enjoy. Cabin prices stayed the same, just the inclusions greatly improved. Just doesn't make good business sense to have ticked off customers, now does it !!! Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
The new Celebrity Reflection is a stunning ship, with grand public rooms and a high level of service. I shared a cabin with my partner. My best friend took a single. Embarkation - (Miami) Fast and efficient. Very few lines to wait ... Read More
The new Celebrity Reflection is a stunning ship, with grand public rooms and a high level of service. I shared a cabin with my partner. My best friend took a single. Embarkation - (Miami) Fast and efficient. Very few lines to wait on. Staff and Crew - Our cabin stewards was efficient, but my friend's was slow to respond to simple requests. However, there was hardly a crew member who failed to say, "hello". I saw officers, including the Captain, regularly mingling with passengers. The cruise staff were very active. The cruise director, Paul Baya, entertained at the deck party and seemed everywhere on board. The ship's crew knew how to involve guest at their dance parties. The Sky Lounge usually had good music. Cabin - We started the cruise with an outside cabin directly forward. We heard excessive noise during the evening as waves hit the bow (sounded like giant 'booms') due to rough seas. The ship was very accommodating and followed up with a change of cabin in the same area, yet much quieter. The level of professionalism at Guest Services extended to the Hotel Manager writing me a personal note to make sure all was OK. The cabins were comfortable with quality bedding. Passengers can ask for feather or body pillows. There are nice touches like flat-screen TVs which pull out of the wall and tilt. The balconies are private. One concern is the storage space above the bed, which is difficult for shorter people. The bathrooms are well designed with a large shower and lots of space for toiletries. Note: Celebrity, like most ships does not allow passengers to bring irons onboard. We tried, but they found it in our luggage. They left the booze alone, but took the iron (!). [We got it back after the cruise.] What I don't like is the fact that RCCL ships do not provide a laundry room with irons and ironing boards. This forces you to use their paid services. Public Rooms - The theatre is lovely, the shops beautiful, with more jewelry stores that one could possibly need. The decoration in the corridors near the shops is very elegant, with high ceilings. The bars were popular, especially the (iced) martini bar. One thing I didn't like was the fact that nearly all deck chairs were placed right next to each other, with little space to move them for privacy. This is partly because so much of the top deck is taken with the lawn or the (pay-for-use) alcoves. While the alcoves were used, the restaurants on the top deck (for-fee) were usually empty. The lawn is nice, but simply takes up too much space where they could have deck or other lounge chairs. The library was large, but the books seemed old. The nook area for reading was very popular, as was the game room. There were two smoking areas, one near the pool and buffet. It's time Celebrity end all onboard smoking Food - the MDR food was quite good. Salads were very fresh, but veggies seemed uninspired. As someone who eats fish nearly every night, I was happy with most preparations. My travelling companions enjoyed veal, beef, and pork. Desserts were not particularly special, which was a disappointment. One night we ate at Murano. We enjoyed bronzini, lobster, Chateaubriand, and Dover Sole. The desserts there WERE special, including a Grand Marnier souffle. Another nice touch from Celebrity is the extent of their room service menu. While Princess has cut out most hot dishes for breakfast, Celebrity still offers a full in-cabin breakfast and a large day/evening room service menu. Your cabin steward calls you, letting you know he or she is on the way with your food. The buffet had a nice variety of food and the Oceanview Cafe had a nice outdoor sitting area in the aft of the ship. It was disappointing that high tea was only for Elite. Activities- We played lots of trivia and danced in the evening. This cruise offered a magician (very good), Elton John impersonator (also good), and 3 production shows. The singers and dancers were fine; however, the shows seemed to have little in the way of an organized story or them, which made the choreography seem uninspired. Kudos to Celebrity for excellent Select and Elite cocktail parties. They offered more than your ordinary rum punches and mimosas. Ports of Call: San Juan - We'd all been to the ports before, so for us, it was a lot of same-ole-same-ole. In PR, we walked around Old San Juan, took the free tram to El Morro, and stopped by the pier for a mojito. At night we took a walk by the city walls. St. Thomas - We went to Megan's Bay, beautiful as ever, but too crowded. Five ships were in port that day and the crowds took away from the beauty of the beach. We docked at Crown Bay, where there a lot more shops than the last time we were there. Supreme Liquor is still there, with prices that beat the larger Riise's. St. Maarten - We took a cab to Orient Bay, which we visit each time we're on the island and went over to Club Orient for nude sunning and swimming. It's still a special place. Disembarkation: The ship's procedure was very organized, but once you get your luggage, the lines were long. We parked at the pier, which cost us $140 for the week ($20 per day). We look forward to our next cruise on Celebrity; it's certainly one of the best cruise lines afloat. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
We cruised out of Miami on the new Reflection Ship.The Ship was amazing.Our balcony room was nice, new and very clean. The bedding was tip top. We did get on the Concierge Level and compared to other cruises, the treatment was actually ... Read More
We cruised out of Miami on the new Reflection Ship.The Ship was amazing.Our balcony room was nice, new and very clean. The bedding was tip top. We did get on the Concierge Level and compared to other cruises, the treatment was actually worse on this cruise.They came into your cabin 2 times to do the usual, but we had to beg for ice and there was never any "special treatment" due to concierge class. Same old dried flowers and fruit in room daily. Melted ice by the time you got to your room. The food & service on the rest of the boat were excellent. We got the all-inclusive drink plan and it was well worth it. The bartenders poured a heavy pour, so no lacking on that. The pool boys were terrible at recognizing you needed anything and once they found out you had "the card" then they really ignored you. They doted ot people with credit cards and the people who were giving them tips.Believe me, we were IGNORED several several times! Entertainment of the ship was pretty good.Food in the dining room...excellent. The Ports of St. Kitts and St. Martin were also very disappointing. Very poverty stricken Islands and not a lot of pretty beaches or excursions that were worth the $$$$. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
We did not get off to such a good start. We decided to drive to Miami which we will never do again. The ride from the Ft Lauderdale Area into Miami was traffic laden with a lot of thoughtless drivers. It stayed that way the whole time we ... Read More
We did not get off to such a good start. We decided to drive to Miami which we will never do again. The ride from the Ft Lauderdale Area into Miami was traffic laden with a lot of thoughtless drivers. It stayed that way the whole time we were there, and we came in 2 days early for the cruise. We stayed at the Hampton Inn Blue Lagoon (Very nice) and they let us park our car there for the week. It was so much easier letting someone else do the driving. We got to the pier about 11 a.m. Saturday and were whiskedd through security and registration. Then we came to a dead stop. We were ushered to a place against the wall in the registration areas and there we stood for 50 minutes. There were no seats or much space. We watched as many, many people were allowed to go on boardd. We figured we were the "untouchables" of the cruise passengers and had to wait with the masses and get on last. More and more people were directed our way until there were several hundred of us standing in lines. By the time we were allowed on boardd, I had formed an initial bad impression of this cruise line. But wait -- that really was the worst thing that happened all week. As we were offered a glass of champagne as we entered the ship, and we saw how beautiful this ship is, the bad impression melted away. We went upstairs to the buffet which was magnificent. If there was not something to your liking, then you are one very very particular eater. You name it, it was there, including a homemade ice cream parlor of sorts with some of the best ice cream I have had. By the time lunch was over so was the bad impression. Our room was a very pleasant surprise too. We were at the very front of the ship and our room had extra space at its large slanted window which looked out over the very front of the ship. The room was quite large by ship standards because of this slanted front wall. We had great views. If you want something different, book one of these front rooms. The room also was quiet. Dining was very good everywhere. The buffet upstairs of course was great and varied. Breakfast at the buffet was better, I thought, than the dining room because they had some things there -- cheese blintzes, waffles with lots of toppings, more bread selections, cheese, and regular pancakes for us, that the dining roomm did not have. A place above the pool area had hamburgers and hot dogs most of the day. You could also get self serve soft ice cream there. Dinner was a great experience. The selections were fresh, tasty and varied. We had great waiters who gave good suggestions. We did notice a lot of people came in about 15-20 minutes late which made it hard on the waiters. One of them even remarked to us how they appreciated that we were on time. This cruise served a lot of lamb and veal which we like. We also had the largest lobster tail I have ever had -- at least 1/2 lb. And cooked perfectly. We ate at the alternative Restaurant Tuscan Grill and found the food on par with the Dining Room which was very good. The difference is the attentiveness of the staff,and the atmosphere. The shows were good. All the troupe ones got standing ovations. For the others there was a singer and a magician who were good too. We went to a late night comedy show that was hilarious. The ship itself is gorgeous. There is an area on deck for adults only that has an enclosed pool and we spent a lot of time there. In the evening there would be music and dancing at the bottom of the atrium. And there is a lovely bar on the very back of the ship outside that was so nice to be at. We also found a place called the hideaway which is situated on an upper level of the atrium where you can sit quietly or read and enjoy some coffee, tea or hot chocolate. We saw people using it in the early morning -- probably early risers who did not want to disturb their roommates. We attended a reception for people with anniversaries/newlyweds and the past passenger party. Both were very tasteful and enjoyable. We felt like a lot of effort was put forth on this ship to ensure we had a great cruise. The workers were pleasant, and helpful. The ports of San Juan, St. Thomas and St Martin were fine. We were lucky we had good weather and calm seas. It was sad to have the cruise end. We will certainly cruise Celebrity again. I think they have maintained a lot of the service things we seasoned cruisers miss from cruises past on other ship lines. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
I'm more than a bit surprised at the reviews of the Celebrity Reflection. One negative reviewer was on the same cruise as we were, we shared windy conditions leaving Miami. And we both booked aqua class. Here all comparisions end. ... Read More
I'm more than a bit surprised at the reviews of the Celebrity Reflection. One negative reviewer was on the same cruise as we were, we shared windy conditions leaving Miami. And we both booked aqua class. Here all comparisions end. Check in. A bit messy with the abundance of papers that we had to fill in, both online and again here. Still it did not take long before we could board. Soon afterwards our staterooms were also ready. Stateroom: Aquaclass was fantastic. Service several times a day, take a shower and when you return, new towels await. Impressive service throughout the cruise. Suddenly a bag with beachtowels, perfect roomservice. Blu: I don't know what to say. We are experienced travellers, 4 and 5 star hotels mostly. We owned a highclass B&B once and I am a greta cook myself. So going out for dinner is often not worth the money, I cook circles around most chefs. Not here. From filet mignone to lobster tail, almost everything served was of the best quality possible. Also here service cannot be beat, at breakfast the sky is the limit, fresh orangejuice, pancakes, french toast, sensational smoked salmon with toasted bagels, everythingyou could wish for. I Blu worth the price of aqueclass? Absolutely. Main restaurant: very beautiful. A bit messy but also here the food was perfect. We ate here only twice, prefering Blu. Swimming pool: Here you can see the ship is big and the pools are really too small. Great burgers with fries without extra charge and enough place to lay down. The cafe: fine food, great assortment. Even sushi but that was not topclass. Shows: the theater was as large as on land and the performers work really hard. Not everything is great, some songs don't fit with the rest. Still we were never bored with something new nightly. All in all: you simply cannot find a hotel with this level of service anywhere on the planet. The formal nights were real nice and we were very impressed with Celebrity. I only hope they can keep it up. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
This was not our first cruise on Celebrity. We hold them to a very high standard and they seldom disappoint. I must say that they exceeded our expectations on this cruise. Embarkation was speedy as is the norm. The rooms would be ... Read More
This was not our first cruise on Celebrity. We hold them to a very high standard and they seldom disappoint. I must say that they exceeded our expectations on this cruise. Embarkation was speedy as is the norm. The rooms would be ready around 1pm and the buffet of course was ready to go. Lots of fresh made to order options which we appreciate. The Sunset Bar on the Reflection was more comfortable than on some of the sister ships. Lots of comfortable seating, a great space and a busy, friendly bar. Last minute we booked a balcony "guarantee" and got a 2C...somewhat obstructed. This is one area I wish the Captain's Club mattered. We are Elite in status and if they put a little thought into it, perhaps we might have been berthed into a better category. Not really complaining though. The room inside was very comfortable. Our stateroom attendant Roman and his assistant Reynaldo were amazing, friendly and took very good care of us and any special requests we made. Overall the waitstaff was very friendly and attentive which is what one expects on a Celebrity ship. I might mark down the gals at the Molecular Bar for being a little stiff and "sour pusses" but it didn't ruin my amazing vacation. I must give the Reflection high marks for entertainment. The shows in the theater were terrific, but so was the entertainers all over the ship. The party band was a favorite for everyone. The Captain and his staff were very visible, friendly and engaged in several activities with the guests. Dining overall was quite good. The dining room meals may not be as great as years past, but still very good. We ate in the specialty restaurants Murano and Tuscan Grill and were very pleased. It was as perfect a cruise as I've ever experienced. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
Let me start by saying that I am NOT an avid cruiser. It is not my idea of a fantastic vacation and would not be my first choice. That being said - if I have to go on a large ship cruise again it will only be with Celebrity Cruises. ... Read More
Let me start by saying that I am NOT an avid cruiser. It is not my idea of a fantastic vacation and would not be my first choice. That being said - if I have to go on a large ship cruise again it will only be with Celebrity Cruises. My husband and I took my elderly Mother with us and selected Eastern Caribbean for the ease of getting us all to the ship. There were direct flights from Boston (Mom) and DC (us) that got us in and out at around the same times. Check in for the cruise was quick and efficient and we were on the ship at around noon. We went up to the Mast Grill on deck 14 for burgers and fries (very good) while we waited to get access to the rooms. Rooms were ready by 1:15 and we had our bags shortly thereafter. Overall impression of the ship was fantastic. Everything was new, elegant and perfect - like we were the first to see her. Mid ship atrium with glass elevators took our breathe away - and the living tree suspended in the atrium was so beautiful and so unexpected! The cabins were spacious, well laid out, had plenty of storage, and had big and modern baths. My husband is a big guy and he fit in the shower stall with no problem and he loved the powerful water pressure and unlimited hot water! Cabins had a safe, minibar, hairdryer, robes, and even an umbrella. Cabin service was outstanding. We never had a used towel stay in the room for more than an hour or so. I swear our cabin steward, Enrique, was servicing our cabin every time he saw us leave. He learned our names right away and connected us with my Mom (and took extra good care of her).Ship has 2 pools and 6 hot tubs. It was a little difficult to get lounge chairs in the shade, especially on "at sea" days. I agree with other reviewers that the cabanas were a waste and no one was using them or the lawns (which could only be used for bocce). If you want to putt or play croquet (like we did) you cannot do it on Reflection. Fitness room was PACKED every day and there were waits for the equipment. The restaurants were really good, even the buffet (Oceanview Cafe) and the main restaurant (Opus). We tried Tuscan Grille (for a fee) and thought it was good too, but not that much better than the main dining room. We could never get a reservation to Murano - it must book up pre-cruise. We did try the crepes, the paninis, and the gelato - all good. The croissant and brioche at the buffet were amazing. All bread made fresh daily as well as ice cream. Some meals were good, some were amazing. Surprisingly, the steaks were very good and all soups were wonderful. Shows were OK to good and the smaller musical events were very good (jazz quartet, a capella, etc.). Guest services was helpful and shore excursions were good and worth the price. Getting off ship was a pain, but they all have that problem. Port of Miami is a mess. Customs and Immigration was a complete zoo and was only topped by the complete chaos of trying to get on a bus to Miami airport. I will never do that again - will take my own cab instead of pre-paid transfers. We waited more than 90 minutes outside in a crowd to catch the bus. Not recommended. All in all it was a great cruise experience and Celebrity handled everything smoothly and graciously. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
Our flight to FLL and our bus transfer to Miami were all good. Check in was more complicated than on previous cruises. When we filled out our express pass long before going on the cruise we indicated which credit card we would use for any ... Read More
Our flight to FLL and our bus transfer to Miami were all good. Check in was more complicated than on previous cruises. When we filled out our express pass long before going on the cruise we indicated which credit card we would use for any onboard charges but has to fill out a form when we were being checked in with the same info we had supplied previously, redundant and time consuming. All they needed to see was the card and our ID. Getting on board was effortless and the glass of champagne always welcome. As to the cruise itself, the weather was good and the food at the Ocean Cafe was as expected but it seemed to me that there was not as much variety as on previous cruises with Celebrity. The crew was top notch and very helpful when needed. WE had requested late seating but when we got to our cabin found that we had been booked in early seating. A trip to the dining area to confer with the man in charge and we were rebooked into late dining. When we got to our table (262) the first thing I noticed was the heavy engine vibration that was being transmitted to my chair. Really annoying. The group at the next table got up and left before ordering and when I asked our table person why, she said it was because of the engine vibration so I was not imagining things. As a result we did not return for dinner in Opus for the next two nights but did go on formal night. Also, although we were at a table for six there were no other people at our table for the entire cruise??? It seems that Celebrity is now working full time on board ship to sell you on the upscale dining rooms, massages, acupuncture and all sorts of other extras. The stage shows were just OK, the magician was great.The crew were top notch. As to shore excursions, the only one we went on was the train ride around St. Kitts, don't waste your money. WE didn't go on excursions at the other stops as we had been to both places twice before.My overall cruise experience on this cruise on a scale of 1 to 10 would be a 7. Debarkation in Miami was less than satisfactory The line getting out of the luggage area was ridiculously long and trying to get on the bus to Ft. Lauderdale was mass confusion. This is an area that Celebrity should really get a handle on if they don't want their passengers to remember the end of the cruise instead of the cruise itself. All in all, we are not turned off to Celebrity yet as we are booked on a transatlantic cruise in April on the "Silhouette" and when that cruise is complete we will decide if Celebrity is for us in the future. I hope this is helpful to you other cruisers. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
We flew in the day before and stayed at a Courtyard by Marriott in the West Doral area. The next day we took a shuttle to port. $12.00 per person and worked out fine. We zipped through the process and got on the ship. We were handed a ... Read More
We flew in the day before and stayed at a Courtyard by Marriott in the West Doral area. The next day we took a shuttle to port. $12.00 per person and worked out fine. We zipped through the process and got on the ship. We were handed a cocktail and the vacation began. We had booked Aqua Spa class as it was my husbands birthday and he likes saunas and the gym. We never used it once! Husband's hip was acting up! So much for that idea. I loved the free tea,water and the free bottle of wine and fruit and h'orderves. we wanted to eat in Blu so it was still worth it as far as I'm concerned. I am a Celiac and must eat gluten free and had heard good things about Celebrity. I can't have wheat,rye or barley so buffets are a problem. I asked a chef walking around the Ocean cafe and his name was Malcolm and he said I should speak with Viktor. He did tell me that all the soups were thickened with rice flour and gave me some more choices. I was walking by and happened to over hear a woman asking about gluten free and it turned out to be Viktor. I introduced myself a he was fantastic! He called Blu and told them to have gluten free cheese cake for me that night. It was great, the only sad part was I only saw him one more time and didn't get to thank him with a tip. Don't know where they had him the rest of the trip. I did give him a shout out on my comment card. Blu: Husband would have been content in main dinning room but I liked it. The only problem I had was they didn't always remember to bring my gf bread. All of the cruise ships that now offer the bread have promptly brought it to my table. I had to ask several times and it wasn't that good so I just skipped the calories. It is a shame the cruise lines don't have better gf bread as there are some fantastic options they could use. I had some wonderful options as they could usually convert dish to be gluten free but sometimes not so much. I have always wanted to try soft shell crab but that is deep fried and battered with wheat flour so the non flour option was horrible! Yikes, I wanted to spit it out! Of course didn't! All in all it was the best food on a cruise yet! Some people have said they ran into rude workers but everyone was wonderful. Entertainment: We thought it was good some was fantastic but none was bad. We enjoyed dancing in the Grand Foyers, the band was great and the four a cappella guys were unbelievable. It rained one afternoon so we went to the wine tasting but that wasn't exactly what we thought it would be. We have been to one before and they poured the wine and talked about it but we were handed sheets to rate the wine while you were moving to different stations and we really didn't learn too much except how hard it is too write down anything on a flimsy sheet of paper with a small pencil while moving around with a glass of wine in one hand! Pools: Very lovely but surprised by how small they were. Chairs were no problem to find except on last day but we did find some a little further away from the pools. Only did the Solarium on last day and it was beautiful but crowded too.Cabin Aqua spa cabin was lovely and our room steward, Ozy was always smiling and kept the room immaculate. They could have made the sofa a bit smaller and had more floor space by closet for my shoes that wouldn't fit in the closet. I even brought less shoes too! And ladies if your like a hairdryer from the 21st century bring yours because it's the same 1200w that's on all the cruise ships and most hotels too. Somebody get at least a 1500w and then you've made my day and I can leave mine at home and could bring more shoes. All in all it's a pretty fantastic ship and we'll be back. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
Our third cruise, the second on a Celebrity ship, was wonderful. We were looking for a week of warmth and sun, without cooking, cleaning, or the screaming of little children, and Celebrity definitely delivered! We made our own ... Read More
Our third cruise, the second on a Celebrity ship, was wonderful. We were looking for a week of warmth and sun, without cooking, cleaning, or the screaming of little children, and Celebrity definitely delivered! We made our own arrangements, flying via Southwest to Ft. Lauderdale, and staying at the Hyatt Place Plantation the night before. We had rented a car at FLL and dropped it off at MIA, then took a rental car shuttle to the Port of Miami. The flight was ahead of schedule, the hotel was clean and the room nice, and we were able to stop by a nearby Target for a few forgotten things. Upon arriving at the Port of Miami about 11am, we were directed to a very short line for Concierge Class passengers. We checked in and were directed to a small lounge to wait until the ship was ready to be boarded. Our lounge contained CC and AQ passengers. Those passengers staying in regular veranda, outside and inside staterooms were standing in line. Another lounge was across the way for suite passengers. We boarded the ship just after 11:15am. We were greeted by the crew with a complimentary glass of sparkling wine and immediately bypassed the various crew to head to the Shore Excursions desk. We booked one excursion through the ship, the Champagne Cat in St. Thomas. We had sufficient OBC to more than pay for the excursion and were told we got the last two tickets. Once the excursion was booked, we headed back up to have a nice lunch. We chose to have lunch at the Bistro on Five, which has a cover charge. I believe we were the first passengers to head there for lunch. Other open venues were the buffet, The Porch, and the AquaSpa Cafe. We had great service at the Bistro, and we relaxed there until the staterooms were available about 1pm. The stateroom was beautiful, clean and had fresh fruit, flowers, and a chilled bottle of wine. The mattress was nicer and more comfortable than ones we had slept on before. We almost never saw our attendant, but communicated with notes as to our preferences. Our attendant kept our fruit choices in the room throughout the cruise as we nibbled first thing in the morning or after returning from other activities. While there is plenty of fruit available in other locations, it is nice not to have to go out to get it or call and wait for room service. The TV service is powered by Apple, with many choices of mostly US stations, a number of movies on demand that were free as well as a selection of newer ones for an added fee. The TV was on a swing arm that could be positioned to watch from the couch or the bed. The veranda was normal sized and included two chairs, two foot rests and a table. The Opus Dining room is the same as the other S-Class ships from Celebrity, and the 4th floor is all Select (Flex) dining. We had great service most nights. We did have dinner in two fee added venues, the Tuscan Grill (Italian Steakhouse) and The Lawn Club (backyard grill style). The service was great in both. We had the fillet in both, and thought it was better seasoned in the Lawn Club, although we liked the other choices better in Tuscan. The art studio was a nice touch, and I participated in fee-added activities to make a bracelet and pendent. Each activity was $20 for about 45 minutes of time. The OceanView Cafe, the buffet on this ship, was open most hours. We particularly enjoyed the fresh scones served from 4pm to 5pm daily. We also had a couple of small lunches there, and actually used a table in there as our "camp out" on a number of sea days after the lunch rush. While the staff was often a little bit lax in cleaning off the tables, when we found an empty table and requested from a passing crew member that it be cleaned off and wiped, they were quick to do so. The bar servers quickly learned that I liked regular service and had the premium beverage package. Our other favorite place, the Cafe' Al Bacio, served a very tasty cup of tea that was a higher quality than what was available in the dining room or the buffet, and had nicely comfortable chairs to spend a few hours reading a book. The evening shows in the main theatre were not our favorite, and we heard from various passengers very different opinions of them. We did enjoy a few smaller shows in Celebrity Central, including a comedian, game show, etc. We also enjoyed the shows put on by the bartenders at the Martini Bar as they entertained the guests. As is common of the other S-Class ships, there was entertainment in the foyer of the 3rd floor at various times, and some of the covers sung of tunes from the 70's, 80's and even 90's were decent. We also enjoyed the music from the 80's themed party in the night club one evening. We do not ballroom dance, and did hear a few complaints from guests looking for that activity in the evenings, but we were thrilled to hear music that was more our type. This cruise visited San Juan, PR, where we docked in Old San Juan. We hiked up the hill to visit El Morro, before returning to the ship for a pleasant dinner. Our second stop was St. Thomas. Due to a recent storm, the Catamaran excursion we scheduled announced that we would not be visiting St. John, but rather an alternate location. Upon leaving the ship, we boarded an open air transport for a 15 minute or so ride to a marina, and enjoyed a pleasant boat ride to an island they called "Big St. James". We had about an hour to snorkel (fins and masks provided), followed by a nice ride back with refreshments. Our third port of call was St. Martin/St. Maarten where we shared a cab with another couple to Orient Bay for a couple of hours in the sun. Only the St. Thomas trip was a planned excursion through the ship. On the last morning, we enjoyed a nice breakfast in the main dining room and didn't feel rushed. We returned to our stateroom from breakfast to finish cleaning up and gathering our things about 7am. We did not feel rushed to leave by our stateroom attendant, even though he had a great number of rooms to prepare for new arrivals. During Disembarkation, we were invited to hang out on the 5th floor of the Reflection Theatre with other CC class guests, where beverage service was available. We were delayed beyond our expected time to disembark, due to a back up with CBP, but were released within 30 minutes of expected time. We had a private shared shuttle reserved for our trip from the Port of Miami to FLL, and waited only a few minutes after we called from the curb. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
This was our 5th cruise, 2nd one with Celebrity. The food, service and shows were all excellent. Ports visited were San Juan, St. Martin, and St. Thomas. We really didn't see much of St. Thomas since we took an all day excursion to ... Read More
This was our 5th cruise, 2nd one with Celebrity. The food, service and shows were all excellent. Ports visited were San Juan, St. Martin, and St. Thomas. We really didn't see much of St. Thomas since we took an all day excursion to St. John's. Trunk Bay (St. John's) is a beautiful (non-smoking) beach. The weather was gorgeous each day (although Celebrity has no control over the weather-it just made the trip that much nicer. The captain of the ship did take a different course on the way back to avoid rougher seas. His plan worked quite well because you couldn't feel the ship move at all. We did visit Qsine (speciality restaurant). The food was very good but in my opinion not worth an extra charge of 40.00 per person (plus tip). It was a little frustrating not knowing how ordering ood worked. I would imagine that the older generation (we're in our 50's) would have even more problems with ordering food from an i-pad. Of course, those that we saw in Qsine were a bit younger than than average (at least for this particular cruise). I had no problem working the i-pad, I just didn't understand the ordering process. My husband is "technologically challenged" and he really disliked making food choices using an e-pad. Looking forward to another Celebrity Cruise next year. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
The Reflection is a phenomenal ship. It is one of the easiest ships to navigate -- even though is one the largest (about 3100 passengers) that we'd been on. It is simple; the entertainment is in the front of the ship & all the ... Read More
The Reflection is a phenomenal ship. It is one of the easiest ships to navigate -- even though is one the largest (about 3100 passengers) that we'd been on. It is simple; the entertainment is in the front of the ship & all the restaurants are in the back. Bars are everywhere. As I mentioned, the ship is new -- only about 3 months old when we sailed. Naturally, everything was in good condition. It seemed as if the ship was constantly being cleaned, the workers do a great job. Despite the large number of people, there was always a quiet place to hang out. The vocal talent on the ship was fantastic. This refers to the single & group acts that were on stage, in a public area, or in a bar. The shows were mixed. The first production show was OK, the second was horrible, the final show was fantastic. The first comedian (Ryan Hamilton) was very clean & very funny. The magician was good, but card tricks get old -- and that is all he did the entire show. The special acts (contortionist, acrobats, etc.) were awesome. There is a single act, Haley, who is a young acrobat/contortionist that is as good as it gets. The Valentines day brunch (day 5 of the cruise) was spectacular; 12 ice carvings, sushi, ham, prime rib, salmon, and hordes of desserts. Qsine, however, was the eating highlight. This is the "must do" if you're looking for a specialty restaurant. The menu, the service, the presentation, the food, and the ambiance make this a simply unique and wonderful place to eat. The bad: The ride from Miami was rough. The seas were choppy, but it did not seem like there was not enough wind to warrant the swaying. (this was our 4th cruise, so we did know what to expect) This was the case on any deck -- not just the high ones. I'd read about stabilization issues with the Reflection, but apparently, everything was working "OK" on our trip. I don't agree. Blu. A lot of people have raved about Blu. I will not be among those. If Blu was not busy, we'd see our waiter more that once. Usually, we only saw them one time and that was when they took our order. The poor assistant waiters ran non-stop. Blu simply did not have enough help to give decent service. We ate in the main dining room one time and had better service. This was frustrating since Blu calls itself a "specialty restaurant" and Blu is the place we paid for with our cabin class. We had 4 different waiters during the week & this was the case with all of them. Funny -- the ship had plenty of bar help & someone was always there to get a drink order. So if you wanted alcohol in your drink, you were in luck. If you wanted a coffee refill, or if there was a problem with your meal, you were out of luck. The fitness center is nice, but the instructors "working" there will not talk to you unless you want to purchase a product or take part in a class (which cost money than they should). One of the perks of the Aqua class staterooms is access to the Persian Gardens. First, the room key does not work for Persian Gardens. You have to stand in line; give them your room key to get another key and stand in line again to get your room key back. Since they typically only have 1 person at the counter taking phone calls, etc. this process can take a while. It sounds cool, but twice, during our visit, the alarms went off. It took the staff 5 minutes (each time) to come out to reset them. Not cool to have alarms blaring in a area meant to relax ones soul & mind. The ugly: Aqua class. There is a lot of confusion with what was included with our cabin. For example, guest services told us we received 1 free meal at any specialty restaurant -- the restaurant told us we did not. Upon returning to guest services (and speaking to the same person) we did not get a meal. We did receive priority embarkation in Miami, but did not get the priority embark/debark at any of the ports like we were told. We did not get priority debark upon returning to the United States either. Free yoga is advertised as a perk. What is not told is that it is free on-demand yoga, which means you can watch yoga on TV. (keep in mind there is no room in the staterooms for a couple to do this activity) We were supposed to receive canapes in our room every day, we did not the last 2. We did receive fresh fruit most days, the last day we did not. We had flowers in our room, but they were not replaced during the week. None of these are a big issues alone, but together they paint a picture of a crew that does not have its act together. In summary, Aqua class is a waste of money & Celebrity advertises amenities that are not what one might expect. I wish I'd saved the extra $800 and gone to a specialty restaurant each night. Service on the ship is great in spots, but inconsistent overall. In a visit to guest services later in the week to discuss the above issues, I found a long line. A second visit resulted in the same, so the only place Celebrity will find out about these issues is on the comment card we left or by reading this review. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
The wife and I were looking to try eastern Caribbean itinerary and our travel agent talked us in to trying Celebrity. We had had good experiences on two previous RC cruises and consensus of our research was that Celebrity was a step above ... Read More
The wife and I were looking to try eastern Caribbean itinerary and our travel agent talked us in to trying Celebrity. We had had good experiences on two previous RC cruises and consensus of our research was that Celebrity was a step above and the Reflection was a new boat. First, the positives : - if you are looking for a relatively peaceful, semi-formal cruise with a predominantly older crowd ( in our 50's, we were easily on the youger half ), you might consider it, - staff leave you pretty much alone ( see negatives), guests pleasant and well behaved, - new boat, not a full boat ("where is everyone " confirmed by crew) - fitness center, RCs seemed bigger and we did not have to wait for equipment - " celebrity select" dining option. Areas that were adequate, but where IMHO Royal Caribbean did better: - food quality and selection, both in formal dining and self serve dining - general cleanliness of the boat - from table busing to sun deck trash and towels - surprising, Who was in charge of keeping things picked up? - activities: shipboard and adventures; we do recommend the bike tours and the snorkel in St. Kitts, there are no reefs in St. Martin so snorkeling was a waste of time - staff on the whole seemed lackluster, unenthusiastic, and absent when needed (related to not a full boat?), with the exception of the two lead female singers(great Madonna/GaGa piece) the show resembled the Zumba class Areas Celebrity should consider changing: - lose most if not all the grass - wasted space, messy; try another pool & hot tubs, sun space, activity space - basketball court in the bow next to the sun deck? Lost half the sun deck since no one could sit close to the racket - musac? Lose it or pick real music and turn it way down Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
Booked through an agency who were to supply airport to cruise port transfers. Unfortunately, they were very disorganized at the airport and people had to wait approximately an hour to even know what was happening. Every worker had a ... Read More
Booked through an agency who were to supply airport to cruise port transfers. Unfortunately, they were very disorganized at the airport and people had to wait approximately an hour to even know what was happening. Every worker had a different story. Checking in at cruise line was smooth with no wait. Unfortunately, we saw another couple turned away as they didn't bring their passports. It was a very sad moment for them. Passports are needed by all! Room: We were welcomed with champagne and our inside room was available on the 9th floor. We had no guest rooms around us, and were located on a corner so we were looking forward to this, but unfortunately, we backed onto crew work areas, so it was rather noisy. We had requested an upgrade (it's worth asking) at the Guest Relations Desk upon our arrival, and although they didn't think it would happen, they called later that day and an oceanview was available, on the third floor, starboard. It turned out to be a great location, and was very quiet. Our room was almost the same as our inside room, but had a large rectangle window, approximately 6x4 feet high. We were high enough from the water that you could see it, but it never splashed that high, despite some rough winds. Our room was quite comfortable for two. Bed was very comfy and soft, although the duvet cover always seemed to be tucked in too much. Four pillows were provided. There was a firm couch that a third adult could easily sleep on. There was a small oval table, and storage drawers that held quite a bit, attached to a small desk containing a keyboard if you wished to connect to internet in your room (fee similar to using internet cafe). The double-wide closet was roomy and included two robes and an umbrella. There was also storage above the bed, but we never used it. The bathroom was well laid out - the shower was quarter-circle size with glass doors and a great pressure/temperature system. There was plenty of hot water and pressure - this received five stars from us! The toilet was standard. The counter top was limited, but held cruise-supplied lotions/shampoos/soaps/Q-tips/kleenex. There were drawers for guest supplies, and there was plenty of open shelf space for further supplies. Two drinking glasses were also stored there. Our stateroom was frequently visited for bed-making, sheet turn-down, towel service, bathroom cleaning. Although initially we found the room not properly cleaned (unvacuumed), it was very promptly attended to when we mentioned it (within two minutes). We received a bottle of complimentary champagne for their error. Apparently, it had been chaos on the ship during the few weeks prior due to the Christmas holidays. Food: We ate primarily in the Ocean View Cafe (buffet) and found it met our needs. Breakfast was great - made to order eggs including omelettes (longer wait time than previously on Celebrity), waffles/crepes/pancakes with fresh fruit and/or sauce, fresh fruit (only found blueberries and strawberries on two visits) - plenty of pineapple, six cereals, soy milk, yogurt, cold meats and cheeses, bacon/sausage, breads, smoked salmon etc. Lunches included Indian food (great), Mexican (great), salad bar (fresh and pre-made), sushi (would make to order as well), pizza, pasta (made to order), carved meat, hot veggies etc. Desserts were okay - mostly squres, jello, cookies and pudding. Dinners included the lunch items, plus more varieties in all areas. Hard and soft ice creams with toppings were also available. The Ocean View Cafe had good hours, and you could always find something to eat. We also ate at the grill outside - burgers/hot dogs/fries during the day. The fries were great. Unfortunately, the line ups and workers were somewhat slow (five minute wait). We had lunch once at the healthy cafe in the solarium. It was simple with no line up. Had passion fruit and salad with bread stick. Juice/coffee/water available there all the time. We did attend the Opus Dining Room brunch buffet and it was okay - lots of similar foods as buffet, but displayed with more pizzazz. Also had white and dark chocolate fruit fondues. There were two formal nights, and we did not attend either, although it appeared that 90% of the guests did. There were numerous photo ops, but the photographers were not in your face. Pools: Fantastic temperatures - all three pools were heated! There was one outside for any age, one outside for 16+, and one inside for 16+. This was very carefully monitored by pool butler Maurice - terrific worker! The depths were also great 4-6 feet and you could swim easily in them. They also had a chair lift for those who needed it, although we never saw anyone actually use it. Hot tubs: Again, very clean and great temperature. Very easy to find a spot in them. Four outside, and two inside. Indoor Solarium: Excellent!! Very quiet location with gentle music and water fall type noise. Comfy lounge chairs, usually readily available. Also had ball-like wicker chairs that held up to four people. Tons of towels avaible. Shower handy to rinse off. Two hot tubs were also available. Lounge chairs: Lots available, even on sea days. Many different locations depending on noise, wind, sun etc. Solstice area on deck 16 was great - usually tons of empty chairs up there. It was generally very quiet. Had the best wicker beds with thick pads. One floor down had an area at the back of the boat where you had chairs with foot rests. It backed onto the basketball court and faced part of the running track, but it was very peaceful there. Around the pool, there was plenty of seating, although it was more congested there, so we tended to be in the outer chairs and under the roof where it was quieter. Again, there were a variety of loungers to choose. Most people were courteous in not saving spots. Judging by how many people were sleeping, it was a great place to be. There were big billowy curtains as room dividers in a couple spots, and some of the windows opened easily. The pool decks tended to be busy, but not party-like, although they did have zumba classes and bands performing, but not on a continual basis. Children were not running around, although there were a number of families with toddlers. There were a number of crew-only areas that were not yet labelled as such. The lifeboat instruction was great - everyone went to the theatre, and your name was crossed off as you entered the room. Activities: We enjoyed the ballroom dancing classes. We also attended karaoke a couple times - the first time they had great talent, and the second time people had had too much to drink, so it was not worth watching). Sushi demos. Cake decorating demos. Aviation and navigation lectures. Art auction. Fitness classes. Lots of musical talent throughout the boat. We attended two shows in the theatre - the illusionist was great and it was family-oriented. The other was a dance-type of show, and was not family-friendly. Both times we had no problems finding seats. The ship itself was very bright and airy - we walked through the casino a number of times, and it wasn't in a dark pit. Most of the public places were open concept into the hallways etc. This included bars. The library was very well attended and appeared to have a good selection of material, although nothing for children. The games room was very busy (chess/cards etc), plus touch-screen table top games for adults and children, and also interactive between 2+ tables. Apparently, a group played cribbage daily. There were two real grass places on deck ?14. One was roped off for bocce ball etc, and the other was roped off for private cabana rentals (only saw them used one day), although they opened it up for music concerts in the evening, when blankets and back rests were available. Unfortunately, it was rained out the night we attended. Internet: Internet cafe was very bright and staff was helpful, although a couple times there was no service. We were reimbursed for our time though. It cost $50/90 minutes (other plans available), and we used most of that. Service was still slow though - so type fast! People could also attend iphone and ipad lessons, plus Apple products were available for sale. You could purchase the same plan for your own computer to use elsewhere on the boat, and you could also use the internet keyboard in your room (attached to the TV screen). Onboard shops: Jewellery stores. Souvenirs. Chocolate bars - apparently people still crave chocolate on board! Smoking: Very little space for smokers - perfect!!! One area was near the pool with room for about 10. Another area was near the life boats with room for about 10, and then the last space was on deck ?14 near a bar with room for about ten. Did see someone smoke on the solstice deck. Obviously, very few smokers on board. No inside smoking locations. There were only announcements at 10 am by the captain, and if we were ready to disembark. Disembarkation at the end of the cruise was completely disorganized. We were to be off at 7 am and it was 7:50 am, only because we butted in at the front of the line. We had an airport shuttle to catch by 8 am and apparently many in line had no time schedule. There was a shortage of space for people to stand, and no staff was on hand to direct people or answer questions. All in all, it was a perfect fit for us - looking for lots of Vitamin D on a tone-downed type of vacation. This was not a party boat. Majority of guests appeared to be 50-70 years old, with plenty outside of that age range. People were everyday kind of people - generally seen reading a book on the decks. Although it was definitely larger than anything we have been on prior, it was easy to get your bearings and not too far a walk to anything we needed. Three days at sea was perfect, even when we had one rainy afternoon. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
Some quick notes on Celebrity Refection. 7 night Eastern Caribbean in an Ocean View cabin on deck 3. Booked through Air Canada vacations with a super deal on airfare direct to Miami from YYZ. We arrived in Miami at 12:30pm on departure ... Read More
Some quick notes on Celebrity Refection. 7 night Eastern Caribbean in an Ocean View cabin on deck 3. Booked through Air Canada vacations with a super deal on airfare direct to Miami from YYZ. We arrived in Miami at 12:30pm on departure day. Transfer was easy and embarkation process was a breeze. Cabin was ready when we boarded. We went to the Porch for lunch and enjoyed a light lunch. I noticed a pair of officers sitting nearby and decided to approach them to inquire about the propulsion issue I'd read about. It turned out that one of them was the Captain and he was rather condescending and brushed off my question by responding that one shouldn't believe everything they read on the Internet. We noticed quite a bit of heeling when the ship left port later that afternoon. It turned out that the ship was not following the course that is illustrated on the Celebrity website. Instead of heading south from Miami and skirting the northern shore of Cuba and the D.R. we instead cut straight across the Gulf Stream and headed through the Bahamas straight east. Dined in Murano the first evening since they offered a special rate for the first evening of the cruise. Very good meal. Plus we brought a bottle of wine and had it served to us. $100 for dinner for two with corkage for that calibre meal is a bargain. MDR and buffet were both fine. Tuscan Grill was also very good. All in all food was very good. Entertainment was also above average. Good musicians, the stage shows were enjoyable and the comedian and magician were very good. Ports were okay. San Juan is not particularly great. A little surprised that they can only fit three ports into the cruise. Length of time in port was fine too. Reflection is a beautiful ship and they are still working out a few kinks in the service. There was an annoying vibration noise in our cabin but aside from that it was roomy with adequate storage. Celebrity does a good job delivering an upscale experience on a large ship. Are there some issues at times? Sure. But I don't understand the whining I see on these boards at times. We received excellent value for our money and had an enjoyable vacation. We met some nice people. The crew were great and all in all had a nice vacation. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
This was our 7th cruise with Celebrity and boy was 7 our lucky number. We (my wife, parents, and our two children, 9 and 7 years old respectively) took this exact same itinerary last February on the Eclipse and decided to check out the ... Read More
This was our 7th cruise with Celebrity and boy was 7 our lucky number. We (my wife, parents, and our two children, 9 and 7 years old respectively) took this exact same itinerary last February on the Eclipse and decided to check out the newest of the Fleet that being the Reflection. I am going to attempt to keep this review short and to the point but my goodness i could write a novel here based on our positive experience. We flew into Miami and stayed at the Doubletree by the airport Friday night (great hotel actually, will stay there again) and embarkation on Sat was a breeze. While waiting to board we met the father of one of my favorite current NHL hockey players which was SO COOL! The Ship was GORGEOUS but really outside of a few additions and subtractions its a typical Solstice Class ship. I missed the wet zone on the Eclipse but loved what they did with Michaels Club and the addition of the Lawn Club Grill...more on that in a minute...We stayed in Cabin 1638 which is the Celebrity Suite on the hump.....HIGHLY recommend this specific room because the balcony is absolutely huge due to it being on the angle. The four of us had breakfast every morning out there with *plenty* of room to spare!! Not that the other CS suites are lacking, but if you are planning on a CS, 1638 will give you a big time bonus in balcony space. The CS was beautiful in every way but if i had to nit pick id say the bathroom could be a little bigger but it was really a non issue. Activities on board were pretty much your standard Celebrity activity agenda...some trivia, karaoke at night, tours, etc. We did beach trips on the islands and St. Maarten (Divi Little Bay) and St. Kitts (Friars bay Carabula beach club) never disappoint. Now for the real gushing...the service seemed to be better than ever in every venue on board. Crew were super friedly, seemed to always be there when you needed them, but were never pushy or intrusive. Our wait staff in the MDR did an excellent job and the food was just fantastic as we have come to expect. My wife was disappointed that escargot was off the menu but that was her only complaint. The ultimate experience however was our dinner at the lawn club grill. We knew it was interactive with the opportunity to cook a little with the chefs but what they did for my kids was so above and beyond that I have been raving about it to anyone who will listen! It wasn't just the chef aprons and chef hats they gave them, or the matre'D putting his name tag and pins on my 7 year old son's apron, or the cooks and staff autographing their chef hats, or the fact that the kids really *did* cook with the chefs, but it was the ATTITUDE in which the entire staff interacted with them throughout the entire night! They weren't just going thru the motions or manufacturing smiles to make us happy, they were legitimately enjoying themselves along with us! The head chef even came over at one point and thanked *us* for letting our kids work with *them*. That was just so impressive to my wife and I that I cant stress it enough. Oh, and the food there was OUTSTANDING!!! The Entertainment was the best by FAR of any cruise we've been on. The Pianist and the Magician, yes the Magician, were so good that I questioned why they were even on a cruise ship! The Fun Factory did another amazing job with the kids all week. Im not sure how it is for other people, but we never have a problem recommending the kids program on Celebrity as they are attentive, interactive, and above all, our kids never wanted to leave the Fun Factory...that works for us! Disembarkation was the only issue as customs held us up for 45 minutes and would not let anyone leave until about 7:45am. Having an early flight, this caused some serious stress!! Needless to say no more early flights for us!! Overall I cannot stress enough how utterly impressive this trip was from top to bottom in every possible way!! Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
We got off the 14 day New Years Eclipse cruise in Fort Lauderdale at 10:30 AM and got on the Reflection at 2:30 PM in Miami. We were one of the last to board so there was no lines. The weather was great and we enjoyed wandering around to ... Read More
We got off the 14 day New Years Eclipse cruise in Fort Lauderdale at 10:30 AM and got on the Reflection at 2:30 PM in Miami. We were one of the last to board so there was no lines. The weather was great and we enjoyed wandering around to see what differences Celebrity added to their newest Solstice class ship. This was somewhat of a 41st anniversary trip back to our honeymoon spots as we had spent two nights in San Juan and 7 nights in Saint Thomas for our honeymoon. We were impressed with the artwork throughout the ship. If anything some of the artwork was taking up space we were used to being open for traffic flow on the other Solstice class ships. Like the giant rose in the central courtyard. We were used to the layout of the ship but discovered the Corning Glass area has been converted into a cook your own steak with a chef helping you at night. We chose not to pay extra for that feature. It did make for a nice place to carry your breakfast up one deck from the buffet and eat at a table in the shade overlooking the Boccie area. My little secret dining tip. I always made sure to carry my dirty plate back down one deck so they could add it to the dirty dishes. The sunset bar at the back of the lawn area was the place where cigar smokers hung out so I avoided it as much as possible except for trivia. The elite hostess had been on the Silhouette so we were invited to dine with a senior officer and his wife at the early seating on the first formal night. That was a special treat we will long remember. The elite lounge in the morning was pretty quiet but the afternoons were busy. There was one event that everybody will remember on this cruise. A passenger had a severe cardiovascular event that required the ship to return to the harbor in San Juan where a Coast Guard helicopter had to send down a man then send down a basket and then lift the basket up into the helicopter and then lift the Coast Guard man back up. There was no room for the spouse and baggage so they stayed on the ship. They were travelling with friends that we overheard talking about the event later. Everyone cheered as the helicopter took off for the hospital in San Juan. The Captain announced later that he was in stable condition and recovering at the hospital. This was the same Captain, cruise director and elite hostess we had on the Silhouette so it was like old home week for us. The shows were good but did not have specialists for the Cirque type acts we just saw on Eclipse. The food seems to have improved but some of the things we liked about Eclipse were NOT incorporated into Reflection. Eclipse offers 4 eggs Benedict choices at the egg station in the buffet in the morning. The only place we saw eggs Benedict was in the main dining room at breakfast. Michael's club no longer has a piano and has turned into a sports bar with lots of TVs and beer from all over the world. It did not seem to be packing them in except during prime sports events. The new Mac computers with large monitors were nice but there was no extra bandwidth to make them any faster than Eclipse. Once more we really enjoyed every day of the cruise. We did more trivia than ever. I participated in the Jeopardy game show and collected lots of runner up logo prizes. We met some new cruise critic friends that we hope to see at future cruises. I wound up being the de facto MC at the cruise critic meeting and gave away lots of logo items we had won on the 14 day Eclipse cruise. The 7 day cruises are much to short anymore. It seemed like we were packing to leave the ship after just a couple of days instead of 7 days. We hiked all the way to the top of El Moro as the Captain put the pedal to the metal and got us to San Juan by 3 while things were still open. That was 2 hours ahead of what were planned for. We took a local taxi to Coki beach for $20 a couple each way. We had snorkeled there before and we were happy with our last snorkel for some 5 months now before we head to Galapagos. We decided to stay on the ship as we had been there many times We walked up to El Moro and back. We used our Golden Eagle US Park Service pass to get in free. We got back to the ship in time for elite happy hour and dinner. Saint Thomas in the US Virgin Islands was our final port. This is the port we have visited the most and the port where we went for our honeymoon 41 years ago so we just visited our favorite beach using a local cab and spent a couple of hours doing another snorkel afternoon. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
Let me start by saying no matter what I complain about in this review, I still know I am blessed to have been able to sail this cruise. The Good and sometimes great. This ship is beautiful, the food is fantastic and the specialty ... Read More
Let me start by saying no matter what I complain about in this review, I still know I am blessed to have been able to sail this cruise. The Good and sometimes great. This ship is beautiful, the food is fantastic and the specialty restaurants are worth every penny. The room was fantastic and the shower was even better. This cruise left on my birthday and I could not have asked to have a better birthday in my life. When we got on board I was immediately wished happy birthday by the first person who scanned my card and that set every thing off in the right direction. After getting our rooms we decided to get something to eat and drink and walk around the ship. We started on the Solstice deck and let me say that the chairs and beds up there were incredible. next we sat in the Hammocks one floor below and made our way to the bar to get a drink only to be wished Happy Birthday again (nice touch). After we set sail we decided to hit the casino and even though we could not gamble yet we met the bartender and the waitress (Monika) who we shared many laughs with over the course of the week. These two ran the bar like a fine tuned machine and even though some guests were not as polite as the rest of us they still kept the smile on there face. If you decide to take this cruise please tell them John(Mr.Guinness) says hello. The ports were ok, We like St. Marteen the best and the information given by the Captain was perfect especially when we had the emergency evacuation by the coast guard. If you do this cruise and you are a beer drinker that likes quality beers you must visit Micheal's club it is very nice with a great assortment of beers from around the globe. The BAD Not much here except there were a few crew members that do not like there job and should not be people facing, they were exceptionally rude to cruisers who did not speak up so I spoke up for them only to be scolded the same way that they spoke to the others I spoke up for. Being from a technical background the Guy (W) that runs the Ilounge should be left on an island far far away from this boat as he is a miserable arrogant SOB who made people feel dumb and in some cases made people upset to the point of tears. I know how to connect to wireless with my ipad but some folks do not so instead of helping them he would basically say ( are you kidding me that you do not know how to change the wireless settings) Get rid of this guy. The Ugly The Ugly goes to a cruiser for yelling and I mean yelling at the bar tender at the fresh squeezed orange juice bar because he wanted more ice cream in his chocolate milk. Something to the effect of ( You will do what I tell you and not speak back to me) I wanted to throw this miserable bastard over board. Second ugly The bartender who was lazy and slow and yelled at the waitress in front of every body to the point that she was in tears even though she was not only serving everyone but making the drinks as well and doing a great job. The man sitting next to me spoke up to the bartender and asked to see his manager, once the manager came over we all let her know our displeasure with the way he was treating this woman and to our happiness he was removed and not seen the rest of the week.(Shark bait) Ending This is a fantastic ship with a fantastic crew ( Thank you Paul & Luis), Please remember that these folks are there busting there hump for our pleasure 12 to 18 hours a day and also most importantly remember that they are human beings just like us and should be treated as such. Would I do Celebrity again? yes when I am older and just want total relaxation and to be in bed by 11. After two Celebrity cruises I am ready for a change to a RCL for a little more action and less miserable people. To the man that was evacuated I hope you are well and will cruise again. God Bless Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
We were on the Reflection on the Jan 26th cruise. To our surprise, the cruise Director Paul Baya announced that this was the Reflection's thirteenth cruise, (and yes, the ship really did feel brand new). This was also our 13th ... Read More
We were on the Reflection on the Jan 26th cruise. To our surprise, the cruise Director Paul Baya announced that this was the Reflection's thirteenth cruise, (and yes, the ship really did feel brand new). This was also our 13th cruise (my 1st Celebrity Cruise, but my husband was on Celebrity way back in the 90's). We are in our 50's and have cruised on Holland America, RCI, Carnival and NCL -- usually with our kids during holidays or spring break. -This time, just the 2 of us. This was also Captain Pagonis's final cruise. He was very personable and high profile around the ship and we wish him well. We loved this cruise! We did not sail AQ or CC. Maybe you don't miss what you don't know, but I really feel we had a wonderful cruise experience without the added "perks". When booking, we didn't really think that the added amenities looked to be worth the money and I think we made the right decision for us. We had a 1A hump angled balcony #7286, (just aft of the hump on the starboard / right side) This balcony was huge (approx. 10' wide and 12-13' at the long side and 10' on the short side), and we spent a lot of time out there. Embarkation: We flew into Florida a few days before the cruise and had a rental car from Alamo. We returned the car to the Miami airport at 10am and then took the free Alamo shuttle to the dock. There was no line up to check in, and we quickly got registered and photos taken for the sail card and we were ready to board by 11:15am. But, we had to get into a short line, as they were not letting anyone on board the ship until 11:30. By 11:40, we were standing in the foyer of the ship with a complimentary flute of Champagne. Cabins would not be ready until 1pm, so we set off to explore the ship. The ship is absolutely beautiful -- modern, chic, and elegant. It was a beautiful day in Miami and we were on the top deck and came across the Mast Grill. The burgers and fries were great and we enjoyed a nice view the Miami harbor from the top deck while enjoying our lunch. Then we went to relax in the Solarium in one of the big double tub chairs right beside the floor to ceiling glass walls (some panels were open for ventilation) until our cabin was ready. How relaxing to take in the views and listen to the spa music and fountain. Great way to start a vacation and unwind! We had early seating in the dining room in the far back corner near the mirrored wine wall. It was a table for 6 and even though it was near the kitchen, this was a really nice quiet table. We met 2 couples at our table who were also from Canada. We had such wonderful dinners in the MDR, that we never once felt the need to go to a specialty restaurant the whole cruise. The food was very good and the service was excellent. Our waiters were Elizabeth and Andreea and both of these young women were a total delight. They were charming, helpful and very hard workers. We really enjoyed our evenings in the Opus dining room. The only night we did not eat there was the night in San Juan. We arrived back at the ship late, so the plan was to order room service on our balcony. But we got back so hungry and tired, that we just went up to the Ocean View Cafe. The food was so-so, but the setting fantastic - we sat outside at the stern and watched the lights of San Juan. We really enjoyed the itinerary of this cruise: Sea Day, afternoon arrival in San Juan, St Maarten, St. Kitts (a new island for us), and then 2 relaxing days at sea. Here were some of the highlights of the Cruise for us. - The ship decor was beautiful. And the art around the ship -- fresh and so interesting. - We had a balcony cabin just back of the hump on deck 7 (7286). It was the largest balcony looking aft on the starboard side of the ship. We spent a lot of time here. We got sun and shade, had a big enough table for breakfast, and was well protected from the wind and rain. Great location in the middle of everything! - Food in the main dining room -- never felt the need to pay for a specialty restaurant - Our wait staff in the MDR were Elizabeth and Andreea. Delightful- charming and professional. --Best we have seen on a cruise. - The art studio -- loved the staff -- Faith and Jackie (amazing what they could show you in an hour or half hour). I took the free watercolor, drawing class and the water colour techniques classes ($20 each) - Evening Concerts on the Lawn: Nice Music in a great setting -7:45 on San Juan (Jefferson Ang ) and St. Maarten (jazz trio) nights - Cellar Masters -- We got the wine card for the self-serve wine bar. The cards are $100 (you get $30 bonus if you buy it the first day ... so $130 on the card for $100) or you can get a $50 card (with a $10 bonus on the first day). They have quite a few stations of red and white wines. You can buy 1oz, 2.5 oz., or 5oz. Just help yourself to a glass and put in your card and choose a wine, then push the button to fill your glass. There is a huge price range for wine choices, so this is a nice way of tasting wines when you can buy by the ounce. You are also encouraged to take your wine with you to dinner or anywhere else on the ship. It is open 24hrs, but during peak hours a sommelier is present to give you advice. - The Hideaway coffee bar -- very near our room and very convenient (coffee needed to be replenished more often though) - Breakfast on our balcony- loved the egg white veggie omelets - Hamburgers and fries at the Mast Grill -- yummm! - Special Brunch in the MDR on the second last sea day (Thurs). Very impressive - The Solarium -- a beautiful and very restful place to relax and read (especially when it was cool, rainy and windy). Loved the lighting on the fountain at night - The live entertainment in the Grand Foyer and the Ensemble Lounge. These groups were very talented and always drew a crowd -- D'Revelations (the female lead singer had a wonderful voice, she could pull off whitney and celine no problem), Jefferson Ang, These Guys (A Cappella quartet), and Vivian Clement Jazz trio. - The grand Foyer always seemed to full of activity in the evening when a group was performing. There were people dancing, and all the lounges were clustered around the Foyer on decks 3,4, and 5 so wherever you were you could hear the music. We have been on so many ships with a dead atrium area that it was nice to see this one active with people (and even dancing). - I liked that when you shut out your bathroom light, it turned into a night light -- cool. - The Molecular Bar -- fun! - Free Zumba at the pool twice a day will Linell. He's good! - Beds and linens were very comfy. Some things that gave us pause -- but nothing that would ruin our trip - Elevators: The elevators were pretty slow ...probably the slowest elevators we have ever seen on a ship. All the elevators had a glass wall and the back quarter of the floor was glass. I couldn't believe how many people would not go on the glass floor. I was always saying "there is plenty of room back here" -- but people would not budge. There seemed to be a lot of scooters on this sailing, and I think the elevators were a real challenge for them. Took the stairs whenever we could, but deck 7 is a bit of a hike in high heels. - Fresh Flowers: Found it unusual that there were no fresh flowers on the dining tables and very few fresh arrangements around the ship. ... (just cafe al Bacio and they looked great there) - Coffee: Coffee was very inconsistent -sometimes great and sometime so strong it was horrid. - Muster Drill: We went to the MDR (without life jackets) and watched a video. Then a crew member gave directions from the other end of the dining room -- couldn't hear a thing! We didn't know where to go in the case of an emergency until we went back to the room and read the back of the door. If there is an emergency, you go the main Dining Room on Deck 4- NOT the lifeboats on deck 5. You are not assigned a lifeboat. ...... This seems strange, as I think my first instinct in an emergency would be to go to deck 5 lifeboats not down to the deck 4 dining room. - Deck 5 promenade deck: Can't walk around the entire ship and where you can walk has the view totally blocked by the lifeboats... barely a crack to see through. Really no reason to go on this deck unless you are a smoker. - Production shows: were OK -- not great. Nothing we haven't seen many times before. So-so dance routines with dancers lip syncing backup vocals and it seemed like the female leads just were competing to see who could sing louder. ...But lots of people did seemed to enjoy it - Stairs: Was a bit surprised by the colour of the carpeting on the stairs -- reminded me of something you would find in an old 70's rec room (mottled, dirty beige and brown) even though it was new and clean. (I know this is nit-picky, but I did a lot of stairs, and looked at the carpet a lot) - No shelves in the closet -- Just 3 deep drawers under the TV. And a shelf over the bed. I would bring a collapsible shelf bag to hand in the closet next time. The Ports San Juan: We arrived in San Juan Harbour about 2:00 pm and we were out exploring the old city by 3. We just strolled around -looked at the architecture and poked in some shops. The sky suddenly opened up and it poured rain so we popped into the Pandora store and bought my daughter a charm - great timing and one gift down! Then we walked along the walls and came across a wedding. Then on to El Morro to explore the fort. The city is so beautiful and has so much character, we couldn't stop taking photos. Saint Maarten: We had been to St. Maarten before and have been around both sides of the island. Today we just wanted a nice relaxing day and really didn't have any plans. There were 4 big ships in port. At the dock, there is a very well- organized taxi area with very clear signs about the prices to go anywhere on the island. We decided to go to Divi Little Bay. Little bay is very close to Philipsburg and is very quiet. There is a large timeshare on this beach and it is well maintained and quiet. We really liked it. I read that there was good snorkeling there, but we didn't see much - maybe needed to swim further out in the bay. The chairs were $5 each and an umbrella was $5. We spent the morning there and then in the afternoon went to Philipsburg to walk around, shop and get a drink and some free internet. St Kitts: We had never been to St Kitts and Nevis. We decided to do the island tour with Thenford Grey. I highly recommend this trip. Thenford is very knowledgeable, personable, and professional and has a great sense of humour. We were gone for most of the day (9am-3:30pm). We toured Basseterre, Romney Manor and Caribelle Batik, Brimstone Hill Fortress which is a UNESCO world heritage site, and then to Timothy Hill for views of Nevis and where the Atlantic Ocean Meets the Caribbean Sea. Then he dropped us of at the Carambola Beach Club at South Friars Beach for a couple of hours. He took some folks back to town, then returned to pick us up. A beautiful spot! We would very much recommend this beach if you are looking for a beach day. St. Kitts is a beautiful island. We had a great day here. Probably one of our favourite stops in the Caribbean. Debarkation went smoothly, but it was quite slow as there were 7 ships in port when we returned. We had a bit of a wait for the rental car shuttle as our ship was docked at the end of the line and was filled by the time they got to the Reflection pickup. Overall, a great itinerary on a beautiful ship! Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
In the last 15 years, we have taken a January cruise in 9 of those years. It can be a great time to cruise - warmer weather in the caribbean vs. the northeast, less children onboard, and great prices! On our cruise aboard the Eclipse in ... Read More
In the last 15 years, we have taken a January cruise in 9 of those years. It can be a great time to cruise - warmer weather in the caribbean vs. the northeast, less children onboard, and great prices! On our cruise aboard the Eclipse in January 2012, we booked a January 2013 cruise on the Silhouette. Well after doing 3 cruises in 2012, my wife used all of her leave at work (a month total on cruises last year), so we decided to cancel the January '13 cruise. But as the holidays rolled around, I started getting the itch - yeah you know the one I'm talking about! I started looking at the options Celebrity had in the caribbean for January and I happened upon the Reflection itinerary - the same exact one that we did on the Eclipse last year - Miami, San Juan, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Miami. We loved it last year so I was not hesitant to do it again. But we had this small problem - my wife did not have enough vacation time. Me being self employed can make as much time as needed! After discussion for numerous days, my wife finally said the words - 'honey, you and our daughter can go without me'. She didn't have to say it again. On New Years Eve, I booked a cruise on the Reflection for my 12 year old daughter and I to sail on January 26th, 2013. I have used a travel agent for the last 17 cruises I've been on, but since it was a holiday, the agent's office was closed, and the price was so unbelievable for this particular sailing that I did not want to lose it - the biggest reason for sailing this cruise. Being internet savvy, I booked directly through the Celebrity website, booking a guaranteed balcony cabin - another first. We normally book a balcony cabin, but we always pick our room, so there was some hesitation with this booking. Four days later, I received an email from Celebrity with our cabin assignment - a 2B - not bad, but I wasn't pleased with the location towards the front of the ship. We normally book a room near the stairwell/elevator for the sake of convenience, not because we can't walk or are lazy. After reading the Cruise Critic forums through the years, I realized that I wasn't necessarily stuck with this cabin, so I called the Captain's Club hotline to see what could be done. I received a pleasant response and a woman that was willing to help me find something better. Not a lot of choices left, but she was able to get us a bit closer to the elevators with cabin #7123. A week later we booked flights aboard American into Miami International and a week after that we booked a hotel room at the Double Tree near the airport. (We always fly to the port the day before.) Though the Double Tree did not get rave reviews on Trip Advisor, I figured it can only be so bad - it's a Hilton property, and being a Hilton Honors member, near the bottom rung mind you, I was familiar with the Hilton brand. Part of the reason for this particular hotel was also because they offered 24 hour shuttle service from the airport. Our flight was not due to arrive until after 11pm. Because of a bit of snow in our home state on the evening of departure, our flight was delayed, so it was after midnight when we arrived at the airport. The reviews on Trip Advisor of the Double Tree were accurate - a tired hotel but fits the need for a pre-cruise stay. The hotel has an 'alliance' with a shuttle service to the Miami cruise port - $10 per person. This worked for us. As usual, Celebrity does a great job at embarkation, whether it is in Fort Lauderdale, Barcelona, Baltimore, or Miami. And just as indicated by Cruise Critic members, cabins are usually ready about 1:30pm. One of the 1st things my daughter and I noticed upon entering the ship was the 'new ship' smell in places. The ship was absolutely gorgeous! Having already reserved the alcohol package for me and the soda package for the kid on the internet 2 weeks prior, we only had one must-do when we boarded - make a reservation for a specialty restaurant to take advantage of the 1st night discount. We decided to give the Lawn Club Grill a try since we had already done Qsine, Murano's, and Tuscan on previous Solstice class ships. Our 1st drink order at the Sunset Bar revealed that my daughter's key card did not indicate her soda package purchase. No problem - a quick visit to guest relations fixed this problem! And now that I think about it, I never did recheck my bill to see if that soda purchase at the Sunset was deleted. Oh well - nothing to lose sleep over! We are not complainers and we don't squeak when we walk. Concerning food, the most important thing on a cruise, and especially the most important on a Celebrity ship! The Lawn Club is something you should try, but in my opinion, not worth the full price of $40. If you get it at a discount, go for it. But beware of the weather forecast for the night you decide to try it. It was a bit chilly when we left Miami, but we were dressed properly. Others around us were asking for blankets. My daughter and I were the only ones who participated in our food preparation during the 2 hours we were at the Lawn Club Grill. We did enjoy it. All other nights, we went to the main dining room for late seating. Having been with Celebrity twice last year, I was very familiar with the menu and it did not disappoint either night. The buffet was excellent as well. Another venue I tried for the 1st time was Bistro on 5 - wow! This was a pleasant surprise and something I will definitely do again, if for no other reason to try dessert, since I was too stuffed to give it a whirl this go round. Celebrity has not always gotten high marks for their entertainment, but I think this cruise was an exception. My daughter and I were very pleased with the productions in the theater and all of the musical acts. One of our favorite shows was the Liar's Club held in Celebrity Central one night. Who knew that a ship's officer could be so relaxed and funny and do this without any written notes?! The comedian was also great - especially for the under 18 crowd. The enrichment lecturer talking about how you can tell if a person is telling the truth or not was also very good. I got a new lease on port life with this itinerary. In the past, San Juan has not been a favorite of mine, but my daughter and I enjoyed this stop after doing the zip-line excursion through Celebrity. If we had tried to do this 'on our own', we would have been screwed. This particular location is not open on Mondays - they opened for the 20 people on the Reflection on this day. At St. Maarten, we rented an ATV/dune buggy and drove around the island. It was not planned, but as we turned the corner approaching Maho Beach, the KLM 747 was just about to take off - what a sight! And as a bonus, I spotted a couple of topless babes at this beach during our 90 minutes here watching the planes. And at our last stop of St. Kitts, we rented a scooter from Ride-St.-Kitts that had been prearranged online. Out of my 20+ years of cruising the Caribbean, this was probably the best time I've ever had at a port! The owner of the scooter rental business was very helpful and pleasant - one of those people you would want as your employee in your own retail business. The scooter was in excellent shape and it was an enjoyable ride around the island. We will definitely do this again when in St. Kitts. The only complaint I can muster about this cruise would be the cabin. I believe cabin #7123 had the Interstate 95 of sewage pipes in our bathroom wall. It was that or the cabin next to us had serious bowel problems. I believe the main shitter line from all the cabins above us went through our cabin - constant flushing noise from 6am through midnight. It was not enough to keep us awake, but for people who are light sleepers or are complainers, you will not be happy in this cabin and guest relations will not be happy with you. For us, when we start complaining on a cruise, we will stop cruising. So I purposefully saved the minor complaint for last since this was a lengthy review and most people will not read to the end. Having sailed Holland America, Princess, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, and soon Carnival, Celebrity Cruise Lines is the favorite of my wife, daughter, and I. We enjoy the sophistication and quietness that Celebrity ships offer. We also enjoy the benefits that our Elite status offers. Our favorite ship was the Galaxy, but we have not sailed the Century since it was new in 1997. We hope to one day try Azamara. Happy Cruising! Farmermd Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
My wife and I were fortunate to spend 7 fabulous days on Reflection from 1/5/13 to 1/12/13 which was the ship's tenth cruise. It is a truly beautiful ship. I am not going to write a traditional review on this voyage, but instead I ... Read More
My wife and I were fortunate to spend 7 fabulous days on Reflection from 1/5/13 to 1/12/13 which was the ship's tenth cruise. It is a truly beautiful ship. I am not going to write a traditional review on this voyage, but instead I would direct you to the long review written by Artemis on this board. I agree with what he wrote. Instead I thought I would just share some tips and experiences I hope you will find useful on your cruise. Embarkation: Very smooth for Aqua Class. Arrived at 10:30 a.m., no line for Aqua Class check-in. Waited approximately 45 minutes and were escorted onto the ship by a Celebrity employee. We entered Reflection on deck 5 and went immediately to Bistro on Five where we had a relaxed meal until our cabin was ready. I also learned that The Porch is also open for embarcation day meals on deck 15. These are both good alternatives to the crowded and chaotic OceanView buffet. Aqua Class: This was our first time in Aqua Class. This is my new preferred style of travel on Celebrity. Our cabin was as advertised with all amenities we expected. We asked for the firm pillows from the pillow menu and our cabin steward was there within 30 minutes with memory foam pillows. We asked for cheese and crackers instead of canapes and we received a plate of 3-4 types of cheeses with grapes, dried fruit, and crackers each day. I really enjoyed the shower tower. The jets were forceful and helped ease those sore knees and muscles after our port days. We also had our breakfast delivered to our room on one occasion and our steward had it there on time and correct and set it up on our veranda for us to enjoy. Blu: I am a middle aged mid-western male. When my wife first explained to me about the "health food" menu I was going to enjoy I was a little skeptical. Boy was I wrong!! I loved the food in this restaurant. Each evening we had a choice of 3-4 appetizers, soups, salads, and 3-4 entrees. They were reasonably sized portions, not the huge ones we have become accustomed to in our restaurant portions. Each evening you had a choice of beef, seafood, pasta, vegetarian, or game, lamb, etc dish. I even ate pheasant one night. We discovered that the pasta dishes were very good, so we would order one as a side dish to our meal. It was easy to do since the pasta portion was small and easy to split between 2 people. We also learned that you could get shrimp cocktail if you wished to have it. Our dining room team of Lestarte, Rolando, and Anna were very professional and made our dining experience very nice. The desserts were particularly nice. For breakfast in Blu, I would recommend the french toast. I also ordered eggs each day and they were prepared exactly as requested and served with a small helping of potatoes and mushrooms. Captain Nicholas Pagonis and Crew: What an interesting man. Capt. Pagonis was interesting and visible throughout the cruise. The crew was always greeting us in the hallways and decks of the ship and asking about our day. They would also ask if they could be of assistance if it looked like we needed anything. You should not miss Capt. Pagonis' speech on navigation on the next to last sea day in the Reflection Theatre. It is interesting and he spent 20 minutes answering questions from the audience after the presentation. The questions ranged from questions about his background, size of his cabin, engine problems with Reflection (more about that in a minute), the Costa Concordia disaster, Celebrity policy and crew life at sea. He answered each question gracefully. You should also make sure you catch his 10:00 a.m. morning announcement because he gives you information not only about the ship, but also things about the land areas and history of the areas near the ship at that time. His weather reports on the Cruise Director's Channel on the television in your cabin are also very informative and worth watching. ENGINE PROBLEMS: The Captain was kind enough to offer to answer this question for me after his presentation was finished. He told me that the specially manufactured part for the famous transformer should be on the dock in Miami upon the ship's return from our cruise and would be installed forthwith. It is clear from our cruise that this has not affected the ship's performance on our cruise itinerary as we were at each port of call at least one hour earlier than expected. People who have been worrying about this issue should stop. PROGRAMS; My wife and I enjoyed the artwork onboard this ship. While not big fans of modern art, it suits this ship's personality and is beautifully displayed. You can take an escorted tour of the ship's collection on the next to last sea day offered by the Art Studio. It began at the Art Studio on deck 15 and lasted approximately one hour. You do walk all over the ship so be prepared. We also enjoyed the Art History in 30 minutes talk given by the Park West Art Auctioneer in one of the ship's conference rooms. He has a degree in Art History and a good sense of humor, so it was a good way to spend some time. I attended lectures on the Red Baron of World War 1, aviation safety, and the future of aviation. My wife went to some of the cooking presentations and enjoyed her yoga classes. I also want to say the Celebrity Reflection went out of its way to accomodate those of us who wished to watch the College Football National Championship Game. They were able to get it on the satellight and showed it in Celebrity Central complete with a buffet of hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken fingers, fries, chips, and a full bar. Wow! I suspect they will do the same for other notable televised events when their position allows them to get the television signal. We also would urge you to pack early on your last night on board so you can attend the Wonderland Party in the Grand Foyer. What a great show! You will have a great time interacting with the Reflection singers and dancers on the floor, the stairs, and even the elevators. Disembarkation: We had a 2:00 p.m. flight so we asked for a 10:00 a.m. debarkation time which was granted. We had a leisurly final breakfast in Blu and then sat in nice comfortable chairs on deck 3 near the Guest Relations desk. Used the time to catch up on e-mails and watch the frenzy as people lined up to get off the ship. At 10:00 a.m. we went to our debarkation assigment which was the Opus Dining Room Starboard and side and was told at the door to proceed off the ship. From that point to the airport shuttle outside was 30 minutes. This is the way to go if your airline schedule will allow it. I am always happy to answer questions and wish all of you smooth sailing. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
My husband and I have been cruising for some time and we take about two cruisers a year. We have used Celebrity several times now, enough to be elite members but mostly because of the solstice class and because dollar for dollar they ... Read More
My husband and I have been cruising for some time and we take about two cruisers a year. We have used Celebrity several times now, enough to be elite members but mostly because of the solstice class and because dollar for dollar they can't be beat. We have sailed on everything from Costa to Silversea and in my judgement Celebrity tries very hard to please. Now a little information on my cruise from the port of Miami. Day 1: We got to the port at about 2:00 so there were no lines to speak of were in a suite so it would have not been that big a deal anyway. As with any first day there seemed to be a little confusion and crowds but it soon settled down my only complaint about check in is they keep the terminal at fridge temperatures its like being in a meat locker, I have no idea why, and the poor staff were shivering. Our room was ready and this is the third time I have booked the Royal Suite because I'm spoiled after the first time. The husband is not so happy with this but what can I say. The ship is beautiful and easy to get around. We never eat in the dinning room for dinner so I can't comment on that. We ate once in Murano very nice but I cant figure out why they say, and this goes for all the specialty restaurants that they are full when in my view they look empty except for Qusine. We also ate at Tuscany one night and it seemed to have a much more limited menu than Silhouette and the food it was just OK. My best experience came at The Lawn Club Grill it was a beautiful night in the port of San Juan and Jordon the manager made our experience so fun and special. The rest of the time we ate in Blu. Some nights the service and food was great others not so much. Shows are not our thing as we seem to spend most nights in the casino which was well equipped except for the poker machines that seemed few and far between and old. The casino staff are very nice they made the experience fun! Itinerary: I would say going to San Juan in the middle of the afternoon is not a great idea, I'm not really interested in the night life of San Juan so that was a waste. The other ports were nice but not enough of them I think three days at sea on a seven day cruise is a bit much so I would not choose this itinerary again. In all it was a great cruise we had a good time and it was made especially great thanks to my butler (lucky to have one) Cesar He made my every wish come true he never ceased to amaze me with his wonderful service. Also would like to mention my stewardess Annie second time sailing with her and she is a real joy! My only suggestion it that this cruise and all for that matter get rid of the formal nights it makes for a lot of packing and everyone dose not dress formal anyway. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
Celebrity Reflection Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.6
Dining 5.0 4.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.1
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.6
Service 5.0 4.5
Value For Money 5.0 4.1
Rates 4.0 4.1

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